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Chapter Twenty-Three

~*~ Blinding Instincts to the Other Side ~*~



Rattling cold winds sear the windows of the hotel in the morning because it is winter in New York so it begins to show. Almost all the trees are leafless and to the point of being lifeless as the Sun tries to shine through a thin layer of gray clouds that blanket over the city to create a tranquil atmosphere. It is barely past eight but Kobe is already up so he stays in bed and simply stares. Justin sleeps next to him with their bodies so close together under the covers. The room is chilly and the windows are wet outside because of how cold it is. It is all the more reason to stay in bed and keep warm next to his boyfriend. Timberlake's short hair is messy and his lips look so soft and kissable and he looks so cute. Bryant has a few moments to think to himself; he was supposed to call Vanessa last night after he got home from the fashion show. He wonders if he should do it now but decides against it.

He gently touches the R&B songster's smooth and perfect face. Something he can only imagine how many other people in the world wants to do or be in this same position he is in. He runs the tip of his index finger along his forehead and down the slope of his nose and along his jaw line. He is such a beautiful man and Kobe is glad he is all his. The basketballer's guilt will not bother him in this moment. Things are complicated and especially now more than ever because it should have never went this far. Bryant stays in his thoughts because he does not know how to deal with the two lives he is leading. The day seems to be getting colder as it matures because the air inside the comfortable suite is cool. Justin inadvertently moves closer to him as he continues to sleep; Timberlake's forehead now presses against his bicep and he can feel his warm skin once again. He wants to kiss him badly.

About another hour goes by with the Los Angeles Laker staying in bed next to his man but he does not wake him because he needs rest. The temptation is there and is hard to deal with but his will is strong. Justin makes him do things he has never thought probable and something inside him does not want it to stop. It feels like he is pushing the bounds of his own self when they are together and he is more and more addicted to it. The former N*SYNCer tosses in bed before he finally begins to wake up to the new, and cold morning. He runs his fingers through his hair before he sits up on the bed and then opens his eyes. The glare from the Sun immediately causes him to squint but he regains his full sight when he feels a pair of hands on his back. Timberlake looks back to see his boyfriend looking up into his eyes and smiling at him. His smile is so alluring and endearing.

"You've been watching me---" Justin's first words of the new day are.

"Sorry---I couldn't resist. You're a beautiful guy," he replies with that smile that is so damn tempting.


"How did you sleep?"

"Good. You?"

"Just good huh---even with me here with you?" Bryant gets at.

"You know I liked it. You don't even have to ask---"

"Good---because I liked it a lot too. Good morning Justin."

"Good morning Kobe."

They simply stare at one another for a long while before Timberlake hops out of bed and walks his naked frame to the bathroom to brush his teeth and take a very hot shower. It is cold and his body initially hates him for thrusting itself out onto the chilly air hanging in the room while being completely naked. He brushes his teeth quickly and runs the shower in the mean time to get the water heated and ready. When steam begins to pour out of the large shower, the singing superstar finishes up with his teeth and slides the glass open to get into the sauna-like shower. The hot, wet water feels good on his skin and he suddenly begins to wonder if he was rude just a minute earlier. As he dunks his head under the raging showerhead Kobe walks into the bathroom to brush his teeth. Justin can see through the steamy glass, though barely, but his boyfriend is naked too. Still. Last night really happened.

"Damn he has a nice body," he tells himself as he continues to peak through the foggy glass shower door.



"Do you have an extra toothbrush?"

"---No---you can use mine if you want."

Kobe does not hesitate and takes the bright blue cleaning instrument and slathers a generous amount of toothpaste onto it before beginning to clean his teeth. As he does so, he checks out his slender body in the mirror. His toned hairless chest and abs and all the way down to his flaccid dick. His torso feels sticky from last night and he needs a shower too. Last night was one of the best ever for him and, of course, he wants it more. Timberlake was the last thing on his brain before the night was over and he is the first thing in there now. It will most likely be this way for the rest of the day. The baller finishes with his teeth and washes his mouth before he splashes warm water on his face and smiles to the mirror. The innocence he had as a little boy is still there. Every time he is around Justin he sees it. Bryant replaces the toothbrush and makes his way to the now heavily clouded glass sliding shower door.

