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Chapter Twenty-Seven

~*~ Laceration ~*~



Justin leaves the bustling metropolis of New York to head to Los Angeles for a few days. It is more of a leisurely trip than anything else because he has to see Kobe. They have to be together. The pair has not seen each other since he was injured only a week ago and he has to be there for him. And also see the true extent of his boyfriend's injuries for himself. JC's admission and erratic behavior clearly explains his actions more recently and things are not looking well for the friendship. A baby is not the end of the world. Abortion is never the answer because it is a life regardless of the circumstances. These are Timberlake's views and he is scanning his mind over and over to find a way for his best friend to understand this. He is stressed and tired and just wants someone to hold him and tell him that everything will be okay. At the end of very long and overwhelming days, that is all he wants.

Even sunny California is feeling the effects of winter as there is a crisp in the wind and coolness blankets the sky. He does not want to be bothered for the next few days; he just wants to fall off the face of the planet. It dawns on him to simply turn his phone off but the idea does not manifest itself because JC could call him. And he could need to talk or might be in the process of doing something dangerous or irrational. The R&B singer cannot afford to miss that call. A limo picks him up from LAX and drives him to his new home high in the hills of Hollywood. The house is only a few years old and Justin recently purchased it a few months ago. This will be the first time he is actually spending the night there. Taking a limo is easier than renting a car because some of his cars are already at the house so he does not need any rentals. He sits back and relaxes as the ride vows to take him away.

The house is spotless inside as he steps in for the second time since purchasing it. It is large but not overly so; the perfect bachelor's pad were this the actual case. He is not a bachelor though. The singer walks around to familiarize himself with his new surroundings when the outside view catches him. He stops and looks out to the balcony and the rest of the houses adorned on the perfect hill. The view alone is awe-inspiring and makes the place worth it. Timberlake knows the cost is very high but this house is another, albeit much stronger sign that he has made it. He has made his mark on the ever fickle entertainment industry. The ambiance it creates makes Justin feel right at home within the walls of the mansion. Now to christen it. It will be soon enough. The Sun is setting behind the hill and the large Hollywood sign as the he heads for a shower to get all the stress of the day off his body.

Timberlake uses his time in the shower to relax his mind and not concentrate on JC so much. It is all he has been doing since that night and he probably could not stop if he wanted to. But tonight, those thoughts will have to find another home because they are not welcomed in his brain. Water trickles to every part of his naked body and he closes his eyes to try and clear his mind and focus on the future. His alabaster skin shines with the wetness and it signifies that he is clean all over. A sensual towel touches his skin in an attempt to dry off. Justin returns to his large room and tries to find something to wear. He settles on a pair of black pajama bottoms and a tank top of the same color as the doorbell sounds. His heart skips a beat when he is in front of the front door because he already knows who it is. There is only one person it can be so he clears his throat and calms his nerves before opening the door.

"Hey sexy," Kobe Bryant's silky chocolate voice fills his eardrums.

"Hi---come in," he easily says and smiles too.

"Nice place."

"Thanks. You're the first one besides me to be here."

"I feel so special," the baller smiles.

"You shou---"

Kobe silences his man with a sweet kiss that catches both of them off guard but it is the only thing to do. They bodies have been apart for too long so it only feels right. Their lips pressing together after so long makes everything familiar and secure again. It feels like the shooting guard is breathing life into him with just this one kiss. Justin has missed him so much and to be here like this with his boyfriend is everything to him. To them. And with no interruptions or work for right now. Tongues become entwined and the songster's hands come to life and wrap themselves around his man's body. They stay there for a while before roaming up and resting on the Los Angeles Lakers' shoulders. He looks so good. He smells so good. Bryant pulls him closer with his forearm as their passionate kiss continues. Timberlake's hand unknowingly roams down the wrong arm and the consequences are immediate.

"Ah---ow---ow," the basketballer winces and pulls away.

"Oh---I'm sorry. I guess I got caught up," Justin innocently apologizes.

"It's okay. So---can I see the rest of your house? I mean the foyer is nice and all---"

They both smile and hold hands as they walk through the house together. Timberlake feels so helpless when he looks at his boyfriend and how bandaged up his hand is. His entire wrist is encased with a brace and light gray bandages. Seeing him here makes it all real; it really did happen. He feels bad but Kobe's smile helps him cope with it all. He really did hurt himself even though he let on that it is not as bad as the media is portraying it to be. Why? During the tour, he sneaks kisses on Justin's neck or ear or even his hand; the hand that bonds them together. It is bothering him that the basketball star is not honest with him about his injury especially seeing how sensitive his wrist is to a simple touch. Only the first floor of the house is explored before the pair ends up in the large grand room and on the sofa. Maybe the rest will continue later because he is too distracted by his own thoughts.

"Do you want something to drink? Eat?" Justin becomes a host.

"No---just you. Come here," Bryant playfully pulls him closer and they kiss again.

