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Chapter Forty-Four

~*~ Retracing Wrong Moves ~*~



Fingering the cross allows him to feel closer to someone he so desperately wants to forget. Many nights are spent touching the diamond encrusted jewel around his neck wondering why everything took such a horrible turn. But no matter what the singing megastar does or feels he cannot bring himself to take it off. Or throw it away. Or even hate it. It still adorns his neck and he has never taken it off since it was placed there in Aspen so long ago. Justin lies in bed with the moonlight stroking his naked alabaster skin and reflecting off the diamonds from time to time. Everything in his life either seems to be a lie or in ruins to no one's fault but his own. It is easier to blame everyone else though, especially him. The bad boy is still in control and is only getting stronger and more resentful inside him. A little innocent part of Timberlake wants to move on and forget but it's overshadowed by blunt power.

His girlfriend Jessica Biel will be back in a few days and she will want to see him. He has been the perfect boyfriend; always calling to talk and check in and generally making her feel that she is the most important thing to him. It has to be believable by all involved and then he will be hurt. Having a hard time falling asleep at night is just a small sacrifice to make for his plans to be complete. And even with the cross around his neck, Timberlake cannot help but to keep doing the wrong thing to get a convoluted point across. Laying in the dark and quiet room forces him to perfect his plans even further to get the whole world in his back pocket again. Using her to get to him is the only thought in his tunnel vision. Justin yawns and wants to sleep but his phone vibrates on the nightstand next to his head. He does not pay attention to it at first until it breaks out into sound. It is picked up far too carelessly.

"Hello?" he speaks into the device without even checking the ID.

"Hi Justin---" that longtime familiar silky voice greets back. "How are you?"

"Kobe? What---what are you doing?" Timberlake's stunned words fumble out.

"Um---talking to you," the basketballer lets out a little laugh and states the obvious.

"What---why are you calling?"

"To see how you are."

"Why?" he is at last able to get a hold of himself.

"Do you have to ask that? I miss you. Miss hearing your voice."

"No. Stop it. I'm going to hang---"

"Justin please----don't go."

The urgency in his voice shoots through Justin's heart and he stops thinking. The four words stay with him when the line gets silent and he cannot talk or even make a sound. Kobe says it again but it is to complete quietness because he is trying to untangle his mouth to say something back. His voice sounds the same and the words are familiar but newer and stronger. There is a sense of need and longing riddled somewhere deep inside the baller's voice. Something is there but unearthing it to talk about is a task Justin is not up to. Curiosity goads him over the edge and even though his mind is telling him to hang up the phone and try to make a clean break, Timberlake stays on the line and clears his throat to make it known that he is still there. But then second thoughts shadow him and he is confused all over again. But this time the outcome of his internal deliberation is different. It has to become known.

"I---don't want to talk to you. There isn't anything else to say."

"I know what I did was wrong. It was a mistake and I'm sorry," Kobe tries to tell him.

"You've said all this before. Why are you calling now?" Justin slightly sits up on his bed and questions his ex lover.

"To hear your voice. To see how you're doing. To tell you I miss you. So many things."

Do you expect me to miss you back?

"No. I don't expect anything Justin. I'm just trying to talk to you."

His voice is honest but, "Are you at home?"


"Where's Vanessa?"

"---Um---" the Los Angeles Laker stumbles over the question. "She's sleeping."

This may have been a mistake to call but impulses could not be controlled. He believes it will always be awkward talking to Justin about Vanessa and as much as he would prefer to keep them both separate that is almost impossible now because they are both so much a part of his life. It was only a passing delusion to believe that he could keep them both on opposite sides of his heart and never have them mingle. The ulterior motive for this call is deceptively devious though. Kobe wants his former lover to push him even further away from what they once shared. As much as he loves Vanessa, he knows he is not ready for marriage and he is hoping that Timberlake's harshness will ultimately push him over that invisible barrier and into marriage with his high school sweetheart. But he will say nothing because Justin does not deserve to be used and hurt that way. Not that way again. Silence.

