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Chapter Twenty-Two

~*~ A Place to Call Home ~*~



Victoria's Secret's annual fashion show is mere days away with Timberlake back in New York and ready to put on a show for the world. It is, after all, what he does. The show always garners huge ratings because it is all about beautiful women strutting around in lingerie. And many men wait patiently for this time of the year. He has every last step of his upcoming performance mapped out inside his head and is excited about the performance. Being on stage is like a release to the young songster because he can get out every emotion and stress of his body in a healthy way. So it is easy to get addicted to being in the light. The stage is his outlet and he honestly does not know what he would be in life if he was not a singer; an entertainer. It is his path. Justin lets all the little things that is bothering him float away from his mind so he does not have to worry about it or have it affect his performance.

The air is nippy in New York City and it can only mean one thing; fall is long gone and even colder days are ahead for the prepared metropolis. Snow will be upon them soon enough and it also means that Christmas is just around the corner. It is finally the day Justin has been waiting for and he feels ready to take it on headfirst. Being on stage makes him thrive so there is no way he will pass up this opportunity to validate himself. He leaves his hotel at around noon to head over to the Lexington Avenue Armory to run through his set one or two more times before the show goes on. The final practices before the big show tonight. A crowd of photographers and fans alike greet him at the main entrance of the hotel so he is quickly ushered into the awaiting vehicle and it speeds off with flashes still going off. Timberlake mentally prepares himself for putting on one of the more important shows of his career.

When he enters the armory arena, prop and stage designers are scurrying by trying to finish setting up the venue to accommodate a fashion show and make it television-ready. Glitter, sparkles, and beaming lights are everywhere and it looks even more extravagant than a Superbowl halftime show production. The superstar's insides become tantalized with passion. Many people are yelling, rushing, and stressing out over last minute details and corrections that are needed for the set to be complete as well as safe for the models to traverse. Justin stays still and watches all the activity in front of him as no one notices that he is there and ready to run through his performance. It is far too early for any of the models to be here yet but they are usually early to rehearse the runway as well. Timberlake is unaware when someone begins to approach him as he continues looking around.

"Mr. Timberlake," a woman shorter than him greets. "I'm Carissa Whitman---an events director for Victoria's Secret. How do you do?" she asks with her hand extended.

Justin takes it in his own before replying, "Justin---and I'm fine."

"Very good. We're so excited to have you on the show this year."

"I'm happy to be here," the star replies on a positive note.

"The set designers are preparing some last minute changes for the models so it's not quite finished yet. Let me show you around and they should hopefully be done by then. You can run through your performance then," Carissa informs.

"Sounds like a plan to me."

"Excellent. If you would follow me sir."


"Yes---Justin," she recovers.

Carissa Whitman begins the tour as it applies to the singer in that she first shows him where the hair and makeup center will be and then directs him to wardrobe after. The building is huge and he reckons it is so large backstage because of all the chaos that will ensue in only a few short hours. Timberlake can imagine how hectic it will be with people running around looking for accessories and shoes and earrings and everything else to prepare the models to be seen by the world. His tour guide then shows him where he will be entering the stage from and also where he will be exiting once it is all over. By this time, the long runway seems to be complete with only a few minor touches needing to be done. The pair walks out onto it and Justin simply looks out at either side, the empty chairs are being assembled as they speak. The event is going to be huge and viewed by millions.

"So am I limited to this area?" he asks of the stage.

"We would like you to engage with the models. They will be coming out from over there," the events director points out. "You can walk the runway if you want. It's your show."


"Just make sure you give them the room they need to do their job."

"Not a problem," Justin assures her.

"I'll get you a microphone and you can go through sound check."


Within no time, she returns with a cordless microphone and hands it to him before wishing him luck and walking away to tend to other things. There is still so much to do to prepare for showtime tonight. Armed with the performance inked on his brain and newly acquired information about the runway, the R&B megastar runs through it while taking special notice as to where the cameras will be and where he needs to be. The sound check is going great but Justin notices that it is becoming busier because the models are beginning to arrive. He takes a peek backstage to see beautiful models getting ready and seamstresses doing last minute fittings on their perfectly sculpted bodies. Timberlake steals his head away and concentrates on his performance. He runs through it two more times before he notices someone looking at him. The tall beauty emerges from behind the curtains with curiousity.

"Hi," Alessandra Ambrosio says in her strong but sensual Brazilian accent as she walks up to him. "You're sounding good."

"Thanks," comes the reply. "You're here early."

"The Angels have to be here earlier than to rest of the girls. We're more important---" the bombshell teases.

"You sure are. You want to do a test run with me?"

The model giggles before, "Sure---why not."

Ambrosio stands behind the curtains where the models will be emerging from to enter the stage and Justin begins to sing his number one hit for what will be the last rehearsal. The leggy supermodel waits until he is well into the song before she steps out on stage and remains there as her eyes follow him from one part of the stage to the next. When Timberlake finally notices her presence with him, he walks over and encircles her slowly as she simply poses there and soaks up all the imaginary attention. He finally moves to the side so that she can begin her sashay down the long runway blanketed with multicolored glitter and rhinestones. Alessandra takes his cue and begins her signature walk with her hands resting lowly on her hips. Justin follows her, walking backward while continually looking at her until about halfway down the runway where he stops and continues to sing there as she moves on.