It is different this time and he is not feeling it so he stops and asks, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah---I'm good. You?"


"You're a bad liar Justin. What's wrong?" the baller notices him.

"I'm not a liar."


He sighs before calmly stating, "It upsets me that you didn't tell me how hurt you really are."

"What do you mean?"

"You said you wrist is sprained."

"It is."

"Who's the one lying now?" Timberlake almost scornfully spits.

It is not supposed to be like this. He is frustrated and upset but more hurt than anything else because of something that should mean nothing. His self-doubt tells him that Kobe does not trust him and this is bad for their relationship. There is no relationship without trust. Both men stay quiet with Justin looking away and thinking of what to say next. But nothing appears in his mind and his tongue seems to be dry and without words. His feelings have to be right because only true feelings can make him feel this hurt. Incidentally, his boyfriend is one of the few people that can make him feel like he is on cloud nine but also make him feel despair beyond his limit. It is unintentional of course but it is there and there is no ignoring it. Timberlake only looks back when he realizes that there is a warm hand over his. Each look at where their bodies are connected once again. Everything is hard.

"---I didn't want you to worry. I know you have so many other things going on baby. I didn't want to push my injury off on you," Kobe tries to explain his past actions.

"You didn't even give me a chance to try. I care so much about you Kobe---you're not a stress to me. If anything, you're the opposite."

"Look Justin, I didn't mean to mislead you but it's not a big deal. I'm fine."

Timberlake looks at him, "Okay. If you say so---"

"It's---not like that J. I'm sorry."

"So---how hurt are you?"

He looks down at his bandaged wrist and then back at his boyfriend, "It's really bad. I didn't break any bones but I sprained a lot of them and tore some muscles and ligaments. I'm in a lot of pain."

"It's because of how you fell?"

"That---and I waited to go to see doctor."

"Did you go?" he shortly asks.

"I had to. They wrapped it up and gave me painkillers."

"Oh man---why didn't you tell me?" Justin worries even more.

"Because of this. I really didn't want you to worry about me babe. There are so many other things to worry about but me."

"What about the steroids?"

"I'm off them---"

"Oh that's good---" the R&B star cuts in but it is short-lived.

"Only until I'm off the medication Justin."

"I really think---"

Kobe cuts his off and replies, "---Let's not get into this, okay?"

"How long is it going to be wrapped?" he changes the subject because he does not want to further the fight any more.

"They say a couple of weeks."

"This is bad babe."

"I know I was wrong for not telling you Justin but this is why. I don't want you to worry about me," the basketballer sincerely states once again as he focuses down on one spot of the floor.

Timberlake does not respond to this. He instead moves closer and kisses the man next to him strongly and passionately. Like it should be his security and comfort during this time. It is just the right thing to do. The Los Angeles Laker uses his free hand to cup his man's chin before resting it on the small of his back. Justin is on his knees on the sofa and kissing his boyfriend as one hand is used for support while the other slowly roams his chest through his shirt. He runs his hand up and down the other man's smooth chest before resting on his belt buckle. There is no hesitation because it is what they both want. What they are both craving. Kobe tilts his neck up to kiss his man back better but he has to stop himself. Things are not that simple. The former N*SYNCer realizes that Kobe is telling the truth and is sincere in the whole situation. He never meant to hurt him and it provides some relief.

"Let me in your life baby. We're in this together. Lean on me when you need to. You don't have to go through this or anything else alone," the R&B star reassures him.

"I know---you're right. I should've told you."

"You do trust me don't you?" Justin questions.

"Of course I do. How could I not? I do trust you Justin. I trust you more than anyone else."

"Promise you'll lean on me when you have something to deal with---"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah---I want you to."

The basketballer smiles and agrees, "Okay. I promise. Now it's your turn---"

"For what?"

"You have to promise that you'll come to me if you need help or even if it's just to talk. Don't bottle everything up. Promise?"


"You know---I usually seal promises with a kiss," Bryant slyly tries to steal another kiss.

"I think I like that tradition."

Their hands are still bonded together and their lips do the same in unison. The honesty is what is most important to Justin and now that he knows the true extent of his basketballer boyfriend's injury, a sense of relief comes over him and he can truly go back to feeling secure again. It is a lesson they both have to learn; even though they are not in a traditional relationship and no one knows about them, they are still in a relationship and have to learn to depend on each other for support. Dishonesty will not taint this relationship and it suddenly hits him. The kiss with the handsome actor Chad Michael Murray. Hypocrisy forces Timberlake to think about that moment, especially at times like these. He continues the kiss because they both deserve it and he cannot stop to tell the truth. Kobe's strong hand roams and caresses his lithe body until he is the one to stop it. They look at each other.

"Wait---I don't think I can---" the Los Angeles Laker stops himself.

"Oh---right. Well," Timberlake teases. "How about I take control?"

"Hmm---" he is intrigued.

