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Chapter Forty

~*~ Turn Their Backs to be Defenseless ~*~



"Hello mother," Justin halfheartedly greets as soon as he bonds the phone to his ear.

"Hi honey. How are you?" Lynn warmly asks her son.

"Never better. You know me---nothing can keep me down."

"That sounds like sarcasm to me."

"Maybe---maybe not."

"Justin---I know you're still upset about how our conversation ended the last time we spoke."

"Why do you think that?" he inquires.

"Because you haven't picked up any of my phone calls since then. And I can't even imagine for your father---"

"---We're not talking about this."

"When can we talk about then Justin? I'm tired of walking on eggshells around you because of something that happened months ago. Your father has been calling you to apologize and try to fix your relationship but you refuse to talk to him. You're acting like a spoiled child."

"I don't have to keep that promise anymore!" Timberlake snaps out of place.

"What? What are you talking about?"

He misspoke because that comment did not belong there or to her. The singer remembers that night in Aspen where Kobe was telling him to talk to his father to work everything out. A promise was made but now he wonders if he should keep it because their relationship is destroyed. He should not be accountable for keeping the promise if Kobe Bryant broke his heart; there is no obligation anymore. But then his mother is right. He is being selfish and spoiled by completely shutting his father out of his life. It may be time to try and patch things up for the sake of what is remaining of his sanity. Justin cannot expect acceptance but reopening the lines of communication between them would create an emotion and feeling that has been missing ever since that hard smack all those months ago. It is time to stop this fight and move on with his life. With or without his father's approval now.

"Justin? What's going on son? What did you just mean?" his mother sounds more concerned now.

"Huh---nothing. I have a lot in my head."

"I know you're dealing with a lot---"

The former N*SYNCer interrupts under his breath with, "---You don't know the half of it."

"Honey you can't keep going on like this. Do you want to end up in the hospital again? Like the last time---"

"Don't bring that up mother. Not now---"

"You're falling into the same pattern just like you did before. You're avoiding the issues you need to work out and shutting yourself away from the world Justin. Away from the people who love you and want to help you."

"No I'm not. I'm fine."

"No you're not. I know something else is wrong because I spoke to Josh."

"You spoke to JC about me? Why would you do that?"

"Because you were avoiding me and I had to find out what was going on with you. If you were taking care of yourself---"

"Stop it!" Timberlake snaps.

It is such a violating feeling and he is scared that too much information could have possibly been leaked about him. Information such as his relationship and love for Kobe Bryant or about the red rings that were on his wrist for a couple of days after. An overwhelming sense of betrayal fills his heart but he remains calm because he has to find out what she knows. What JC told his mother about him to warrant this turn in their conversation. A slight adrenaline rush takes him over but he still fights to suppress it and dig for information. The questions have to be precise with room for little errors in the answers. Even after their demise the baller is still such a big part of his life and he hates it now. It was welcomed and completely appropriate when they were together but now that they are over, all ties should be severed. Justin remains silent until he finds the right question to ask. But he wants answers.

"What did Josh tell you about me?" he cannot resist the obviousness.

"You're dealing with something I know it. I've known it but he just confirmed it for me."

"Confirmed what mother?"

"That something else is bothering you besides your father. He said that you had a lot on your plate to deal with but not much else. Don't be mad at him son. I called him wanting to talk---" Lynn trails off but threads carefully.

"He had no right to tell you anything. And you had no right to call him asking about me. Nothing's wrong. What I have on my plate I can deal with. I can handle it."

"I worry about you Justin. You'll---"

"---Well don't. I can take care of myself."

"Yes. Yes you can," his mother says with a hurt tone embedded deep within her voice.

Timberlake sighs to try and clear his mind and then, "I will talk to him. I'll try okay."

"He loves you so much. You'll always be his son."

"I know mom. Listen I have to go. Something's come up. I'll talk to you later."

"Okay honey. I love you."

"Love you too."

