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Chapter Eighteen

~*~ Lost Under the Surface ~*~



Basketball conditioning for Kobe Bryant is about to start and he is not sure he is ready to go. Or that he even wants to. He has gotten used to Vanessa spoiling with her cooking and the genuine human connection they share with one another so to go back to a hotel and be void of intimate contact has him resisting going all the more. Kobe's not ready to give it back to be by himself again but it has been like this every year since he made pro and even a few years before he made his jump into the professional world of basketball. It is his job to keep his stamina up as well as motivate his other teammates. He is the face and star player of the Los Angeles Lakers after all. They are at dinner in the glorious dining room of the mansion and he feels her eyes one him from time to time. The baller cuts the steak on his plate with a sharp knife before popping it into his mouth. She knows how to cook very well.

"Do you have something on your mind baby?" Bryant asks her after swallowing the piece of juicy meat.

"Do you like the food?"

"Yes---very much."

"Thanks---" she replies kindly as she trails off.

"Babe---what's wrong?"

The sinking feeling in his stomach tells him what is wrong and he wished his feelings were wrong this time. But they never are. The look on her face and change of attitude tell him what is wrong as it has done so many times before. Kobe reads the papers or is rather informed about it by reporters and fans alike. It is so annoying and frustrating to have so many people weighing in on their relationship and it only adds more pressure to their union. With Justin it will never be this way because their relationship is secret and no one will ever know it exists. It is a definite positive. When their eyes finally meet, Bryant knows he is right in his suspicion and as much as he does not want to have this conversation right now, there is no denying it. The LA Laker puts another small piece of steak into his mouth and chews it carefully before swallowing. It cannot be avoided tonight. His running stops for this instant.

"---I love you Kobe---" Vanessa stops the silence by saying.

"I know you do---and I love you too."

"When are we going to talk about this?"

"---I---I'm not sure I'm ready."

"I'm not pressuring you Kobe but I want a more serious commitment from you. Our relationship is surviving your parents hating me and my parents hating you because they think you're hurting me---" she is on the verge of tears.

Bryant feels like he is being cornered to be trapped and refuses to let anyone back him into a corner to try and control him. To try and force a more serious commitment from him. It is the same fight they have; the only one. He reads the papers. He knows what is going on but he knows absolutely that he is not ready to marry her. He does love her with all of his heart and cannot imagine life without her at this point but marriage is a big step the basketballer is positive he is not ready to take. Kobe sighs, mainly to himself, because every time they have had this conversation in the past, they always end up fighting about it. It is the only thing they truly argue about. He wants to break the circle but he cannot because it would mean risking losing his girlfriend. The steps before him and precarious and he wonders how many more times they will have this talk. It is draining and frustrating together.

Timberlake being in his life complicates things even more because it only validates to Kobe that he is not ready to settle down and become a devoted husband. Intense pressure from the media and her parents and she herself turns him off the idea and pushes him further away from it; he becomes angry and upset by it. His relationship with the R&B singer does not have to deal with such scrutiny because it is a private relationship. As far as Bryant knows, he and Justin are the only ones who know that they are together. The only ones who knows how much they care for each other. How can I be together with them both? I'm so confused. The conversation is heading down that familiar path he knows all too well. He understands Vanessa's feelings but he is not ready to make that big of a step at this point in his life. Kobe will solidify himself as a dishonest person if he does so. Why am I doing this?

"---I know baby---" the basketball stud tries to comfort.

"I'm not the gold digger your parents think I am!" Vanessa uncontrollably bursts out and says over the dinner table. "I was with you before all this---"

"I know you're not with me for my money Vanessa. Don't listen to my parents okay. They're not important to me but you are."

The Los Angeles Laker has always had an uncommon and emotionally cataclysmic relationship with his parents; the relationship between him and his father is especially rough. Ever since his memory has served him. It seems like no matter what he is able to do or accomplish in his life, his father will never be proud of him. Kobe remembers being a little boy trying everything he could think of to get his father's approval but when nothing came, it forced him to grow up fast, be strong, and to not rely on anyone but himself. He knows his mother loves him dearly but she is old fashioned in her thinking and believes that she should support her husband whether he is right or wrong. Vanessa only knows the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the strained relationship he shares with his parents. And not even she knows how deeply the resentment and hurt runs inside his bloodstream. His brain.

"Then show me---show the world what I mean to you," his girlfriend tries as calmly as she can to explain the position they are in to him.

"It's not that simple. I'm---"

"I won't let you keep doing this to me! I deserve more!"

Vanessa jumps up from the table and almost storms out of the dining room bearing the scars of her wounded feelings and frustrated emotions. A flicker of thought passes through his mind as to give chase to her but he refrains from it because he knows she needs to think. They need to be apart right now because perpetuating this will only make it worse. Bryant needs to think and reevaluate this relationship as something he really wants or not because he is on the verge of losing her. They feel to be so far apart and what she is asking is not completely unreasonable. Kobe cannot eat anything anymore and sits there alone staring off into space. Seeing his girlfriend crying eats away at him because he is the cause of it and he cannot protect her from himself. The house falls silent again and he only assumes she is in their room crying. Maybe it is always going to be like this. Meant to be like this.

The baller waits up late into the morning hours before finally heading up to their room to get sleep to prepare for his trip tomorrow. The house has been silent ever since dinner because things needed to be put into perspective by the both of them. He contemplates calling Timberlake but decides it too risky and banishes the thoughts to the very back of his mind. It is hard because he desperately wants someone to talk to or even to just hear his voice. Bryant walks around every inch of the first floor of his house to make sure everything is secure before he heads upstairs to the master suite. Vanessa is already sleeping on her side of their bed when he enters. Kobe silently walks over to her side and kneels down to look at her. Guilt and shame shoot through every one of his veins and he cannot look at her anymore. It becomes increasingly hard because of what he is doing to her as well as to Justin.

"I'm sorry," he lowly apologizes in the dark and kisses her cheek softly.

The next morning is unsure when he wakes up. Vanessa is not in bed next to him when he looks over and feels for her and he showers alone. The basketball star dresses himself in a solid blue polo shirt and black jeans before heading downstairs to find her. Maybe they can talk and move past this fight but it is a big issue that plagues his relationship. His refusal to make a commitment to her. The fight last night is still hovering over Bryant and he has no words. Her tears are still inflicting damage on his mind and very skin. He senses she is in the kitchen because he smells food being made. Kobe wants to stop but he cannot. Vanessa means the world to him but Justin has come to mean a lot to him too; it is the part that scares him most. The way the singer has been able to make him feel in only such a short time. Bryant knows his brain is confused but he also knows his heart beats for the both of them.