Justin smiles again and moves in to kiss his boyfriend. He is careful to avoid his injured arm as tongues wrestle and their bodies become closer and closer together. Kobe's hand rests on the same spot on his body as it did earlier as their moment of passion is heightened. Sensing what the young singer wants to do, he easily lifts up his battered arm and stretches it out perpendicular to his body and as far away from them as possible without strain. Timberlake breaks the kiss and smiles as he positions himself to sit on the other man's lap. He uses both his hands to cup Kobe's face and kiss him hard but sensual at the same time. The baller's hand reaches further down and rests on his butt now. It is an erotic moment between two lovers that no one will ever see or even know about. It is far too dangerous and damaging if this gets out. But their bodies are magnetically drawn together. Like a moth to a flame.

Timberlake's legs are resting rest on either side of the darker man's thighs as his lips are busy kissing, sucking, and tasting him for what seems like the first time. His hands have since moved from Kobe's face and down to his strong broad shoulders and masculine chest. The man is a god among men. He hates not being able to use both hands to hold the R&B singer but they are both too comfortable in their current predicament to give it another thought. He feels something poking him underneath and it does not take much to figure out what it is. Although unconventional, the kiss with the handsome actor is on his mind and the guilt is slowly seeping in. It might not catch up with him today or tomorrow or the day after that but it certainly will. Justin simply drowns himself in all the passion he has for this man so close to him. The only person he has truly ever been able to let into his life.

"How's that?" the songster assumes a more aggressive role.

"Don't stop," Bryant hears himself whisper. "Keep going."

"I knew you'd like it---"

He now moves down to his man's chocolate brown neck and sinfully bites it. Something is getting into him that he likes very much and is bringing him passion from his wildest dreams. Control. Power. Lust. It is all about control and Kobe, who winces from the bite, is his to control and ravish if he wants to. It gets even more erotic with the passing seconds and his dick is harder than a solid rock. Timberlake fiddles his fingers in front of his boyfriend's shirt and only a few seconds later, all his buttons are undone and his bare chest is exposed. The Los Angeles Laker grins and groans pleasurably when his upper body is dominated by scraping fingers threatening to scar his very flesh. Fingernails scratching and going into his skin is becoming one of his new methods of foreplay. Justin does it so well that he is unable do anything but moan. This wilder side of him may be worth getting hurt for.

This is a new side of his young lover that he has yet to witness but it is extremely tantalizing. It is not extreme but it is not sensual either. The happy median is making his dick ache against the fabric of his boxers as well as Justin's weight. But it is right where he wants him. Bryant is enveloped into his fantasy even more when wetness blankets a portion of his upper body. The fingernails have retracted and his warm tongue now takes its place. He strokes his boyfriend's back through his tank top and almost begs him for more. He has never begged in his life but this man is doing crazy things to him. It is to a place where both are getting what they need from each other and what their careers deny them for weeks and even months at a time. Timberlake is committed to making their relationship work despite the obstacles because Kobe makes him feel good. Too good to pass up.

His warm and wet tongue dances across the other man's dark nipple and pleasurable moans are extracted within its embrace. Kobe's hand cups the back of his head while he closes his eyes and enjoys being taken away by everything. The muscles and sprained bones of his other hand seem nonexistent and the stress of the day disappears as well. Justin's tongue roams up his neck and he nibbles on his ear before moving back down his dark body and lick his abs. He shifts his body lower on his boyfriend's legs to get to the real prize. His newfound sense of confidence and control has him on the edge with goosebumps on his skin and his mind void of all thoughts. Timberlake rests his tongue on Kobe's navel and it swirls around the sensitive area in an attempt to get him aroused. It works on so many levels that Bryant cannot even begin to comprehend it all. He wants so much more.

"That feels so weird but I like it," the Los Angeles Laker drums out.


"Licking around my bellybutton. I don't think anyone's ever done it to me."

"Well," Timberlake sexually suggests. "I guess it'll be my thing then," he confirms and crawls back up for a kiss.

"I guess so---" Kobe continues coyly.

"Licking your bellybutton is fun but how about we do something else?"

Before the baller could say anything else, he is silenced with another bonding of their lips and he feels fingers tugging at his pants. The relief his dick will soon feel from its confines makes him thrust his hips up into his boyfriend's meddling and warm fingers. His hands are always so warm and soft. He feels his man's hardness through his dark jeans and his overt forwardness gets the best of him yet again. The belt buckle sheds away and the button gives away easily to his expert touch. Bryant has become his with only one touch and one kiss. From the first time they touched and kissed. The kiss preoccupies them both but Justin's brain has another type of pleasure in mind and manipulates his fingers to get all obstacles out of the way. Kobe holds his head and then his chin and then his hand. He wants to touch Timberlake everywhere and he hates that one of his hands is unable to do so.