Even though he does not want to he has to. It is his father; he deserves a second chance or at least an opportunity to make it up to his son for all the nasty things he said and did that night. And it has nothing to do with fulfilling the promise he made to Kobe Bryant. He is out of Justin's life for good so there is no obligation, no question, or no lingering feelings there anymore. That part of his life has to be closed from now on because leaving it open to look back on would only be foolish and irresponsible. He will not do that to himself anymore. Forcing himself to be upset with JC minor betrayal is counterproductive as well because he does not need to be involved in an argument right now. Now is really the time to focus on himself and allow his heart and soul to heal before he can even think of looking for someone else. Timberlake has to properly heal his insides to be okay. He is damaged.

The basketballer drew emotions out of him, made him feel so many new things that he has to become accustomed to not having them in his life anymore. But the road does not seem nearly as bleak as it did yesterday or the day before. As much as the young singer hates to admit it the world will go on no matter what has happened to him or what he is feeling. Even though he wants it to stop completely on its axis to allow him the time to cope and heal, that will never happen so it is best not to get swept away in the Earth's rotations. That will only cause a new set of problems he knows he is not mentally strong enough to handle right now. Justin leaves the great room behind and heads for the stairs to head up to his room. A shower will feel so good against his raw skin right now but he decides against it and instead stands outside the balcony of his room. The warmth of the Sun kisses against his light skin.

Strong gusts of wind try to blow his short hair in all directions but miserably fail to do so. The Sun is secretly concealed behind heavy gray clouds now but rain in not upon them yet. The sensations against his body are intoxicating and addicting as his mind is floating millions of miles away. He has done some bad things in the recent past in order to even the score. But it accomplished nothing because there never was a score to even or surpass. What happened between him and Kobe should have stayed between them but he knowingly and spitefully brought Chad Michael Murray into the wreckage that is their crashed relationship. Justin, now thinking with a clearer head than before, realizes the huge mistake he made by sleeping with the actor. Now by all accounts, the friendship he had grown so used to is gone. Ripped away from him like a stolen memory. That early morning plays in his head.


Questions rang inside his head as he sat on the bed but that one stayed down deep. They were sitting on opposite sides of the bed with Justin at the head and Chad close to the foot. He was supposed to be prepared for the questions but hearing them being actually asked threw him sideways and he had to be careful of what came out of his mouth. There was no way he could explain what was going on deep in his mind or what the true meaning of this night was but he had to tread easily to come up with a plausible reason as to why they were both there in his room and on his bed. Murray did not look at him but instead looked away not sure of what to think or if he even wanted to ask any questions again. The silence said more than either of them could at this point; this was not what he expected were they to ever end up together like this. So he just remained quiet hoping that the singer would say something.

"I---don't know," Timberlake said while he looked at him.

"You're not the same Justin I know. At least you weren't when we were downstairs."

"I---am the same---" he felt like he had to defend himself.

"No. There's something inside you. Something---"

"Why do you say that?"

"You may not have felt the connection downstairs but I did. Our bodies weren't the only thing connected," Murray lowly and almost scathingly answered back.

"I did feel the connection---"

"---Just not as strong as I felt it."

"Chad I don't know what to tell you. To say."

The `One Tree Hill' actor did not even begin to comprehend what was going on. He was the rebound of a very volatile and revenge-seeking Justin Timberlake. The latter had yet to admit his indiscretion as he only barely just acknowledged it to himself. But he did not deserve that. He never deserved to be treated this way as the night turned out to be a huge mistake and regret to him. Chad's innocence and hints that he wanted what happened to blossom and go further only masked his naiveté about the situation. It was unbearable to face him, to look at him after what he did. The former N*SYNCer remained still at the head of his bed as he fought with himself on how he should begin to explain himself, if at all. All the lies would falter and fall around him. This was his worst fear and he knew that it was going to happen much sooner than ever later. And he deserved every bit of it. For being this way.

"---I'm not myself. Something's wrong with me," he began.

"What do you mean?" Murray's head snapped back so that he faced him.

"Power. Control. I wanted power and control."

