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Chapter Two

~*~ Pop Into Future's Past ~*~



Justin Timberlake sees the next few days go by without any response from his record company as to if they are willing to let him produce his entire sophomore album on his own. He knows it is a stretch but he is willing to fight them until a compromise in his favor is made. It is his career, after all, and not theirs. An appearance on MTV's Total Request Live gets him in touch with his fans for a brief second before he is whisked away to do a late talk show. It is how his life has become ever since being classified as a celebrity. He is a commodity now; an empire that hires and fires people on a daily basis. It is the business aspect of the entertainment industry and he is glad that he is not like most other stars that only care about making money and splurging it on million-dollar cars and diamonds. Timberlake likes to think of himself as a down to earth and homey guy.

Much to his relief, the dream has not happened over the past nights. His body recognizes that sleep is more important than conflicting feelings deep within him so it lets him rest. This is what he feels anyway. Justin will not admit it to himself. He can't. Thinking about the dream and what it truly symbolizes always manages to make him angry and confused and feel like he is the only person left on the whole planet. It is sickening. Self-doubt and guilt flourish when he thinks this way. What about my mother? JC? Myself? He has to do something fast before this consumes his life. Inside feels like a slashed mess yet still he refuses to acknowledge what he knows deep down. Time and this will rob him of his sanity by way of sleep deprivation or destructive thoughts. The singer wants someone to talk to. Someone he can tell everything to without fear of being judged or ridiculed.

Timberlake hops out of the shower and begins getting himself ready to go out for the night. Yet another appearance he has to make. He feels up to it to a certain extent but knowing that he will be among his peers gives him the extra push he needs to commit to the idea of going out tonight. The singer scurries around his room in a pair of blue Tommy Hilfiger boxers looking for clothing to wear; a baby blue button-down shirt that match his eyes almost perfectly and a simple pair of black jeans becomes his outfit for the night ahead. Looking good. The thought crosses his mind when in front of the bathroom mirror. The clothes fit nicely around his trim frame and his hair is cooperating with him at this moment. It may change. His vibrating phone alerts him that a driver is already waiting for him twenty floors below so he quickly gathers up the rest of the necessities before leaving the room in darkness.

The press coverage for what he thought was a simple party is anything but. He walks the red carpet right outside the entrance of the club and does the photo circle before being barraged with numerous questions by various television and entertainment reporters. Not being rude, Justin tries his best to answer every question thrown at him until he has enough and wraps up the red carpet. The inside of the club is no quieter than the chaos outside and he walks into it and is immediately approached by two female club goers and asked to take a picture with them. Sure thing. He does not disappoint the fans because they are the reason he is who he is. The pair giggles together and walks off after the camera flash and matching hugs; they both smell like untouched flowers. Attention from women is nice but can get tiring and routine after a while. Everyone wants a piece but there just aren't enough pieces of him.

Wandering over to the bar, the former N*SYNCer orders a straight whisky; it is ingrained in him because of where he grew up. It easily and soothingly burns as it goes down and he opts for a simple Coke for the second time around. He is not in any mood to drink too much tonight so soda it is. It is now that Timberlake has the chance to take in his full surroundings and finally starts to take notice of who else is enjoying the party besides him. Strobe lights of multicolored origins flash and dazzle everywhere in the lowly lit club. It is all for ambiance and to create a feeling of sex and passion. A roped off VIP section is overflowing with big-name celebrities ranging from Kanye West to Nicole Richie. He just wants to relax at the bar for right now and hopefully keep a low profile for a while. The night is still so very young and he will network whenever he is ready to do so.

Now is the time to begin. The exclusive dark purple roped off section of the nightclub is teeming with excitement and conversation as his peers catch up and socialize with one other. This is the main function of these industry parties. But many choose to forgo mingling to meet and hook up with other stars that are hot right now; he has been guilty of this in the past as well. Looking around, he is surprised to see Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton sharing a table and laughing together with two men he does not recognize and presumes to be their dates. Weren't they just fighting---nevermind. He will never begin to understand such shallow relationships as the one they share. His attention is then shifted to Timbaland who is lounging by the bar alone nursing a drink and utilizing a cell phone for text messages. His natural talent is now on Justin's mind and a wickedly provocative idea falls into his head.