"Good morning," Kobe says to her.

"Morning," she replies, not in her usual demeanor.

"Can we talk?" he asks as he sits in his usual place at the kitchen table. "Do you need any help?"

"No---talk about what?"

She still has not looked at him for this new day and he is easily becoming frustrated. They share no morning kiss or hug and he is scheduled to be on the road and away from her very soon. The last thing the basketballer wants is a repeat of last night, especially since this is their last morning together until he returns from basketball conditioning but his emotions are on edge. It is some passive-aggressive attempt to trap him into making a decision he does not want to make. Not in his right mind to make. When his girlfriend walks a plate of eggs, bacon, and pancakes over to him their eyes still do not connect. She stays silent and he does so as well because he is thinking. Bryant knows she has every right to be upset with him but he selfishly wants it both ways. Kobe wants to keep his relationship with Vanessa intact but he also does not want to stop seeing Justin. He wants them both.

"Babe look at me---" he tries.

"What time's your flight?" his longtime girlfriend changes the subject immediately.


"I don't deserve this," she finally looks at him and says.

"I know---I'm sorry about last night."

"Do you love me Kobe?"

"You know I do. How can you even ask me that?" Bryant tries to understand the question.

"I feel like you're drifting away from me---"

"You're wrong."

"I hope I am. I really hope I am."

Breakfast does not become any lighter and Kobe does not want to leave so many unspoken and unresolved issues between them but he has to work. It is all part of being the highly acclaimed athlete he is. But right now he does not feel like he is on top of the world. The tension between them is too heavy and it is his entire fault. He knows that and she knows that so there is no argument about it. When there is a knock at the door, both know what time it is. Vanessa only allows him to kiss her goodbye and even still, the kiss lacks the passion the basketballer is used to. She is still upset with him and he hates himself for not having the time to fix it right now. It has to be fixed between them but he honestly does not know what is stopping him from making a commitment. It will have to wait until after his basketball conditioning for the season. His girlfriend looks on as the car drives away with Bryant in the back.


Fans' screams can be heard all throughout New York's Times Square as Justin Timberlake sits in the middle of the Virgin Megastore signing copies of his newly released album. The mob scene is chaotic but thankfully, there are security guards and cops keeping everything under control. He lost count of how many pictures he has taken since getting here but he gets to see unfiltered the response to his new CD firsthand so he takes it all in stride. The overall feedback the R&B singer is receiving is overwhelmingly positive and this pumps him up even more. It was never this chaotic, even when he was still a part of N*SYNC. It is all for him and he could not be more grateful. They all want a piece of him; all want to touch him. Justin arrived at the crowded entertainment store early in the afternoon and the crowds still have not thinned any. If this keeps up, his album will be number one next week.

"I love you!" a teenage girl screams as she tosses her hands around him.

Justin indulges her in a hug momentarily before she is forcedly pulled away from him because he has so many of his other fans to meet and greet. The store is packed and he is sure the line spans out of the store and down the block; they are all here to see him and buy his album. The sheer volume of people in the store and outside is mind-blowing. The former boybander spends countless hours signing autographs and CD cases, taking pictures with crazed fans, and essentially promoting his very new project. Early estimates inside his mind already rate the album as a wildfire success. Timberlake's head is solely concentrated on getting through the afternoon intact because there are some hardcore fans in his midst. His worries are mainly put to rest because of the bodyguards and New York City police officers that are by his side and keeping the function safe and under their control at all times.

The paparazzo wildly snaps pictures of him with his insatiable fans as he greets and talks to them. Barely anyone seems to notice the Sun setting behind them because it is still pure mayhem in the record superstore. The whole afternoon has gone by and Justin has not had anything to eat and only water to quench his thirst. But the fans come first and they always will. They are here to see him and support this new project so the least he can do is oblige their many requests for pictures and signatures. It is finally around nine at night when Timberlake is able to get away from his highly successful album release party. He cannot even begin to wrap his head around what it will be like when Jive throws him his official album release party at the end of the week. The songster sneaks through hidden hallways of the Virgin Megastore until he steps out into a back alley where a limo awaits to take him away.

He has not been this happy to see his hotel room in a while because of how tired he is. Pure exhaustion scales up and down his spine and spreads to everything it touches internally. Even his ears hurt from all the screaming and whistles that went on throughout the course of the highly successful event. Timberlake is tired and satisfied that this day got all of his energy and ultimately turned out so positive. Both for him as well as the fans who waited so long to see and meet him. If FutureSex/LoveSounds is not number one on the charts next week he will be surprised and shocked. Justin strips away his jacket and drops down to a comfortable sofa as he tries to catch his breath and bring his mind down from the high of the day. He still has to get used to doing it by himself. All the attention is on him now and it does get difficult at times. The lights. Cameras. The fans. All for him only.

After resting for a few moments, he jumps up and walks over to the hotel phone to order himself dinner to satisfy the vicious growls coming from deep within his stomach. It has been neglected for so long. And then he is off to take a shower and prepare for bed. Now more than ever, the superstar knows his schedule will be packed so there is less time to carve out for his boyfriend Kobe Bryant. The food shows up only a few minutes after Justin gets out of the shower and he hungrily munches on it to satisfy his weakening body. The shower relaxes him in so many ways and the meal gives him the energy to stay awake for maybe another hour or so. It has to digest before he can even think of falling asleep. The day was long and he just wants to relax now. The large television is on but on mute as he retrieves his phone and settles back on the sofa. Timberlake utilizes and manipulates the device right away.

It rings and is answered on the fourth attempt with, "Justin---hi."

"Hey basketballer. What's going on?"

"I'm just getting back from conditioning for the day," Kobe Bryant's silky voice assures him.

"You're in conditioning already babe? I've been so busy---"

"I know---we haven't talked to each other."


"You're so cute. Let me call you back after I get out of the shower okay?"


Timberlake starts feeling guilty because of his neglect of his boyfriend. They have not spoken in days and now he knows it is because of how busy the both of them are. And they have to make special time to be alone to even think about calling the other because they are not supposed to be in this kind of relationship. The fact that he has a boyfriend is still awkward and scares him but he feels his relationship with Kobe growing stronger and he has to make the effort to call him and for them to meet up whenever they can. Things are difficult now because the baller is in conditioning and with everything going on with his album; it will be hard to get away. Everything seems to be conspiring against him; against them. Justin cannot wait for the call. His phone is on his flat stomach and he is waiting for it to light up and vibrate against his skin. Almost fifteen minutes later, it happens.

"I miss you," the songster's new first words are.

"I know. I miss you too Justin. A lot."