"I was wondering when you were going to come in here---" the singer relays when he turns around to face the other man.

"I had to think about it---"

"What's there to think about?"

"You were pretty naughty last night."

"Shut up!" Timberlake laughs as he splashes the spraying water onto his boyfriend's body and face. "So were you---"

"Now now Randall---can I call you Randall?" Kobe sexily smiles.

"No," he pouts.

"Okay---how about I call you---mine then?" the basketball legend asks as he begins to back Justin into the tiled wall of the large shower.

"I like that one much better---" he announces as he is literally backed into a corner and his back hits the tiles.

"Hmm---not even Randy?"

"Shut up and kiss me already!"

No other words are needed. Timberlake's small body is pressed against the cold tiled wall as his mouth is assaulted by another. It is welcoming and a seamless transition between the pair of them. The shower suddenly becomes too steamy even for the hot water crashing down on them to handle. Kobe's tongue snakes into his mouth and tastes the fruit of forbidden desire. His forbidden desire and wants. Everything. Justin uses both his hands to cup his man's face while the baller firmly presses both his hands on either side of his boyfriend's head against the shower wall so he can go nowhere. The R&B star stands on his tippy toes to better accommodate his lover as their tongues entwine and play with one another's just like last night. His hand travels down dark skin and teases whatever he can reach before he brushes against Kobe's semi-erect dick. It was meant to be an accident at first.

"Touch me there baby," he encourages when he rips their lips apart and thrusts his hips further in so Justin can be in contact with him even more. "Just like---oh---just like that."

Justin begins to stroke his man and it does not take long before his dick is fully hard and ready for the attention it deserves. He massages it in his hand and uses the water from above as a form of lubrication. The warmth of the cascading liquid does the trick well. Kobe in the meantime is nibbling on his earlobe and kissing his neck and now rubbing his large hands all over his boyfriend's naked and wet body. He can never seem to get enough of this dirty blonde god pressed up against him. There is no way this could be wrong. Neither has any control over their desires and needs and wants and emotions now. Slight gasps and grumbles feed into the sensual atmosphere created by their passion as blood is frenzied once again to make needs met. Timberlake grunts loudly when a hands travels down his body and caresses his already hard dick before grabbing and stroking it. It is uncompromised bliss.

Their lips are still together and they continue to gently yank and tug on each other's stiff rods to get the reaction they both know and need. It is the ultimate pleasure and both are positive that they cannot hold out much longer. Bryant replaces one of his palms against the tiles for support while his other hand is around his boyfriend's manhood to keep up with the pace. Justin uses his free hand to wrap it around Kobe's neck to keep them as close to each other as humanly possible. He presses his head into the wall of the shower hard as he continues to fiercely kiss his lover's lips and suck on his excited tongue. They jack each other off while the hot water keeps them wet and slippery and slick. Timberlake breaks away from the kiss but aggressiveness brings him back to it. It feels right in every way. Time slips away in the abyssal vortex of pleasure that both are now sucked into. It will not be long now.

Hands movements speed up and moans are solicited more frequently now as each man reaches the pinnacle of sexual ecstasy. The former boybander's hand smoothly glides up and down his boyfriend's long and well-lubricated shaft as they both groan and secretly plead for more from the other. Senses are acute and bliss quietly explodes under the skin to ensure release soon. Kobe's the first to lose it and his body slightly jumps forward as cum sprays out of his dick and falls to the floor below them. The basketballer almost loses his concentration but before all is gone he regains it to continue pleasing his man. Timberlake continues to milk his dick while he feels himself exploding as well. Once again, cum drips to the floor and is washed down with hot water. The kissing stops. The grunts and groans stop. It is silent for a while as each man regains their strength. Only spraying water can be heard.

"Damn---I need to wake up like that more often---" Bryant says when he comes back alive and kisses Justin on his neck right below his ear.

"Kiss me---" the singer requests quietly.