The producer looks to be in the middle of a texting conversation and only sporadically taking short breaks to pay attention to his drink sitting on the bar in front of him. This is just the kind of exposure he needs to make it work. It has to go in his favor if he is to have any kind of chance of pulling it off and getting Jive off his back and to give him what he needs. Timberlake remains at the bar to work up the courage to make the short trek over to the other bar. Regardless of who he is meeting people for the first time is always a bit nerve-wrecking. There is no one close to him so Justin assumes he is here alone or that his crew are indulging themselves within their boss' celebrity status. He leaves the remnants of his drink at the bar and makes his way over to the other one past the velvety VIP ropes. Be interested. Let this work. A small nervousness partially swallows his insides about halfway there.

"Yo man---what's good?" Timberlake says out of his character when he approaches the bar.

The producer looks up and back at him for a second and replies, "Straight chillin'---"

He senses that the other man does not recognize who he is and a severely awkward moment passes between the two of them. The young star is not surprised because although he likes to consider himself an R&B artist, most of the world still and will continue to associate his act as regular pop music. It irks him but he takes it in stride and this is why he is fighting so hard for creative control of this album. He has to change people's mind about his music only being in a pop bubble. He wants to branch out so far away from standard pop music to try all fresh and different things to get the world to see him in new lights. Timberlake has no doubt in his mind that this is the right move for him and meeting the super producer Timbaland is his first step away from pop and into the unknown. An unknown that is less scary and more comforting and inspiring. It will change soon enough if all goes well.

"I'm Justin---Timberlake---" the songster says when he realizes that Timbaland is still eying him awkwardly.

"From that boy group---word?"

"Yeah---that was me---back then."

"What happened to the curly blonde hair?"

Justin scratches his head and is sure he is blushing, "Got rid of it."

"I see that," he muses while clicking his phone and putting it away before returning to his drink. "You wanna grab a drink with me?"

"I'm not really in the mood---"

"---Come on---one lil' drink. I won't tell anyone---"

Timberlake smiles before responding with, "Forget you!"

"Bartender!" Timbaland almost bellows while Justin grabs the available stool right next to him and seats himself there. "A double of rum for lil' Timberlake here---the good stuff from Jamaica that I'm having. You can drink right---" he teases again.

"You're not funny man---" he responds, a little embarrassed.

"What---I don't wanna get in any trouble---"

It is uncommon but he gets a comforting and friendly feeling from his short interaction with the super producer. He is still slightly nervous but it is all going away because Timbaland is making him feel easier even though he is not aware of any of it. Justin Timberlake is as cool as a cucumber outside, even when his insides are in a state of disarray. The bartender disappears to the back to retrieve another bottle of the requested Jamaican rum while they both carry on a light conversation. He has this great quality of making people feel comfortable around him and he seems to be very approachable. Justin is getting more comfortable with the passing seconds and anxiously waits for the drink he will have to swallow to proverbially prove himself to the other man. He returns with an unopened bottle of the dark rum and puts the drink right in front of Timberlake. Damn!

"How strong is this stuff---" he swirls around the dark brown liquid in its mini goblet and asks.

"You never had rum from Jamaica?"

"Can't say that I have."

Timbaland eyes fall on him again. "You sure you can drink on the real---"

Justin balls up his fist under the bar and punches him on one of his massive biceps. It is hard but not overly so. The producer is working out because his arm feels strong and powerful. He does not know why he just did this and, in his mind, thinks that he crossed the line. A slight shyness passes through him and he retracts his hand and places both of them around the mini goblet full of the exotic rum. He hopes that he has not offended the man he is sitting next to but when Timbaland smiles and snickers at his awkwardness, he smiles and relaxes as well. The former N*SYNCer hits him again for putting him in such an uncomfortable position but he stops after that. Not overdoing it is always the key so hands will stay to themselves now. I hope this works. He'll get Jive on my side. Timberlake realizes he is remaining too quiet so he looks over to the other man to put the doubt to rest.

The pop star relays, "I'll prove it."

"Okay okay---no need to get violent again," the mega producer attempts to shield himself as if the punches actually hurt. "You gonna drink it or what---"

"Not going to let a good drink go to waste. If I'm disappointed---"

"---You won't be," Timbaland cuts him off sharply and says. "Go for it."