"You got out of practice this early? I thought they would've kept you guys later."

"What are you talking about?"

"Aren't you in LA?"

Bryant laughs before he replies, "I'm in Detroit babe."

"You guys condition in Detroit instead of LA? That's weird."

"They have a top training facility over here along with some good trainers so a lot of teams condition here," the Los Angeles Laker explains to his boyfriend.

An idea immediately begins formulating in his head and it brings a small smile to the former N*SYNCer's face as they continue to talk. Maybe this could all work out after all. They would just have to make the effort to try harder than they had for anything else in their lives. It is worth fighting and trying for to support their relationship. Justin is tired and his eyelids are heavy but he wants Kobe's voice in his ear talking to him. He wants his boyfriend right there holding him and making him feel so special like he always manages to do. But he is falling asleep. It is present in his sluggish voice and rapidly slowing down body. Timberlake does not remember the last time they were together or even the last time they saw each other. It has been far too long. The idea stings his brain but he is becoming incoherent because of his fatigue. It is his own stubbornness and willingness that is keeping his up now.

"Uhuh---" Justin replies out of nowhere.

"Babe you're tired. Go to bed."

"No," he whines cutely. "I want to talk to you."

"There'll be other times---"

After a moment of silence, he says, "It doesn't seem like it. Every time I'm busy you're busy and even when I'm not busy, you're busy. I don't understand this---"

"Relax Justin---relax okay. I know it's hard baby but you got to be strong," Bryant tries to comfort him.

"---I'm apparently not as strong as you are---"

"---What's that mean?"

"Nothing---forget it," Justin shortly responds.

"What are you trying to say Justin?"


The Laker remains quiet before asking, "Is that what you think?"

"What do I think?"

"That I don't miss you like you miss me? Is that what you think Justin?"

The conversation seems to have taken a turn for the worse and Timberlake can blame no one but himself because he initiated it. It is his drained mind making him say stupid things that make no sense or are necessarily true. He is sure of his deduction but he sometimes does feel like he misses Kobe more than he should or more than the other man misses him. The insecurity is his own and he should not be bringing it into their relationship but he feels like he and his boyfriend can talk about anything. That is one reason they got so close so fast. They are able to talk about their deepest, innermost thoughts and feelings but this is inappropriate. And the singing star fears he may have hurt Bryant's feelings by his inconsiderate comment. He wants sleep. He wants to hold his man. Conflicting emotions and the lack of rest is making him say and act in ways he should not. A spoiled brat.

"No Kobe---I'm sorry. I don't think that---I'm sorry," he explains his words lowly.

"I think about you a lot---every day. I think I miss you more than you miss me---"


"You do believe me---don't you?" the baller tries to get his point across.

"I do. I didn't mean that."

"I know this isn't a traditional relationship---"

Justin cuts him off by saying, "I don't care about that. Not being able to be together more often is what's bothering me---"

"I know. We can't do anything about it right now."


He makes the trip from the sofa to the bed so he can finally get some rest while still talking to his man. The conversations become deeper each time they talk and a little piece of insecurity just wormed its way out of his psyche to play a devilish trick. Justin will not continue to the point of sabotage; his history will kill him. They hang up a short while later and he lies in the dark as if he suddenly is not tired. He knows he is but it is far too stubborn to admit it now or even begin to fall asleep. The singing star instinctively places a couple of calls and leaves a couple of well-placed messages of his plan to take a few days off. It is a critical time for him to continue promoting his album because of its newly released status but something else is driving him and he cannot control it. Sleep cannot elude him for long. Again, as with many of days past, Kobe Bryant is the last thought inside his mind.

Timberlake is up relatively early the next morning and after a few more phone calls, he has breakfast and readies himself to check out of the suite. Rain comes down harshly on top of New York City and it just seems like the perfect time to sit by a large window and watch the water droplets lambast against the quivering glass. But that will have to wait for another time because everything is already in motion. It is premature but he has to leave now if he wants the chance to get his way for the moment. A momentary minute to seize a long-awaited opportunity. He calls downstairs to check himself out; showing up could potentially cause a scene, and asks for a bellhop to help carry his things to a limo waiting at one of the many secret entrances to the hotel. Justin is easily escorted out of the luxurious hotel and away on the streets of New York to John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Flying first class, the R&B songster settles into his seat and waits for the plane to take off. It was far too soon to schedule a private jet or to set up a fly plan with Jive to use its company jet so this will have to do. His brain is teeming with anticipation and excitement and he honestly cannot remember the last time he felt all these emotions at once. It only came close while he was in the recording process with Timbaland and T.I. as well as for the rest of his number one album. The giant craft rumbles around the passengers as it begins to move on the ground. Justin searches through his pocket for his iPod and plugs his ears with the signature white earphones attached. He does not want to be bothered or even recognized on this flight so he tries to remain as low-key as possible. The Lakers hat covers the upper portion of his face; he has to represent for his man's team. No one knows the true connection.

His cell phone vibrates against his pocket and leaves him a tip as to where he needs to head once he steps out of the airport. The phone received no signal when he was in the vast building and it was very unlikely because he has been to this airport many times before. Deciding it much safer to rent a car for what he is about to do, Timberlake fills out the paperwork manually this time at the airport and drives off with a baby blue Cadillac CTS; the color almost matches his eyes perfectly. The freedom of driving by himself still gets him. With so many people taking for granted getting to do the simpler things in life without being hounded constantly, the superstar takes it all in whenever he gets the chance to because it is so rare and rewarding. Justin speeds away from the packed airport, simultaneously typing in the address displayed on his phone into the global positioning system the car boasts.

Using the only way he knows will guarantee him success, his name, Justin Timberlake sways the front desk clerk at the hotel the navigation system lead him to enough to give him a copy key to a suite that is not his and is not vacant. There is a bit of adrenaline pumping but the lies come almost naturally to him. A little too naturally because of the industry. He has to constantly lie about many questions and aspects the media throws at him. Lying and denying. Justin tips the gentleman handsomely and is off to the elevators before he will be spotted. Silence is guaranteed at places like these but the lies tell the clerk all he needs to know. There should be nothing else going on or worth digging into. The ride up sees his mind stinging with anticipation more so than the flight earlier. The lock clicks when the keycard beckons to it and he enters quickly and closes the door behind him. It is done.