The R&B star finds the slit in his boxers and gently pulls out the prize inside. It is so erotic and sexual how he contorts and moves his body down Kobe's to get to where he has to be. His mouth engulfs the first few inches of his boyfriend's rod while one his hands firmly grasp it at the base. He is passionate and no longer passive. His mouth goes down further and further on the basketballer's dick and he uses his free hand to reach into his boxers to cup his balls. Justin bobs his head up and down while both his hands play so explicatively with his most private organ. Bryant moans silently and officially begs for more from his man because his sexual energy is easily becoming wildly out of control. Like a spreading fire with no sign of water in sight. Vanessa has been traveling so much recently for her friends that they have not been together in what seems like forever. He needs this release.

Timberlake licks the chocolate popsicle with the tip of his tongue as if he savors the taste; he licks the dark pink tip before running down his man's shaft with great urgency and satisfaction. His aggressive behavior is eating away at him but he is forced to keep in mind that the Los Angeles Laker is not perfect. They cannot do everything they both want to because of his injury so this will simply have to suffice. The young star has to keep telling himself that so all control will not be lost. Kobe feels the very tip of his dick hit the back of his man's throat; he is getting good at this and feeling the moist flesh is driving him crazy. Justin licks the underside of his pole and also his hairless balls. Another thing they both have in common; they both trim and keep their privates neat and clean. Moans and grunts are becoming stronger because the bliss is unbearably overwhelming. He never wants it to end.

"Oh Justin---oh man---oh baby," the shooting guard almost gets caught saying. "Yeah---like that baby. Like that---"

Kobe rests his non-bruised hand on the back of his boyfriend's head to encourage more as his satisfaction is unparallel. He feels a twitch in his balls and his nipples harden more now because he is so close. He is not sure of when or how Justin got so good at this but there can be no denying that what they have is wrong. No one is capable of judging their relationship because it is unconventional or inappropriate. The former boybander bathes the dark pink head with more saliva as his tongue passes over it again and again. It is a sensitive spot for Bryant; it is a sensitive spot for any men especially the way he is doing it. He thrashes his head back and enjoys the agonizing pleasure that not even Vanessa can give him most of the time. Not in this way at least. Timberlake's hot mouth finally wins out the battle in the end as he is overcome with gratification. He has to clear his throat to speak.

"Justin---Justin," Bryant husks out in short breaths. "I'm close baby. I'm clos---uh."

The R&B superstar immediately gets up and crawls back up his boyfriend's long body to reach his lips while his hand firmly wraps around his throbbing dick to jack him off into ecstasy. Their tongues entwine while his hand gets to work quickly pumping his blood-filled organ to its impending explosion. Kobe's dick is slippery because of the spit so it provides the perfect lubrication for his rapid pumping. His hand rests on Justin's back before going to the back of his head once again to force their lips even closer than ever before. It will push him over the edge. The combination of pleasures from every side will grant him a superior release. Everything is so close to being over. Bryant does not think about Vanessa. Justin does not think about Chad. In a matter of moments cum shoots out of the baller's pleasured dick and spurts onto his flat stomach and his boyfriend's hand. It is a mess but worth it.

"Ah---oh----ahh baby. Damn," he stutters out as Timberlake continues to milk his dick.

The pair kisses again before the young star lets him go and gets off. Kobe pulls him back for another kiss immediately and they share a passion-filled one. Justin's aggressive behavior from only a few minutes ago seems to be subsiding but it will come out again and the next time, the basketballer promises himself that he will be ready to truly handle it. To meet that unbridled aggressiveness and passion with that of his own. As his boyfriend exits the room, he looks at the white liquid splattered across his chest and stomach and remembers how much fun it was getting to this point. Timberlake tosses him a washcloth to clean himself off while he heads into the kitchen to get himself a bottle of water. Bryant wipes the thick and sticky liquid off of his chest and abs before pulling his pants up and fastening them securely to his waist. He tosses the dirty cloth in the nearby bathroom and returns to the sofa.

"You like that?" his boyfriend asks as he hops on the sofa next to him.

"Uhuh---I like you."

"I like you too."

He rests his head on the baller's strong chest and turns on the large flat screen TV in front of them to see if anything interesting is going on in the world outside of them. He wants to sleep because he is tired but also because being snuggled up so close to Kobe is comfortable beyond belief. Being away from each other is a cruel joke that will never be right in either of their eyes. They talk to each other as he flips through the channels and Timberlake feels it when he easily pulls back the short hair that covers the very top part of his forehead and kisses him there. His heart is secure in this man's hands and he feels it. It is frightening but soothing at the very same time. Justin hears his heart beat and it tugs away at his tired state so he just closes his eyes. The cascading rise and fall of his chest also contributes to this as well. And sleep cannot be too far off. Even with the glares and sounds coming from the TV.