The Brazilian comes back and passes him; she winks as she does so and continues to glide across the runway until she finally disappears backstage ending her walk and turn in the spotlight. She peaks her head from behind the curtain to see Timberlake finish the rest of his sound check and she only hops out when he is finished and everything has cleared. It all goes perfectly so tonight should be no different. They stay talking for a few brief minutes before she is summoned backstage to prepare for the show. By now, more models have arrived and the scene backstage is starting to look like a true fashion show catering to the elite. Justin chats with more models before he too is called backstage to go into hair and wardrobe. A little nerve pocket is inside but he has done so many live shows before that the nerves are kind of exciting. Having a little bit of it before each show helps in an odd way.

The atmosphere generated by this fashion show is overwhelmingly positive and surreal as celebrities are starting to show up and talk to reporters and pose for pictures with numerous photographers. Backstage is utter chaos with models running around half naked to get dressed and publicity agents for the lingerie giant fending off waning cameras and photographers. People are screaming commands into headsets while others are rushing to add the final touches to the first set of models. The former N*SYNCer is glad he is in a section by himself because having a camera constantly there can become a real strain. He watches as assistants to the Angels carry about wings of every size and color across the packed venue backstage to their various destinations. Justin stays in his area and warms up his voice so it does not strain and choke up while he is out there. The anxiety is building in a good way.

"Cue Justin for the next set. Is he ready?" a stage manager yells through an earpiece all officials have to keep in contact with one another.

Timberlake jumps up and down at the very edge of the stage, behind the curtain, to release all the nerves that have now inhabited in his body. A line of beautiful women is behind him and ready to bypass him on the sparkly, glittery runway outside; the show will be grand. He says a quick, small prayer right before he is thrust into the spotlight to put on a show. The music cues; it starts off differently from the original version and will be slightly different musically because they tweaked it for the fashion show. It is not quite a remix but beats have been sped up to match the models' walking. Justin stands in his spot and grips the mic tightly in his right hand as he is ready. The platform he is standing on begins to rise into the heavens and he starts to move his body slightly to the beat. The spotlight is in his face and his brain is ready to put on a show. All the hard work and rehearsals have led to this.

Once empty chairs on either side of the long runway are now full of people whose eyes are on him and ready to see what he is going to do. Even after one solo album under his belt, a lot of people in the industry still tie him to the band. It all has to stop. All the attention is maddening as the cue goes off in his head to start singing. The performance begins to lay deep within his brain and Justin simply mimics the steps for the audience to see. He is by himself for right now and he works the base of the stage, not daring going out on the runway yet. It will ruin the already choreographed show. The songster continues with his show as he hears nothing from backstage. The only thing he hears is how he sounds in the small earpiece hidden in his ear. Slippery beads of sweat are already forming on his forehead as he sings with all his heart. Timberlake does this with every performance. It is his passion.

Behind his back someone approaches while he goes unaware. When he finally does look behind him, and away from the crowd, the blonde goddess Karolína Kurková is looking back at him and smiling. Practically attached to her thin shoulders are a pair of giant frost-tipped wings and her ensemble will drive any sane man into perfect insanity. He smiles at her flirtatiously before extending his hand for her to take so he can lead her somewhere. The gangly model gives back a quick grin before resting her gloved hand in his and allowing the singing star to guide her out to the crowd and to be seen by the world. The audience claps at her presence and Justin lets her go and allows her to do her thing. Flashes immediately bombard them from every angle as she leaves him. He does not follow her because the large wings will overshadow him. This is also the first time Timberlake looks out into the crowd.

The coveted first row is filled with celebrities, his peers. He sees Usher looking on with Diddy, who is sitting next to him talking on the phone. Just a few seats away, Kanye West sits and is leaned over talking to someone he does not know. This fashion show has become the event to attend over the past few years. Kurková returns and winks at him when they pass one another and then she disappears backstage. The show proceeds with all the models walking within flawless and effortless rhythm of one another and flirting with Justin as they pass him. He enjoys all the attention and the show is going great. It is when supermodel Heidi Klum walks out to close the set that he actually follows her further out onto the runway. Keeping the same movements he practiced with Alessandra Ambrosio earlier, Timberlake trails her backwards and gives the crowd the illusion that he is only singing to her.

Like the last time too, he stops at the center of the runway and looks on and the beautiful German poses at the very end with something that looks so simple to accomplish but actually takes years of experience to master. When he glances out at the crowd for the second time, it is then he feels it. The instant discomfort that shoots like an imaginary arrow through his body. He has never felt this way on stage before. Kobe Bryant is further down the runway sitting in the front row staring up at him. Timberlake swears he is about to drop the mic from his hand as he feels his confidence slipping away. He concentrates with everything that he is to keep his performance going. He definitely cannot stay looking at one area for too long now. The basketballer sees him; their eyes connect even if it is only for a second. Klum walks back and meets him halfway on the runway before continuing on her path back.

Just like he rehearsed, he goes at the very end of the runway because no other models will be coming. The German stunner is the last and this also signifies that his performance is wrapping up. When at the end, Kobe is behind him but only slightly and he knows his eyes are on him. Justin feels like he is standing naked in front of the crowd and that he is about to lose it. He wants another model to come out on stage so he would not have all the attention on himself. Bryant smiles to himself as he checks out the singer from behind. Timberlake walks down the runway to finish his performance and get out of the spotlight. He hates that Kobe is able to steal his confidence without so much as even trying. What is he doing here? The question floats around in the R&B star's mind as he finishes is performance and exits and enters backstage with loud applause ringing against his eardrums. It is over.