Timberlake lets the drink touch his lips for a brief moment to attempt to get a taste of it; it tastes strongly of sugar cane some spices he cannot put his finger on. It remains in this stalled position for a short while before he finally swallows his nerves and gulps the liquor down. Its sweetness drowns out the grain alcohol which should be burning his throat. But the strong alcohol content only takes mere moments to make itself know inside his body. Justin does not let up though and turns the contents of the goblet into a very potent shot. He feels a pair of eyes on him when he is drinking and suddenly feels like he is at some sort of frat party with Timbaland cheering him on to chug it all. The concoction actually cools his mouth and throat when he is done with it and Justin starts to feel faint traces of the liquid already because he is not a heavy drinker. Damn! Damn!

"Wow---that's some strong shit!" the pop star says as he slams the goblet down on the bar.

"Told you. I knew you'd like it. You aight---"



"Uhuh," Timberlake assures as he feels the cooling effects in his mouth and throat evaporating. "Good stuff."

"Yes sir. You want another hit?"

"Nope---I'm good," he waves his hand to decline the second round.

Get a hold of yourself.

"You good then. So what you doing out this late Timberkid?" producer Timbaland is curious to know.

"Late---I'm not eleven---"

"My b---thought you'd be somewhere getting the girls wet for you."


"Naw I'm straight. You sure you okay? You looking a lil' tipsy there. Already too---"

"I'm just tired---been too busy," Justin tells the truth against the heavy music and flashing lights of their surroundings.


Justin Timberlake takes a few seconds to gather himself and recover from the shot. It is strong and he believes he is already a little tipsy. But this has to be done right here and right now because the opportunity is golden. His answer is true because he is tired but the alcohol is trying to make him even more sluggish. It is extremely strong and convincing and he has to combat that as well. The former boybander summons the bartender for some orange juice so he can get his mouth and throat moist once more. A full glass appears in front of him right away and there is no break when he inhales it all to leave the glass spotless. He knows and feels Timbaland's eyes on him the entire time and is finally able to gather his thoughts enough to remember the reason he approached the producer sitting at the bar in the first place. No more playing! Business has to happen here to make him happy.

"Ay listen---" Justin comes on with.

"Man you can barely hold your own. Get outta here," the observation is not entirely false.

"No---no. I'm good. Really."

The acclaimed music producer looks at the pop star and believes him, "Okay---what's up?"

"I'm starting to work on my second album. I want you to produce some tracks for me."

"Oh word? That'd be sweet. I've been looking to expand my genre more. I'm not sure of how pop I can go though---most of the beats I make are urban and edged out---" Timbaland tries to explain his sound to someone he could now potentially be working with.

Yes! Yes! That's what I want.

"---That's the thing," Timberlake cuts him off completely. "That's what I want. I'm fighting with my record company because I know they want me to put out another album like my last one because it's the type of music the fans expect from me. I don't want that for this one. I want it to be geared more towards the R&B and Soul side of music---and I know your beats can do that for me."

The producer with a muscular upper body looks at him again, "Oh it can definitely do that for you if you want it to."

"It's what I want. Oh yea---"

"You don't wanna be a lil' pop boy anymore?"

"Hell no! I don't want people to think of me as N*SYNC anymore," Timberlake responds definitively. "So the music has to change---the lyrics, beats, producers---"

"I see. Well it sounds like you have a general idea of what you want."

"I do. Can you make it work?"

Come on---

"Let me think---"

Timbaland stares off into a crowd not too far from them and wonders if this kid sitting next to him has the ability to match the right lyrics perfectly to his sizzling beats. It is a test the young singer must past if they are to work and be successful together. He wants to give it a try to see how it turns out because he does seem passionate and knows what he wants for his second album. The super producer wants to broaden his horizon and not be only known for working with rap and R&B musicians. This is a perfect chance for them both to showcase something that he is almost positive will be a sensation. The world will surely view him in a different light if this project he has yet to accept works out the way he is currently envisioning it in his mind. Justin looks determined to leave his days of bubblegum pop in future's past for a more mature and edgy sound. It will become a magnificent spectacle.

