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Chapter Thirty-Nine

~*~ Taste of Hypocrisy ~*~



But appearances must be made because he is in the public eye and stumbling on the same steps as before will not continue to be his bad habit. Kobe Bryant will not turn into his bad habit. The very next day sees him off to the gym first thing in the morning to get his juices flowing. He can run off his pent up frustration and anger; it might be that positive way to release all the negative emotions he has been searching for. Something so simple and hopefully effective. Justin has his mp3 player linked to the radio and is running at a steady pace to keep his heart rate up. This is the last regimen of his workout for today because he has a brunch to attend in a few hours. Then it is an industry party in the evening; the heartbroken superstar is in no mood for parties but it serves its purpose for the time being. He showers in a private stall of the upscale Los Angeles gym and changes to get ready to leave soon.

The brunch is to honor longtime fashion house Valentino so Timberlake sneaks out of the gym through a secret side entrance where his black Audi TT Roadster is parked and opens the passenger side. A sexy black and navy blue pinstripe suit by the designer extraordinaire hangs on the handle just above the door and he retrieves it before heading back into the building to change. The place will have to work for now because he is not driving all the way back home only to then have to leave to come downtown all over again. In the private quarters the former N*SYNCer strips off the jeans and tank top he just covered his body with and remains standing with his bare feet against the cold concrete and in his boxers. Once side of the wall is completely covered with mirrors and he looks at his nearly naked self, more particularly his eyes. Residue from tears still linger there, only visible to him however.

Bryant has seen and touched every part of his body. His creamy alabaster skin and the light freckles around his shoulders. His soft nipples and raw emotions. And now it was all gone; taken away while he never had a chance to prepare for it. Justin looks so defeated in the mirror; it was never like this with any of his other breakups. But his head must remain held high because no one will make him feel bad about himself. The silky pair of black pants with dark blue stripes slink on and the white button up shirt follows before the belt clips and holds everything into place. Cufflinks appear from the jacket's pocket and black dress socks and shoes cover his feet and toes. The R&B singer fastens the accompanying tie around his neck and runs some warm water on his hands before caressing them through his short hair. He has no gel so it will have to do. The blazer completes the look and he is off to the show.

Mild breezes gusts up and about as he pulls up to the venue and waits in line to get to the valets. It seems that the man of the hour has already arrived and Justin is looking in the mirror to fix his hair one last time before it is turn to give up his keys. Being driven around all the time has its advantages but also taking the wheel every now and again is the only way to go. He steps out under the awning and passes the keys off to the gentleman standing right next to him and watches momentarily as his car drives away without him. The singing star adjusts his cufflinks and walks into the building to fit in with his peers. Musicians, actors, athletes, and the fashion elite are all mingling and drinking champagne waiting for the event to begin. Timberlake smiles and puts on a brave front as he passes by and as conversations of no interest tinge his eardrums. It is mingling. Then a familiar voice calls out from behind him.

"J---what are you doing here man?" his best friend JC Chasez calls out as he continues to walk up to him.

They hug and, "Josh---what's going on man? Me---what about you? You don't even like Valentino's clothes."

"Shut up!" he laughs. "That's not true. I saw some clothes in his new line that I'm definitely getting."

"How have you---"

The pair cannot continue to catch up with their conversation because the brunch starts and everyone is being ushered into the grand dining room. They walk in together and since neither sees any type of place cards on the table they decide to sit together and catch up. Justin leads them to a somewhat secluded table in the back and they take their seats. There are only six chairs around the round table and they are the first two to sit there. Chasez hopes that it will be like this for the rest of the event because he really wants to catch up with his friend without the nuisance and interruptions of anyone else. He sees Timberlake stare out the large window their table is by as if he is lost or thinking of where to go next. It may be both. Many people file pass them wanting to get at a better table to be closer to the stage. JC doubts this is the place to bring it up but it obviously happened and he looks so distracted.

"Justin---are you okay?" he tries to elicit some type of conversation because it is needed. "Talk to me---what happened?"

"I'm fine. Are they starting?"

"Yeah---the first course is about to be served. It looks like we have the table to ourselves."

"It looks so---" Timberlake trails off and takes his eyes away from the window. "Can we talk about this later JC?"

"I'm going to New York this afternoon. I have to make sure that you're okay."

"Well I'm not."

"So it was true then?"

"All of it," the R&B megastar shortly answers back.

"Oh. I'm sorry J. Really."