He rushes backstage to go to his area so he can be alone but there is no such fortune as so many people are running around getting ready to close the show. All the models are lining up for the finale walk when he rushes past them to recollect his thoughts. The performance went exactly the way Timberlake rehearsed it on the outside. His insides were a different story though. He wants so badly to hate Kobe for being there and looking at him but he knows he is unable to. The former boybander cannot hate someone who makes him feel like that. Even now. Nerves are getting the better of him as he tries to tune everything out from backstage because privacy will never happen. Bryant is wearing a dark suit, he quickly noticed. Justin wonders if he should leave or if he should stop running finally and face the man. It is obvious to him that The Los Angeles Laker is a bigger part of his life than he knew.

The models come backstage smiling and full of energy because another Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is complete and some stress is off them. Justin walks into the bathroom and splashes his face with cold spilling water because he knows his cheeks are flushed by now. He wants it to go away. People have to be leaving already. There is commotion backstage but this is natural as he returns to gather his things and leave. Timberlake decides against confronting the basketballer because he is not sure of how to. It would just feel weird. A publicist shows him the exit he should take and that a car is already waiting for him. The songster exits backstage and ends up in a crowded lobby with everyone trying to get out. He practically jumps out of his skin when he feels two hands easily and inconspicuously slide on either side of his slim waist to grasp him. It is hidden from the prying eyes of the public.

"Let me take you home---" that sensual voice rasps in his ear.

Everyone is too busy trying to get out of the lobby and to their awaiting cars to notice the small intimate moment that is happening between the two of them. He breathes harder than usual when the words and the baller's fresh breath tickle his ear. He cannot say no. For the life of him, the former N*SYNCer cannot say no to the oncoming advances to his sanity. Bryant removes his hands to avoid getting caught as he follows his boyfriend closely and tries to act as casual as possible. Where most of the general public is exiting through the front, Kobe takes control and leads them to a side exit where he parked easily. Most importantly, it is away from the paparazzi. He fetches a pair of keys from a pocket of the suit to yet another unseen Lamborghini by Timberlake and with one click, the doors unlock and they both get in with speed. It is too quiet inside the expensive Italian sports machine.


Feeling entirely uncomfortable and out of place in the car, Justin just watches straight ahead and occasionally as Kobe shift gears of the manual car. His strong hands control the powerful car with great ease. It is sexy and alluring at the very same time. His eyes too focus straight ahead on the road and only look elsewhere when he is hearing directions to the hotel from his passenger. He wonders what is going to happen. They both do. Timberlake's hands are resting on his lap but he does not mean for them to or even want them to stay there. He wants to hold Kobe's hand. He wants to hold him and kiss him and work through their issues. The former boybander will just let the night play out the way it is meant to because he cannot fight it anymore. All the tricks and avoiding he has done in the past just proves to him how immature he really is in life. Forward is the only direction to go.

"You can park around the corner there. It's where I park," the R&B songster clears his throat and points out.

"Okay---thank you."

Nothing can be said in public. They both know that so it is even tenser than before. The service elevator in the back of the large hotel is empty, as usual, as both men take it up in silence. The former N*SYNCer's brain is running wild with possibilities of things that can happen as well as can be said. All the things he needs to get out of his system. It has been building since their last fight. Their breakup. Everything needs to be said and out in the open between them if this relationship is to even stand a chance of surviving. At least, that is how he sees it. Timberlake reaches for his wallet in his back pocket and retrieves the keycard to let himself and his guest in. Justin opens the door and moves to the side to hold it open for the taller man to enter his private space. The door closes softly behind him and he leans against it because he is not sure where to go. And maybe it serves as a makeshift support system.

"Sorry the place's in a mess. I've been busy---" he begins to say.

"Justin---it's okay. I've seen every part of you---this is nothing," the basketballer muses as he finally turns around to look at his boyfriend.

Timberlake contemplates the comment but he will not think too much into it because he is tired. He is tired of the fighting and the avoiding and the loneliness. And digging too deep into the other man's words will only cause more confusion and his own mind to sabotage how far they both have come. This has to work out because he has been miserable without someone like Kobe to talk for the past month. Chasez has been scarce and he is not sure where their relationship stands anymore. The opportunity presents itself to fix the relationship in front of him right now and he will not pass it up because this is what he wants. He cannot. Justin uses the door now more than ever for support because having Bryant so close to him after all this time is a hard adjustment. There has never been this much tension between them before. The basketball star looks the same. He even smells the same as before.

"So---how---have you been?" he asks, immediately regretting it.

"I've missed you. A whole lot. I never thought I'd miss someone as much as I've miss you."

"---You could've called---" Timberlake comes back with but his eyes are on the floor now.

"Would you have picked up if I did? Look at me---" Kobe requests as he walks over to the door to make their bodies so close together and the other man does so. "Would you?"


"I know we have to figure things out but I really, really want to kiss you. Can I?"


Justin pulls away and walks deeper into the suite, his mind unraveling with every step he takes. Things should not be this difficult. Especially between the two of them. Why did I say no? He feels Kobe's eyes on him and he does not want to turn around but he has to. The situation between them has gone on long enough and something has to be resolved. Whether they be together at the end of the night or go their separate ways, it must be resolved. The R&B songster takes a deep breath as he takes in the New York City skyline spilling over his large balcony. A large window and sliding door is preventing him from going outside. He does not want to though. Bryant walks behind him but keeps his distance with his eyes never leaving the back of his head. Timberlake turns around and looks at the other man in the eyes. His hurt and vulnerability and anger are surfacing. It is a dangerous place to be.

"Your performance tonight was amazing. I forgot to tell you," Kobe compliments.