"---You're making me nervous---" Timberlake confesses of the silence between them.

"I'm just thinking of ideas. I'm gonna do it---" the conclusion comes out.

"You will---that's great!" Justin tries to hide the excitement in his voice but he cannot.

"We gonna be on top when this comes out! I can see it now---"

"I'm liking the sound of that already!"

The two men stay at the bar to brainstorm on ideas for the album that is going to push Justin Timberlake over the edge of stardom. The idea tantalizes and invigorates him to no end and he wants to get started as soon as humanly possible. Jive will have to accept his decision for this album and he is going to find a way to make them understand his creative thought processes. It has to work. He is willing to put in all the hard work to make this album a success because he is passionate and knows that Timbaland's beats with his vocals will be unstoppable. Justin knows his three managers already believe in him, he just needs to get the rest of the company on board with the definitive album that will redefine him and, ultimately, his career. It is a risky step but it will all pay off in the end. This is the nature of the entertainment business. Risks must be taken at certain points in order to progress.

The rest of the night is spent associating with the likes of 50 Cent, who expresses interest in working with him, and Nelly, who he remembers collaborating with back when N*SYNC was still together. Their collaboration with the rap superstar was one of the first times their group, as well as himself was professionally exposed to a different genre and Justin has been more intrigued since then. New thoughts are swimming in his mind about what he had just accomplished and what he truly is getting himself into. It is both dangerous and enticing territory because the world already views him as producing only one style of music so going completely against that might warrant an undesired reaction from his fans. Spark of undesired reaction from the people who have been with him since he was back in a boyband. It's something for me. But the risk will easily be overshadowed by the reward.

Still feeling minor effects of the Jamaican rum in his system; it feels like his head is floating, Timberlake enters his darkened suite and heads straight for his room because he wants sleep. The bed is screaming his name and his body only wants a perfect union between the two. Networking tonight is considered a great success because he managed to convince one of the best producers in the world of rap and R&B to produce his album for him. This will, hopefully, grant him new fans across new genres. The idea exhilarates Justin to no end and he wonders when the first day they can get to work together will be. It has to be sometime soon so he can appease his bosses at Jive. Yawning and rubbing his eyes, he strips out of his shirt and jeans and brushes his teeth before getting into bed for the night. His silenced phone will not bother him tonight. A quiet stillness befalls the large hotel accommodation.


It is the very same as before as it all flows back into him. The same place with the same melancholic overtone. He is tired of it and wants it to end. He wants to scream and yell from the top of his lungs. He wants to break free. He wants to cry. Timberlake tosses on the comfortable bed while his mind is consumed with his only dream. The thing that manifests itself only when he is resting. It is a cruel joke that attempts to rob him of his happiness and progress made at the party earlier tonight. In here, it does not matter that his album is going to turn out the way he wants it to. It does not matter that he got one of the hottest producers Timbaland to work with him. The black walls of isolation come onto him and the distressed singer tries not to accept it but he knows that his sanity is hanging on by a fine thread. One decision can make him or continue to destroy his life. It will break.

Why me? Why is this happening to me?

Timberlake is huddled in a tight corner with his knees closed into his chest and his arms securely wrapped around them. His chin rests between the groove created by his knees coming together as he stares out into oblivion. Every fiber in his body is fighting against it because he does not want to be this way. He can't. The limitless time taunts him as he shivers in the corner and is scared that he will never escape this reality. It is so with every dream. Hopelessness and desperation enters his voice when he begs for it to stop and begs to go home, to go anywhere but here. Escaping will never be that easy or worth it as he is stuck because of no one else but himself. No one can save him but himself and although he knows how to, he cannot. The answer is easily right in front of him but also seems obscured a trillion miles away from reach. It is the twisted mentality of his subconscious.

In an instant, the dream becomes a thing of the unknown because something new happens. He is crying; he can feel moist, cold tears clash against the naked skin of his knees and his heart rate dipping dangerously low. Exhaustion will claim him eventually. The songster's body is weak and his head is throbbing as the tears stream freely down the smooth skin of his face, knees, and ends up being absorbed into the darkness. The realization is there for him to grasp. The wet droplets will not stop no matter how badly he wants them to and tries to wipe them away. He has to accept it for his life to truly be free to move on. He will be trapped in this place forever if he does not maneuver himself out and quick. Black walls and deathly silence drives him to the extreme of desperation and need. It should never have been this way. Justin can already feel threads of sanity being snipped away.

