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Chapter Three

~*~ A Forgone Weekend ~*~



It is about five in the morning when the songster finally reaches to his hotel. The plane ride was a little turbulent and for this he was unable to rest for any extended period. Checkout through Palm Beach International airport was seamless and he was out in a rental gray Audi TT Roadster within only mere moments. It is by far his favorite type of car and he rents it every time he gets a chance to; he also owns two distinct models from the German automaker. Working as hard as he does allows Timberlake the chance to splurge every now and again on the finer things life has to offer. Another great aspect of celebrity is that neither he nor his family will ever have to worry about money again and he is glad that he can bring that peace to his parents. All the aspects of the hotel suite are unknown to him as he falls onto its master bed and is swept away by sleep just as convoluted rays attempt to shine.

Later in the morning, Justin is up writing lyrics in his book and trying his absolute best not to have it sound like the words of his last album. That will only prove to get him nowhere. He needs to shed that image already and create a whole new persona for himself. N*SYNC was his stepping stone and now he wants to move as far away from that distinction as possible. It is not that he is ashamed of ever being in a boyband, on the contrary, but he wants to establish himself as a serious solo artist and it is hard when the image of being in a boyband follows his every move. The shadow stalking his career and blinding the world to his solo talent. Those days of his frosted-tipped curly hair and overcrowded tour bus are behind him. What was I thinking with that hair? Timberlake will defeat it and gain the respect of all his peers as well as a new crop of fans. It is his drive to do so.

Timbaland agreeing to help him on this upcoming album is still in his head and keeps him so excited and motivated to see what they can come up with together. He cannot believe the sought after producer agreed to it so soon and is so grateful that he is taking a serious chance on him. That is why his lyrics need to be completely different from his past songs so it will go with his new producer's beats well. Timberlake has a lot of pressure on him professionally and personally to ride this out successfully. It will not only gain him more fans but the singer will also capture the creative respect from Jive. They will fit together perfectly, he is confident of it. Instead of being greeted by usual sunlight the Sunshine State is renowned for, Justin walks over to one of the many windows his suite boasts to see dark clouds overshadowing; his game of golf with JC very soon. It cannot rain right now.

Dammit! No, no, no!

Justin orders breakfast, even though it is already lunchtime, and immediately calls Chasez to see if he is going to back out of their scheduled game because of a little wicked weather; he will allow no such thing to happen as the taste of victory is already in his mouth. Being out there will relax him and a little rain never hurt anyone. The phone goes unanswered the first time and the former N*SYNCer grows impatient and a little anxious about the actual execution of their plan. Another call is placed while he munches on crisp bacon and takes a huge gulp of orange juice. He will get the remainder of his energy to crush JC from the meal of breakfast. But his sheer will to win will keep him revitalized for a long time. This weekend has been on the star's mind ever since they thought it up together a few days ago and he is not going to let harmless water ruin it for him. For them.

"---Justin---what time is it?" his best friend's sleeping voice comes on the line after four rings of the third phone call.

"Tell me you're not sleeping man. You have a date to get creamed today!" Timberlake cannot hide his excitement; he is an excited child in a candy story with a pocket full of money.


"Josh---wake your ass up man! You better not be trying to play me like this!"

"Calm down J. I got in late last night---or I should say this morning."

"So did I. Let's go."

"We all can't be you," JC Chasez yawns and fully opens his eyes for the first time of the day.

It is obvious Justin will not let him sleep anymore because their sacred golf game waits. He traces his fingers along his naked torso and tries to gather his thoughts and the line falls into dead silence. His body is tired and his mind not sharp with wit yet to deal with his best friend. But then Chasez remembers something. Thoughts come flooding into him about how distant the other man has been lately and how frequently the dream has been happening to him. Maybe this is just what he needs to forget about all of that and just be himself for a couple of days. There has been this gap between the former bandmates as of late and he does not know why Timberlake is shutting him out of what is really going on in his mind. Clearly this weekend means a lot to him and JC will not disappoint because they have to reconnect with each other again. Like how it used to be back in the days of N*SYNC.

"You better not be sleeping!"

"No---no. Geez J---I didn't know you wanted to see me this bad," his best friend's wit almost instantly comes back.

"You---forget you. It's all about the game! You not going to let a little rain ruin the game are you?"

"Rain---it's raining?"

Timberlake sighs and replies, "Look outside and see for yourself."