"Shouldn't you be with her? There's nothing left for you here---" he coldly states.

"I know I messed up things with you. I just want you to be happy. That's all I've ever wanted for you J."

"Are you really saying these things to me?"

"What do you mean?"

As much as he wants Justin to push him away and into Vanessa's arms, he also wants to kiss him and hold him. This is not the most thought through plan he has had and he does not want to continue it anymore. In fact, Bryant wants only to cut his heart open and pour out all his feelings for Justin as a gesture of how much he loves him. Something that drastic is needed if he is to ever even expect forgiveness but that cannot literally happen so he is stuck. Hearing his voice makes him forget about his girlfriend and the expensive engagement ring he has recently purchased and is having custom made for her. Kobe stays quiet and is still on his downstairs great room sofa away from any listening ears. The mansion is darkened and quiet while she sleeps upstairs in their bed. He really should join her but dangerously addictive impulses keep the phone glued to his ear and forcing the conversation further.

"Let me ask you something---" the R&B superstar randomly says out of nowhere.


"Were you planning on telling me?" his voice has some emotion for the first time this conversation as the bad boy is pushed aside. "Ever?"


"I thought so."

"No. It isn't like that," Kobe tries to salvage himself from drowning in his own words.

"What is it like then Kobe?" Timberlake remains calm and asks.

"I---don't know. I'm---"

"---If I didn't find out we'd still be dating? Is that what you're trying to say?"

"Yes because I love you. I love you so much it scares me Justin. I wasn't expecting it to be anything serious and especially wasn't expecting to fall for you the way I did. I'm crazy about you."

Extremely pissed now Justin steams, "How the fuck can you say all these things to me knowing what you did? Do you lie to everyone you love?"

"No! Of course not! It was---is a complicated situation---"

"Don't give me that bullshit! You would've kept sleeping with me all while knowing there was someone else I would never find out about. How could any decent person do that to someone else?"

"I didn't call to upset you Justin. I just wanted to talk. Please---calm down," the shooting guard tells him sincerely.

"Fuck you! You can't tell me what to do anymore!"

In an almost hysterical manner the singing superstar severs the phone call and throws the device against the dark wall to hear it crash and then fall to the floor. He promised himself never again to let Kobe Bryant get to him or to make him this upset but he cannot help it. His face feels hot in the dark room and his naked body is starting to lightly sweat. Deep breaths try their best to relax him but he wants to hurt Kobe so bad. He wants to make him feel what he is feeling now, what is hidden behind all the anger and resentment. Timberlake looks around in the dark and his eyes focus on the path his cell phone took just a few moments ago to its destruction. Of course the carnage is not visible to him even against the pale light of the Moon. After a few hundred deep breaths he is able to bring himself down and the light layer of sweat stops wetting him. It is not supposed to be like this. He should never have called.

Justin lies in bed once again and looks up at the high ceiling above him thinking about the conversation and secretly hating himself for letting it go on for as long as it did. His heart is still beating slightly faster than it should for someone who is about to go to bed but the effect will not be everlasting. Words were able to take him in and destroy all his self control so he lost it and now his broken cell phone is the direct result of that. Thoughts tumble in his head but the only one the singer can make out is to snatch the cross away from his neck and throw it far, far away. Maybe then he can he can move on with his life or at the very least forget what once was. But no matter how hard he tries to get rid of it, Justin can never bring himself to take it off. Even now with the rage inside of him the piece of jewelry still creates a warm memory for him. It will stay on. Not long after he coasts off into slumber.

Mere moments after his eyes open to see the new day his mind remembers the conversation of the past night. The singing superstar turns from his side so his eyes are facing upwards and looks to the bedroom's sky to find answers. His mind is full of thoughts that he wants to throw so hard against the wall and watch them die. Timberlake wants to throw his love for Kobe Bryant so hard against the wall that it will break and die once and for all. Watch it scream and bleed out into death. A crushing weight lands in the middle of his chest and grinds him deeper into the bed. This weight will not go away until he manages to move on. Or get even. And getting even is so much easier. Justin's eyes focus on a solitary point of his high ceiling and he is transfixed. Hopelessness washes over the bed and the overwhelming feelings of rage forces him nowhere else but to break down. Unfocused rage.