"I don't understand---"

"I wanted power and control over you," the R&B crooner hung his head and looked at the blanket covering his bed as he said this.


"Something inside. It craved power after---" he stopped.

"---After what?"

"After I lost my power. I had to get it back."

"Justin I'm not understanding what you're saying," Chad inched closer to the center of the bed but his mind set boundaries because bad feelings bubbled over his blood.

It was true. Everything. The Los Angeles Laker took all his power and control the moment he found out about Vanessa. The hardest part was standing there as all his will and power and love was forcibly drained out of his body and instantly evaporated into the air surrounding him. He had no strength to fight it because he was broken; it was like an out of body experience as he stood clear on the other side of the room and watched all the essence drain away from his is disappear. Murray was looking at him intently waiting for answers that that might or might not ever come to fruition. But questions had to be paired up with answers and they had to figure out what was going to happen between them. He just decided to remain quiet until Justin was ready to be more forthcoming with answers. A little part of him was scared inside at what he was hearing. Something was truly troubling Timberlake.

"I'm so sorry Chad. I should've never brought you into this---" the apology was full of remorse.

"Brought me into what Justin? Tell me what's going on---I'm really worried now."

"You were there so took advantage of that."

"You took advantage of me?" Murray grew more uneasy and his stomach started to hurt.

"I needed your power. That control. I used the power I had over you to get what I needed."

"What power are you talking about?"

"I know you like me. I used that against you so I could regain control of myself."

"---And did you?" the question has to be asked.

"No. It was all wrong."

"I don't understand any of this. You slept with me to find yourself?"

The sultry actor had every right to be upset as his tone rose with his last words. But it was all sounding like a jumbled mess and he could not understand what was being said. He did not understand what pushed Timberlake over the edge and what was in his mind that made him believe that lashing out this way was okay. They looked at each other from time to time between the awkward silences but their eyes never remained constant. This was not a clean break. He only had the power while doing the act itself but as soon and the sexual high wore off, everything disintegrated away and left nothing behind but guilt and regret. It was so late in the night and they were both tired but Chad wanted to have this conversation now. Justin was not expecting it to be like this but nothing was going his way in his life right now so this was no different. This was a mistake he had to own up to and be responsible for.

"I'm sorry---" he repeated.

"Stop saying that! Is that what this is? You had this in your head the whole time?"

"What do you mean?"

"I knew something was wrong when I saw you tonight. You were different, even when we were talking. But I ignored it. Stupid me."

"Chad---" the former boybander trailed off for no apparent reason.

"---What? You saw me there and everything fell into place didn't it?"

"It wasn't like that. I---"

"---Bullshit! You just said so yourself. You took advantage of me Justin."

"I know and I'm so---"

"---Sorry? You think that's going to fix anything? You used my feelings for you against me. How could you do that to me Justin? Answer me!"

He stood up from the bed and expected answers. Answers that would never come or be incomplete because the former N*SYNCer was incomplete. As much as he loved himself and was a singular and solitary person, Kobe Bryant completed him and complimented him in every way. The man was under his skin and occupied a large portion of his heart. Their souls were somehow intertwined on the most primal and visceral of levels. The forced split was causing the severe lashing out that he could not seem to control. Hurting other people around him who genuinely cared for him just to make himself feel better. A false sense of security and an empty heart was the only result of his actions. Chad continued to look at him with a dark flare in his eyes to try and keep hidden his true pain and devastated desire for this man. The blackness from outside was creeping further into the master bedroom now.

Chad felt so many things running deep inside him that he did not know how to react to them all. He was not sure what to do. He was reluctantly drawn into a game where he got badly burned. This was not how it was planned or supposed to be and the singer was offering a lot of words but not an official explanation as to why he did this. Hey stayed standing by the bed but looked anywhere else because his body did not want to move. He was drawn to Timberlake. His looks. His personality. Who he was. Or at least he thought so. The person he thought he knew and was friends with would not do what the person in front of him did. And then not have a proper explanation for his actions. Murray crunches up his fists as if he wanted to fight. Justin sparked this rage within him; he treated him as if he was just a notch on his proverbial belt. That was the most infuriating aspect of this evening from hell.