The lights are on but the room is lifeless and the only sound is coming from there is that of the unwatched television. They both are fast asleep on the sofa. Justin's head has since slipped down to rest on Kobe's lap while the latter's head rests on the cushion of the sofa. They create the perfect picture of compassion together without either even being consciously aware of it. The singer's young body is curled up into a human ball as he sleeps and his boyfriend's injured hand remains far away from them both. This is what Timberlake needs to help him navigate through his hectic life; moments like these make everything worth it emotionally. Worth all the secrets and inability to tell anyone of his true happiness. The Los Angeles Laker shifts his body slightly before his eyes flutter open and he takes in his unknown surroundings. A clock hanging on the wall tells him that it is almost one in the morning.

"---Huh---" Justin mumbles when he feels his head slowly starting to move. "What's wrong?" he opens his eyes.

"Nothing---I guess we fell asleep here," Bryant whispers.

He gets up fully now and scratches the base of his forehead while saying, "Let's go to my room. I'm so tired."

"I can't baby. I have to go."

"Go? Where?"

"Home," the baller states as he carefully gets up and stretches his healthy arm out.

"Now? It's so late."

"I know but I wasn't expecting to leave here so late---"

"What do you mean? I thought you came to spend the night---with me?" Justin starts to get annoyed.

"I did come here to spend time with you baby---but I have some stuff to take care of tomorrow morning."

"What's going on?"

"Nothing---I just have to go."

"So why'd you come?"

Kobe sighs, "Justin---it's not like that."

"Like what?" Timberlake immediately becomes defensive.

Something is not right here and he cannot figure it out. It feels like there is suddenly a wall between then but it is impossible. Not after what just happened between them. He is more hurt than anything else because he wanted to spend the night with his man but Kobe is now cutting it short at one o'clock in the morning. This is feeling like a fight the further they go along but he does not want that. Neither of them do but this is wrong. Justin is trying hard to not let his hurt morph into anger but the situation is too strong for proper emotions to take control and he is now on the defensive and angry that this is happening. The once ecstatic night is now crashing and burning before their very eyes. Bryant looks at him and when their eyes connect it is only apparent that he needs to offer an explanation. But there is not any and Timberlake looks furious with him. This is not going the way he wants it to.

"I came here to be with you---" the basketball star offers up. "I should've told you from the beginning---"

"---What---that you were going to leave after you got your dick sucked?" Timberlake steams.

"Whoa---Justin---where did that come from?" Kobe is taken aback. "It's nothing like that baby."

"What the hell do I look like to you?"

"My boyfriend," he tries to remain calm but Justin knows exactly what to say to him to get his blood boiling. "I can't stay."

"Why?" the angry star simply asks.

"---I already told you---"

"I don't believe you. I can't believe you're doing this."

"It's nothing Justin! I just can't stay."

"I want you here with me! Don't you want that too?"

"I do---"

"---Then stay!"

The thought is simple and the R&B crooner hates himself for admitting anything because he starts to see himself as weak and dependent and it is not like that. He is not supposed to be this way. But Kobe has him second guessing everything about himself and he hates it so much. This night is not supposed to turn out this way and there still is not a valid reason present as to why all this is happening. Kobe is acting like he refuses to give one which only furthers the argument. Timberlake looks away to avoid eye contact because he knows his man will pick up that he is hurt. He does not want to show weakness ever again but it is harder said than done. When the baller sits by him on the sofa and rests their hands together he simply gets up and moves away. It should not bother him that they cannot spend the night together but he really wants his boyfriend here to be there for him and to take care of him.

"Please Justin---I don't want to fight. I'm just so happy to see you---" Bryant sincerely replies as he keeps his eyes on his man.

"You're not acting like it---"

He sighs and hangs his head before confessing, "I have therapy for my arm in the morning---"

"What?" the former N*SYNCer faces him finally.

"That's why I can't stay."

"Therapy---Kobe why didn't you tell me?"

"I don't need to report everything I have to do to you do I?"

"No---but if you had told me from the beginning then we could've avoided this," he breaks everything down and is surprisingly more upset now than just a few minutes ago.

They both stay silent as the last comment stales the air with Justin heated and Kobe frustrated that they do not understand each other. Their bodies are still physically separated from one another's and his own stubbornness is keeping him away and also making him care less and less if his boyfriend does leave. It is a dangerous place to be and he is too steamed to realize that he is only lashing out because he is hurt and feeling insecure. Nothing is said but both men realize what is happening and what cannot change. He has to leave. The Los Angeles Laker gets up from the sofa and readies himself to leave. Timberlake takes notice of him and a small part of himself gives in enough to walk the taller man to the door. The negativity is keeping them from enjoying each other's taste and will ruin their goodbye. The duo end up at the door and they finally are able to look at each other. It is different now.

"Good night Justin---" Kobe maturely greets as he moves in for a kiss.