The suite is large and smells freshly cleaned; the housekeepers must have left not too long ago. Everything is in its place and faultlessly clean. Timberlake examines his surroundings while fully taking in what he has just done for something he really wants. Someone he really wants. These are the type of sacrifices that are meant to be made for something that is worth it. In the master bedroom, a pair of shorts is tossed on top of the bed and two pairs of large sneakers are neatly parked to the side. It will be a while before the singer sees who he wants to see so he begins to make himself feel at home by taking off his shoes and walking out of the bedroom and into the kitchen to see if there is any food available to him or if he will have to call room service. Maybe he can catch up on some sleep. There was a crying baby in first class during his flight and it annoyed everyone there.

Hours go by until the Sun is finally on the other side of the world and there is still no sign of Kobe Bryant. He wants to wear his basketballer boyfriend's clothes after a shower so he retrieves the pair of shorts from the bed and finds a pair of boxers and tank top in drawers. Timberlake strips his clothes off soon after and heads into the shower. The water is almost to the point of burning him but he likes it and cleans himself in yet another foreign hotel room. His muscles feel relaxed and his mind tingling on what is about to happen tonight. When Justin's creamy skin starts turning red because of his hot the water is against it, he turns the dial to adjust the temperature slightly before finishing up with the shower. Kobe's boxers feel good against his skin. They are a little big, as are the shorts, but he wants to keep it on. He is messing with his short hair in the mirror when he hears small sounds from outside.

"It's showtime," he smiles in the mirror.

Justin opens the door and walks out to the empty bedroom and it only staggers his heart into overdrive even more. No one is there. The chase is on. He quickly finds one of his man's belts because the pants are not staying on his narrow waist and goes to explore the rest of the house-like suite to see if there is any form of life other than his own. Nerves are standing tall and excited at the scenario that is playing out in front of him. The former N*SYNCer ditched work for his own pleasure. He has lied to everyone and even turned off his phone so that he cannot be found. He knows he is not going crazy. He did hear voices. Kobe Bryant is in the kitchen looking in the refrigerator for something. He emerges with a bottle of water and is still oblivious to Timberlake's presence in his suite. He feels like a stalker and he laughs slightly at the situation because of the eerie similarities to his Cry Me a River video.

"Hey you---" the songster subtly says.

Kobe looks almost shocked when he turns around, "Justin! What---what are you doing here?"

"---I wonder what I'm doing here," Justin sexily ponders as he uses his signature swagger to make it to the kitchen.

"I---I mean how did you get here," he tries to recover but fails miserably.

"Don't worry about that."

They are both in the kitchen now with the former boybander looking up into his boyfriend's eyes. The shock is still there but growing behind it is exhilaration and no more questions. They are both finally on the same part of the planet together since the weekend in Miami. There can be no more questions. Something seems off but he is too excited to care about any of that. Bryant will not make the first move so he does it for them and moves in for the kiss to end the chase. The Los Angeles Laker's body is covered in sweat; Justin can tell by touching his shoulders and smelling him that he has been conditioning all day. He does not care that Kobe smells of sweat and musk because his lips still taste the same and the emotions involved are stronger than before. It takes a while before Kobe actually becomes animated and wraps his arms around his man while their moment of passion is intensified.

"Damn---" he exclaims when they end the kiss.

"It's been inside me for a long time now---"

"All that passion?" Bryant asks, his voice carrying a guilty undertone.

"Even more. I miss you a lot babe---but you need a shower," Justin teases him.

"I know---"

Now that the initial excitement of seeing the baller after their time apart fades, Justin cannot help but feel that there is something wrong. Maybe it was a mistake going about meeting up this way but they have to be together. Maybe he just needs a shower and to eat and relax. The day of conditioning must have been long for him. Kobe simply walks away and leaves him alone in the kitchen while he makes his way to the room and to get himself fresh and clean. He watches as he is left alone with his mind reeling. Something has to be wrong. The R&B superstar looks over the menu and orders dinner for them both while he hears the shower running but everything else in the suite is too quiet. The food arrives before Bryant gets out of the shower so he just waits. Timberlake wants everything to be fine. It swirls in his head. Is he having second thoughts? Does he still want this?

"Hey---" his smooth voice touches Justin's ear from beyond the bedroom.

"Hey," the reply comes back from the sofa in the living room. "I ordered food for us."

"Good---I'm hungry. Can we start over?"


Justin stands up but the other man does not hesitate this time and presses their lips and bodies against one another's to show him how much passion he has saved up for him since they saw each other last. It has all been building up and boiling over since then for him too. Bryant pushes his younger boyfriend back onto the sofa and then he feels a body gently collapse on top of him, trapping him in a pleasurable predicament. Their kiss is sexy and sensual, even more so than the first time in the kitchen. This is the type of kiss the singing star deserves all the time. Kobe's body is resting on top of his with his hips in between his legs but it is not in a sexual or overpowering way. Their relationship is about so much more than that and both know it but more importantly, feel it. Timberlake cups the back of his head and closes his eyes as he is lost in the ecstasy. This is the kind of kiss he wanted the first time.

"I had to make up for earlier---" the Laker explains when he releases his man's lips from his grasp and then proceeds to check him out. "Damn---you look so good wearing my clothes J."

"You smell so clean."

He laughs, "That's all you have to say?"

"---That's all I can think of---"

"I can't believe you're really here---next to me."

"More like under---" Timberlake smiles. "But I'm not complaining."

"You want to eat?"


The pair moves from their compromising position the sofa to the dining room where dinner is already laid out on the table for them to enjoy. Truthfully, Justin would have preferred it if they stayed on the sofa and talked some more but he can only imagine how tired and hungry his boyfriend must be after his day. He puts on a brave face though. They sit next to each other at the large table and begin eating dinner prepared by the hotel. Kobe tries to get away from his guilt but he is unable to and fears it will only get worse as the night progresses. A hole he is digging himself deeper into with the passing seconds. He cannot explain how he felt when he turned around to see Timberlake just standing only feet away from him. Dinner is mainly quiet and Bryant feels eyes on him very often but he does not look back. He doubts he can. The baller takes a sip of a sweet red wine before he wants to know.

"Don't give me that look. I know you are," he breaks the silence across the table.

"---Are you okay? Did I do something wrong?"

"---No," he finally looks at Justin and is able to say. "Why would you think you did?"

"You didn't look happy to see me earlier."

"I was---I am," the Los Angeles Laker weakly states.

"You must be tired---from conditioning."

"I am---I guess I just didn't know how to react to seeing you."

"Oh---" Timberlake lowly trails off.

"I am glad you decided to do this Justin. I've missed you so much."