"Thanks. It means a lot---"


His insecurity blankets his slim body but he has to be strong. Timberlake walks up to the taller man and stands there momentarily before he moves in for a kiss. Something that has been denied to him for so long partly because of his own stubbornness. But no longer. If this relationship is to work then a drastic step like this had to be taken in order to see if it is still there. And it was. Possibly even stronger than before. They are equally to blame but no more. Something will happen. Something will change tonight. Kobe is quick to wrap his powerful forearms around his man's waist and use his tongue to lash and kiss back. The moment is right. The insecurities will never win. Bryant's tongue is snaking around in his mouth and his arms remain still on his hips but it still keeps their bodies close together. Justin closes his eyes but then opens them again and pulls away. Not right now.

"This is so hard---"

"Don't stop baby---keep going," the Los Angeles Laker almost whines but it is cute.

"This isn't going to make everything okay. So don't act like it is."

"Then yell at me---scream at me---hit me---do something but don't shut me out again Justin. Don't stop caring about me---"

"How selfish can you be?" Timberlake flares even after he promised himself that he would not lose his cool.

"I didn't mean that---"

"I wasn't going through your stuff that night," he adds.

"I know. I was---angry and said something stupid. I didn't mean it baby."

Still in a fiery voice, Justin comes back with, "You do and say a lot of things you don't mean."

"It's you---you make me this way. I've never acted this way in front of anyone else before."

"So this is my fault?"

"I didn't say that. I---"

"---This was a mistake. I should've listened to my instincts."

The words hurt the basketballer but he tries to remain calm, "So why'd you agree to it? Why'd you let me come back here with you?"

"What'd you expect was going to happen here? I'd tell you that I missed you and we'd have sex and everything would go back to normal?"

Justin's blood is heated and his heart and pulse rates are racing faster than his mind can keep track of. He knows his face is red, but it is because of anger this time around and not his trademark blush. He does not want to be angry but he cannot control his temper and he wants to punch something or scream or cry because the anger is surreal. It is consuming and has been building inside him and now he can finally release it at the source of his pain and the singer cannot control himself. He is doing exactly what Kobe just told him to do only a few moments ago and Timberlake hates himself for it. Emotions are running every which way inside him and it is confusing. A jumbled mess of unprocessed emotions is blinding him. But he has to try and calm down because these raw ending are no good for anyone. Nothing will get accomplished if he continually feels out of control and angry.

"Did you miss me? Did you miss me Justin?" Bryant catches him off guard and asks.

"This isn't fair---why are you doing this to yourself? Why?"

"I have to. You don't understand. I have to---" he trails off.

Timberlake catches his breath and tries to calm himself by responding, "You don't have to. You're the best in the league Kobe. Or are you the best because of the fucking steroids?"

"You don't know anything Justin!" the baller loses his cool and raises his voice. "So stop acting like you do!"

"Are you going to stop?"

"Are you telling me what to do?"

"I asked you a question."

"And I asked you one," Kobe shoots back but his voice is much calmer now. "Say what you really want to say."

In a lighter voice, the R&B star replies, "I did miss you. A lot. I buried myself in my work to try and forget about you," he is on the verge of tears now. "It never worked. I wanted to call you so many times. I wanted you to call me. I don't want to lose you---"

"You're not losing me Justin. I'm still here if you want me," he assures by walking over to the defeated man and embracing him.


The hug is tied to nothing sexual; it is just meant as comfort and support between two lovers. And to navigate through this tough time in both their personal lives. Justin grabs on to his man's body tightly and lets it all out. Tears stain against his long sleeve shirt and he too feels weak and drained from everything. He is not supposed to be this weak. Tears are not supposed to be escaping right now but they are. The steroids are ruining his personal life. Timberlake's professional life cannot possibly get any better but his personal life is almost to the point of being in shambles. Kobe keeps them close together and wonders when it will get better. The singing star crying so close to his body and the Los Angeles Laker knowing that it is all because of him is getting inside him and making him cry too. But he has to remain strong for his man. For them both. A few tears do slide down his smooth face though.

It is a while but the former boybander releases himself from his boyfriend eventually and wipes his tears away himself. He stops crying because he is showing himself as being weak and he is not weak. His body just had no other way to turn so that is why the tears came. His emotions are one-sided because he is not letting his anger out properly. Anger is mixed with hurt and passion and not everything is allowing itself to be released after being pent up for so long. Every time Justin wants to vent his frustration and yell, he is unable to because something stops him. He always ends up broken and releasing tears. Maybe the tears are his anger getting out without him having to manifest it the traditional way. The megastar wants to yell and scream and fight because someone hurt him. And they have to hurt back. It is the only way he can see the anger and hurt being let out in his mind.

"What should we do now?" the star basketball player asks while they are still hugging.

Timberlake pulls away again and does not look at him when he somewhat angrily comments, "How the hell is that even a fair question?"

"What do you mean?" he asks as he walks closer.

"What did you say that night?"

"---I---" Kobe stumbles because he remembers it well.

"What did you say Kobe? Tell me what you said that night I found out your fucked up little secret!" Justin finally loses it and demands.

"I said that you weren't my boyfriend but I didn't mean---"

He cuts him off with, "Something else you don't mean? I should've expected less."

"I know I said it but I didn't want to. You have to believe me---" Bryant tries to convince him by holding their bodies together in a powerful hug.

"Get off me."