"Everything you said was right."

He suddenly does not want to be here anymore but the first course comes around their table so he is stuck. And a few minutes later, just before the event is about to begin with Valentino's opening, a rich older couple joins them at the table just in time for the fruit salad. Each makes eye contact and smile out of politeness and then tastes the rich fruit. Justin does not want to talk about it anymore but keeping it all to himself is not the way to go and his best friend is only concerned about him. And Chasez is the only one who knows what was going on and what just happened to cause his world to come crashing down. So it will help to talk about it even in this very obvious and public place. But the couple sharing the table with them does not seem to have any idea of who either of them is so that is always a positive. Bryant has invaded him so thoroughly that he is angry and wants to lash out. It all hurts.

"This is one time when I really wished I wasn't---" JC continues in an even lower voice than before.

"You know what he wants?" he wants to hide his anger. "To keep going."

"What do you mean?"

"Exactly what it sounds like. Keep her in the dark while he still sneaks around with me. He says he loves us both."


"What gets me is that he actually thought I could do something like that to someone else. That I could keep seeing him knowing that he has her too and is lying to her to be with me," Justin remains calm and low for the both of them.

"I don't know what to say."

"You don't know how hard I was hoping that it wasn't true. That you made a mistake or that you were talking about someone else and were confused---"

"I know J. I know. But I couldn't leave it like that. I couldn't let him keep lying to you. I love you too much for that," Chasez keeps up with the almost whispers as both neglect what they are really here for.

"You don't understand how I feel inside Josh. How my heart feels and how confused my head is. I'm ---" he cannot even continue.

"Oh Just---"

The infamous designer Valentino is on the stage far in front of them addressing the huge crowd but both men at one of the back tables with the old couple pay no attention. JC rests his hand on his friend's shoulder and squeezes it as he hangs his head to keep the tears away. He will not cry in this place but it is becoming increasingly hard not to do so. A slideshow is underway and an auction will follow and most of the crowd is into it all. The main brunch course is served; Timberlake barely touches anything even though he was feeling hungry earlier at the gym. As much as he did not want to think about it, it is now a mainstay in his mind and he cannot enjoy the brunch. A braver face than before is needed simply to compete with his crumbling emotions. The couple glances their way a few times but it is meaningless and they both smile it off so as not to draw any more attention. Chasez flares quietly.

"He doesn't deserve you---the selfish bastard," his best friend remains low and hatefully replies.

"He's your favorite player JC," he lets out a quick laugh.

"No. Not anymore."

"Don't. Don't hate him because of me---"

"The ego on that sick son of a bitch! I have zero respect for him now."

"Josh stop!" Justin says firmly and attentively. "Why is everyone else getting angry but the one person who is supposed to be angry?"

"I'm---sorry. I hate what he did to you. What he's doing to you now."

"You don't have to hate him for me. I appreciate it but it won't help anything."

"What else happened? What else did he do?" Chasez asks, completely ignoring the last statements.

"I---nothing. I don't want to talk about it anymore."

"Alright. Are you going to be okay?"

"I---don't know. I loved him---I love him."

"Damn---" he trails off in an apologetic way because he cannot help his best friend through this.

The rest of the brunch keeps moving forward but he does not want to be here anymore. A small part of him does feel relief now that he has told someone else about his love and heartbreak. He sips from a glass full of water and looks out the window again wondering how he is going to get past Kobe Bryant. He has wanted to call him so many times already to talk him and see him and make love to him. Justin knows his body is still quivering for that touch and stroke and for those full lips to drag over every inch of his body. Goosebumps surface all over his skin and he is unaware when both his blazer's sleeve and shirt sleeve slightly ride up onto his arm. A watch tries to hide it but does a very poor job of doing so. JC looks at his preoccupied friend at a loss for words to say. He does not know what to say to comfort Timberlake. Then he notices it and has to find out what is going on. It was a mistake.

"What happened to your wrist there?" he former bandmate asks while subtly point to the red ring around his now exposed wrist.

"Stop. Not here okay---"

"Justin---tell me. He hurt you?"


He moves in closer to Justin and says between gritted teeth, "So why the fuck is your wrist red then? I'm betting the other one is the same way too."

"He grabbed me---and---pinned me against the wall," the young star painfully rehashes. "That's it."

"That's---it? Did he hit you?"

"No---no! He would never hit me."

"But he would grab your wrists so hard that it leaves marks. Do you think that's okay?"