The former N*SYNC member gets out of bed and drags the curtains aside to see the Earth being lightly sprinkled with water. It comes so fast and smoothly that it looks like powdered water is being tossed from the high above. And by the looks of the menacing gray clouds, it is only going to get worse. He wonders if they should go forward with the planned game or simply postpone it. They have golfed in the rain before. All Justin's idea of course because they were both so overworked that time away was just the cure to keep them sane. The same thing is probably happening now and Chasez should not stand in the way of that. But he is still unsure of playing in the rain. Timberlake peppers and goads him to get a reaction; it is an underhanded tactic but he will do just about anything to get a good game of golf in with his best friend. He needs it especially right now.

"I dunno---"

"---No! You're not getting away from this. And I don't care about your hair---wear a hat."

"But Justin---my hair---" he laughs.

"Original. Are we doing this or what?"

"Yeah---I've been waiting a long time to get you back for the last game."

The songster reminisces, "Oh yeah---the last time where you said you were going to---oh my bad---you were positive that you were going to win but what happened?"

"That was your day JT---today will be mine!"

"We'll see. You want to ride over there together?"

"Yeah---come get me in like an hour."

"Alright man. I'll call when I'm close."


During the hour, the weather takes a slight turn for the worse and the water that was once sprinkling are now full-fledged droplets crashing into anything that is in its path to the ground. Maybe West Palm Beach in under some sort of thunderstorm watch; it would have made sense to check the weather before deciding on the place. Justin Timberlake's love of the game of golf is keeping his attitude and outlook on the weather a positive one. This game has to happen. He rummages through his suitcases for clothes that he does not mind getting wet and finds a hat to shield his face from the unwanted water. On most other days, he welcomes rain because of the soothing effect it manages to have on him as well as his voice but today is not one of those days. The rain is his enemy right now and if it is windy then that will definitely affect both their games. Maybe it will stop soon.

He wants it gone so he can have a fierce competitive game of golf against his best friend. Disappointed that he cannot let the top down on his rental Roadster, Timberlake slides into the driver's seat and shifts the gears to reverse to get out of the parking spot he is in. His clothes are already absorbing water but he is not drenched, not yet anyway. Once he is on the golf course, he won't care for anything but his game. He is obsessed with golf. An engine roars as he leaves the hotel behind and tries to read his own handwriting at the same time; it is directions to Chasez's hotel that he scribbled down before they hung up with each other earlier. He types the directions into the Global Positioning System the car comes equipped with and a strong voice immediately booms back at him. Cry Me a River comes on the radio and, of course, he blasts it. It was a beginning but he was not nearly edgy enough his first album.

In retrospect, it was so stupid to make that song about her and make it even that more obvious by the video he produced for it. Justin was in a place where he thought he should have been and thus lashed out the way he was expected to. It took him up until recently to realize that almost everything he did in his life was either calculated or expected of him to do. For him to put other people first and please them and thus leaving himself in second place. Making that song about her, and actually making it a single, was never his idea he realized. It was planted in his head because around the time he starting writing for his first solo album, everything with Britney Spears was up in the air. They thought it would sell records, and they were right. Timberlake, however, did not want to sell records that way, by slandering someone else's name. It just did not work out between them.

In part, that is what he wants this new album to be about: for him to break away from that past and move on to his future and not his managers' or his parents' or his past relationships'. There was a time in his career where he took everyone's advice and opinions and strictly followed them because he thought it was the right thing to do. While Justin is sure that they are all looking out for him, this is his career and he will run it his way from now on. He is the one with the talent and charisma the world has come to love. Things are going to be his way. Timberlake is unsure why all these feelings and emotions are resurfacing themselves now but expertly locks them away when he sees the high-rise that is JC's hotel come into view. The skies above threaten to come crashing down at any moment. He is immediately on his phone not a moment later so that no time is wasted.

"Yo JT---what's up man?" JC Chasez says when he finally enters to small gray sports car.

"Damn---it's even longer now," Justin responds in reference to his friend's hair and when their hands clap together.

"Yeah---trying something new. You and these Audis."

"Don't hate---you want to drive?"

"Nah---let's go. I'll drive on the way back."

"Let's go then. Type these directions into the GPS."