He almost violently pulls away from the taller man and walks off in a direction unknown to him. He has wanted this conversation for so long now but nothing is going the way the singer wants it to. It is not constructive but does prove how deeply he is hurting. He has never acted this way in his life before. The hurt runs deep enough to be real. The words being said are not enough; the emotions being felt are far too much. It is not supposed to be this way. Before he knows it, Justin finds himself out on the balcony with a cool fresh breeze blowing over his face. His performance earlier in the night is not even on his mind. It is weird because Timberlake always evaluates and reevaluates every one of his performances immediately after the fact but this time is different. Kobe being here and inside his mind and heart is shredding him because he wants him so bad. He wants this relationship so much it hurts.

"Do you want me to leave?" the shooting guard firmly asks once he is close enough.

After he contemplates the question for a long while, Justin replies in a much softer tone with, "No."

"I don't understand Justin. I don't know what else to do. One minute you're screaming at me and the next you're kissing me. Tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it."

"Stop. Don't do it anymore---" Timberlake replies and he finally looks at the other man.

"---I can't---"

"You're addicted---" he trails off while they are still staring into each other's eyes.

"---I'm not---"

"So why won't you stop?"

"It's not that simple---you don't understand," Bryant attempts to explain the tangled situation his life has become but the words do not fit together the way they should.

"What don't I understand?" Justin asks as Kobe turns away from him but he brings their eyes back together. "Tell me---help me understand this---you---"

"I can't," he takes his boyfriend's hands into his own as they stand there together.

"You don't trust me---"

"It's not that. I'm just confused and it's complicated," the Laker feeds excuse after excuse.

"I don't believe you."

"I've never had to explain this to anyone else Justin. You're the closest person to me so I wouldn't lie to you---especially about something like this," he convincingly says but it is a lie somewhat because the other man has no idea about Vanessa.

"You should be able to talk to me about anything because we are so close baby---"

Justin gently presses his palm into his man's face while their eyes never waver from one another's to emphasize his point but also to really get to the heart of what is going on with him. What is going on with them. It is a moment of healing and forgiveness in their broken relationship and the step forward scares Timberlake but he keeps going. He wants the singer to kiss him, to hold him and make him forget that he is poisoning himself. Bryant has always considered himself to be a loner with the exceptional ability to keep good relationships if he wanted to but he finds himself being drawn deeper and deeper into the man across but so close to him. It is making him rethink every single thing about himself though there is subtle awareness is there. His icy blue eyes are innocently devilish and Kobe loves that. He stands still to think and wonder if they will ever survive after all the things he has done.

"I don't know---"

"Kobe---I want you to stop doing this. I'm not telling you, I'm asking. I'm worried what will happen to you---" he finally gets to the realization of his fright.

"Nothing will happen Justin. You have to believe me."

"How can I when I know this is wrong?"

"Believe in me baby---"

"Are you that insecure about your game? This isn't what makes you one of the top players in basketball history is it?" Justin continues to dangerously probe.

"I don't take them for my game---"

"Are you sure about that---"

The baller nods softly as he looks down to the ground and he believes him. Something deep down is telling him that Kobe is telling him the truth about that so progress has been made. It has to be something else and now his minds goes into unknown regions contemplating what other possibilities there could be to explain his boyfriend's steroid use. All the anger and hurt and lies appear to be melting away and the true feelings are emerging once more. The reason for their initial attraction to one another. They have been clouded for so long that Justin is almost scared to believe in them once again but with Bryant right in front of him and looking into his eyes once more, he cannot defend himself. His lips surprises Timberlake but he wants it more; they both do. He kisses the young singer with passion and devotion because he does not want it to stop. He does not want this relationship to stop ever.

"Let's go inside---it's cold out here," the Los Angeles Laker shivers close to his man's body because a cold gust of breeze has been blowing their way for a while.


He really is not cold because he has Kobe's body surrounding his for warmth and it is more than adequate so he is reluctant to leave outside but they do so. They need the closeness and intimacy back in their struggling relationship. A touch that has been missing for long enough. And their relationship is not only about physical intimacy because they also share emotional intimacy and very deep conversations. Justin wants him; he wants them to stay together until morning and even longer at that. The R&B superstar has made a big decision concerning their relationship and he realizes that all the games of avoidance and keeping himself busy were childish and makes him seem almost less of a man. It should have never gotten to that level but Timberlake honestly did not know how to react to Bryant and the problems they are both in. His anger and hurt got the best of him but no more. It is through.

"It's getting late. I think I should go," he replies into the serene silence of the overzealous hotel suite.

"What are you doing here? At the fashion show I mean---"

"I came to see you perform. I knew it was going to be good."


"Justin---" the basketballer starts in. "No matter what happens between us, I will always believe in you. You do know that don't you?"

Timberlake looks at him and secretly melts before replying, "No."

"Well you do now---"

"Don't go," he almost timidly requests.

"I'm not sure---"

"I am---I want you here."


Timberlake does not expect his boyfriend to kiss him but it happens and he falls all too easily into it because it is right. They both want it all to happen because their bodies are forcing them together. It has been this way since the beginning in the locker room after that charity game. He never knew it. The songster rests his hands on his man's broad shoulders as their lips sensually wrestle for bliss and satisfaction. Everything feels the same. The baller's body feels the same pressed against his. His lips are the same as they ever were. The steroids have tainted nothing. Nothing visible anyway. Justin's tongue mingles closer and harder to his as their hands begin roaming each other's needy bodies. It should not be about sex at this moment because everything is still so tender between them but it cannot be helped. Both men want the ecstatic feelings of satisfaction they only get from being with the other.

"Let's go to my room," Justin breaks apart and says shortly.

"Are we ready for this right now?" he stupidly asks.