"Can you please drop this Josh?"

"Is that okay Justin?"

"No. No alright. Let me deal with this my own way."

Everything was done prematurely. The greatest advantage of keeping it all to himself was that he would not have to answer a constant barrage of questions and defend himself and Bryant's words to each other. But that is gone now because JC is making him relive every painful word and memory attached to his brain and in such a public place. He is not sure how much longer he can hold himself together under this intense pressure to keep up a façade that kills him inside. But this is healthy and it has to continue. Falling into a depression or worse now will only prove harmful and emotionally distressing. Justin looks around to see many of his peers engaging in private conversations with one another or laughing or simply paying attention to the stage. Kobe left a deep void inside him that has sucked in and destroyed his trust and love and passion. All that remains in getting even. And it will be done.

Timberlake wants to hurt him back. And it is not healthy or right but he will take care of himself and his rapidly manifesting emotions in his own way. But it is not him talking; the pain is unbearable. He overhears fashion designer Valentino inviting the room to his exclusive yacht for an on-the-water party off the coast of Spain early next month. It is to celebrate his new forthcoming collection for spring and sounds like a dream. Only the most worthy gets invited to these types of elite fashion parties but the heartbroken star will not be on the water. Chasez looks at him and smiles because he is at a loss for words again. Delving into every detail is still his instinct but this public place forbids and restricts him from asking the more hurtful questions. It is a blessing. He can tell that his best friend is trying with everything he has to keep himself whole and it is critical. The event looks to be at its end now.

"It looks like the brunch is almost over," the former bandmate says. "Let me talk you home."

"What---no? You have to leave."

"I don't want to. I need to be here now."

The R&B star contemplates briefly then, "No Josh. I have to be by myself---I'll figure out everything on my own. Please---don't change your plans for me."

"But Justin---"

"I'll be fine."

"Okay. I need you to do something for me then," he seriously asks.

"What is it?"

"I need you to promise me that you won't let him talk to you. That you won't let him persuade you to go back to him. Don't let him back in J. Don't let him take advantage of you again."

"Going out with someone while knowing he's in a serious relationship? You think I could do that? That I would do that Josh?"

"No---it's just that you're raw and so hurt right now. I don't want you to make a mistake you'll regret later on. And even talking to him would be a huge mistake J."

This lecture seems out of place and completely out of bounds. Lines are being crossed at his expense and even though it comes from a good place, it is still not warranted nor deserved. The young megastar easily nods his head to end their conversation altogether and hopes that everyone involved gets the same message. The successful brunch is in its final stages with neither of them catching more than five words throughout the entire thing. Chasez checks his cell phone and looks quietly around to see people getting up and making their leave. The elderly couple announces their departure from the table as well and the room is rapidly clearing out. Everyone has so little faith in him; they seem to think the worst of him. It has all become an impossible race to win. Justin checks the time and rubs the back of his neck as incalculable kinks now reside there. Then the silence at the table between them breaks.

"---I---have to go. The car is waiting," JC unwillingly relays.

"Oh. I should get going too."

"You'll be okay Justin. You're one of the strongest people I know. He never deserved you."

"Don't say that. He really did make me happy Josh. I don't know what I'm going to do---" Timberlake regrets it as soon as it comes out.

"I want to stay more now. Let me---"

"No. I have more things to take care of. I'll be fine."

Silence follows until, "Okay. Remember what we talked about though. Don't let him get to you---"

"Yeah---I got it."

"I'll talk to you soon."


Both men embrace in a warm friendly hug before parting ways for neither knows how long. JC looks back at him and smiles right before he walks out the door and into his awaiting car. The crowd is still heavily guarding the exits so he stands back near the same window as before and waits for it to thin before leaving. Timberlake only wanted to come here to leave himself, to forget the mess of his love life but there seems to be no escaping it. Rehashing all those bitter words and stinging emotions truly makes it real and over now. It is relieving on some level but angst surpasses it tenfold. Kobe seared his insides and his heart is burned so badly that it must be charred black. After about fifteen minutes the crowd dissipates into nothingness he makes his move for the door. Justin retrieves his car keys from the valet and opts to walk to it even though the Sun is scorching. He gets in and speeds off.