They finish dinner together on a lighter note and Kobe pushes the used cart out of the suite and closes and locks the door behind him before getting back to his guest. Inside his head, he tells himself to loosen up and relax. To let the night lead him wherever it wants to. He looks around for the songster but finds no sign of him; he walks into the room and sees him on the balcony just a couple feet beyond him. Damn! He's a beautiful guy. He stares out for a while and watches as the Moon's light bathes over his pure alabaster skin. His short hair. And probably his glistening eyes. Justin is resting against the railing and looking out at the city as Bryant sneaks up from behind and wraps his arms around his boyfriend's slender body. The air is chilly and it is a sign that winter is almost upon them. Timberlake rests the back of his head against his powerful chest and they both stay like that without saying a word.

He has all these thoughts running though his mind but being able to hold someone like this is making him go crazy. It is a sign of deep affection and it scares him a little because he is feeling things he should not far too fast. But it only moves forward and intensifies with each touch and kiss and even smile. The celebrity singer smells so good and he feels so good in his arms out here against the cool wind and overlooking one of the most beautiful and prosperous cities of the world. It is not as extravagant as New York or Los Angeles but still beautiful nonetheless. The baller feels like he does not deserve any of it because of his deception. This is where the guilt is coming from and he wants to be honest with Justin; like he is with him but that cannot ever happen because Bryant will lose him if it does. Their bodies feel so good together that he is powerless stop himself. He is addicted in all the ways.

"What's on your mind?" Kobe realizes his man's ice blue eyes are on him when he asks.

"Huh---nothing," the basketballer stumbles and notices that they do glisten in the silvery light. "I'm just tired and sore."

"You want to go to bed?"

"It feels so good out here---"

"It does. How was practice today?"

"Good. They work us like crazy---as usual."

"You're strong baby. You can take anything they throw at you and throw it back at them harder," Justin reassures his boyfriend as he turns back around in his arms so that they are both facing the panoramic city view once more.

"It's hard sometimes. My shoulders and back are sore and I have to memorize all these new plays and techniques."

"Come on---let's go inside."

"What---why?" Bryant asks, confused.

"---Come on---" he cutely drags him away from the balcony and into the master bedroom.

Kobe lets his lover take control of him as he is being dragged to the bedroom and ultimately the bed he hopes. He wants rest and the muscles of his upper shoulders and lower back feel like they are on fire. They want rest. When Justin leads him to the large bed in the middle of the suite, he immediately closes his eyes and just relaxes his muscles. He only opens them back when he feels movement on the bed and sees his boyfriend climbing off and walking away from him. Bryant calls to him but he presses his fingers to his lips and disappears out of the room. The basketball legend positions himself rightly on the bed and rests his head on a pillow like he is about to fall asleep. His mind is on his Timberlake and what he is doing though. After only closing his eyes for a moment, he senses movement around him once more. When the songster kisses his lips, his eyes flutter open.

"Flip over---" he requests after he is fully on the bed now.

"What? What's with the oil?"

"You'll see. Flip over and take your shirt off."

The baller flips over and does what he is told but is confused. His shirt is off and resting at the aide of them on the bed. His chocolate brown skin melds to the bed and he rests a side of his face against the fluffy pillow while he still has no idea what is about to happen. But there is something exciting about not knowing what the other man is up to. The curiosity is stimulating him though. Kobe closes his eyes and waits for something to happen. Waits for skin to touch his. The bed moves as Justin inches closer to him but he cannot see his boyfriend because he is on the opposite side of his body. That beautiful body is below him once again. He squeezes a little of the massaging oil onto his hand and rubs both of his hands together after he rests the bottle on the nightstand next to Bryant's head. He kisses him on the cheek and moves closer to his ear. Feelings of power put him on top of the world.

"I'll make you feel better baby---" Timberlake sexily whispers.

Bryant moans when he feels his lover's warm and slick hands on his shoulders at first. He precisely hits one of his most sore spots as if he knows from experience where it would be. And it only gets better. The oil is applied in a thin layer over his dark skin and once it is coated adequately, Justin gets to work on making his man feel good. He wants to make him feel good, to relieve his tense and strained muscles. They must be working him so hard in conditioning to make sure he remains at the top of his game because he is the face of the Los Angeles Lakers. He is their star player and one of the main ones people come out to see on the court. His domain. Timberlake uses his fingers and palms to massage and knead Kobe's shoulders and upper back; he is so tense. The basketballer leaves his eyes closed and grunts softly while his sore shoulders and upper back are being worked over seamlessly.

"Ohh---ahh. That feels so good," he says in a newly mellow and almost incoherent voice. "Aww---right there. My shoulders hurt so bad---"

"Well---it is my job to make you feel good. Right here?"

"Yeah---oh---right---there---" he manages to drum out.

Timberlake intensifies the pressure of his rubbing on his boyfriend's right shoulder because that is the shoulder he essentially uses to play basketball. It has to be well worked for all the kinks to come out. The muscles do not give in to his harsh treatment because they are so wound up but Kobe's sighs of approval and wanting more does not deter him. Some of this tension has to go away. The edge must come off. He wants to make his man feel good and them spending this intimate time together is making his feel good. Making him realize how important this man has become to him. Justin touching him and eliciting such a pleasurable release from his man is making him feel worthwhile. The odd welcome the singer received earlier is the furthest thing from his mind now because it was an irrelevant mistake. Nothing else. He is steadily checking out Bryant's smooth and sexy body under him.

He gets tired of sitting to the side; he cannot seem to reach all the places he needs to so the R&B superstar boldly hops up and moves over to sit on Kobe's butt. A strange excitement takes over and it feels like his hands and entire body is guided by his soul. Guided by his deep yearning to be physically connected to another after being deprived for so long. He sits on his man's firm butt and rests his legs astride of his hips while he hears the baller silently moan that he wants more. It is beginning to work. The tension is slowly being released from his knotted muscles. Justin settles into his new position before he uses his palms to squeeze and tenderize muscles into submission. His well oiled hands glide across Bryant's back with blissful results every time. They stay in position for a long while as he tries to massage all the kinks out of his boyfriend's muscular shoulders and back.

"Justin---" after a great silence

"Yeah babe?" came the reply.

"This---is making me horny."

"---It's just a massage," he nervously laughs.

"Not the way you do it. Damn---you're making me feel good in more ways than one," Bryant admits.

At his request, Justin lifts his body up slightly so that Kobe could flip his body over so that his back is not against the sheets and mattress. He guides his boyfriend's slim body back onto his waist and Justin can feel something pressing into him. The basketball star is hard under him and his eyes are penetrating as if they are seeing right through him. The young star shifts uncomfortably but Bryant rests his hands on either side of his slender waist to keep their bodies fastened together while his eyes are sensually staring him down. He wants him. His body wants him. His blood-engorged organ makes that clear to them both. And, it is also there, in his eyes. Timberlake tries to keep the stare going for as long as he can because the man under him is intoxicating but a small piece inside feels like a scared and insecure child. Something about this man under him makes him feel like he can do anything.