Justin Timberlake catches himself awake a little after seven in the morning and stares around with blurry eyes before they can adjust and focus in on his surroundings. A light film of sweat is on his bare skin and his head feels like someone just used a jackhammer to split it open into two pieces. Another painful migraine plagues his brain. The night's past was yet another sleepless one. The former N*SYNCer stays completely still and stares off to get away from himself. It is coming to an end and he feels it with everything he is. He knows he cannot fight this much longer as he is in an eternal battle he is severely losing. Crying in the dream has never happened before; Justin has been so close so many times before but actual tears have never slid down his face in the dream before. It scares him back into his own body and he is forced to deal with the veracity of this new dream.

Rummaging through the medicine cabinet for something soothing and strong, the embattled pop star shoots two of the lightly yellow migraine pills out of its bottle and straight into his mouth. They go down easily enough and he starts to get ready for someplace he knows he will have to be sometime soon. A morning talk or radio show, a special appearance, or some other thing he will have to do this morning. The call or text message should come soon enough as he expects. Timberlake cannot begin to shake the new crying part of his dream. Something inside him is crying out in anguish and he still refuses to acknowledge and accept it. I need sleep. An alleviating shower does its best to give him the energy he needs to move his day along but breakfast will most likely pick up the rest of the slack. Justin gets dressed quietly without any televisions or radios being on inside the suite.

After breakfast, the severe headache is subsiding and he leaves his room to head to a talk show. They, of course, want to talk about his personal life and want to know who he is dating and about what he thinks of his ex Britney Spears and her marriage. The media are piranhas when it comes to personal life and dirt but the songster does not indulge them in any of that unnecessary information. Timberlake talks of none of it and only answers the valid questions that deal with his professional career. Questions about the upcoming album, a possible tour, and television and movies roles are all questions to be answered. Justin spends extra time on each question as to provide the hosts with less and less time to probe into the private sectors of his brain. The parts that are reserved from fans and even most members of his close circle. Being Justin Timberlake has to begin and end somewhere.


Austin, Texas is extremely hot in the month of September but he acquires a feel for the city because it feels homey. Certain areas of the bustling metropolis take him back to when he was a child growing up in Tennessee. Back before he even knew what it was. Back when he didn't have a care in the world and didn't wake up most nights dripping of cold sweat and feeling like his sanity was leaving him. Timberlake is in the Lone Star State both to talk to a few radio stations and also get some meetings out of the way. It is always work; it will always be work where he is concerned. The humid days form sweat on his forehead when he is out under the Sun. Yet more questions the former N*SYNCer has to either answer or dodge to make the interview successful. It gets tedious but he has to start creating a buzz about the upcoming project. Justin will not mention Timbaland yet though.

Slowing dripping by, the day gets away from him because of how many assignments his publicist has set up for him. The pop singer wants to simply break away and play a good game of golf but it is not possible in his current predicament. Seeing the Sun finally on the west side of the world gives him some solace because it only means that the long day is coming to an end. Justin is relaxing in the back seat as the driver worms his way through rush hour traffic to get him to his hotel. Days like these are both a blessing and a curse because they sap away all of his energy but the bombardment of work does allow his mind to stay focused on that alone and not on other, more dangerous thoughts. So Timberlake is happy that his publicist keeps him productively busy with little time to rest. The fabric of his shorts begins to vibrate where he knows his phone is housed. He immediately retrieves it.

"Yo JC! What up playa---" he laughs to himself.

"Who is this---" Chasez plays along.

"You tell me---you're the one who called here homeboy."

"You feeling alright JT? Working too hard huh---"

"Forget you. What do you want man?"

"Just calling to see what you're up to. You okay?"