Downtown Los Angeles is buzzing with excitement and thriving on life and many people are out eating or going to clubs or just relaxing with loved ones. It serves as a painful reminder everywhere he cares to look and the time passing does not make it any easier. Nightfall brings out bright lights to the sunny state and the air is nippy but still comfortable. Spring is eagerly approaching to fight away the frostbitten winds that once reigned supreme. Yet another industry party to attend to keep his name in the papers and on the tip of everyone's tongue. It is no longer enough to have a number one album with the first three singles reaching the promiseland anymore; it is more about personal life and appearances to remain on top. In the business today true talent is rare and a luxury but sex appeal and catchy lyrics run rampant and make so many that do not deserve fame become infamous. It is sickening.

Timberlake drives well within the speed limit, something he rarely ever does, early in the night to get to where he needs to be. The A-list décor of The Vanguard serves as the backdrop of the night's festivities and he is unsure of who is going to be there. JC is gone but their conversation from Valentino's brunch earlier is still stuck inside him. It was a mistake to talk about anything and especially to bring it up outside their, his privacy zone. He was especially careless when he revealed the red marks around his wrists. That was the whole purpose of wearing the suit, to hide it, but it eventually failed and he had to explain one of the hardest parts of his life so far to his best friend. There was a small part in his mind that Kobe was going to hurt him and even rape him. It was such an emotional and confusing moment that he really did not know what to think. All he knew was that he was scared.

These thoughts must clear his mind to keep his façade healthy once inside the club. Strobes of light swathe against walls and the ceiling and opposing floor. Cameras outside catch his exterior perfection and that is all that matters. Timberlake orders a simple virgin cranberry juice from the bar and takes in deep within the crowd. He is really in no mood to party so hopefully a secluded table in the corner will favor him. Music crawls all over the walls and thump into his eardrums as he crosses the dance floor. He meets a few producers and industry people along the way but spots a table in the far off distance that will be worth it. The way he sees it, he already made the appearance and the media already knows of his presence so now he just has to sit back and relax for a few hours until he can go home. Justin realizes that this is good for him to get out but it is still not accepted deep inside. The dark will help.

Kobe Bryant steals all his thoughts away and still makes his lips quiver with the yearning for their touch. It is so selfishly him to do so but these all-consuming thoughts have to stop. They will lead him down an even harder road that will make it almost impossible to recover from. Something is growing inside him. Though he will never admit it, the black hole sucking and swirling inside Justin wants revenge. Bit and pieces of it are shattered into his blood and the poison is vastly spreading over his body. He wants to hurt him back as much as he is hurting right now. He has to. Again, the young singer is caught up and lost in his thoughts to even pay attention to the outside partying world around him. It is dangerous to have these thoughts but Timberlake will deal with his hurt in his own way. It may not be the best or healthiest way but it is his way. Unbeknownst, a tall blonde walks up to the table.

"Timberlake---hey man," the sexy Chad Michael Murray looks down at him and greets.


"You alright?"

"Huh---yeah. I'm good. Just thinking---about what I have to do for the rest of the week," the former N*SYNCer lies.

"Always working hard. So how are you doing?"

"Good---good. You?"

"The same. I was thinking about you---after everything you know," he trails off.

There is no answer. No immediate answer will be given but his mind is fast at work thinking about what can be done. What has to be done and then is all floods into his bloodstream like ice cold water. The perfect way; the perfect opportunity has just presented itself. Timberlake remains solemn during the course of their brief conversation. This scene is becoming too far away for him and he wants to go home. Chad feels slightly awkward because the answers are short and questions barely return. It is a forced conversation on every level and he starts to wonder if he did something wrong or if he said something offensive. A large digital clock across the dance floor displays the time of a few minutes after ten but it somehow feels later. Increasing amounts of people are entering the club because now is supposedly when the actual party is starting. Justin looks over to him and then away to confirm.

"You ready?" the megastar asks.


Both men stand up from the table and leave their forgotten drinks behind to try and navigate through the packed crowds to the outside of the club. The R&B crooner starts his car and reverses out of the parking space before driving around and waiting for Murray to do the same. Once their cars create a link with one another, one is following the other; they leave the party behind and head out. The night's sky is dark and artificial lights illuminate the way. He follows closely because even though he has been there before, he vaguely remembers it. Justin pulls up to the large steel and waits for them to completely part before he drives through. The engine stops and he remains in the driver's seat with his hands clutched against the wheel thinking. Chad pulls up behind him and the lights are blinding so it brings the singer back to the front of his house. This is really going to happen. And he is letting it.