He wants to forget about the steroids but he does not know how to. He is hoping the kiss will take him away from it so that is why he requests it. When Kobe does his part, it does work and he holds on tightly to his boyfriend's body. Justin rests his head against his chest and, even with the water beating down on them he can hear a heartbeat. It is strong yet subtle and passionate yet vulnerable. But it is there and breathing life into this man holding on to hi. The moment is pure and not lingered with doubt or anxiety or worry. The pair finishes up with the shower without saying much but Bryant knows something is wrong. They return to the bedroom to find clothing to wear. Justin offers him a pair of boxers; they are tight but he works into them for the time being. He also finds a pair of baggy jeans and a simple white t-shirt and hands his man a hoodie jacket because it is cold. It should fit.

Justin checks him out when he returns to the room; even the hoodie is a little too tight and short on his long arms but it will have to do for now. The feeling nestled deep inside his stomach is becoming more prominent than it was in the shower only mere moments ago. He changes quickly and they see about ordering breakfast to get something in their empty stomachs. While the pair waits for the food, they relax in the great room of the suite and start watching TV. Kobe gets up and heads back to the room for a moment to retrieve his pants that was tossed aside last night in the heat of the moment. He digs in one of the front pockets to find his cell phone. As soon as Bryant opens it, he sees five missed calls from the same person. Vanessa. He shuts the gadget and returns it to its place before returning to the sofa where Timberlake sits. She will have to wait as he nurtures this relationship right now.

"What's bothering you?" he asks as he sits down next to his man.


"I know you're lying---"

Timberlake looks at him before, "So you want to start talking about it then?"

"You're a better man than me Justin---in so many ways."

"I'm a weaker man that you," the R&B crooner gets out truthfully as he looks away once again.

"Why---because you show the emotions you actually feel?" Kobe questions him.

"I shouldn't. It's too easy to get caught in them---like now."

"I wish I was more like you in that aspect. The way I was taught---emotions are weakness," he sadly says.

"I'm not better than you."

"I think you are. I know you are."

"Why do you say that?"

Bryant sighs before being vague with, "Just because---"

Just then, there is a knock at the door and he gets up to go to the room so that Justin could answer it and give the illusion that he is with a woman and has conquered her. It deserves a laugh but he is in no mood to do so and tips the server before he leaves. They eat breakfast together and hardly say much because of the delicate nature of the topics they need to discuss as a couple. Everything is so hard and he starts to feel like everything in the world is conspiring against the relationship he cherishes so much. Kobe's eyes are on him throughout breakfast and it starts to get uncomfortable because, at some points, the conversation seems to be forced and it should not be like that. There is so much pressure now. The sex was the easy part. Actually finding their way through all the problems that plague their relationship is the real test they must pass. They have to help each other through it. Together.

"We'll be okay---won't we?" Timberlake asks as he stares as the glass half full of orange juice in front of him.

"I believe we will be. Do you?"


"I promise, okay?" Kobe tries to give him something concrete.


"I have to go---" he stops the pleasant atmosphere with.

"---I guess you do---" Justin's disappointment cannot be masked.

"You know I don't want to. There are so many more things we have to talk about."

"I know. There'll be other times. Come on---I'll walk you out," the singing star says as he gets up from the table.

"Uh Justin---"


"This look---" the baller points out on his body. "It works in here because no one can see me but I can't go out like this. It looks like I'm wearing my little brother's clothes," he laughs at himself.

"My bad---your clothes should be in the room."

"Come with me."

Kobe grabs on to his hand and they walk like a couple through the luxurious suite and into the bedroom where, essentially, they began to fix their broken relationship last night. But important aspects did manage to pierce itself through the encompassing screams and shouts. Justin's mind is still reeling about the steroid use but he is running out of options fast. It is not his place to try and force his boyfriend to stop using it. They are back on the right track now and he should be happy with that. He is happy with that. Having the basketball star sleep next to him last night makes him wonder how he was able to go without it for as long as he did. Timberlake does not let his thoughts and fears ruin the moment for him. It is coming down on their last minutes together until their schedules are forgiving enough to permit them to see each other once more. No one knows when that will be so no negativity.