Timberlake studies the question because there is more to it than what is shown upfront. This is definitely one of the times where he regrets telling JC about his dream and the negative effects it has on him. It always leads to more questions he has no intentions of answering. Bringing it up every time they talk is not helpful and he does not want to hear about it from an outside source on such frequent occasions. Physically hearing it forces Justin to drop what he is currently thinking about to worry about that and it is not fair. And talking about it barely helps him anymore. When he first told Chasez about it his chest used to feel clear and free after but this feeling has not happened in the longest while. So talking about it has stopped working thus eliminating the need to do so. He views it as unwanted added stress that he certainly does not want or need at this precise moment.

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"Don't know. Just wanted to see---"

"Something you want to fill me in on---" Justin starts to get impatient.

If it is one thing he hates it is when people try to baby him. And when they cannot even attempt to disguise it any better is even worse. He is a grown man and should thus be treated and respected as such. The songster knows his friend is curious to find out if he has had the dream again since they last spoke but he will not come out and ask him straightforward. He is annoyed and wants to change the subject to anything else. It bothers him but Justin remains calm because he knows JC cares about him. He will never tell his best friend of any of these conflicting feelings about this aspect of their friendship because he respects and loves him too much to do that. That would be cruel and hurtful for selfish reasons. Timberlake will not do that to someone who genuinely cares for him and who he cares for as well. Eventually he will get the hint and change the subject. It always happens this way.

"---No. I mean---uh," he stumbles over words.

"No JC---I haven't had the dream since we talked before."

This lie will allow Justin to take back some of his privacy and possibly manage to get Chasez off his back momentarily. He loves his friend to death but right now, he needs all the personal space he can get and the less he starts confiding in people, the more space he will gain. The more privacy he will have. Privacy, in the business he is in, is already such a precious commodity. The car abruptly stops for a red light and Timberlake jerks forward a little but it is nothing. They should almost be back at the hotel because he is hungry and tired. A long shower is also in order. The lie causes him for feel a tinge of guilt but if JC were to find out about the broken dream then he would worry even more and ask many more questions. It has to be like this for now. Until he can figure out what his next move is the lie will continue to fly. The silence on the line stops all of a sudden.

"I had to ask J---you know I'm worried about it," JC explains.

"But you didn't ask---" the ex boybander replies matter-of-factly.

"You know what I mean. Don't try to get technical on me smart ass."

He smiles and sighs before saying, "Fine---sorry."

"That's what I thought---"


"I can kick your ass Justin---always remember that---"

"Yeah---right! You wanna catch a golf game sometime soon?" Timberlake stops the joking around and asks.

"With who?"

"Me and you most likely. You got anyone else in mind---you can bring them."

"Nah---it'll give us time to catch up," Chasez concludes. "When this week?"

"I'm not sure. I'll call you---"

"Let's go down to West Palm---we could make it a weekend thing."

Timberlake thinks on this for a moment. Although the idea does sound good, he is not absolutely sure he can get away for an entire weekend. When his weeks are full, like this one has been thus far, his weekends are even more hectic and fast-paced. But taking time to relax and stop being his alter ego is important as well. Sometimes the young singer gets so caught up in work that he forgets that breaks are needed as well. His mother tells him as much every time they speak over the phone or have a chance to meet up. Being focused on his career is fine but Justin does not want to be so concentrated that he misses out on great opportunities to simply relax and be himself. And a good game of golf always appeals to him. The idea entices him so much so that he cancels out everything else. He is a sucker for a good game of golf and competition is usually heated between himself and JC.

"Screw it---yeah. I'm coming down to West Palm Beach this weekend."

"Sounds like a plan to me J---"

"---That's because I planned it while you sat there and did nothing!" Justin interrupts and teases.

"Okay Justin---this weekend it is. I just hope you don't have any appearances to make anytime soon after that."


"You'll be sporting two black eyes and a couple of bodily bruises for a while."

He comes back with, "If it helps your game of golf along---then I'll risk it."

"Ouch! No you didn't! Alright JT---you're a marked man now," JC snaps but then laughs it off.

He is conflicted. The lie he just told to his best friend is now eating away at him and a part of him wants to tell Chasez about the newest dream but he is stopping himself. If he were to do it, it would have to be face to face because he is now dealing with a completely different dream. Despite his logic about privacy, JC has always been there for him when he needed him and he repays the friendship by lying to him. It is self-sabotage. The destructive thoughts that live inside Justin are forcing him to make some grave mistakes and push people and relationships to their maximum. This shouldn't be like this. The pair talks for a while longer until Timberlake finally reaches back to the suite and then their line of communication is severed. Shoes immediately rip away from his feet and his shirt comes away from his body. The days are hot here but the nights are equally as brutal.