His tongue is forceful and whipping inside the One Tree Hill star's mouth and fighting with his tongue for a needed dominance. He has to be in control tonight and from now on. Losing it only results in raw hurting and significant damage internally. He tries to nonchalantly push Justin off of him but he does not seem to pick up on the hints. The kisses are so harsh and his body is pressing him further into the door than humanly possible and the pressure is beginning to hurt him. But it is too good. Even though it is hard, the singer knows how to kiss and his taste is one of a kind. He feels his lower lip being bit and it is pleasurable as the nibbles continue on and makes him even more lost. This is different. Timberlake then bites down harder in his quest for ultimate dominance and to kill his resonating guilt because it has to die. His love for Kobe Bryant has to die and it will happen tonight. It has to.

"Oww Justin---" Murray lowly exclaims after putting up a strong struggle to break their lips free.

"You know you like it," and intoxicated former N*SYNCer replies back.

He is not drunk on alcohol but rather power. And it courses through him. He knows this man in front of him is ready and willing to give it up to him and has been this way for a long time so now all he has to do is reach out and take it. Take what has been offered to him for so long but he was too busy being honest in his relationship to give it a second glance. Now that the relationship has gone to hell he can make himself feel good by completely dominating someone who obviously wants so much from him. It is almost laughable. Timberlake's selfish attitude and need to please only himself and his severely battered ego will be his downfall all over again. But he needs to feel good right now. And drowning out the guilt and hurt will help him forget. The stud Chad Michael Murray licks his lower lip and tastes the irony liquid and realizes what it his. Justin bit his lip open and now he was bleeding.

They are still so close together while he is still against the front door and trapped by two powerful forearms. He looks into the former N*SYNCer's eyes to search for something to give him answers to the questions he has. The many questions. This is not the same person that he knows; the man he kissed that one night and it felt so right. Before anything else is thought Murray feels his lips being assaulted once again with the same harshness as before. It is wrong but right at the same time. No more interruptions or hesitating. Justin sticks his tongue back into the other blonde's mouth and removes his fists from the door for the first time since coming back home. His strong fingers rip the buttons clear off the shirt and they spill in all directions on the floor. Murray can only look on as his once intact shirt is now on the floor near his feet. He is slightly scared yet enthralled by it all. Confusing emotions.

Chad's huge pink nipples are in view and the kiss stops and goes down his neck and chest until a willing tongue swathes over the sensitive area. He tries to rest his hands on the R&B star's shoulders but the latter instinctively grabs and pins them on either side of him against the front door. His nipples instantly become erect at the wet and warm sensations and he closes his eyes in ecstatic bliss. Then Justin bites down on the nipple protecting his heart and he screams out at the pain. But it keeps happening because his hands are still bound to the door. The hunky actor winces from the pain but his dick is the hardest it has ever been and is hurtfully pressing against his jeans. He looks down as Timberlake is moving lower and lower on his body but then he springs back up to attack his lips once again. Murray feels his arms released and then two fingers entering the front of his pants to drag him away.

The former boybander and now apparent sex fiend pulls his very soon to be conquest into the nearby den and less gently pushes him onto the sofa. Eyes connect together in the heat of their passion and before the night is over both of them will get burned in completely different ways. But those thoughts have to conceal themselves away for the night to progress. Murray closes his eyes as his lips are taken again and his muscles are ravished by scratching fingers and a need for supremacy. Something is whispered into his ear and the actor runs his fingers down his naked chest to his belt buckle. It twiddles and clanks before becoming free and he unbuttons his pants and uncomfortably wiggles out of them. Timberlake gazes carefully at him as he strips completely naked right there in the den in front of him. It is a sight to behold but he does not appreciate it. His mind is focused on getting revenge.

Justin stands up in front of his naked prey and looks into his eyes before, "Strip me naked."

"---Okay---" comes the confused response.

Eyes never dare to move as the handsome One Tree Hill star sits up on the sofa and begins the unbutton the shirt in front of him. His fingers fumble on a few of the buttons but the shirt finally slips away from the body it clung too and lies helplessly on the ground to be forgotten. Piercing intensity flares deep behind Timberlake's crystal blue eyes as he continues to hold their gaze, even when Chad quickly stands up to remove his tank top. When he sits back down familiar clicking sounds are heard as the one remaining belt buckle comes undone and his zipper is pulled low. It displays itself in almost a derogatory manner and neither of them is sure if it is supposed to be so or not. The singing megastar lifts up one leg at a time for his jeans to be removed and then does the same for his boxers as well. Both men are naked now and their staring has become harder and more burning. It is wrong but right now.