"You're trying to look at me while I'm changing aren't you?" Bryant teases him.

"What---you told me to come with you."

"It's okay. If I were you I'd want to see me naked too."

The R&B superstar feels blood rushing to his cheeks but he tries to play it off with, "I've already seen you naked."

"Ah---good point."

The Los Angeles Lakers strips off his boyfriend's pants and the hoodie as Justin in on the bed looking at him. He is practically used to it because he strips in front of other men in the locker room so it is nothing new but having Justin look at him is somewhat strange but erotic nonetheless. He takes everything off and redresses his body with his clothes; the clothes that fit him but are dirty. Kobe crawls onto the bed and kisses his lover. It is a goodbye kiss but it means so much more than that to both of them. Timberlake allows himself to be gently guided back onto the bed and also allows his man's large hand to run up and down his inner thigh. It is sinful pleasure that should escalate into something so much more but it is only a mockery. He has to go and the singing megastar knows he has things to do today. Things he purposefully avoids to be in the position he is currently entwined in right now.

"I'm---sorry---about everything," Bryant apologizes when their lips break apart but are still so close to one another's.

"Me too."

Their lips are practically brushing together and it is sensual beyond its simple gesture. It is not anything sexual or lusty and these are the moments that the R&B star gets most nervous in because he never does what is expected of him because he never knows what is expected of him. The basketballer's hand is still on his inner thigh and it should remain there. They break apart enough to stare into each other's eyes for a long while without either of them moving. The room is perfectly still and so are they on the large bed. Justin moves closer and closer to kiss him again and angles his body so that Kobe's hand is now resting on his semi-hard dick. He pulls the taller man into his clutches by grabbing the back of his neck and leading their bodies further onto the bed than before. Bryant kisses him back hard but sweet at the same time but when tongues start to play, he tries to pull back from the trap.

"Justin---no. I really have to go baby," he says and laughs because he wants it too.

"Say yes---"

"No---I'm not going to rush this ever," the baller sincerely states. "Plus, you have things to do too. Don't keep your fans waiting---"

"Forget them."

"You don't mean that."

"Yeah," the singer sighs. "I don't---"

"Come walk me out."

Justin hops off the bed and they walk together to the door to say goodbye to each other. Too many questions are left unanswered after this encounter but they are officially a couple now. Even though no one else in the world knows about them, hearing the words come from Kobe's mouth makes him feel so validated and safe. It is the best part that no one knows about them. There would be too many questions and people trying to break them up for this to even stand a chance of working. It is silent through the suite as they walk to the door holding hands and keep each other close. Timberlake knows he is starting to trust his boyfriend again and when they turn to face each other, everything is there in his eyes. This kiss this time is not meant to be a trap but a manifestation of his true feelings. Kobe holds on to his slim body for a while longer before they jobs inevitably tears them apart.

"Bye---I'll call you," Bryant recites as the door is opening.



Not feeling up to doing what he is supposed to be doing today, the R&B crooner brushes his appearances off and remains in his hotel for some alone time. It would not be the first time he has done it but he needs to think and reevaluate everything that has happened. The road he is walking is a precarious one where every step could either mean continuing on or falling down. He can still taste Kobe's lips on his own and it is wickedly alluring. Justin can tell by just looking at the windows of the room that it is very cold. Fall is gone and now the snow will be on its way soon. And Christmas. And New Years. He wonders if they will get to spend the holidays together like every other regular couple out there. They are not regular people though so there is no comparison. Timberlake will fight hard to at least spend one if not both of the special days with his man. It is meant to be.

The Sun traces across the sky as slowly as any other day but its rays are not as warm as they once were because harsh winds makes the temperature seem colder than it should be. It is one in the afternoon on the west coast and the bright rays that illuminated the skies above are easily diminishing. Another day is out of their grasps. The day is wasted for Timberlake because he sat around or watched TV or ate all while completely ignoring his phone and work in general. The wretched device rang more than several times because of how many things he is ignoring doing by staying away. The many, many lights of the large city takes over and keeps everything bright and seen as Justin stares out and is about to drift away when a loud ringing clambers against his eardrums. His phone. He walks into the room to see who it is before picking it up. It is not anything related to work this time so he takes it.