Crystallized tears roll one by one down either side of his cheeks and he is sure his cheeks and nose are some shade of red. His body has nowhere to turn to so he starts sobbing on the middle of his bed. The weight is hurting him more than he realizes and holding on to these resentful feelings is corroding away his insides. No relationship, no other person has ever made him feel such an extreme bliss of love and now the darkest void of anger and hate. Liquid drops keep falling no matter how hard Justin tries to wipe them away with his fingers and then back of his hands. Kobe is still able to make him cry even though they have been broken up for so long now. The progress he thought he made is completely out the window now. All the hard work only to end up in the same place as before. Timberlake attempts to wipe tears away with his hand and regain control of himself but his body against fights him.

It is some sort of punishment for letting things get this out of hand. This secret vendetta to get back at the chocolate basketballer and make him hurt is destroying him inside. Justin needs to let go of all his rage and forgive his former lover if there is even a remote chance of him moving on. His nose gets stuffy and with the intense tears he is sure that his eyes are already red now. Sheets ruffle softly when he sits up on his bed and rests his face into both his awaiting knees. The upwards fetal position keeps him close to himself and maybe no more damage can be done while he is like this. The lovelorn R&B singer sobs uncontrollably into his knees but it does not seem to help nor does his body want to stop anytime soon. Timberlake can barely make out the patterns of his sheets and blanket through his watery eyes and he sits there and silently cries to himself. Last night's conversation hurts so badly.

Bryant hurt him in a way no one has ever been able to; his betrayal cut so deep that the internal wound has not even started to heal yet. He is raw and scarred. Justin will never admit to the emotions so his body is forcing him to deal with it. But it is too much way too soon and he cannot stop crying no matter how hard he tries to. Tears slip down everywhere from his bare skin to the blanket and sheets under him. The dead and mangled cell phone goes unnoticed lying against one of the room's walls while light steadily streams in from the Sun. Outside is cloudy but rays still manage to make their way through the scattered groups. The day is already a mess in so many ways that it is best to stay inside and deal with these issues. Timberlake's skin is full of goosebumps and his once quiet sobs have evolved into whimpering and torturous sounds. He is bleeding out every one of his emotions on the bed.


A dark and rainy day is above the California skies when he emerges from the shower to finish drying his skin and get something on. He is going to be in the newspapers and on every blog by the end of this day so the outfit has to look good. A damp-haired Timberlake checks his new cell phone for any missed calls or messages but everything is clean. She is not close yet and their timing must be impeccable to meet up with each other. A pair of briefs slides up his waist until boxers cover them. It will rain at some point today but if all goes according to his plan neither of them will get wet. Justin fastens a pair of black slacks to his waist with a belt before fitting a button-up shirt over his chest and stomach. No hat this time as he wants himself to be known. It could turn into a dangerous mission but his plan has to be set into motion and they have to be linked together now. There is no more hiding.

What happened a few days ago will not be thought of again. The crooner refuses to let himself think of that night and then what happened the following morning. His body just could not handle it all and then hearing the baller's voice again made something inside him snap and he lost control of his own self. But the plan is back on and bad boy Justin is here to stay. That weak moment will never happen again. Justin finishes getting ready and runs downstairs to the kitchen. He grabs a small bottle of orange juice and when the new phone vibrates in his pocket he knows what it means. Outside is serenely calm with gray skies and no sign of the Sun. Across the street, his two elderly neighbors are sitting and rocking on their porch enjoying their morning coffee. He waves at them when he is outside and in front of his car and they acknowledge him back the same way. This neighborhood is a quiet one.