Timberlake lowers himself closer and closer to the bed until their faces, black and white, are only mere inches away from one another's. And it remains their as if each is waiting for the other to make the first move. To see how far they are willing to let things get between them. The shooting guard is the first to move up slightly and join their lips together and he gently tugs at his lover's lips with the intent of getting a rise out of him. It is working in so many more ways. Timberlake feels a pair of large hands leave his waist and travel up the length of his back all the while their kiss is morphing into something far more serious. Something that could change the night forever. Things are getting out of control and emotions are lost to each man. The seriousness of what could happen and the implication thereafter is the last thing on their hungry minds. Desire and passion is all that is left.

Justin cannot stop himself as a little part of him is trying to do. Things are moving too fast but he fails to realize that this is what his body wants. The touch. The warmth. This is why he is able to keep pushing forward and let the night take control. He uses his hands to cup his man's face while he kisses him with everything he is. His mind is not telling him anything and his heart is pushing him further and further off the edge of his sanity. He wants Kobe. They both have to want this. A pair of pink tongues mingles with one another while lips taste forbidden lust and is becoming drunk off of it. The kiss changes ever so slightly but Timberlake is too caught up to notice it or even care. Bryant is not giving his all; his mind just will not let him. His eyes are closed and he is kissing back the man on top of him with what he thinks is a great deal of passion and lust but it refuses to be the same.

They are finally able to get some air because he breaks their faces apart and moves over to his cheeks, ears and finally settle on his boyfriend's long neck. While he sucks the skin vigorously Kobe is busily yanking off the white tank top away from the other man's torso. It is tossed away and never given a second thought. That beautiful skin he could touch all day comes into view and it satisfies him even more. This young crown prince will be his. They will be each other's. He continues to suck and kiss dark skin with the basketballer holding his head at either side and encouraging him to do more with his grunts and hisses. If only they could accept it. Accept this for what is really is. The songster has never had someone hold on to his head this way and it just sends shivers down his body and they do not seem to end at his toes. He is ready and no one can take that away from him now. Not ever.

Once Bryant's neck is sufficiently satisfied, he moves down the trail that is his body and continues on with his kissing and licking and teasing. The derived pleasure of essentially newly explored territory creates a vortex where his emotions swirl into the cosmos. Kobe Bryant's nipples immediately stand at full attention when Timberlake slithers his warm tongue over each of them. He uses his fingers to play with one while his tongue unmercifully mocks the other one to simultaneously pleasure them both. Kobe's heart rate is increasing in his chest; the organ is pounding against his ribs and threatening to burst out or implode. Little ripples of pleasure in the form of static shocks line the inside of his body and he wants more even though he knows he does not deserve it. But now cannot be the time for that. As guilty as he feels, he wants Justin right now. Wants to do so many things to him.

His erect nipples are left alone as the former N*SYNCer travels more down his chocolate body, kissing a trail over his flat and toned stomach and stopping when his lips touch a small line of short and curly black hairs that disappears behind fabric. Bryant's bellybutton gets blissful pleasure while he feels a hand rest on his dick, which is still covered by the shorts he is still wearing. The restraints are too much to bear but this will only go at his boyfriend's pace and no one else's. Things are still new so pressure is the last thing he wants to do. Justin is feeling him up and has him instinctively grasping for more. He becomes even bolder and starts unhooking the pair of shorts away from the real prize. Those too are thrown away and never remembered. Eyes light up with anxiety and willingness. Kobe looks down his newly naked form and wonders to himself what the next move should be.

He senses himself licking his lips when he grabs the throbbing meat at its base and, in a weird way, his nerves are driving him to explore everything. No more shyness. Bryant's eyes are closed as he is enjoying the handjob he is receiving and his man gently strokes the length of his dark shaft up and down as if it has never done it before. He has only ever touched his own dick and now he has another man's manhood within his enclosed wrist and his intentions are digging deeper than simply fondling it. Everything has to run deeper. The baller gasps as his straining member is finally getting some attention and sucks air because his well oiled hand creates smooth and hot friction between their skins. Kobe flutters his eyes open when he feels the head and first few inches of his stiff rod engorged in a warm and moistly tingling cage. He is caught, like a moth to a flame, as Justin is sucking his dick.

Timberlake needs to get used to this because he wants to. His senses have never been this heightened when he was with women so he knows this is the right step for him. He wants this. There is no way he can even begin to take the entire length into his mouth and he is not going to force himself to do so. His inexperience is showing but it is okay because they both have no experience when it comes to same sex relationships and encounters. It has always been denying or stolen glances. Now is the real deal. Despite it all, this is still so very new and raw to him. He steadily holds Kobe's dick at the base with one of his hands as his mouth sucks in and spits out his thick mushroom head and the next couple of inches that follow. The songster is not disgusted or repulsed by what he is doing as he thought he should be. His boyfriend tastes fresh and clean and nothing like he thought it would be at first.

Bryant rests his hands in his boyfriend's short hair and lightly tugs at it but everything stops. He needs to get into a better position so the singing megastar positions himself lying in between his man's legs; the basketballer spreads his legs open a little to grant better access and Justin encircles both his arms around his firm chocolate brown thighs. For the support and because they are so touchable. His mouth does all the work now as it retrieves his boyfriend's aching pole and he starts sucking it again. When Timberlake mixes his tongue into his sucks, he hears a loud grunt and immediately feels pressure on the back of his head once more because of Kobe's hands. The pair of large hands is unknowingly pushing him lower and lower until Justin gags because he is not ready for that much. His mouth has to get used to this because he has never done it. Nerves mix with adrenaline and lust to keep him going.

It flops out of his mouth and lands on Kobe's lower abdomen and rests there for a while as he strokes the still excited organ with his tongue. Timberlake rolls his tongue all around his boyfriend's dick and licks everywhere he can reach. Teeth sometimes gets caught in the crossfire and it brings gratifying pain because he winces but grunts at the same time. He stretches his neck to lick the very tip of the large head and then does various movements along the turgid underside until he stops at his balls that dangle low. Justin licks his scrotum once and Bryant laughs out and jerks because it tickles. It does not break the mood however; it does lighten it up and the singing superstar smiles at him. He has always been ticklish there, ever since he could remember. Timberlake makes zigzag movements on his way back up the long shaft and he could feel his man's body spasm underneath him. Not over.