"Don't talk. Take me inside and---"

Justin kisses him hard as he jumps up onto his body and Bryant instinctively catches him and supports his weight against his own body. He is light. The words he chooses to use, or the one word in particular throws the shooting guard off but it is not enough to completely submerge him in it. The performance is the last thing on his mind now and he only wants to experience pleasure and happiness that has been gone for the past weeks. He wraps his legs around Kobe's waist and continues kissing him more passionately. The basketball star holds on to his lover's waist for that added support as he kisses back hard and long. It is clear that neither can contain themselves. His loneliness will not blanket him tonight and he will have what he wants. He carefully walks with his cargo adhered to his torso to the bedroom while they continue to kiss and run their hands everywhere upon each other.

When they arrive at their destination, he easily lowers the singing megastar onto the large bed in front of them but never wants to let go. Justin now cups the back of his head and still continues to keep his legs firmly in place while everything is happening too quickly to comprehend. Passion is tainted with lust and sexual tension to create a dangerous concoction begging to be released. This time is already feeling more special then the first time the pair did this. The feelings Timberlake are catching are as frightful as they are soothing and he finally realizes that Kobe has broken away from his lips and is now sucking on his neck. He cannot help but to moan and continues to cup the back of his boyfriend's head to encourage more. So much more. When their upper bodies are finally apart, it is so that Bryant can slip off his own shirt and to give fully into his drive for bliss and satisfaction.

His white fingers press into the darker skin of his man's chest and he swirls all around the well-sculpted body of work to so many others must only dream of being in a position like this. He is a beautiful chocolate god with that smile, those eyes, and his sexually charged body. The differences in their skin tones alone are amazing but it is not about that. It will never be about that. Kobe uses his fingers to tug at Justin's shirt and after some persuasion the article of clothing is removed and tossed to the side as well. Their chests compress together when he comes back in for a kiss and the former N*SYNCer gets to work undoing the belt in front of him so that it can get out of the way. It has been denied for too long and he wants it back. He wants it all back. Bryant cutely wiggles out of his pants and kicks them to the floor while he feels hi boyfriend under him trying to get his pants off as well.

The Los Angeles Laker wastes no time traveling down the slender body he has come to know to reach an already hard dick. Kisses lay in wake of the trail he leaves behind before he takes the throbbing pole in his mouth and begins to work on it. Justin can hardly breathe but he does not care nor does it matter because it feels far too good to stop now. Everything will happen tonight and there will be no regrets about it. Kobe slides his hot mouth up and down his dick as it is coated with spit. Slowly, his lips run every inch of shaft and the head. Timberlake trims his pubic hair because it is neat rather than bushy and his balls are hairless. It makes everything all the more sexy. Bryant tries to go down as far as he can without choking but his mouth still is not used to having the male anatomy in it. He still is not used to the idea of sucking another man's dick but this man is making him push beyond bounds.

Justin uses both his hands to push his chocolate lover further down on his pulsating manhood because he wants to cum. He wants that surreal release that will make him feel absolutely nothing for a moment in time and cause him tremendous pleasure before and afterwards. This can never be wrong. No one will understand how right this feels and how true they are to one another. The star basketball player tries his best to maneuver the dick in his mouth so he does not gag but he can only go so far before he begins to resist the force of his boyfriend's hands against the back of his head. Kobe then gets in between his legs, he holds them open with his hands, and begins licking Timberlake's rod and balls to gratify him even more. His dick is frantically beating against his stomach as he continues to lick along his smooth shaft and suck on his head; Bryant can taste the precum on his tongue and lips.

"Turn your body around---" the R&B singer requests.

Kobe does as he is told and instantly shivers when he feels a warm hand grab the base of his dick and groans out loud when he puts his mouth on it and begins to suck it like a chocolate popsicle. Now they are pleasuring each other in a most sinful way. The young star angles his head in a way so that his boyfriend's long dick can easily go in and out of his mouth so his hands are free to massage his back and butt. To touch every intimate part of his body He flexes his butt when Timberlake squeezes it in his palm while continuing to service his dick. He sticks out his tongue and slides it all over his man's dark pink head which solicits even more moans and grunts for more. The words he said at the beginning seem miles and miles away now and all their focus is on making each other feel good. The fame or money cannot even begin to compete with what the two of them have found together.

They continue pleasuring each other's pole until the inevitable happens and they both know it. He hates to admit it but he is nervous and a bit scared of the pain that he knows will come. They have not been together like this for a while but Justin cannot help what he wants and when he looks in his lover's eyes, he sees that he wants the very same thing too. There never was any doubt up until this point. It is as if they are thinking as one for the moment. Timberlake relaxes his hands; they are on either side of his slim body now and let his mouth do all the work of sucking Kobe's dick to get it ready. Bryant is lusting after him and his eyes give everything away. It has been this way a few times with Vanessa but this dirty blonde god next to him makes the star baller want him more and more with the succeeding seconds. His sensual lips and the smoothness of his skin and the warmth of his heart.

It is the fantasy. The fantasy of being with someone that so many people wants to be with. Someone who so many people fantasize about seeing naked and doing so many sexual things to. Bryant knows how many people in the world want to see him naked and do numerous sexual pleasures to him but he cannot begin imagine the amount of women, and men, on this planet that wants to be with his boyfriend sexually. How many people think about him when they are pleasuring themselves and how many people fantasize and dream about being with him in this way. Kobe has the fantasy in his grip and he will not let it go. He is going to seize it and squeeze as much out of it as possible to be selfish. Steroids will not mess up the fantasy or force him to give it up. He cannot give up Timberlake if he tried now. There is something about the former boybander that draws him in and keeps him under a spell.