"What's up JC?" the superstar's tone is cheery.

"Hey J---what was up with the message?" his best friend questions.

"What message?"

"You left me one a while back---"

It suddenly runs into Justin's mind what his former bandmate is talking about. He was lonely and wanted someone to talk to because he physically could not force himself to call Bryant. It was a dark place that he wished did not exist inside him but it does. JC is practically the only other person he can trust to talk to in the way he needed to talk to someone but the call never fully materialized. But he is returning the call after so long. Too much time has passed and so much has changed from where the singer was then. As much as Timberlake hates to admit it to himself, he feels something unknown and definitely unwanted coming in between him and his best friend. The relationship feels like it takes effort to make it work now when this was never the case before. He is not sure what is going on but he will try to remain positive and open to anything because the other man is far too important to lose.

"Yeah---I just wanted to talk."

"Sorry. I know I haven't been there for you lately," Chasez states matter-of-factly.

"It's okay. We're both busy right---"

"Still---are you okay?"

Justin contemplates this for a second before, "I am now. I guess everything just worked itself out."

"Everything like what?"

"A lot of stuff JC---but everything's good now."

"Are you sure you're okay J?"


"Okay. Remember that you can talk to me about anything---you know that."

"Yeah. Where are you anyway?"

JC pauses before, "Australia. I've been so busy J."

"You're traveling more than me these days man," the R&B songster muses over the line.

"I know. Oh---I saw the My Love video the other day. Nice work. You and T.I. sound really good together," the former N*SYNCer compliments.

"It's well on its way to being number one---another hit on my hands," he almost brags but it is in check.

"The album is getting rave reviews---even over here on this side of the world."

"Hey Josh?"


"I miss you man---I miss us hanging out. That's why I left the message. We hadn't spoken to each other in a while and I just wanted to catch up," Timberlake begins to explain himself.

"I haven't exactly been easy to find either. We'll definitely catch up JT. I miss your crazy ass too!"


The pair of friends talk for a while longer before the conversation ends and Justin feels a lot better that he and Chasez have reconnected of sorts. They are able to talk and put minor differences aside for the good of their longstanding friendship. He is now looking forward to meeting up with his former bandmate and possible taking up another game of golf, hopefully it will be in the dry this time, or just hanging out at a bar or restaurant. Even the simplest night will be fun with them together. The Sun has totally disappeared and the young star has energy to burn now. Kobe Bryant is still on his mind and he will always be there but he wants to go out. Even if it is to just grab dinner or a drink but JC is all the way on the other side of the world. It hits him and he smiles happily. Timberlake reaches back for his phone and looks through his recent contacts until he finds the number he is looking for.

It rings four times before, "Yeah?" comes an almost rough voice.

"Chad---hey---it's Justin," the R&B crooner replies almost nervously.

"Oh hey---let me call you back in one second okay?"


The phone goes dead and he stares at it, waiting for it to ring again. The blonde former model turned actor sounds busy because there was a lot of noise in the background so it might be a while before he is able to return the call. Timberlake walks into the kitchen to get a bottle of water and puts off eating something because this is what he wants to do with Chad Michael Murray. He has to be in New York. Wanting to go out and paint the town red has become a desperation of his since he has been inside and alone all day. Justin then realizes the possibility that me may not be. After all, his show One Tree Hill does shoot in Wilmington, North Carolina and it does sound like he is on the set when he just called. The former N*SYNCer's plans seem to be burning up even before they have fully matured. He is sitting on the counter nursing the bottle of water before his phone goes off in the room once again.

"Smart Justin---why didn't you just bring the thing with you?" he rhetorically asks himself as he makes his way to get the phone.

"Hey Justin---sorry about that," a much calmer Chad Michael Murray replies to a background of dead silence.

"Hey. Did I catch you at a bad time?"

"No---I just had some people I needed to get rid of. What's up?"

"Some people to get rid of? You're on the set?"

Murray laughs and then says, "No---we have a break for Christmas. I had a couple of friends over at my apartment."