Justin wants to so bad but his insides are gnawing away at him so he instead turns his head at the last second for Kobe's soft lips to connect with his firm jawbone. A strange sensation of relief exceeds him because his boyfriend does not get what he wants at the moment and it is oddly overpowering. He knows he should not feel this way but the fact that their argument could have and should have been avoided with one statement makes him cold blooded and momentarily uncaring. Bryant's lips stay on his man's jaw; a part of him hopes that he will turn his face back so their lips will connect even if only for a second. When nothing happens, the star baller lets up and looks at his boyfriend standing next to him and feels hurt. Timberlake is not looking at him as he walks over and opens the door. He gives up for right now and walks away because there is not much else to be done. He has to go.

"I'm sorry---" he confesses after the door closes in front of him.

It is not the truth. Well not entirely anyway. The Los Angeles Laker does have rehabilitation tomorrow but it is not until the afternoon. Vanessa is home and she will wonder why he spent the whole night outside and where he is. He has to let someone go for the evening and Justin seems easier than his longtime girlfriend. Though, after what just happened, he is not so convinced anymore. His boyfriend's anger and frustration is justified of course but he cannot think about that. Kobe is starting to feel the effects of living these two stressful but extremely satisfying lives. The lies are draining and his self-conscious is catching up with him faster than ever expected. Bryant sighs to himself and looks at the door once more before finally leaving. Vanessa will be the only one who is happy tonight. He thinks about calling or even texting Timberlake to apologize but it will be for nothing. Not after just now.


Los Angeles is as busy as always as the R&B crooner tries to navigate through it without being caught or seen by anyone. Their fight only happened a few short days ago and he is still upset about it. The night went downhill extremely quickly. Maybe there was too much pressure on it after being apart for so long. Something does not feel right and his instincts are telling him just that. Timberlake spends his day meeting with people to do conferences, interviews, and publicity junkets because of where he is. He is not up for anything right now but his life must go on, even when he cannot afford to stop and process everything that is happening. The day drags on, like it usually does when he is involved with these types of things and he cannot wait for it to be over. Justin needs time to think and he fears his vulnerability will get him in trouble somehow. Like he will lash out in an unhealthy way.

His house is tainted with bad memories already. And it is still so new. The fight still lives here with him and causes calamity to his thoughts and emotions. They are almost stripped raw and the singer feels like leaving as soon as he enters the forbidden place. It cannot be this way though and he will not let it conquer him. Justin is only tired when he reaches inside the walls that are ironically supposed to be his protection. He does not want dinner or to watch TV or to call Kobe. He has to call to fix this. He selfishly continues his train of thought in his record time shower and even as he slips a pair of pajamas on. Kobe Bryant was the wrong one in their fight and he has to approach the subject. He has to be the one to call and make the first move. This way of thinking will get Timberlake nowhere fast but he wants to be egocentric right now. He wants only to think of himself and his feelings.

Timberlake's head hits the pillow and he stares up at the ceiling as a way of recollecting his thoughts and come back down from his day to get some rest. Being Justin Timberlake all the hours of the day is quite impossible unless he puts himself within that mindset but most of the time, he viscerally needs a few hours to simply be Justin and not the entertainer the whole world knows. Kobe is that release for him. When he is with the basketballer, he does not have to worry about making hit records or fans stalking him or even JC and his problems. It is his time to only be himself. The light and shadows from outside paints a beautiful portrait on his ceiling as his windows are frostbitten for the night. Winter is truly upon them and even the west coast has to yield to its cold embrace. His eyes flicker off and close in a moment of silence before a loud ringtone startles him back awake. It is a text message.

I miss you. Call me. –KB

Brilliantly shining rays creep into his room with him being unaware of anything. He is sprawled out in the middle of his large bed on his stomach and with a pillow on the floor. The last night apparently seemed to be rough but the R&B megastar is fast asleep within the security of his home and looking like an innocent boy as he does so. The windows are now dripping and soaking outside as he cutely continues to slumber to regain himself for another day of being a celebrity. A commodity. Justin's face looks so innocent and pure as his freckled back is in plain view to the room. Unbeknownst to him, there is a ringing sound coming from downstairs with its origins leading back to the foyer. Even the second one is unheard and Timberlake only begins to stir and forcibly wake up when his cell phone vibrates and screams from the nightstand next to his bed. His morning prematurely starts as it does mostly.

"Huh---hello" he ever so groggily drums out without even opening his eyes.

"Justin honey---its mom," his mother Lynn announces herself.

"Mom---what's wrong? What time is it?" her son questions as life returns to his body.

"Are you still sleeping Justin Randall Timberlake? It's almost eleven. Didn't you hear the doorbell ring?" she continues to mother him.


"Your father and I are outside. Come and open the door. It's chilly out here."