"I---don't know. Something just came over me and---"

"---You're fucking lying Timberlake! You knew exactly what you were doing when you saw me tonight," Murray's blood was boiling over and his mind clouded with anger.

"I didn't."

"You knew the right words to say---the right things to do to get me back here with you! Try and deny it---"

"Chad listen to me---" the singing megastar tried but was cut off again.

"---No. I don't know who to be mad at---you or me. I was the pathetic fool who fell for your game right?"

"No. It's not like that. You're not a fool. I am---for doing this to you."

"I thought you liked me Justin. I really thought so."

"I do. I do."

"So why the fuck would you do this to me then? Treat me this way? Is it how you treat everyone you like?" he spoke loudly and with more flare.

"I'm sorry. I was stupid and---"

"Stop saying that! You're not sorry. If you were then you'd give me the real reason why you brought me here and fucked me. Not some bullshit story about power and finding yourself!"

"I can't," Justin said as he looked down to his bed once more.

"Of course you can't! Liar! Fucking liar Timberlake!"

That was enough. The anger was slowly dissipating away because pain and hurt were taking its place but he was not going to be around for that. To give him that satisfaction. He had to get out of there before the forced emotions overran him. But his anger was still very much prominent and he did not want anything to do with Justin now. The `One Tree Hill' actor enforced their eyes together and kept them locked while he did what was necessary. He stripped the shirt away from his body and tossed it on the floor so close to the bed. Then he pushed the pants below his narrow waist and got out of them before throwing them away too. Timberlake looked on, a bit confused, as Chad lowered the pair of his boxers and threw it away like dirty trash as well. There was no satisfaction here and it would be the end. End of the lies and the manipulation and the friendship. Not when he was this way. No longer.

"Damn. I really liked you Justin," were his last words.

The R&B songster, too stunned for words, could neither move nor respond back. Chad turned around and left the bedroom and walked his naked form throughout the house until he found the den where it all happened. The place that robbed him of his friendship and any possibility for a relationship. He quickly found his pants on the floor next to the sofa and put them back on. He gathered up his fragmented shirt along with all the rogue buttons before he searched his back pocket for car keys. Timberlake had made his way to the very foot of the staircase to see the partially clothed actor about ready to leave. He sat on the last step and said nothing because there was nothing to say. His guilt was eating away at him now and the regrets deeply formed inside him. The remains of Murray's shirt were stuffed into his front pocket but there was still a small trail of the fabric that only ended right below his knees.

A shirtless Chad Michael Murray walked out of the large mansion with his keys and phone in his hand into the darkness of night. Cool air instantly bathed him but he did not dare stop or look back. The jeans reached low on his well built torso as he pressed a button to both open and start his car at once. The quicker he got out of this place the better. The hurt and upset star got into the driver's seat and slammed the door shut behind him. Timberlake had since moved to the frame of his front door and helplessly looked on as yet another relationship of his was ruined. And this time it was no one but his own fault. Selfish desires and hidden motives led him to hurt someone who once genuinely cared for him. It was all his fault. Chad shifted the gear into reverse and backed out of the driveway and onto the dimly lit street. Of course no one was outside to see what was going on. He did not look back and sped off.


Silent voices echo in his head when he is alone and thinking outside by his pool. The sky is darkly clouded and the Sun is nowhere in sight as the crooner has his feet drowning in the water and looking through the gentle chlorine waves deep in thought. The light blue water hypnotizes him as he thinks about Kobe and also what happened with Chad. The last few minutes in his bedroom and then downstairs at the front door were so intense that he cannot forget it. The look on the handsome actor's face and then how he walked semi naked out of his house. And then never even bothering to look back. Timberlake sighs as he wonders which way to go now and how to begin repairing his friendship. That dark place in his mind seems to be growing and getting stronger. As hard as he tries to fend off the negative feelings and emotions there is always the chance he will succumb to them all again.