The personalized Lamborghini Kobe Bryant gave him is sitting on the corner of his driveway. Through his hateful emotions though he just cannot bring himself to get rid of it. It is the same principle that applies to the necklace. An idea pops into his mind and Timberlake runs back into the house to switch car keys. He suddenly feels the urge to drive the expensive machine and grabs the keys from the counter before returning outside to the cloud-covered sky. As easily as ever, the driver door slides out and up to gain entrance. This is Justin's first time driving the car since the breakup and he is unsure if it will start and function but when it does his uncertainty disappears. An unused engine brightly comes to life just like the first time on the airport tarmac in Colorado. He has to admit that he is impressed by it and backs out of the driveway too speeds off into his plan. A slight grin hangs on his lips for now.

Another text to the phone offers information as to where his girlfriend Jessica Biel will be standing so he can come and get her. Even though it is at a private terminal the paparazzi will still be there. They seem to always know his every move and he is depending on this today more than ever. It is still early in the morning and getting spotted at the LAX picking up the stunning actress will surely make it into the evening entertainment shows. She has no idea of his true motives and it will remain that way. Justin slows the Lamborghini into a parking spot and waits for his day to begin. Time moves by slowly and the plan is at a standstill until a mob of flashing lights and screaming people get his attention. Through flashes and bodyguards, the singer can see bits and pieces of his girlfriend so he unbuckles his seatbelt and gets ready for action. He leaves the car in the distance as he approaches.

"Who the hell are you?" a member of the paparazzi mob asks without even looking back when Timberlake tries to claw past him to get to the center of the media storm.

"Justin---" Jessica calls out and then all the attention focuses on him.

"Shit---it's Justin Timberlake! Are you two dating?" another yells above everyone as even more flashes blind them.

"Let her pass---" one of the beefy bodyguards says to the mob.

"It's a free country!" more paparazzi yell out.

"Come on baby---" Timberlake smiles. "Got you!"

"Where's the car?"

"I parked it. Figured this would be the easier way but I guess not," he lies to her. "Come on."

The paparazzi fall right into his trap and over hundreds of photographs are being taken as the newly outed couple walks the short distance from the airport terminal to the car. Pictures of them holding hands and pictures of very brief smiles. But it still is not enough so Justin stops them both in the middle of storm and pulls his girlfriend close into him. She is confused at first but it all melts away when he enforces a kiss on her. Blinding lights coat them entirely and this is the attention his plan craves. The kiss lasts for a long while before they finally part and continue walking into the garage. Bodyguards nudge nosy photographers out of the way for Justin to walk around to the passenger side of the car to open the door for Jessica. Suitcases pop into the trunk and lock tightly before he returns to the driver's side and gets into the sleek machine. This still does not deter the mob from snapping pictures.

"I will never get used to this," a flustered Jessica Biel tells him when they are alone.

"Don't worry. You're safe now."

Timberlake starts the car a moment later and easily begins to back out of the parking space, being very mindful not to run anyone over. They keep taking pictures and screaming questions as if they will somehow be answered. The pictures are all that is needed right now; no words or official statements. Pictures of them together will do all the talking globally. Once he has used them enough, the R&B superstar peels out of the garage and out of the airport. Inside feels of small nerves the closer they get to his house. Biel is on her cell phone dismissing her bodyguards until further notice and is telling her publicist not to plan anything for the next few days. Her hand rests on the armrest and Justin takes it as a sign to hold it so he does so. Both look at each other momentarily until his eyes focus back on the road. They are almost at his house. A place where he is unsure of what will happen.

Conversations are light and memories are vivid as she recalls her whirlwind movie tour to her boyfriend. He pays attention but his nerves are growing with anticipation the closer they get. Wherever things go today, he will have to follow them and see it through so as not to arouse suspicion. They have yet to let their hands go. The Lamborghini pulls into the exclusive neighborhood in mere moments and the swirling roads will eventually lead him home. Nerves cannot show now and he has to exude confidence. This is what he wants after all. His neighbors from across the street have since gone inside; it is about midday and the Sun is gloriously shining down on the planet. Jessica gets out of the sports car and looks up at the magnificent place. The gazing look does not cause a shred of guilt in Timberlake however. Suitcases are retrieved from the trunk and they walk up to the door. Into the unknown.