Justin clicks the phone off and sits up on his bed to fully wake up and truly realize if this is a twisted dream or not. His parents are downstairs waiting for him to let them in. Why? He scratches his head like a cute little boy and hops out of bed to have his feet cringe as they touch the cold hardwood floor of his bedroom. Wiping his face with his hands, the young singer does not even bother putting on a shirt over his naked torso as he heads downstairs to let his parents in. It is just about to be eleven, like his mom said, as the former N*SYNCer makes his way down the stairs and to the front door. The house is clean for the most part; his mother would have a fit if it were any way else. He finally ends up at the front door and unlocks it to meet his parents. Timberlake scratches the back of his head and his pink nipples instantly tense up and become erect as he lets the cold air from outside into the house.

"Good morning honey---" his mother greets him.

"Mom---dad---what are you guys doing here?" he asks surprised as he hugs her and eyes his father.

"Is that any way to greet your parents son?" his father Randall Timberlake smirks and greets his son.

"Dad---how's it going?" Justin replies to his father with a firm handshake.

"I haven't seen my son in ages so we decided to stop by."

"Come in---it is cold out here."

"Put a shirt on honey---you'll get sick."

"Yes mom---I'm going to brush my teeth. I'll be back."

"Okay son," his dad answers him.

When he skips steps two at a time to get back on the second floor of his house, a part of him is happy to see them but another part is concerned as to why they are here. Maybe something happened. Or something is wrong. Then there is some irony because Justin knows his father is a Los Angeles Lakers fan but he is not a great fan of Kobe's. The elder Timberlake believes that he holds the ball too much and wants to be treated as the only star player on that team. He believes Bryant has a bigger than life ego and that he feels like he is a gift to the sport itself. If only his father knew the real man behind the basketball. The singer probably will never get a chance to tell them anything. The text from last night lingers in him and he wants to call but he does not want to be the first one to give in. Justin brushes his teeth and grabs a quick shower before changing his clothes and heading back downstairs.

His parents divorced when he was a small child and it took them a long both a while before any type of relationship became possible. The truth is Randall cheated on his wife once when Justin was around five years old and he kept it a secret. It only became a matter of time before everything was found out and the divorce was inevitable. His mother Lynn could not come to grips with the deception and she filed for divorce. He thinks about that time every once in a while when he is alone and in the proper state of mind. He never thought he would be able to forgive his father or even look at him again after he destroyed their family. His mother kept pushing him to have a relationship with his dad though so he always kept it in the back of his mind. When he saw that she was able to forgive him and that they have somewhat become friends, Timberlake was able to repair their estranged bond too.

Their relationship is healthy now and he likes to think that he has a healthy relationship with both his parents. Cheating is something he cannot tolerate in a relationship because of his father and all the pain that one act caused to so many people. This is why he is so guilty about Chad Michael Murray but it was only a kiss. Nothing else happened. Nothing went too far. Timberlake keeps telling himself that in the hopes that it will get him off the hook. Something else is bothering him but he is unsure of what it is. All the cloudiness marring his mind seeps away as he descends the stairs to return to his parents. Justin does not know why they are here but he does appreciate this time he gets to spend with them. He walks into the kitchen to see both his parents attempting to make breakfast with the few supplies he has in his cabinets and refrigerator. The house is barely lived in for months at a time.

"---All I'm saying is to let him be Lynn. If he needs to talk then he will---" the singer hears his father conversing with his ex wife.

"But you and I both know something's wrong with him."

"You've been here five minutes and already fighting---why doesn't this surprise me?" he makes himself known in the kitchen and joins in on the conversation. "So---what's wrong with me now?"

Lynn answers surprisingly, "I wasn't expecting you so soon Randall."

"Is this why you guys are here? To drill me about my life?"

"I told your mother that if you needed to talk, you would come and talk to us. But you know how she is---"

"I know something is wrong Randall---I know you."

"You guys are making breakfast?" he changes the topic completely.

His mom's small smile and tells him that she is dropping the subject and continuing to scrape together breakfast for the threesome. Timberlake looks at his dad and he smiles faintly before looking in the refrigerator for something to drink. He did not think his mom would be able to pick up on any of his feelings having to do with Kobe Bryant but he underestimates her once again. He suddenly feels trapped and realizes that this is why they have come after him. They sit down in the breakfast nook for a humbling breakfast of toast, eggs and bacon and hardly anything is said. There is now tension in the room and Justin knows his parents' eyes are on him throughout their impromptu breakfast. He is safe for now but he knows the subject will arise later and he will have to explain some things to them. It feels good that they both still care about him despite everything that has happened in the past.

"Are you eating enough?" Lynn directs her question to her son.

"What kind of question is that?" the R&B star almost chokes on his orange juice.

"You look really thin honey."

"I have to agree with your mother Randy---you do look like you've lost some weight. Are you alright?" Randall Timberlake agrees with his former wife.

"Guys come on---I'm fine," he starts to get slightly annoyed.

"So why has neither your father nor I heard from you in almost a month?"

"I've been busy---"

"Are you taking care of yourself?"

"Of course I am!" Timberlake snaps at his mother.

"Don't talk to your mother like that Justin."