The gray clouds swirl above and threaten to spill water all across the land as he tries harder and harder not to slip further into his depression. A change of scenery is something he needs to clear his head and shift his priorities from his sinking personal life to his thriving professional one. Jive wants him to go overseas to make appearances for the upcoming rerelease of his sensational album and now he is starting to consider it. Timberlake was originally reluctant about the idea at first but revisions to his mind have been made and he needs desperately to get away from the States. But he makes another promise to himself that he will not let work replace his broken heart. Everything will be dealt with because he refuses to be embarrassed on the world's stage again. The star has his bags packed and waiting by the door for tomorrow. He needs a new outlook and direction to focus on. And here is not the best place.

Night draws behind the Sun and Justin is rummaging through his refrigerator to look for something to eat. He is feeling too lazy to make anything and just wants something simple. When he was outside by the pool he had time to think about his father and all the things he wants to say to him. They will have to talk eventually and he decides to do it after he returns from Tokyo. The Japanese love him and he is just going to live the single life for a while. Kobe has been his boyfriend for almost a year and a half and it has all been a lie. He has been living a lie for so long that it is a strange sense of relief to be out of it now. The former N*SYNCer both welcomes and hates that small part of himself because it does not allow him to mourn his relationship. It almost seems to simply trivialize Kobe Bryant and his love for the basketballer even though his feelings were completely true. They still truly are.

He settles on a small sandwich and then goes to take a shower before getting some rest for the night. What hurts more now is the fact that the relationship he once thought was perfect and stable turned out to be tragically flawed and heartbreaking. These are the last thoughts he has before drifting off to sleep. A slight crescent Moon seeps silver light onto the floor and partially on the bed. The Los Angeles Laker is still deeply embedded in his heart and some thoughts on occasion and even has him wondering if he loves him more than he loves her. A competition that neither will even win. Justin turns slightly in the middle of his bed until he finally settles down to fall asleep. Everything is weighing down so heavily on him that a small trip might get him mind away from his problems. Even if it is for work. Timberlake leaves another day behind to wake up to a brand new one. Maybe it will be better now.

The limo is in his driveway early the next morning to whisk him away from the United States. He put his phone on silent last night and sees at about two in the morning someone called him. He called him. Justin ignores it after getting up and getting himself ready to leave. It stung his heart to see Bryant's name on his phone but he cannot stop to think about it right now. The driver is taking his suitcases to the limo while he walks around the house to see if everything is in place for him to leave. He is using Jive's private jet for the trip so he will be able to bypass customs and the ticket counter altogether. Jive clients are only allowed to use the company's private jet for work-related trips so he has used it a few times before in his career. The young singer remembers his days with N*SYNC and how much fun they all had on the jet. Back then he was so far in denial that nothing bothered him. Running.

Jumbo commercial jets and spacious hangars surround the sleek black limousine as it drives onto the tarmac and up to the immaculately painted super jet. The heavy clouds still condemn the sky as he steps out onto the vast airplane field and looks around once before heading up the stairs and into the aircraft. Luggage is loaded in and the captain and co-captain formally introduce themselves and inform him that they are ready when he is. Los Angeles will soon be a distant memory for a while. Justin sits down on one of the hand-replaced leather chairs and closes his eyes to regain his nerves. He wonders why Kobe would call him so late at night. Maybe something is wrong. But he cannot go back there or cannot bring himself to talk to the basketball superstar. Timberlake nods as the co-pilot passes him by and their eyes meet momentarily before he buckles up to prepare for the long flight.

Japanese fans take their obsession to a whole different level than United States fans. Maybe because they seem to come out in bigger groups but that really is not it. And while they are tremendously fanatic, they are still very polite and courteous to guests in their country. After the almost seventeen hour flight he is exhausted; even though the private jet is like a luxury hotel in the sky, being confined is very tiring. The songster steps out into Japan's night at Tokyo International Airport and breathes in the fresh air. A black car is waiting to steal him away from the night. He wants to accomplish many things while here so that he can prove to himself that Kobe does not have every last strand of his power. But getting carried away is not an option and he will not allow that to happen again. No matter how many times he travels overseas, the jetlag always disorientates him for the first few hours.