The word love still drums in the basketballer's mind since his boyfriend said it earlier and a few nerves tingle in the presence of the thoughts. Should I do it the same? Love? Make love? He wants me to make love to him. Having sex and making love is the same thing. Only they are not the same thing. Love is so far past sex that the distance may seem insignificant but it is not. Justin wants him to make love to him. The idea is serene and right. He will do his best to please this man who obviously means so much to him. Kobe brings himself back to the present to feel his boyfriend's lips on his neck and ear and jaw and everywhere else while his hand runs up and down his blood-filled shaft. He moans and Timberlake catches his lips in a rough kiss because his hormones have officially taken over and he cannot contain himself. They need to be taken elsewhere so that there is no worry or conflicts.

Bryant kisses back hard while he guides his man's body back onto the bed below them and he feels two hands grip his abdomen. They are both ready and Justin closes his eyes while kisses find their way down his toned body. His heart is beating slightly faster and blood is rushing to the places its needed most at the speed of lightning. His desire to reconnect with this man is overwhelmingly frightening. He has never needed or wanted someone as much as he wants this basketball player. The exact thing he did not want to happen is happening. His instincts told him that allowing Kobe back to his suite from the fashion show would lead to this. Sex is not going to make everything okay between them. It should not be this way. His instincts were silenced then as they are being silenced now. Timberlake needs his boyfriend to kiss and caress him and make him feel good. It has been far too long.

A slight nod encourages the Los Angeles Laker to proceed and he smoothly spreads his legs apart to gain the access needed so their bodies is able to become one again. Justin closes his eyes when he feels the pressure applied to his entrance and instantly becomes tense as he is still not used to the feeling of having anything back there. When he feels a pair of lips on his own, it all goes away because of the sweet distraction. Kobe knows what he is doing when his tongue fights with his man's to keep the façade going so that the pain goes unnoticed. The former N*SYNCer barely feels in when he starts inserting himself in the small cavern but he holds on to his boyfriend's body tightly when it does start to hurt. He is big. The kiss is still distracting but not as much as before because he is in pain now. But receptors of pleasure tantalize him with lust and passion so it continues to happen.

"Don't worry babe. I'm going slow. Take it easy," he coos as he kisses and nibbles his lover's ear underneath him.

"Don't---stop. I want you."

"You got me Justin. I'm not going anywhere."

This kiss makes him forget he is in pain because it is sensual and sexy and sultry all at the same time. Kobe has never kissed him this way before and, of course, he wants more. Maybe this is his plan for them. He grabs onto the star athlete's broad and muscular shoulders and kisses him back with all the passion he has buried inside. All the passion he has saved up just for this occasion. When they would be a secret couple once again. It was hard because for a short while, he lost faith that this would ever be real again. It was the darkest part of denial but Justin will push past it and continue on. He must. When Bryant pulls out of him easily, he winces but has to time to recover before he forces himself back in. There is no friction between them yet so it still hurts and feels raw. Timberlake deals with the pain but squeezing Kobe's biceps and kissing him hard. Their tongues are truly fighting now for dominance.

The motion between their bodies has yet to mature but it is quickly getting there. The thrusts gain momentum and start fighting against the pain from before to create pure bliss. The R&B star's skin is full of goosebumps and on edge because of it. His legs lifelessly on either side of his boyfriend's body but are groped by large hands to only intensify satisfaction. Sweet friction forms itself between their joined bodies and warmness aides in everything remaining smooth and sensual. Kobe is sure to keep it sexual and not too aggressive. He wants to make love to Justin. The pace is steady but not overt as he leans over and kisses his man while his hips rock back and forth in to and out of Timberlake. Bryant's dick is so hard that he feels like it is about to explode. He is horny and his hormones are raging and his mind is racing with unforgivable thoughts. This is his heaven and hell.

Justin grabs his dick and begins stroking it because it is being neglected while he rides his tall boyfriend. Grunts and moans escape his pink lips as he goads for more and wants to be kissed again. That spot inside him wants to be touched over and over again. Kobe feels the pressure on his shoulders because of how hard he is being squeezed there but he can take it. He can take just about anything for Timberlake. And they being together like this prove it more than ever now. It is all about making the young star as comfortable as possible and bringing him the most satisfaction possible. He picks up the pace but it is still sensual and he wonders how he is doing it but is too far gone in the waves of pleasure his body is experiencing to care. He wants to cum but his hands are too busy holding on to Bryant's body and rubbing every part of it he can reach. His back. His nipples. His shoulders. His head.

Everything is enhanced and comes together when Kobe reaches under himself and grabs his dick before softly beginning to stroke it so that they can both experience all the pleasure life has to offer. It almost feels like sensory overload but both drive forward for more. He cannot help but to scream out and yell for more now because he is carried away by it all. The baller feels the same way because he can feels his balls churning rapidly and getting ready for release. Goosebumps are on his skin and wherever Justin touches him, he wants him to do it more and more and to never stop. He wants his boyfriend to touch every part of his body at the same time. Their chests are back together again as are their lips while Timberlake hooks both his legs around his lover's body so they can stay together forever. Thrusts become more forceful and he feels the grip on his own rod tighten under the clutch.

Kobe continues to jack his now throbbing rod off with the same speed as his thrusts and the friction and warmth generated by their perfect bodily union is becoming too much for either to handle. They have the stamina to keep going but the pleasure is winning out and release is so close that each can practically grab it but never control it. Justin lowers himself more onto his chocolate basketballer's dick and begins to meet his thrusts. It is like he is impaling himself on the rod and this allows for his prostate to be hit more frequently. Colorful stars form inside his eyes; he sees them even though his eyes are closed. All the colors of the rainbow greet and caress him and make his entire body feel so damn good. Bryant's free hand holds on to one side of his waist but then moves up the side of his body and strokes his cheeks and wipes away a bead of sweat before it continues to touch the rest of his lithe body.