He knows his father is serious when he calls him by his first name; he usually only calls him Randy so he gives up on the subject and gets up from the table. It feels like this is an ambush and they are both ganging up on him. It is one of the setbacks of being their only child. They are babying him and he hates it. And it is flashbacks to Kobe Bryant all over again. The former boybander honestly has not noticed any differences with his body and certainly nothing as drastic as his parents just commented on. He has been working hard though and most of the time his appetite is lost to him. Such is the life of a celebrity as powerful and influential as he is. He has not lost weight; he has gained muscle due to the gym. It is a great and healthy stress reliever for him. Breakfast is over and he decides to take them on a tour of the house since it is their first time being here as well. Bryant steals a few thoughts.

Timberlake orders out Chinese for his parents for lunch and finally decides to do it. He smiles at the irony of waking up this morning and not foreseeing this happening today but he is not clairvoyant. Nerves swell inside him and his appetite is slipping away once again. It is something that is a highly thought out process in most instances but not this time. The family enjoys lunch in the great dining room the house boasts, he eats very little, and talk there is light as well because he does not want to get into it with them again. His father talks to him about his career and also taking time to stop and enjoy it. Justin has not done that in a long while; everything has been about work. He even feels that his relationship with the Los Angeles Laker is suffering because of his work. Lynn looks at them both as if she has something on her mind and wants to say but she is biting her tongue. She is notorious.

"I'm okay---really," he tries one last futile effort to convince his parents.

"Why don't I believe you sweetheart?"

"Because you're my mom---"

"What's that mean?"

The singing star sighs, "I don't---know."

"Your mother is right Justin---something is different with you," it is his father who speaks.

"What's different dad?"

"I don't know son but frankly, I'm worried."

"I didn't mean to snap earlier---"

"I know you're under a lot of stress honey."

Timberlake states in a weaker voice, "It isn't my job. My job's great---"

"---So something is bothering you?" Randall deduces.

"What is it Justin? Are you okay?"

He remains completely silent and almost petrified. If someone knocks him over he could shatter into a million tiny pieces. The conversation leads exactly where he wants it to go but now he wants everything to go back to before he took this turn. The former N*SYNCer's nerves are shot but he will not play games or keep them guessing. It is just that saying the words are so much harder now than when he pictured doing it in his mind. It is because both his parents are really here and things could potentially get out of control. Justin hates when both their eyes are on him because he feels helpless and nervous. It is just the situation; it has to be. He thinks about what he has found with Kobe and wanting to share it with the two people that he loves more than anything. He has to be a good son. His fingers tense up and he wants to throw up or pass out. He has to find strength from somewhere.

"Mom, dad---I---" he stutters out lowly.

"Justin you don't look so good. You look pale---" his mother becomes more worried than ever. "Do you want to lie down?"

"No---I'm not sick." Justin sighs to the floor, to himself and just sucks it up, "I'm gay."

"What?" his dad's voice could be heard.

"I'm gay mom---dad---"

"Justin Randall Timberlake you look me in the face and tell me what you just said," Randall's voice is unwavering and his tone is severe.

"---Justin---" his mom says his name and she is so confused.

"Dad calm down---"

"I am calm!" he snaps. "Look at me and say what you just said."

Timberlake tries his best to put on a confident face as he faces both his parents and responds, "I'm gay."

With one swift motion the elder Timberlake reaches clenches his fist and punches his son hard on the face and jaw. The impact of the hit is so hard that he stumbles back and grabs his jaw because it is now throbbing. Justin is stunned and a bit scared because his father has never hit him before, even when he was a child. Neither of his parents has ever hit him. All emotions are instantly replaced by anger and he is ready to defend himself but he cannot. He cannot hit his father. The wounded star instead closes his eyes and breathes in deeply a few times to regain himself. He is not even in his house right now. He is not. She does not even hold him to try and protect him from this first time experience. All three are too shocked to do or say anything as the still quietness lingers around the room. His mother says nothing and he is only brought out of his dark world when she finally opens her mouth.

"Randall---" Lynn yells at her ex husband. "What are you doing?"

"Get out!" an enraged Justin screams to his father as he continues to hold the irritated side of his face where he was just punched.

"Justin---no. We have to talk about this," she tries to mediate between the two furious men.

"I don't want a faggot for a son!"

Randall Timberlake storms out of the great room and heads to the front door of his son's mansion to get out and away from the situation. Justin's eyes are fiery and his jaw and fists are clenched because of how mad he is. When he looks at his mother, she looks back and is confused as to what she should say or be doing. In a move that the R&B singer will feel later, he watches as she walks away from him and follows her ex husband out of the house. The room suddenly becomes still and quiet but he takes no notice of it as even his pores are bleeding anger and resentment. The last time he felt this way towards his father was when he cheated on his mother. And even then, the pent up fury and rage was not as prominent then as it is within him right now. Timberlake is abandoned in his large house without knowing where to go or what to do. A flood of emotion takes him away and drowns him from reality.