After naked silence Timberlake says aloud, "Suck me."

Murray nods at the blatant request and moves in slowly until he puts his lips around the standing man's hardening dick but stops shy. His hand extends and grips on to the base of the blood-engorged organ as his lips rest mere centimeters from the thick pink head. He looks up to see the R&B crooner still intently gazing at him, almost impatiently, and he easily moves closer until his lips rest on the head to taste him for the first time. Then he jerks forward and Chad almost chokes at the rapid intrusion and immediately moves his head back. Another look happens before he puts his mouth on it again and starts sucking at his own pace. The hotness envelops his stiff rod and feels like heaven on Earth. Revenge is best served hot and without any regrets. Justin grabs either side of his Chad's head to hold him in place while he swings his hips back and forth. His dick enters and leaves his mouth at a rapid pace.

Something is different in his eyes as they look at each other while the act proceeds. It is like he has to prove something or is running away from something. The connection between them is forceful but the young actor wants him so bad that this is all overlooked. He has wanted Justin for a long while now and the sudden change in their relationship raises no red flags in his mind at the moment. The back of his throat is raw and sore because of his rough and forceful strokes and then he pulls out and pulls him up so that their eyes face each other. A harsh kiss occurs and remnants of blood stay on their lips. Murray is guided back onto the sofa and closes his eyes when his rigid pole is devoured. His nose and lips are tickled by the bush of dirty blonde hair at the base of the One Tree Hill star's throbbing manhood. He sucks hard and wraps his tongue around the entire width to solicit moans and grunts.

"Turn over," the low demand follows when his mouth is free.

"Uh---do you have condoms?" he returns a little uncomfortably.

"No. You'll be fine."

He does this and his knees and thighs press into the sofa awaiting the next move. Like a slick panther, Justin prowls up on the sofa and gets behind him. His strong but not overly muscular back is in view along with his slim waist and evenly rounded butt. The perfect specimen of male. And he is here offering himself to be taken in such an unconventional manner. Like a common whore. Murray looks back and their eyes catch one another as his legs are being spread apart for the inevitable. While this is not his first time with another man he is scared deep inside because he knows it is going to hurt. The rough kisses and sucking are indications. The songster rests his closed fists on either side of his lover's body and in between his arms for support. Then the intrusion begins; slow at first. He arches back from the tingeing pain but screams out in agony when Timberlake completely slams into him.

There is no warning and it burns and is ripping his insides to shreds but he hit the spot during the first deep thrust. That special spot and seems to make all the pain vanish and replace them with multicolored stars. He uses his forearms for the support as he plows into and out of his new lover. It makes him feel good. The singing megastar hovers over his back and rests his forehead on the back of Chad's head. His short hair spikes and pricks against his forehead for a while until their lips crush together forcefully. It still hurts because of how jagged he is being but it feels too good to be an issue anymore. Justin pulls his own lips away before resting his lips on the back of the other man's neck. It is the only sincere moment thus far but it turns into a distant memory because his teeth clamp down into the back of his neck. Murray shoots his neck and head up in the air and howls out at the bite. This is his prey.

His rock hard dick grinding against both his stomach and the velvety fabric of the sofa threatens to take him away. The fact that Timberlake is also hitting his most susceptible spot more frequently does not help him hold out for much longer. He picks the pace even further and plunges rapidly into him before pulling out equally as fast and repeating the process. The warmth and tightness of Chad's insides has him going crazy for more and the need to even the score is completely blinding so he is lost in so many ways. Rushing down this wrong path seems to be the only way to go. Both men grunt and moan blissfully from their bodies being connected as sweat drips from Justin's chin and chest onto the sexy actor's back. He too is feeling close because of the heightened sensations and tightly constricting insides of the man below him. He groans when he feels more pressure on his throbbing organ than ever.

"Uh---Justin---I'm close. I'm close," he repeats in between breaths.

"Turn around. I want to see your face."