The car speeds off from the hotel grounds and back onto the streets again as he hands Chasez a piece of paper with the address to the Emerald Dunes Golf Club on it. It is an exclusive golfing club where they are guaranteed privacy so it will be worth the effort. The rain does not make up its mind; it is heavy one second and sprinkling again the next. Both catch up and listen to the GPS's voice directing him on where to drive. Florida weather is always indecisive so neither takes it personally. The course is a while away so they settle in for a fairly long drive with the bad weather still on their tails. On the highway there are fewer cars than they expect so getting to the course should not be as long as previously thought. It gets a little weird in the car when the only voice comes from the radio. Timberlake concentrates on driving as the gray skies coupled with the rain hinders his vision.

"Do you want to talk?" Chasez asks after silence floods the car.

"What about?" Justin asks, not taking his eyes off the road.

"Are you okay?"

"I am. Why?"

"Because I know you J---"

"Is this about the whole competition thing---you know how I get when it comes to golf," he says, trying to deflect the previous subject.


"I don't know what to say. I told you everything I know about it."

"I don't understand why this has been happening to you---"

"---Can we not talk about this?" his eyes are still on the road because he does not want to look at JC.

"I'm worried about you Just---"

"---Well don't be. I'm good," Timberlake cuts him off and says almost harshly.


The car falls painfully silent again. The GPS is not speaking because they are on the highway and its voice is not needed presently. Justin does not drive as fast as he normally would mainly because of the slick roads due to the downpour of rain. It is awkward and he feels bad for snapping the way he did. Both men continue to look forward through the windshield and out into the dreary day beyond. JC pulls his phone out of his pocket and responds to a newly received text while the car is still quiet apart from the radio. Timberlake thinks about his words and tone and comes to regret it instantly; he wants to take them back. The singing star knows what he has to do to fix this rift between them. The rift he caused by lying to get some of his personal life back and under wraps for no one to know but him. Their weekend is not meant to be spent like this so he has to make amends.

"I'm sorry okay---I didn't mean to sound like that," the former N*SYNCer breaks the quietness.

"Naw it's cool," he tries to sound dismissive.

"I scared Josh."

"Scared---of what?" Chasez asks as he looks at him now.

"That I don't know what's going on inside me---it's making me say and do stupid shit and I'm sick of it. I didn't mean to snap like that."

His ex bandmate looks over to the passenger side of the car and their eyes catch each other's in a brief glimpse, "I'm just trying to look out for you. You do know that don't you---"

Justin Timberlake sighs lowly and says, "Yes---of course. I would feel the same way if it were you---"

"You're my brother J---"

"---I know. We're brothers."

His insides are killing him and the afternoon of golfing will manage to help escape him momentarily. He feels like he is trapped in the enclosed black space under jagged shadows all over again. No light or sounds except for his own breathing and whimpering. It cannot plague him now; he does not want to tell JC everything because he has not told himself everything yet. Admitting it to someone else means that the pop star has to first admit it to himself and he has not. He doubts he is even close to anything of the sort. There will be a right time and place where he feels it; this is not it. Trying his hardest, Timberlake shuffles his mind's thoughts and the game becomes priority once again. The GPS voice alerts them that their destination is rapidly approaching and then falls quiet again. Chasez stays hushed as if he is thinking about their entire conversation. A black hole is between them.

The pair of former bandmates exits the highway and the GPS comes to live again to spit further directions they must follow. His best friend has his eyes looking out the window and he sees them approaching the perfectly green Bermuda grass plains of the Emerald Dunes Golf Club; it shines, even in the rains. He wonders what JC is thinking about or if there is any way to fix the unspoken tension between them. Hopefully this weekend will be the start of resolving hidden issues. Justin downshifts gears and pulls into the exclusive golfing club and is immediately ushered under an awning extending from the main building by two valets. The rain is moderate but it will not stop them from playing or enjoying this weekend to catch up with each other. Timberlake passes them the keys of the rental without hesitation and they both hop out and enter the building, not giving a second thought to the car.

"Can I help you gentlemen?" a young man behind the front desk asks. "Do you have an appointment?"

"No---do we need one?" JC Chasez asks as they approach him.

"Normally you would but its slow today with the rain so it shouldn't be a problem."

"Okay," Timberlake says and he feels the young man's eyes on him. "We'd like to get a couple games in---"

"Yes---of course. Do either of you gentlemen have a membership with Emerald Dunes?"

"No---we don't."

"It won't be a problem---we just add a little fee to each game for nonmembers."

Justin says, "It's fine. We'd like three games, a cart, and two sets of your best clubs."

"Very well sir. And the method of payment?" the front desk assistant asks.

"I got this---" JC says as he starts to pull out his wallet from his back pocket.