"Wow---this place is beautiful," she says while he retrieves the keys.

"Wait until you see the inside," Justin tells her and messes with the door to get it open. "Welcome to hotel Timberlake. I hope you enjoy your stay with me."

"I think I will," Biel laughs at the small joke and enters the grand house.

He totes all her bags into the foyer and closes the door behind them to grant pure privacy. She is looking around his place as he just stands back and looks at her. She really is beautiful but he has no interest in her whatsoever. She is no more than his formulated plan and there will never be anything true between them. He follows her into the kitchen and then throughout the other rooms of the first floor of the house. Justin forces the nerves away, fully aware of what he has to do to authenticate their relationship. He has no morals. He offers her something to drink and she takes some orange juice when they end up in the kitchen for the second time. Bryant is nowhere in his mind but he is the reason this is happening. The time is so close to regaining his power, his own self that the taste lingers around his lips and is making his mouth water with excitement. The taste of sweet victory. And his defeat.

"This is a nice place---" Jessica tells him after the makeshift tour is over.

"You seem surprised."

"I like being surprised by you."

"Is that so?" he moves closer and closer to his prey. "Well I still have some things up my sleeve that will blow you away then."

"Yeah? Like what?" they are so close to each other now with their lips almost touching as they speak to one another.

"Let me take you upstairs and show you."

He pulls away and takes her hand into his to lead her upstairs and to the master bedroom. Her soft hand holds on to his up the stairs and down twists and turns to the extravagant double doors leading to his room. The pair enters and Justin gently kicks the door shut with the back of his leg as they start kissing. It is sweet and kind at first but in no time the passion and lust begins to flow into him from her. It will help for the act he is about to commit. In a quick sweep, Timberlake maneuvers his hands to pick up his girlfriend and he walks over to the large bed. Jessica's loose hair spreads in every direction when she is rested down on the bed and their lips never stop. She cups him by the back of the head and pushes her tongue into his mouth. The singing star lets her lead but makes it seem as if he is in control. Biel needs to believe that he is into this as much as she is. That he wants it as much as she does.

She moves up more on the bed and her boyfriend straddles her hips while pinning both her arms onto the bed. She cannot move and he forces himself on her mouth again to truly get the momentum going. Justin is grinding into her with their clothes still being on and it seems to be working because he is getting hard. What is making it even more so is that he allows one of her hands to go free and she is groping and fondling him through the fabric of his pants. This worries him because he did not think she would be able to make him hard but all that doubt is gone now. Timberlake may be hard through his pants but he is not enjoying this sexual encounter at all. As soon as they kissed when they first entered the room he wanted it to be over already. But he has to do this for the plan. Getting back at Kobe Bryant is all that matters. He is completely consumed by it. And the day will come soon for it to show.

To kick things into overdrive Justin's hands roam over her breasts and softly squeeze them through a loosely-fitted silk blouse. She arches her back up into his touch more and fiddles with his belt to remove his pants. He leads their bodies down and around so that in one turn he is the one with his back into the bed and she is on top straddling him. Biel removes the first few buttons from her shirt making her bra exposed. Justin dives straight in between her cleavage and starts kissing her there. In an erotic way he feels her pounding heart pulsing against his lips when he kisses over the top of her left breast. Jessica moans at the welcomed intrusion and starts running her fingers up and down his clothed back. He fiddles with the remaining buttons of her blouse and she quickly lift up so he can get rid of the article of clothing. A black lace bra becomes the second barrier of clothing to be removed.

"Uh---uhuh! Yeah---" she moans out she feels dry kisses on her neck and ear.

"Take my shirt off," the former N*SYNCer commands suavely into her ear.

"Take my bra off," comes the counter with a seductive smile.

"Ordering me around already---you must be my girlfriend."

"Shut up and please me."