The weekend suddenly cannot come soon enough. Golf is his game and catching up with fellow ex N*SYNCer JC Chasez is something that he has been meaning to do but the timing would always seems off. Sometimes more initiative and spontaneity just needs to be taken in order to get plans through. Now he is making time to do both things. A weekend break may be just what he needs to clear his head and it might be a temporary remedy to his many sleepless nights. And this only manages to sweeten the pot. Justin will leave from Houston on Friday evening and get to Florida that night. It is still two excruciating days away and he does not want to wait anymore but he has to complete this week or his publicist will kill him. He cannot cancel. The night closes with Timberlake falling over onto his bed and his body shutting down shortly after. A sweet slumber tonight.

When he wakes up the next morning feeling refreshed and not harassed, the day immediately is off to a grand start. His mood is through the roof and mingling into the clouds because he wants this weekend badly. He needs it because the game of golf helps him escape himself. He does not have to be Justin Timberlake when he is on the green picking out what number driver he should utilize for that perfect shot. They both will have time to relax and simply be themselves. He also cannot wait to catch up with JC, and cream him at a game they both have developed an affinity for over the past years. It is a calming and relaxing game so it is no wonder Justin is ecstatic about wanting it to come as soon as possible. Maybe I might lose. No---not against JC. Competition between them has always been fierce. The weather is still scorching in Texas but nothing will ruin his day today.

Timberlake does everything he is responsible for without hesitation or complaints because, despite everything that is off with his personal life, he is an entertainer and it is what he was brought into this world to do. So there will be no complaining or whining about what he has to do. What he is passionate about doing. Both his parents would tell him stories of when he was younger, as far back as two years old, he would dance and sing in front of the television to try and entertain his family. The pop star cannot imagine what he would be doing if he never got his chance to break into this addicting industry he is now in by himself. There aren't four other guys sharing the spotlight with him anymore. There is no debating on vocals and song choices amongst a group of five men anymore. All the attention is solely on him and he basks in all its glory. The spotlight makes him.

Friday eventfully sees Justin completing an interview for a documentary on the influence of music on popular culture today; it takes away with it most of the morning and, after a developmental meeting is concluded early, he heads to the gym in the afternoon. A short run and some weight lifting will make him feel good. He has been neglecting his body, not that he needs to work out much because he is able to eat almost anything and still maintain his lean frame. Going to the gym offers him a reprieve and a way to burn off all unwanted stress and destructive thought that somehow happen to build up during tenser days. Being in the public eye and having others criticize and lambaste him on a daily basis does get hard to hear at times. The gym allows him to destroy all those perceptions and so much more. The former N*SYNCer looks forward to it.

The airport is unusually busy for it being almost midnight; his publicist books him on a private redeye flight so as to avoid any collisions with fans and the paparazzi while on the airport floor. Flying commercial is impossible with his status now so travelling is by means of private helicopters or flights or ships. And where work is concerned, the songster has access to one of the exclusive few Jive jumbo jetliners that can take him anywhere. It really is a spoiled life. Timberlake learns that several flights have been grounded in Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, some since midday, but the cause is still unknown to passenger and staff members alike. Justin hopes this hindrance will not relay over to his flight in the private sector in any way because he needs to leave as soon as possible. All business is complete in this part of the country thus far so he is gone.

If anyone were to recognize him behind his expensive Fendi shades and Tennessee Titans cap then he would be in trouble. He does feel stupid wearing sunglasses inside while it is so dark outside but since he is around so many people, it has to be done. It has to be done until he can get to the private section where no one else can spot him. He also does not have any bodyguards with him; it would only attract attention no matter how much they were to try and blend in as normal passengers, so he is truly out on his own. Justin walks up to an empty unmarked service desk and asks the gentleman present there about the status of his flight. At first, the employee seems a bit thrown by the sunglasses but gets over it and clicks a few keys on a keyboard Timberlake cannot see and directs his attention to a small monitor on the counter. In a stroke of fortune, his private flight is still set for its same departure.