The hotel is in the heart of the city of Tokyo and all the shining lights and tall buildings remind him of Los Angeles or Times Square in New York. He thought this exact same thing when he first came here with N*SYNC so many years ago. It almost seems like a lifetime ago now. And then he feels slightly guilty that he has not kept up with the other guys from their group. Everything is so complicated and he makes it even more so. Timberlake enters the suite on the top floor of the building and tips the bellhop after all his suitcases are brought up. He walks around because this is his first time staying in this hotel and finds his way outside upon the high balcony. The city is in his immediate view of course but beyond the concrete landscape he can make out mountains in the dark background. Morning will come soon but the star needs rest. After hanging the `Do Not Disturb' sign on the door, he falls asleep.

Uneven breaths and deep desires tingled against his skin when fingers touched him. Or lips brushed against him. His eyes opened and closed involuntary in silvery darkness while the gentle sheets caressed his hot, naked skin. Rough but powerful hands stroked his inner thighs and followed outward to either side of his body before continuing up to his flat stomach and even further. An index finger rested on his chin at first but is then coldly snatched away in the night. It returned with the tip covered completely with white fluff. The substance protruded forward about half an inch beyond the finger and it returned so close to a pair of shady pink lips. Timberlake opened his mouth and sucked on the finger, licking all of the white cloud off of it. He continued to taste the finger on his tongue as silent moans came from the other man. He looked so innocent and damned sexy sucking on the finger.

"Do you like that? How does the whipped cream taste?" Kobe Bryant's silky voice asked him.

"Uhuh. It's your turn."

Outside was a white wasteland with snow blanketing every inch of land as Justin sat up in the moonlit room and reached over to the bowl full of whipped cream on the nightstand next to the bed. He brushed his index finger over the top of the mountainous cloud and sexily pushed his boyfriend on the bed to straddle him. His chocolate skin glowed and bathed in the moon's light and he opened his mouth to accept the advancing finger coated with the cream. Now the roles were reversed and the basketballer was sucking the finger while their eyes never wavered from one another's. He dipped into the dessert topping again while still straddling his man but this time he ran his finger in a zigzag fashion across Kobe's chest. Timberlake lowers himself so that he was at skin level and followed the drawn out pattern with his tongue. It dragged along his dark skin slowly to sinfully create goosebumps.

Bryant jerked up lightly at the sensation but closed his eyes to lose himself in it. His hard dick was pressing against his boyfriend's ass so he started grinding into him. He repeated the process with the whipped cream but this time it was over his nipples and ridged abs. The former N*SYNCer sexily licked it off from everywhere while he felt hotness envelop his finger. This was creating such an addicting and gratifying mood that neither cared about anything else right now. This moment was their own and nothing or was going to ruin it. He began to feel the intense pressure jabbing against his lower body and it only added to the distraction more. Kobe licked his index finger and kissed it before resting it on his lips and leaving it there. He wanted this man on top of him in the worst possible way. It could never be possible for one person to desire another more than he desired Justin at this moment.

"Come here---" his tone was now husky and raspy.

The Los Angeles Laker formed their lips together in a ploy as he regained the top and moves down his boyfriend's body quickly. He kissed the very top of Justin's pulsing dick and then moved his lips around the head to suck on it. Fingers grazed and scratched against his hips and thighs to enhance the mood while more pleasure rippled through his insides. Kobe's head moved up and down, taking the entire length in his mouth and treating it like a delicious popsicle. Hands rested on the back of his head and pushed him down further to heighten the bliss shared between them. Timberlake looked down at him to see his man's eyes closed and his mouth surrounding his hard pole sucking and blowing. Pleasure between two lovers could not get more intense because they loved each other so much. He was safe here and was safe in their love. Nothing could even come close to touching them here.