He pushes himself even further and further down on his boyfriend's long pole if it is possible so that his prostate can continue to be assaulted and teased and mocked and tickled. Timberlake connects their lips in another kiss as he literally feels shivers go down Kobe's body. He is so very close; they both are. He is still stroking his dick, more rapidly now, while plunging in and out of his hole with sexually driven might. Groans and pleads and charged noises bounce off the walls of the large master bedroom suite as Kobe plows in and out of him while still kissing him sweetly and jacking his dick off. The rhythm of their bodies can only be compared to a smooth symphony where every piece does its part for the whole. The superstar's body is taking in all the pleasure and he starts shaking slightly because it is overload. No one in his life has ever made him feel this good or this wanted.

It does not matter that he uses steroids. It does not matter that he is potentially killing himself. All that matters is that they are here together right now and feeding off of each other's pleasure and warmth and lifeforce. These thoughts drive a crazed Justin Timberlake over the edge and his dick explodes with cum that melts in between their two bodies. It spews out like a busted hose and does not seem to want to stop. It may drain the entire essence out of his body. He cannot stop breathing fast, even when Kobe kisses him. His breaths are caught in a tangled web of their ecstatic passion for one another. He cannot calm down because his body is trying to filter out satisfaction because it is too much. Justin cannot stop grunting or kissing the man above him because now it is his turn to experience the surreal release. Timberlake will not be selfish and it will not end because he is done. No way.

The Los Angeles Laker milks his rod for the rest of its cum, which is combined on both their lower abdomens in what seems like some weird ritualism. He brings his lover's ear close to his lips and sucks on the lobe for a second before telling him a plan. They both oblige the request as Kobe easily slides out and relaxes on the bed waiting for his turn. Justin takes his dick in his hand and strokes it a fast few times before he puts his legs astride his man's body and mounts him that way. Bryant feels his hard pole stand at attention even more as it is surrounded by hot flesh teasing it. It is more than any man could handle. The former boybander slowly lowers himself on the hard member while he feels a pair of hands grab his waist for the support he needs to hold him in place. Both close their eyes and Timberlake bites his bottom lip like a cute little boy. It is so adorable. It should not be long now.

"Damn Justin---baby---damn---give it to me---oh God!" the basketball superstar stumbles and stutters over his words.

Timberlake silences him with a dominant kiss as he moves his body up and down to ride him like he never imagined he would be. He has to be close to the edge. Their kiss is sexy and their tongues seem to be intertwined together in seduction and ecstasy while the friction picks up from where it left off. The short interlude between them changing positions did not affect anything between their still hungry bodies. Justin pushes his body down while Kobe thrusts up and the friction evolves from before and he cannot hold it down now. It is a challenge to keep with the same powerful sensual movements as before and the shooting guard finds himself at a loss for it all. He is loss in those icy blue eyes that could drown out the vast oceans itself. They are that powerful. He is swimming in them and is unaware when his body begins to have the final shutdown. It is in pure overdrive now and should be over soon.

It all crashes around them as Kobe continues emptying himself deep within Justin's sore body while tightly holding onto his waist for the sustainment he now needs. It hurts and his skin is red and raw where he is being gripped. There will be marks left on his alabaster skin but no one will ever see them. No one will ever know what goes on between them. He helps his lover up and off his body and Timberlake falls to the bed too exhausted to think or barely breathe at the moment. He feels amazing, even better than the adrenaline he gets from being on stage. The room falls silent and only breathing is heard. Bryant turns on his side to look at his boyfriend; his eyes are closed and his breathing is constantly slowing down. It means he is coming down off of his high. He is so perfect in every way. The way he looks. The way he smells. The way he tastes. The way he is. The basketballer cannot get enough.

"Justin---are you okay?" he asks while kissing the young songster on the forehead.

"Just thinking---" comes the soft reply.

"About what?"

"What does this mean? Where does this leave us?"

"You're my boyfriend Justin---that's what it means."

"So it's official now?" Justin finally opens his eyes and asks.

"---It was always official---"

"No---you said I wasn't the last time---"

Bryant looks into his boyfriend's brilliant blue eyes and sees something there so he tries to fix his past mistake by, "I know---I'm sorry. I never meant to say that."

"That hurt."

"I know baby. I don't want to hurt you ever again."

"How can I believe that---you?" the R&B singer lets the question linger in the air for a while before hiding his naked body under the blanket because he is cold and wants sleep.

"Give me a chance to prove it to you. You can't say that you didn't just feel anything after that---"

He thinks about the last part of his boyfriend's statement and gets lost in his mind because his feelings are strong and he cannot say anything. They scare him and how Kobe managed to make him feel just now frightens him even more. This has the possibility of going so far and being so real. But it will always be a secret. They will always have to be a secret. When he looks back into his man's brown eyes, they are so mysterious but he also sees innocence there and knows he is telling the truth. He wants the relationship; it is in his eyes. Justin is unsure but he is tired of not taking risks. Bryant is a risk he wants to take because he believes in them and their relationship together. They have to trust each other for this to work. The Los Angeles Laker gets under the covers and presses their warm bodies against one another's. He is tired as well. The day was long for both men so rest is well deserved.

"---Okay---" Timberlake agrees and they seal it, and the night with a kiss.