"---No. It's on me this time. Here you go---" he says as he pulls out his American Express Black card and hands it to the clerk.

The young man, he looks to be in his early twenties and is very handsome with his hair neatly cut and his face shaved clean, takes the heavy credit card and completes the transaction through the computer and produces a bill for the cardholder to sign. $26,748. Not bad. Chasez looks around the beautiful inside of the club and can only imagine all extravagant events this golf and country club has seen. In a way, they are fortunate because most high end clubs like this requires exclusive membership before they can partake in any services. The singer signs the receipt slip and returns it, along with the pen that boasts the name of the golf course on it. Justin gets his card back and is then directed to where they have to go to collect their rented clubs and then the golf cart. Their game is going to happen after all. JC follows him into the pro shop so they can retrieve their clubs.

When everything is situated, both have to sign release forms holding them liable in case the clubs are damaged in any way, they are ushered out by another employee to get a golf cart. The weather has subsided a little but it is still sprinkling; Mother Nature cannot seem to make up her mind or she is simply mocking them. JC jumps into the driver's seat of the small vehicle and Timberlake has no choice but to sit on the passenger side. Sometimes they can act like such children but only around each other. They are brothers after all. The shiny silver clubs, they almost look new, are placed in the back of the cart and they are off to the first hole under the wet weather for their most anticipated game of golf. Justin starts to get wet as the rain comes in on his side of the vehicle but he does not mind. The songster figures they both will be soaked by the end of their three games. The way it should be.


The ride back is filled with egocentric boasting by Chasez because he manages to win the best two out of three on his friend and he cannot help himself. Revenge is too sweet not to be reveling in its embrace. The rain has not let up since they have been out on the greens and the ex N*SYNCer tries his best to navigate through it as well as factor in the rapidly approaching darkness of night while Justin stares outside the car. His mind is lost to him for a reason he is sure of. The songster was distracted today and it showed in his golf game's performance; his game suffered terribly because of this. It is frustrating because Timberlake came here to clear his mind and be normal with JC but he cannot shake it. The dream again. Wondering if his instincts about the way he wants his new album will fail him in the end. Being alone and not worth it. Everything is at once and overwhelming.

"You okay man?"

The three words snap a drenched Justin Timberlake out of his apparent inattentiveness, "Yeah---just hungry and soaking wet."

"Stating the obvious again I see J---"

"You want to come back to the hotel?"

Chasez does not even need convincing and replies with, "Sure. We can chill out there."


"Then you can tell me why your head was just in the clouds."

"---No particular reason---" the lies start to come more fluently and naturally now.

All the lying will catch up with Timberlake and come crashing down very soon but if it allows him a reprieve from cutting his heart open and exposing himself to anyone then he will gladly continue to do it. No one can see him so self-conscious and insecure. It would be the ultimate humiliation that he cannot even show to JC. Plus they would prey and eat him alive in the industry they are both in. Scrutinize him until he is out of his mind and lashing out in some destructive way. It happens to so many of their kind. The guilt of lying to his best friend is there again but his selfishness drowns all that away. Chasez will only know bits and pieces if he must but never enough to put together the whole puzzle. Not now. Justin lets the last lie roll off his tongue and linger in the damp air as his brain is concentrated elsewhere. This will not get him. It is all about survival; his survival.

"You can't possibly be mad because you lost. Come on JT! Don't be such a spoil sport---" his ex bandmate continues to mock him.

"Forget you! I threw you the game and the raining didn't help. Golf isn't meant to be played in the rain---"

"---Uhuh---" JC interrupts. "If you say so."

"Don't be a sore winner---"

"Against you---the self-proclaimed `King of Golf'---hell yeah I'm gonna rub it in your face! Revenge is best served cold----strike that. In this case it's best served wet!"

"Give me my car back---get your ass out and walk home in the rain!"

"Whatever. You'd never do that to me---"

Justin smiles and retorts with, "I'm very tempted at the moment."

They continue their friendly bickering all the way back to Timberlake's hotel suite; if it helps him from slipping back into his mind again then so be it. And the sabotaging pitfalls that await there. By nightfall, the rain is torrentially harsh and both men are soaked all over again when they make the short trip from the parked Audi TT Roadster to the entrance of the hotel. It truly has been one of those Florida days. The pair drips water into the lobby but it is not overly so. A maintenance worker cleans up the small mess they make at the entrance and they walk toward the elevator to ride it up the building. It is quiet between them during the ride up and Justin is upset because he cannot manage to escape himself. JC has obviously picked up on it and now it feels like parts of their conversation and even friendship is being forced. He hates feeling this way; the singer is trapped. Fuck!