The R&B crooner positioned his body awkwardly but comfortably to lick the darkly pink head of his boyfriend's neglected dick. The sucking became in sync with one another's as they continued to please each other's most private organ. Desire strangled both of their souls despite snow blasting against the windows of the large master bedroom. A heavy snowy fog covered outside and dropped the temperature even more but it was plenty warm in the room and on the bed. Timberlake went down as much as he cold without choking and he massaged the low-hanging balls in his hand. Kobe grunted in his mouth and licked the underside of his man's throbbing pole, following his tongue from the base of his balls all the way to the tip right under the slit. He wanted more. They had to be connected again, for the fourth time today. Justin turned him into a crazed and obsessive sex fiend at contact.

"Round four. Are you ready?" the baller could no longer hold his passion back.

"You'll tie up the score—two apiece."

"You won't win this game JT. It's my turn to score," he winked devilishly.

Again Bryant found his back against the comforting sheets and his private singer was straddling his lower waist, sitting directly above his agitated manhood. A sly smile hung off of his face as he waited for it all to happen. The connection they shared deserved to be explored again, for the fourth time. A deadlock stare told him that he would be the one initiating the first move so he slid his hips lower into his boyfriend's crotch. The tip of his dick pressed against Timberlake's ass and he braced himself before starting to go down even further. Eyes were still connected as he grabbed the base of his chocolate basketballer's dick and lowered himself onto it. They both smiled instantaneously when penetration occurred and there was no pain now. Kobe rested his huge hands on either side of his waist for the support they both needed and then watched as his entire manhood disappeared deep into his lover.

He was so big that it could not have been comfortable for Justin the first few times to handle him. But that was so long ago and now he experienced only pleasure from the beginning. They had grown so much as a couple; they had each other's virginities. This stability was rare in most relationship but they had it and it felt like they were meant to be together. No boundaries of sexuality. Or of color. Or of love. Justin rested on his lap for a split second before starting to pleasure himself on his man's long pole. Hands remained around his waist for support as he closed his eyes and was taken away by the thrusts. It felt so right. The Los Angeles Laker shooting guard plowed upwards into him and closed his eyes too to enjoy the moment. Enjoy the time in their world together. Timberlake's insides felt so warm and rigid but they fit together perfectly. It was meant to happen this way. Meant to be.

The former boybander arched his back and rested his hands on his boyfriend's shoulders as he brought himself closer so they could kiss. Tongues slipped in and out of mouths and his heart was racing faster than his body could pump blood. Bryant's hands roamed all over his back and butt, squeezing the latter lovingly as he continued to penetrate him. It was neither unnatural nor immoral what they were doing or feeling. It could never be. The thrusts were more demanding and powerful but still tender and warm. They embraced and Bryant broke the kiss to attack his neck with his hands still running up and down his back. Justin threw his head out in ecstasy and looked up at the ceiling when he felt teeth against his neck and his butt being grasped again. One of his hands wrapped around Kobe's neck and the other rested on the top of his head as he enjoyed the ride. His dick begged for notice.

His sweaty alabaster skin glistened in the pale moonlight as his body drove up and down on his dark lover's throbbing dick. They were making their own heat to power their own little world. Lips crushed together and their bodies were in perfect sync, making the friction created between them addicting and never-ending. Kobe freed one of his hands from his boyfriend's hips and grabbed on to his attention craving dick to please it. He watched the singer face's while his hand was wrapped around his dick and plunging deep into him. Now their bodies were in perfect harmony and he looked so far gone on pleasure that it was almost unimaginable. Kisses, sucks, and gentle biting enhanced the mood further and both felt it was nearly time to be overcome. Timberlake moaned but grunted loudly when he felt Kobe thrust harder into him, hitting his prostate in the process. He almost begged for more.