It is an odd and awkward request to blatantly state at such a time but he extracts himself just quickly enough for Murray to turn around so that his back is now resting into the sofa. He stabs back into the warm and tight orifice after lifting his legs and resting them both on his shoulders. His eyes are closed and his mind is stinging with emotion and regression as the sex almost comes to an end. It is all so close to ending and coming back to the aftermath. Justin falls on top of his body and bites on his neck while grinding their abs together to bring about his climax. The warm skin on skin contact is another new sensation that Chad instantly becomes addicted to and his dick pulsates in between them. The sticky white juice shoots up his prickling sensitive rod and spews out to smear both their flat stomachs and chests. He grips tightly onto the sofa as cum continues to splatter everywhere. It is sin.

The R&B megastar feels intense pressure clamping onto his turgid dick after he gets up to let his lover recover. Cum is on the middle of his chest and part of his nipple and it slowly slides down his sweaty alabaster skin. The new tautness torments his shaft over and over until he can no longer take it. Timberlake pulls out quickly only moments before he explodes all over Chad's deflating dick and lower abdomen. He grunts and moans while slowly coming down from his sex-induced high and his dick is draining the last of its warm liquid. The he falls onto the One Tree Hill actor's body and shuts his eyes to regain some strength. Skin is tingling and hearts beats out of their respective cavities while both stay still and recover. Justin becomes alert when a pair of arms wraps around his body and he senses the top of his head being kissed twice. It has all ended and questions will form. With hard answers.

Light strokes follow up and down the young singer back while his eyes are still closed because he is still coming down from his ecstatic bliss. A struggle inside wants him to keep the sensations forever but it is impossible and then it all diminishes. It is truly over now. Their abdomens are sticky from a mixture of musky sweat and drying cum and that scent fills the air around them. That of sex. Chad kisses his forehead once again but is uncomfortable because his body is sore. His neck hurts where he was bit and his lower abdomen is sore and tender and raw because of how rough Timberlake took him. Right here on this sofa. His sphincter feels slashed. He doubts he can move much if even at all but lying here staring at the ceiling gives him so much time to think. The red flags that were forcibly drowned out before are reemerging stronger than ever. Thoughts form themselves into coherent reasons.

Right now is where the actions of his failed attempt at revenge begin. As soon as he climbs down from his ecstatic gratification it hits him the hardest. The love he has for his ex boyfriend. After the sensations are over Justin's head just crashed into a brick wall and he is lying on the floor in his mind looking up at swirling memories that play tricks on him. The first time they kissed in the car under the rain. The first time they had sex in Detroit. Kobe was so gentle and sensual. He wants so badly to kiss him and touch him and make love to him. Now is the most inopportune time for these flashbacks to be happening but Timberlake's body is telling him that he still love the baller so much. He still wants him and wants them to be a couple again. After being intimate with Chad forces him to come to this realization; another reason why sleeping with the handsome actor was a mistake. Yet another.

He then realizes that he has seen this side of Justin before but only once. It was that night at the bar when he did not know he was destroying himself by lashing out at others and not taking care of himself. This is the only plausible explanation for his rough behavior of only a few moments ago. He is not a rough man; it seemed like he wanted, or was desperate to overcompensate for something and it makes sense that he would need to be in control. Murray looks down at him and wonders why he is thinking all of these things. He wants him so bad. To kiss him every day. To wake up next to him every morning. But not this way. It feels off. There is a big void and disconnect between them now even as they are touching. Justin finally lifts his head but does not make eye contact as he gets up and scratches his head. He rubs his face in his hands and his body feels disgusting with musky sweat and dried cum.

"I'm going to grab a shower. You want one?" he asks to the room while still avidly avoiding eye contact.


Silence befalls the room as the actor slowly gets up from the sofa and sucks in all the pain. The bite is inflamed and feels like a burning hell as he follows the other man out of the room and up the stairs to clean up. He struggles with the stairs but the pain is easily going away; he has not been with anyone in quite a while so it almost feels like his first time all over again. Justin enters his large room first and walks over to his closet to get towels for them both. Murray looks around the beautiful room and thinks that this is where their first time should have been rather than downstairs in the den. But what is done is done and he does not regret it yet. The bed is neatly made and everything seems to be in its perfect position. Timberlake tosses to him a large towel and drapes one over his own naked shoulders before heading off to the master bath. They will be showering together. Maybe answers can be here.