"And you kicked them out?"

"Yeah---they were getting too drunk and out of control. So they're someone else's problem now."

"---Okay---" Justin does not know how to reply to this.

"I'm kidding Justin," he laughs at the genuine reaction. "They wanted to go out club hopping but I didn't feel up to it tonight."

"You have an apartment in North Carolina?"

"I do---but I'm not there now. Why?"

"Where are you?"

"I have an apartment in New York too man," the handsome actor enlightens him. "And that's where I am now. Why?" he asks again.

Justin feels a sense of relief and knowing that he is going to get his way tonight is making him happier. He informs the beautiful actor to his plans of hang out and getting something to eat and he seems up for it. The duo finalizes their plans before they hang up to go and get themselves ready for the evening out on the town. Timberlake walks into his large bathroom to take a shower and brush his teeth. While doing so, he realizes how long his hair is getting. He has not has time to cut it and the more mature him needs his hair low. After a refreshing shower and cleaning his perfect teeth, the songster slips on a pair of boxers and leaves the bathroom to find something to wear. The black Adidas are paired with a black pair of jeans and a navy blue button-up shirt. It is for the cold weather outside and he also looks for a jacket to be on the safe side. The phone on the bed vibrates before it begins ringing.

"Yeah?" Timberlake speaks into it.

"Scratch us meeting up---I'm coming to get you," Murray says and it sounds like he is already in a car.

"You already left?"

"Yeah---it doesn't take me long to get ready," he laughs.

"That wasn't a hit on me was it?"

"Take it any which way you want JT."

"You're not slick. Is it cold outside?" Justin asks to know for sure if he will need his jacket or not.

"Yes. You'll need a jacket."

"Okay---call me when you're around. You do know where you're going right?"

The talented actor replies with, "You let me worry about all that. Go and finish getting ready prima donna."

"Forget you!"

He tosses his phone back on the bed and walks into the bathroom to find some gel to fix his hair. He spikes it up and puts lotion on his skin before getting his jacket on and spraying cologne on his neck and wrists to regain that fresh and subtle scent. Smelling good has always been a priority of his. He is ready for the cameras; he has no doubt that Chad is taking him to a high class restaurant that the public would expect to see him at thus the paparazzi will already be in place waiting to get the money shot. It does not matter because they are just two friends going out for dinner and relaxing themselves. This type of outing will never work with Kobe though because that are too different in the eyes of the media so suspicions will be raised immediately and neither can afford that scrutiny towards their ever important careers. Justin will call his man when he returns later on tonight.

Timberlake roams his room to find his wallet and sits on the edge of the bed to lace up and tie the shoelaces of his black Adidas. A small part of him does feel guilty for blowing off all his duties for today and then going out into the night to have fun but life cannot always be about work. His career is wonderful of course but there needs to be breaks as well just like with any other job. His wallet is in his back pocket and is ready to go. A slight growl of his stomach lets him know that he is hungry and needs food soon. Justin pops a mint into his mouth and goes to the nearest mirror to check himself out to see if he is missing anything. Everything seems to be in place and ready for him to step out on the town. It is not long before the phone begins to vibrate then ring once again. He practices a sincere smile in front of the mirror for the photographers before scooping up the glowing device from its slumber.

"Come downstairs. I'm in the back buddy," Murray instructs him.

"I'm on my way."

The former N*SYNCer leaves everything behind and quickly walks down the long hallway to the end where a private elevator resides for special guests' use only. It is already on the floor so he walks in and clicks the button corresponding to the first floor and the large metal box begins to drop back down to Earth. Timberlake's phone is securely in his pocket and all is in order when the ride finally finishes and he sneaks out through the back of the hotel. It is unfamiliar to him but he follows a path that eventually leads him outside. He has to do this so many times at so many different hotels across the world that it has become second nature to him to find hidden exits. A cold brush of wind greets his cheeks and the rest of his face as he steps outside; Chad was not kidding. It is cold. Justin immediately tucks his hands in the pockets of his jacket and looks around in the artificial light for his ride.