"I need a shower in the worst way---" Timberlake complains when they enter his room. "Man I hope I don't get sick from this."

"Me either---I hate being sick," Chasez closes the door behind them.

"There's another shower down that way---you can take whatever you want from me. I'm going to take a shower," he hands his guest a large towel to soak up the unwanted water and motions the direction with his eyes.

"Yeah---me too."

In his room, the pop singer finds an outfit made up of a white wifebeater and a pair of shorts and boxers before he looks to find something for his best friend to wear. It is no big deal because they are almost identically the same body wise and they would always share clothes when they were on the road with N*SYNC. It takes him back to those days and Justin feels bad because he has not been keeping in contact with his other former bandmates. They were all so very close at one extended point in their lives. He finds JC removing the towel from around his damp clothes and hands him a pair of dark blue pajama pants and a fitted t-shirt that he should full out nicely. Timberlake also supplies him with a pair of boxers before they each get to their respective showers to get wet before they can get dry again. Rain beats against all windows of the lavish suite as outside turns more wicked.

Justin Timberlake lets hot water almost scald his skin because he is cold and it just feels good to get warm again. It is his time to think and let his guard down without fear of being scrutinized or watched. All the tense muscles in his shoulders and back become far more relaxed and his heartbeat slows because he is calm. The former N*SYNCer reaches for the bar of soap and lathers some on his hands before he runs it over his flat and toned stomach and then up to his arms and then down his back. All the parts he can reach anyway. Justin carefully washes his dick and his pair of testicles that dangle below them; it starts to get hard and he realizes that he hasn't had sex in a long while now. Ever since breaking off his relationship with Britney Spears. Now is not the time to tend to his needs so he lets it go and moves down to his legs and the back up the other side to his butt. Man---

He always thought he had a nice butt. Britney told him so too so it was only reaffirmation. Checking his naked form out in the mirror, Timberlake likes the way his body has filled out since he was a skinny and gawky kid growing up in Tennessee. His biceps have definition to them but they are not overly done; the same applies to his abs. They are tight but not to the point where he has to do a thousand crunches a day. It is overkill, especially with his chaotic and sometimes unmanageable lifestyle. The light brown freckles on his shoulders and upper back reminds him of little islands scattered about on a global map and he has learned to accept them after absolutely hating them when her was younger. Justin remembers having very low self-esteem as a child but it never mattered when he was in front of people entertaining them. Even from back then, some things never change.

"Did you order yet?" Timberlake asks as he emerges from his room and sees JC sitting on the sofa watching TV.

"Naw---haven't even looked at the menu."

"I'll get it."

The pair studies the menu together to see what they each feel like eating. Justin is on empty and orders himself a filet mignon with a side of mushroom rice and potato salad while Chasez decides on the wild rice and salmon combo. Together, they decide to share a bottle of red wine and order the oldest bottle the hotel offers: 1983. The wine will help Justin relax more and will hopefully allow him to get a full night's rest. It is welcomed. Taking longer than it should have, their food arrives and neither and can wait to dig into their savory meals. Much of the conversation over dinner is light and meaningless as both eat and drink wine. After eating, they both sit on the sofa and watch as the channels are being flipped through by JC. Nothing of any particular interest catches either man's attention so they settle on a comedy performance. Some laughter would be good right now.

"You know you're not going anywhere right---" Timberlake says when his eyes are caught up outside to notice lightning streaks illuminating the black sky.

"Damn---you mean I have to spend the night with you? Man---this day started off so good as I kicked your ass in golf but now it's just going downhill---" he moans out loud.


"Just like old times then."

"I guess---" he trails off.

Not while JC's here.

"You okay J---"

"Huh---yeah. I'm still feeling the loss from today," the singer lies once again to cover his tracks.

"Bruised your ego huh?"



"Why'd you say it like that?" the tone gives his best friend away.

He must know something. Why?

"You tell me Justin. I've known you for how long---"

"---I dunno---"

"You don't think I know when you're lying---" JC replies as he looks beyond him to the darkness of outside.

"What do you want me to tell you JC?"

"That's up to you---no way I'm gonna pressure you. This shit, whatever it is or means, looks like it's eating you alive."

"You're wrong---it's nothing."