The former boybander walks into the shower first and turns on the water to cleanse himself of his act. The other stays behind and rifles through the medicine cabinet to find a bottle of extra strength Tylenol and pops three into his mouth. Then he walks into the shower to find this god in front of him. He has his back turned and his soaping his pecs and abdomen as water ripples down his sinewy back, getting lodged in every small muscular gap and chasm along the way. His wet short hair springs forth in every which direction and his swimmer's build leaves so much more to the imagination. Chad just stares, awestruck, while the singer so innocently cleans himself with a bar of soap. He feels like a voyeur stalking his prey while they do one of the more intimate things in the human race. The hunky blonde's dick guides him close behind Justin and he plants a kiss on the back of his neck to secure it.

"Not right now---" is the response he gives without even turning around.

"What's wrong? Not ready for round two?" jokes the other star.

"No. I'm almost done anyway."

"What? Already?"

"Yeah. I'm just going to shampoo my hair," Justin finally turns around to face him and say.


"I'll have some clothes waiting for you when you get out."

"---Thanks---" Murray looks into his eyes not knowing what to say or do.

He closes his eyes and lathers his hair with shampoo and then rinses it off before applying conditioner and repeating the process over again. The cool water hits his skin for the last time and he easily slinks past Chad and exits the large shower. Where he and Kobe Bryant made love on more than one occasion. The place now holds bad memories for him. Just like the car and the time in Aspen. There is still a closet full of brand new clothes for him there. He wonders what will happen to it now. Timberlake wraps one of the large towels around his waist and runs his fingers through his wet hair before leaving the bathroom. The soft water sprinkles on his head now and drops further down and he grabs the same bar of soap to clean himself. This is not at all how Murray expected this night would turn out and so many questions are in his mind now. But the shower will be his only concentration until then.

The high is completely worn off now and he is starting to see remnants of his old self returning. It may be slow but no matter how hard he tries to be someone else or exhibit characteristics that push him to the limit, there is always a point when he starts coming back to who he truly knows he is. And guilt riddles him. He only slept with Murray to quench his need for power and to be in control. And in some ways he felt like he was getting back at Kobe for Vanessa but that is not the real reality. That is his convoluted distortion of reality that he felt at the party earlier and when he brought the actor home for his selfish purposes. Justin slips on a pair of boxers, track pants, and a tank top before sitting on his bed to think. To absolve himself. This was such a bad move that he is unsure of how to talk his way out of it. Maybe it is his punishment for being so overly arrogant and selfish with his desires only.

"Hey---how was your shower?" Timberlake questions when he sees the other man emerge from the bathroom with a towel covering everything.


"I left some clothes for you in the closet."


His eyes follow Murray into the closet until he disappears to get some clothes back on. Alone with his thoughts again proves to be more defaming because of how despicable he behaved. He took complete and pure advantage of the situation just to make himself feel better. The breakup from Kobe Bryant is hurting him more than he initially led himself to believe. It is down in his soul; a part of the unseen entity is ripped and fragmented beyond repair at the moment. And Justin fails to acknowledge the immense pain and deal with it appropriately thus causing the lash out. Thus causing the need to control the scenario earlier and being so curt throughout it. And even when they were taking a shower together not even five minutes ago. As hard as he tries not to let his emotions rule him, the singer always gives in and does the wrong thing. Sleeping with his friend was the wrong thing; the wrong way.

"Sorry about your shirt---" Justin apologizes softly when the other man emerges from the large closet with his clothes on.

"It happens," he smiles that signature smile of his though he is clearly uncomfortable of what to say or do next.

"How are you feeling? I know I was---"

"---Rough? I took some Tylenol earlier."


"You were in the shower."

He sighs and looks away, "So you're feeling better now?"

"As good as can be expected,' Murray replies and sits on the very edge of the bed ever so gently.

"Listen---uh. I didn't mean to---"

"---What is this? I mean---what are we doing? Is this going to go anywhere?" he interrupts and fires the barrage of questions that have plagued his mind since stepping into this house.

They are so far away from each other on the bed and neither has their eyes on the other. The questions should be expected after his eerie behavior downstairs in the den but he is taken aback by them. Maybe it is the bluntness in which they were asked. Or that he is now in the precipice of a new relationship he knows he is in no way ready for. Either way, Justin freezes at the mouth because he does not know how to even begin to answer those hard questions. But Murray deserves answers to it all and so much more. Unclear intentions from before have been made clear by their body language and the turn this conversation has taken. He does not regret having sex with the sexy young actor because it felt amazing but he truly regrets and is deeply sorry for the context in which the act. Timberlake's eyes roam around his room as if looking for writing on the walls. Writings that will never be there.

"Why---were you so rough?" his singular question rings deep inside Justin's head.