The parking lot seems dead. All the cars are silently sleeping as the R&B star continues to look around to see where his new friend could be. The gusts and breezes are beginning to get stronger and he has to bundle up into his jacket to keep warm. And he knows his cheeks are rosy red because of chilly whiplash. Chad will make fun of him for it. That is the kind of fun friendship they are starting to develop with one another. He is about to retrieve his cell phone when a pair of lights practically materializes out of the darkness and stares his body down. Justin is careful but he looks to see a sexy black Porsche approaching him, the lights still engulfing his body. It is a beautiful car and he waits until Murray pulls up right next to him before he walks over and extends his hand to open the door. Timberlake gets into the very low vehicle and closes the door behind him, sealing all the cold air outside.

"I told you---it's cold out there," the actor says to him while looking as he adjusts himself and fidgets to get his seatbelt on.

"Could this car be any smaller?"

"Don't talk about my baby," he gets defensive but it is not serious. "How's it going Justin?"

"Hey Chad---I'm cool. What about you man?" Justin says back as he shakes the actor's already extended hand.

"I'm hungry---those guys ate up everything in my fridge."

"I'm getting hungry too. Where are we going?"

Chad contemplated the question for a second before smartly stating, "I don't know. Are you ready?"

"Yeah," their sweet blue eyes locks onto one another's

The expensive sports car that was once purring softly revs up as he switches gears and speeds out of the hotel parking lot. Murray looks both ways before he crosses the streets and speeds away to an unknown location he still refuses to acknowledge. Justin believes that he does not know where he wants to go and will just decide something while they are on their way and he is fine with this. They talk to each other about life in general as the former boybander feels a constant vibration against his lower abdomen. He retrieves his phone to see Kobe calling him. Timberlake definitely cannot answer it right now, especially with Chad's eyes on him so he just ignores the device and rests it on his lap for a moment as he looks outside as the passing buildings and traffic lights. When it is finished vibrating, he picks it up to type a text. It is the only form of communication they can have at the moment.

I'm going out to dinner with a friend. I'll call you later. -JT

"A girlfriend?" the One Tree Hill star disrupts the silence that has befallen the car.

"What are you jealous Chad?" he jokes.

"Hah! You wish."

"I can see if her friend might want to date you but I don't think she goes for skinny white guys," Timberlake almost laughs his head off.

"And what do you think you are Timberlake? I don't see any muscles on that scrawny body of yours."

"But I'm already taken---you're not."

"Shut up! It's a lie anyway."

"You're right."

Murray stays silent until he asks, "Is everything okay?"

"Yeah---everything's good. You know these things never stop ringing for us."

"I think yours is a lot busier than mine---especially these days."

"Probably---" he agrees as he looks out the window and is thinking about Kobe Bryant.

Both their stomachs are rumbling because of hunger as Murray keeps driving further and further away. The former boybander wonders if he knows where he is going or if his mind is still trying to settle on where they will be going for dinner. The road is surprisingly busy and he does not know where they are. Justin sits back and keeps his mouth shut though because he is along for the ride and refuses to be a passenger seat driver. Chad is in control; he has to know where they are going so he relaxes himself against the leather seat as he continues looking outside as it all flies by quickly. When it gets quiet, the actor reaches over to turn the radio on so that it will not be so silent. They listen to a song neither recognizes but its beat and lyrics are catchy. Timberlake risks it but he moves his fingers over to change the station and then his fingers stop when he hears his song. My Love. He smiles to himself.

"My love---" he harmonizes with his own voice on the radio.

"Oh I must've died and gone to heaven. A solo concert where Justin Timberlake is singing only to me!" Chad giggles like a teenage girl before bursting out in a fit of laughter.

"Shut up! I can see us holding hands walking on the beach our toes in the sand---"

"I can see us in the country side sittin' in the grass laying side by side---" he does his best impression of Justin's singing.

"Damn that was horrible---no wonder you act! I wish I could at least say you're good at that though but---you know---" the R&B superstar teases.

"Ouch Justin---that hurts."

"Where are we going? I'm so hungry."

"Hold your horses Timberlake."