Once he is relieved from his self-imposed position the R&B singer begins his journey back up the baller's long body with one thing only on his mind. Pushing him into going and not even bothering what is at the end of the road. Because the desire is there. Kisses are placed on his stomach and chest just as before and Bryant uses the opportunity to strip away the rest of his boyfriend's clothes so that they are both on an equal level; the last level. Justin initiates a kiss but it does not feel like the others of the night. A more aggressive kiss that wants to tell a message to be deciphered. It is stored away in the back of his mind because gratification is the only thing he wants to know anything about. Kobe's hands are all over his body and just making his skin feel raw and sensitive and needy. Timberlake kisses a trail from his lover's lips to one of his ears to make the unspoken message known.

"I want you Kobe. I want you---" his whisper is sultry and passion-filled.

"You got me Justin. Are you sure you want to do this?" the basketballer lowly asks.

He answers the question with a kiss and all questions after that are instantly erased. This is something that has to happen. Kobe wants it to but he knows he is unable to do it. Unable to silence his mind. A string of painful emotions sting through his consciousness and he suddenly remembers all the lies he has ever told. He is a liar. And he is a cheater. The deception in his brain knows no bounds but they are in too deep to stop now. If they were to, it would look suspicious and a whole new set of questions will be raised. Questions the shooting guard is sure he will not be able to answer. Justin kisses him and it is one-sided but he does not notice this. He wants to give everything he has to the man he is on top of and this is the only way he can think of to do so. With a sudden movement, Bryant flips him over onto the large bed and now finds himself atop the young singer. Timberlake loves the aggressiveness.

Kobe waits for his lover to get into a more comfortable position and just admires the way his young, lithe body moves in the limited light of the Moon. So many people in the world would want to be in the position he is in right now; both women and men. His mind is telling him no but hormones are taking over his very essence so he cannot stop himself. He wants it all but will end up with nothing. The attitude of a selfish child When Justin has finally settled in for what he knows will hurt, the Los Angeles Laker easily moves in between his legs and positions himself to enter his boyfriend. The first time has to happen so they can get past it. In the midst of everything else surrounding them, he forgets something important. Bryant stops and then just remains silent for a moment, as if he is thinking or possibly nervous. This stagnant position remains over him and he fears the evening might come to a halt.

When Justin notices him, he asks, "What's wrong? Why'd you stop?"

"---I---don't have any condoms---" is his low answer.

"---Oh. I trust you---" the songster uncomfortably says but his blue eyes are piercing through Kobe's.

Second thoughts attempt to cloud the star basketball player's head but his brain has no set control over his body anymore and he wants this. Those words eat away at him; they will continue to do so for as long as they are together he suspects. But now is not the time for these thoughts to be entering his mind. He has to take Justin. Take him and make him feel good. It is so wrong but something is making it feel so right. Perhaps it is his boyfriend's innocence and complete honesty about his feelings that is driving Kobe so crazy and shredding away at his insides. His complete trust and faith in their relationship even though it is so flawed. He does not deserve to be lied to in this way but the older man cannot stop it now. He has to look anywhere else but in his boyfriend's eyes; the baller cannot afford to. He just has to push it all out of his mind and concentrate on pleasuring his man.

The shooting guard need for pleasure clears his mind enough but he is still having a hard time looking at the cute singer under him. He can only imagine how many women and even men want to be in the exact position he is in because Justin is such a commodity. He is going to be Justin's first everything. It is the first time he has thought about that. This will change their relationship. Bryant cannot help it. He wants to claim this man as his own. Kobe removes all the hesitation, guilt, and selfishness from his being and rests his hand at the very base of his dick. Timberlake is the only thing on his mind.

When the very tip of his chocolate brown pole touches the edge of his entrance, Justin jumps slightly because it feels weird having pressure applied there. It feels unnatural but everything is pushing him forward to experience it all. He is scared and nervous because he knows it will hurt but he also knows that Kobe would never do anything to hurt him intentionally so he takes comfort in that piece of information. And then relaxes himself to get ready to have sex with another man. Of his own freewill and pent up passion. The songster closes his eyes and tries his best to remain relaxed because this is what he wants. He asked for it. Their eyes connect unwillingly as the former boybander spreads his legs even further apart for better access. He does not know what to do. Bryant aims his dick at the tight, virgin hole and begins to press against it, applying more and more pressure into his boyfriend.

Timberlake squirms and grimaces under him and grabs onto anything in reaching distance of his hands while he lets out groans of pain and discomfort as he is being invaded for the first time. The sensation is burning hot and ripping as he tries to suck it up and remain relaxed. But it is awful. He wants to cry and give up and never do this again because of how bad it is hurting him. It does not help that his boyfriend is as big as he is either. Bryant looks down at the pain written all over his face and wonders if they should stop and do something else. It really is hurting him. The former N*SYNCer will remain strong because this is what he wants though. The pain will subside and the pleasure will take over sooner or later. Hopefully. Kobe forces himself deeper into the tight cavern very slowly because he knows Justin's insides are ripping because of him. Then he hears sounds and stops momentarily.

"---Oww---" he moans in a weak voice. "Oww---oww---oww."

His voice is almost in a whimper because he is hurting so badly. Bryant continues forward and pushes more of himself into the younger man below him still being very careful. The friction created by their raw skin rubbing against one another's only feels good to the baller at the moment. It should all change once all the discomfort is out of the way. He stops frequently so Justin's insides can get used to him and open up more to make it easier. The R&B star grabs on to his man's forearms and squeezes them and his eyes are closed and he fights the tears back. He is not as strong as he thought he would be in this situation. This moment ran through his mind more and more in the past weeks. Kobe moves his body to hover over his lover's and Timberlake instinctively holds on to his torso. Later, he feels short hairs against the bare skin of his butt and he knows that his boyfriend has fully penetrated him now.

"Wait there---" Justin gets out. "Go slow---"

Being inside him is making Kobe harder than he thinks he has ever been. Even when he is with Vanessa. His rod is throbbing and pulsing and is growing impatient at waiting. Hormones and adrenaline are driving him off the edge and he so wants to ravage this crown prince of music under him. His man's insides caress and touch him in such a way that he has to fight against himself to oblige the request of waiting and going slow. He raises his legs and wraps them around the basketballer's waist to grant the best access as he begins pulling himself out slowly at first. A grunt is heard and Timberlake's fingertips are tracing through his dark back and soon enough begin clawing away at him when the pace is picked up. Bryant moves himself in and out of his lover's newly deflowered hole at a steady rhythm so they both can get used to the new sensations their bodies are experiencing.