It takes a little work but Justin sees his shirt come off his body and tossed away to be forgotten. She touches the smooth skin of his chest and toned abs and back while he lets out a low grunt. Closed eyes take him away to the first time someone else touched him there. Touched him like this in this same room. Same bed. As much as he will not admit it to himself, the only way to get through this is to pretend. The singing megastar has to trick his brain to think that he is having sex with Kobe Bryant to make sure he can perform for Jessica. It is hypocritical and pure lunacy but this must happen as he is in no way attracted to her. His dick may have responded to her beginning advances but he knows it will not last so this measure must be taken. No one will know but him and he will work through it on his own. She touches his shoulders and arms and chest in an attempt to go everywhere. Kobe.

Timberlake reaches behind his girlfriend and unhooks the clasps of her bra to reveal her nubile breasts. They beg for attention so he squeezes them both and lowers his head to run his tongue over each dark nipple. Moaning becomes more consistent with his stroking and licking and he can feel his dick deflating between them both. When she touches him there it should spring right back up though. She toes her high heels off and kicks them off the bed and Timberlake does the same with his shoes. They thud against the floor and he frees up one of his hands to pull off his socks. Biel kisses the top of his head as he is paying attention to her chest; her nipples are becoming erect because of all the attention. Both socks are thrown onto the floor and the pool of clothing is almost complete. He wonders what Bryant would think if he saw this. He is drunk with revenge. Power is everything.

Things need to move on quickly so the R&B megastar moves down his girlfriend's body until his lips almost run into a cold belt buckle. It provides no challenge as it is easily tugged away and she is stripped away from her pants. A matching black lace thong comes into view and Justin starts thinking and hoping to see Kobe's throbbing manhood underneath its flimsy layer. Blood has to rush back there so he thinks hard about his former lover as Jessica unbuttons his pants to get to what they are hiding. Misguided lust and supreme thoughts meld together to destroy nerves and make his dick become active for its task. His pants are discarded as well as his boxers. Now she is in her panties and he is in his briefs but he waits for her to make the first move. His dick is beginning to fill out the front of his briefs and Jessica takes her hand and rubs on it over the fabric. Soft and smooth.

"Oh yeah! Dammit---" he tries desperately to get into it. "Take them off."

"Since you asked."

The beautiful actress hooks both her hands on either side of her man's narrow hips and pulls his pair of briefs down. Justin's dick flaps out and upward to gently hit his stomach and he can tell that she is staring at it. She then grabs it at the base and starts stroking his conflicting rod and turns the tables once again so that he is on the bed. This is not enjoyable to him but he needs it to be; he so desperately needs it to be for both their sakes. His semi-hard member starts to respond to the warm touch on it and begins growing to its full mast. All Timberlake concentrates on is his former boyfriend touching him there and straddling him and making him want more. Jessica moves down further and settles her nearly naked form right above her man's knees to position herself better to pleasure him. She replaces her hand on the hairy base of Justin's dick and strokes it lightly until she brings her lips closer to the head.

Her long hair falls and tickles against either of his upper legs and thighs as she puts the head of his dick in her mouth and begins sucking and licking it. He is still semi-hard but is slowly growing bigger and harder. The singer keeps a soft moan inside when his eyes are closed and he imagines being back at that cabin in Aspen on that bearskin rug in front of the fireplace. Being there with the man he loved so much doing things that felt so good. This is the only way he can get through this encounter and it may be dishonest but it is needed to fulfill plans. Biel's head softly moves up and down on his spit-slicked shaft as she tastes him for the first time. Timberlake does not put his hand behind his girlfriend's head because it will only ruin the mood. Kobe does not have long soft hair. The baller is the one sucking on his member and not the stunningly beautiful actress. Yeah Kobe! This keeps him fully erect.