Bodies were quivering for them to go deeper and faster. He had to touch that special spot with every thrust so the eruption could happen. Bryant kissed his jaw and whispered sexy words into his ear when they picked up the pace in the undying effort to reach climax. If it was together then it would be even better. He nibbled on his ear and ran his other hand through his dark blonde hair with Justin using his own hips and legs for support now. His body bounced up and down and they both groaned because the inevitable was so close in their reach. The basketball legend increased the speed in which he stroked his boyfriend's now aching dick and their lips found a way back to each other's. Timberlake felt like he was about to melt under all the touching he was receiving; he felt that way almost every time Kobe touched him or kissed him or licked him. What they had could never be wrong. Never.

"Uh---I'm close Justin," his strong voice delivered out.

"Wait---wait for me. I'm almost there."

"I don't---think I can. Uh. Damn!"

The basketballer was shaking inside because he was forcing himself to hold on but he was sure he could not. The sex always managed to surpass any of his expectations and he could easily admit that Timberlake was the best sex he has ever had. The sex between them was wonderful but when they made love, it was phenomenal. It made him have these emotions of security and warmth and most of all love. When they were together, nothing else truly mattered nor did he have any desire to think about anything but Justin and ways to make him happy. It must be what true love felt like. There was no denying it. Kobe sucked on his tongue while they kissed and all his barriers broke down as he was flown over the edge. His highly pleased rod throbbed out thick ropes of the sticky white liquid deep into his lover. An immediate shudder blanketed his body as he enjoyed the raging orgasm. It was over.

"You---didn't wait for me," the former N*SYNCer pouts and pants as their friction was falling apart.

"---I---tried. I couldn't."

He tried to thrust but all the blood was flowing out of his dick and made it harder for him to do so. He was spent though he kept stroking his lover to bring him to climax as well. His dick popped out and had a moment to relax while the singing megastar jerked his body in anticipation of the sweet satisfaction. Not long after he felt himself close and then cum rushed up his shaft and spurted out onto Kobe's gripping hand and flat stomach. He rested his head on the baller's broad shoulder and allowed his softening dick to be milked. Both were out of breath and bathed in the afterglow of their actions. Timberlake felt a bit sore but did not dare move them from their position because it was perfect. Him sitting on his lover's lap and their lips locked together in heated passion. Bryant reached over to the nightstand and stuck a finger into the whipped cream and then brought it to his boyfriend's lips.

Justin so seductively licked the long finger clean until, "Wow. That---was amazing."

"It's amazing how you lick my finger," he smiled.

"Shut up!"

"I love you. Being with you is---"

"---I know. The score's tied now," the young crooner said as he reached his finger into the bowl of white clouds to feed his lover.

"Um---uh. Yeah baby. I don't know what I did to deserve you but I plan to spend a long time figuring it out," Kobe let his true feeling be known once again.

"You might figure it out one day. And if not, I'll have fun watching you try."

"I want to stay like this forever."

Twelve hours of sleep manages to dissipate almost all of the jetlag from his body but the time adjustment is always the hardest. He will have so many things to do today and so many people will want to see him so he must get mentally prepared for that. It is already late in the afternoon and tomorrow will officially start his business here but getting prepared early never hurts. He has to be in the mindset to be Justin Timberlake and he will not get caught up in himself or his work again. The singing superstar orders room service because his stomach is growling and walks around the large suite to the bathroom to shower. He does not remember the dream with Kobe Bryant and one of the many blissful nights they spent in Aspen. Most of his dreams worth remembering he never does. This is perhaps a good thing because he has to get the basketballer out of his mind and his heart. As hard as it is to forget about love.

Timberlake strips naked in the supremely clean bathroom and opts for a shower instead of the jacuzzi tub. He does not feel like lingering under the water for some reason; maybe it is because he is starving. He steps under the lukewarm water and wets his body first before finally dipping his head under the spout of water. His body is mostly adjusted to the time switch and he is sure that once he eats, everything will be back to normal. The calm atmosphere is definitely different here from back in the States and it is a welcomed change. Justin runs his fingers through his slick hair and massages his scalp with shampoo. A bar of soap is grasped in his other hand and running up and down either side of his body. And just as rapidly as the water shot out from heaven, it is robbed away and he steps out of the walk-in shower to dry off and change. Timing must be perfect because there is a knock at the door.