"Oh---oww---oww," the singer grunts. "---Uh---"

When Justin pulls his head down to kiss him, the baller struggles to kiss back but fails to match the passion that should be there. This is real for him. The kiss is one-sided and he closes his eyes momentarily to try and reexamine and try it all over again. Nails run like sharp knives across his back and he knows he will be scarred by tomorrow but it does not matter. Just proof that this is really happening right now. He seems disconnected. Timberlake closes his eyes hard and droplets of tears escape on either side but it goes unnoticed and forgotten. They crash on the pillows and die. Kobe's thrusts are stronger now and he rocks his hips back and forth with a steady movement that has his lover finally experiencing some sort of pleasure. Bryant grunts every time he plunges into the tight passage and moves to connect their lips together to prove that he is worthy. He has to be worthy of this man.

In one particular thrust, the R&B songster opens his eyes just in time to see flecks of blue and red dancing and parading in front him. The screaming imaginary lights scream and taunt him with trails and shadows and they only seem to multiply. Kobe touches something inside him that has him grasping out for more and seeing many more spots before his eyes. Justin grabs on to him tighter than ever before and kisses his slender neck; after a few innocent kisses he bites his boyfriend's neck and a few of his teeth are imprinted there for the world to see. For now anyway. Bryant winces at the pain but cradles his man's hips to gain the optimum amount of sweet friction and heat between their blissful bodies. The LA Laker is now plowing through him and grunts and gasps are heard throughout the room, almost all of them being Timberlake's. Their bodies act as one for the first time of the night.

A few tears still manage to slip by his eyes but this newfound pleasure is quickly evaporating them away and leaves his body wanting more. Wanting it all. Generous shockwaves of pleasure, one right after the other, cascade through his needy body and it yearns for more. Kobe Bryant is managing to take him someplace he has never been sexually and now wants to stay. Together. It is no longer awkward or weird because the songster is practically begging for it. Begging for him to go faster. Begging for more kisses. Begging for harder thrusts. He looks up at his boyfriend to see his eyes closed and his lips twisted in a cute animation. When Justin grabs his neck and leans in for a kiss, he feels nothing. It feels good of course but there is little passion and feeling behind it. Kobe is not kissing him back the way he wants him to. He feels disconnected. Maybe not even in the same room.

The pain is still there but the former N*SYNCer manages to only focus on the pleasure his man is giving him. Deep penetration and a smooth rhythm between them wipes the discomfort away. The heat generated between their connected bodies leaves the baller in a frenzy to keep it alive and to keep his satisfaction optimum. To keep them both overly satisfied. Justin's young body under his is driving him crazy and a tingling feeling travels from the center of his brain all the way down to his rock hard dick. Bryant returns his body from hovering over his boyfriend and Timberlake starts jacking himself off because he cannot take it anymore. Cannot take the sweet torture. His body is forcing release upon him and Kobe is making him feel far too good to deny it any longer. His hand clamps around on his mostly ignored dick and he begins stroking it at a steady pace to soak up all the ecstasy.

His skin is filled with goosebumps and one hand is sliding up and down his turgid shaft while the other gently cups and massages his balls. He is so close that it is in his grasp. Only a small reach away. Friction between their intertwining bodies it at an all-time high and senses and heightened beyond measure. The Los Angeles Laker feels the same way because his once smooth and rhythmic plunges are now plagued with minor jerks and twitches. Signs that he is close to release as well. About the same time as Justin feels himself about to erupt, he tenses up and Kobe feels it. The passage is now tighter than ever and the friction between their bodies is enough to keep the songster pumping his rod hard. Granting it the release it has been so desperate for. Bryant feels his blood boiling and he now knows that he has been pushed off the edge of his life to fall forever. So much passion and lust.

"Ah! Damn---ah---oh," the Laker sings at the peak of his ecstasy.

Kobe quickly slips out of his boyfriend and is shooting cum all over his lower torso not a second later. Just in the nick of time. A low grumble can be heard rumbling from deep inside his throat as he tries to catch his breath. As if on point, Justin's dick begins spewing the hot white liquid all over his lower abdomen and he throws his head back in pure bliss. It lands on the pillow and his eyes are closed to take it all in. A moment flies through time where he has no thought or worries or fears or stress. It is just him surrounded by a cocoon he knows as Kobe Bryant. The moment ends as quickly as it begins as he opens his eyes to see his basketballer boyfriend resting next to him with a degree of unconsciousness to his body. Bryant manages to get one last look of his newly christened lover staring back at him before his body shuts down for the sleep it has been deprived the past many hours.

"Baby?" Timberlake calls out into the dark.

Justin tries to move closer to his boyfriend but his lower body is hurt. He feels sore and ripped and his mind is still coming down off the high of only a few precious moments ago but his heart is empty. He feels it deep inside. The feelings have been boiling over and now that he is finally able to distinguish them from the pleasure, they hurt badly. Kobe sleeps so close to him but he feels as if their bodies are so far away from one another's. Is it supposed to feel like this? Like a wall is in between them or something is hollowed out within. Timberlake just watches him as he sleeps. The baller looks so innocent and peaceful and he begins to wonder how far whatever it is they have will go. How far they can go without being caught because the magnifying glass only gets bigger and more precise as the days go by. Tonight should solidify them as being in a relationship and there are supposed to be no doubts.

"Kobe---" the singer whispers but his voice goes unheard.

The darkness outside is making him tired and he is unable to shake his feelings. He questions himself over and over about the first time but the satisfaction of an answer always eludes him. It is not supposed to be like this. The R&B songster's shoulder is touching his man's and he easily gets up to pull the covers over them. Justin tries to settle himself to sleep but his body hurts too much. His lower body feels uncomfortable and a combination of pain and fire. Easily getting out of the bed, his weakened walk escorts him to the large master bathroom where he hopes to find some kind of painkillers. Something to soothe him enough to fall asleep for the night. In a practically empty medicine cabinet, Timberlake finds what he is looking for and pops two of the light pink pills into his mouth. Timberlake wishes they would start working right away because his body is begging him for sleep.

When the former N*SYNCer goes to replace the small bottle of pills, his eyes focus on something that is resting below the shelf he is reaching for and his eyes focus in on it. When he examines it closer, he finds two unused and covered needles that are connected to syringes. He takes them into his hands and stares at them, dumbfounded before he throws it back into the cabinet and slams the glass door shut. Justin stands there, scared and alone and confused. Shaking hands and a rattling mind only enhances his loneliness and confusion. He can barely stand at all; the pressure in his abdomen seems to be growing stronger and his new findings are cramping his stomach even more. His heart is in shock and he feels like his throat is closing up on him. Timberlake reaches for the toilet and closes the seat down as he easily sits on top of it and holds himself. Wetness stains against bare skin.