The R&B superstar bucks his hips up and they bang against the bed before going back up again. He wants her to go deeper than she is. He wants to feel himself at the very back of her throat and wants his entire length enveloped in the warmth. Kobe was able to take all of him so she should be able to. Outside shines in on their bodies as she continues to bob up and down on his dick. He has no interest in pleasing her but he might have to in order to get to the final stage. So he pulls her up into a kiss and switches their body positions once more so this escapade can get moving and be over sooner than later. Justin's tongue trails and circles around her breasts and mover lower and lower until he stops at her panties. He has not done this in so long and now it seems so disgusting but it has to be done. Fingers claw away and remove his girlfriend's panties to render her completely nude now. And in his power.

"Yes baby! Touch me there---lick me there," Biel sensually instructs him.

"Whatever you say," comes the halfhearted reply.

"Do you have condoms?"

"Top drawer over there," he points with his eyes.

Timberlake is prepared for every single thing so their first time could go smoothly and memorable. For her at least. And he would never dream of having sex with her without protection so he bought a box of sheepskin gloves a few days ago in anticipation of this moment. Her thong underwear peels away easily and falls to the floor so he can get to work pleasing her. The images in his head cannot help him here but, pretending to be her sensitive lover, he drowns himself within her inner thighs and starts licking wherever his tongue can reach. I hate this. First it is her thighs and then right above her vagina until he gets to where she wants him to be. Jessica Biel arches her head and back up at the first damp touch of her most sensitive area. His tongue attempts to part each of her lobes to get to the center. All her fingers are clawing at the top and back of his head to persuade him to continue the sinful assault.

Both his tongue and one of his index fingers stab into her at various speeds and strengths to get her ready. His girlfriend's legs are closed around his head and her bare heels rest on his upper back as he is licking and sucking her. I used to---like this? As he pleasures her he is rapidly becoming less stimulated and his dick is becoming softer and uninterested in the activities his body is partaking in. To prevent this Justin breaks free of her legs to turn his body around so they can orally stimulate each other. Jessica's mouth immediately goes dives back into his softening dick without suspicion or incident. It should bring him back to his former hard glory. Her taste is salty but sweet at the same time it passes through his head as to how many men would kill to be in the position he is in right now. To have to beautiful starlet in their beds ready and willing to do anything. It still does not sexually satisfy him however.

"Grab the condoms---" the former N*SYNCer tells her after taking a break from licking.

"Too much foreplay?" she tries to tease.

"You just got me ready to go."

Biel stops sucking his pole and moves over to the corner of the bed to open the drawer of the nightstand and grab the protection. Justin positions himself at the top of his bed and rests his head on pillows while she rips the box open and produces a small package. Using her teeth, the Hollywood actress tears the paper and pulls out its contents all the while her boyfriend is jacking himself off to remain hard. The gorgeous site in front of him does nothing for his dick so he has to manually keep himself hard with thoughts and images of the past. She takes over with one hand while handling the condom in another. It is not long before the lubricated tube slides over his head and then down his entire shaft only stopping at his hairy base. Stroking continues as they look each other in the eyes. Timberlake cannot hold the gaze for long without starting to feel something he does not want to so he never keeps it.

"Ride me," he says. "Stay on top and ride me."

"That should be fun," Jessica kisses him and moves back to hover over his crotch.

He grabs her breasts and tugs at them to get her going and she grabs the base of his hard dick to make sure it stays point upwards before intercourse begins. Slowly as ever, the bombshell actress inserts the covered head into her vagina and moans at the intrusion as her insides shudder with anticipation. She has the sexy and sultry Justin Timberlake's dick inside her; so many women across the world would be so jealous. His hands rest behind his head on the pillow while she continually impales herself on him. Jessica moans and grunts as every inch of her boyfriend disappears into her warm cavern and she remains still for a second until it can no longer be tolerated. She wants him so bad so she starts to please herself on his rod practically all by herself. Hips jump up and down on his crotch and thighs as the ride begins. It feels weird and different but also disgustingly familiar. This has to end soon. It is no fun.

"Yes! Uhuh---yeah!" echoes bounce off the wall.