His former bandmate sighs and looks anywhere else before saying, "Okay. I don't believe you but okay."

Dammit JC! Leave it alone.

"Well you should."

"You'll talk when you're ready---you always do."

Smug ass.

"You think you know me so well---" Timberlake comes back with unintentionally.

"Wouldn't you say I do?"


He does not like where this conversation is heading and it can only mean trouble for him. If he is caught then this could put a huge strain on their friendship. JC has to know he is lying and he is trying to get him to open up about it without being directly aggressive; it is what he is known for. It is the main purpose of his flippant and short answers. He is trying to goad Timberlake into revealing things that should be not said out loud for the world to listen in on. It is not going to work this time however. He wants to fall into the trap and tell his best friend what his worst fear is but he will not allow it to happen. Chasez may have the upper hand in this conversation but now is the time to start getting creative. If he wants information then that is what he will receive. Justin hates playing games but sometimes they are necessary to keep the peace. And most importantly to keep everyone off his back.

"Like I said---no pressure," comes another passive-aggressive attempt from his best friend.

"Okay. I---started writing lyrics for the second album."

"Yeah---can I get a sneak peek?"

"I'm all over the place right now---but I'll let you read some when I get it organized so you can let me know what you think."

"Yeah. I'll definitely do that."

Something comes to him and he says, "I forgot to tell you---I got Timbaland to produce the album."

"What---no way! What does Jive think about this?"

"I haven't told them yet---they'll be on board though."

Chasez looks over at him with a puzzled look, "Are you sure about this Justin? I mean---you don't write the type of lyrics he makes beats for---"

"You don't know that. I'm not going to be known as that guy from that band for the rest of my life and the way I see myself getting people out of that mindset is to mix it up and work with different people."

"I understand that but you know how they are---it's the whole reason you're fighting right now."

"---We're fighting now because they don't want to give me any creative control over my own album. How fucked up is that---" Justin cannot hold back his anger.

"I know it's frustrating but you have to see where they're coming from too---" JC tries to calm his friend down.

"They just want me to remain pop like I was back in N*SYNC days---you know it and I know it," Timberlake says as he gets up and paces in front of the window he was just looking out of.

"Is that so bad?"

"I want to branch out and work with so many people. I feel like they're stopping me from reaching my full potential---all because they want to play it safe and keep me prisoner in the genre I started out in."

There is no need to continue the conversation when the singer comes to the somewhat painful realization. It is obvious that JC is as, if not more, skeptical about the way he wants his second album to sound as Jive will be once he sets up a meeting to talk to them. No one understands him or what his vision is for this album or what his motives are. Branching out to some extent is necessary for all artists to survive and prove themselves and this is what he is trying to do. Chasez is not seeing that. Jive is not seeing that. Timberlake does not say anything but it does hurt that his best friend is not as excited about the direction of his new album like he is. This is something he truly has to do on his own and without the support of his friends and family. They are all wrong! I will prove them all wrong! Justin ends the conversation prematurely when he announces that he is tired and needs some sleep. It is disappointing.

In his room, his eyes pierce through the dark and through the ceiling as if they are focusing on something but nothing is there. He does not want the dream to come to him tonight again. But the pop star can never control or stop it. Justin has no control over what his body chooses to show and do to him when he is resting. Chasez's lack of enthusiasm about his accomplishment of getting Timbaland to produce his album sinks into his heart and he lets it resonate there. It is what he does. Whenever something is truly bothering him or someone manages to hurt him deeply, he remains quiet and never talks about it. Instead, he absorbs everything and stores it into his heart. Timberlake knows it is not the healthiest way to deal with his problems but it is his way and it is all he has. It eats away at him from time to time but he knows no better way to deal with his most major of problems or hurt.

Their weekend is cut short unexpectedly. An unaware Justin wakes up the next morning to find himself alone in his suite. There is no note or any evidence of the sort that JC Chasez was ever here and he wonders what is going on. They are supposed to spend another day together in Florida before going their separate ways but there is no one here with him. Did he even spend the night? Where the hell did he go? Timberlake does not understand what is going on but he is upset now. He specifically pulled two days aside to spend with his best friend and he leaves him hanging like this, and without so much as a word. He won't call him; things are going to stay just the way they are now. Justin's stubbornness shows itself and he prepares to leave the Sunshine State. The weather of the morning is crystal clear but the former N*SYNCer has no intention of playing golf by himself. The weekend is a bust.