The R&B songster has his eyes tightly closed trying to take himself away hoping it will work. He imagines Kobe's long limbs sprawled on either side of his body. He imagines those big hands rubbing his chest and nipples and stomach while his basketballer boyfriend sexily rides him. It is the only thing that can get him through. Jessica's lips kiss his and then his jaw and neck and he allows it all while never opening his eyes. Yeah! Fuck me Justin! Make love to me baby! The well-known voice booms in his head as Bryant begs for it, begs for him to continue. Warmness forms between their bodies which allow friction to be born. He pushes up into her and she meets his thrust by going the opposite direction and their skin smacks against one another's. Biel holds onto his chest and arms and head while enjoying the ride. Her grunting and moaning is becoming annoying though. It has to stop.

Justin only opens his eyes every once in a while to make sure she knows that he is into it and her but every time he does so and fails to see Kobe Bryant on top of him, it makes him feel more rage for actually believing that he would be on top of him. His thrusting picks up speed and their intertwined bodies move as one for their first time having sex. Although his dick may feel the stimulation his mind is a lonely and jumbled mess. Jessica kisses him again and moans right inside his ear; the irritation makes him want this over even quicker than before. The day goes by and it is afternoon now and he wonders where Kobe is and what he is doing. But Timberlake forces his mind back to the log cabin and the many, many erotic nights he spent there. His pace quickens and soon he is so far in the zone that he cannot even hear her talking and grunting in his ear. It happens. I love you baby. I love you so much!

"Give it to me Justin! Uh---uh---uhuh---oh yeah. Yes baby," Biel drums out her ecstatic bliss into the room.

A tongue slips into his mouth and ravages his own without care or any afterthought. It starts becoming harsher; she starts becoming harsher while he continues to pump into her. At least his performance is not suffering from sleeping with a woman. But Justin so wants strong muscles to touch or experience Kobe's hard chest and chocolate nipples under his fingertips. His eyes open and close at set intervals to make it less conspicuous that he is not enjoying himself. Jessica's hair flies all over his face and chest when she passionately kisses him but he continues thrusting into her with his protected dick hoping that she will settle down soon. Moaning in his ear remains annoying and her tongue now running along his face bothers him to no end. Every straight man's dream fantasy is his horrible. His horrible nightmare and reality. She is ruining his fantasy. Damn! I have to shut her up.

Getting creative mid-thrust, the R&B crooner grabs onto his sexual partner's waist and firmly throws her off of his lower body and rod altogether. She hits the bed hard and looks up for a sign but is quickly turned around so that her breasts and stomach are lying flat into the bed. Biel moans at the roughness and when her boyfriend climbs on top of her lower half to enter her from behind. She squeals out when the warm head of his dick penetrates her vagina from behind and moves lower and lower to get it all in. Justin rests his hands on either side of her curvy body to support his upper body and starts pounding into her while his mind is extreme miles away. Legs intertwine and his bushy base brushes up against her smooth ass with every single thrust. His plowing is fast and increasing rapidly because he wants this over already. Timberlake does not even bend down to kiss her ear, lips, or neck.

"Yes---that's it! Give it to me baby! Uhuh---uh!"

"You like that?" the songster asks as if he cares for the answer.

"Yeah---uh! Faster! Harder---uhuh! Like that!" the actress wholly lets herself go.

Justin does as she requests and bucks his hips faster and longer to reach her spot. He knows every time he hits it because her skin quivers and she grinds back into him furiously. Eyes close this time for good because it needs to be over. Biel's breasts slam and crush into the soft bed but this goes unnoticed as waves upon waves of pleasure are being delivered inside with each pump and she starts clawing for anything her fingers can reach. An intense orgasm hits her and she wets the sheets under her but keeps going because she wants more. Her boyfriend is unaware of her orgasmic bliss as he is imagining Kobe Bryant under him and that they are making love and not just having sex. Sex with the basketballer was wonderful but when they made love, it was like worlds colliding in a frenzied passion that neither could ever get enough of. This thought alone will eventually put him over the edge.

She sits up a little and meets his thrusts as their bodies work together to create more heat and friction. The former boybander feels himself getting close and knows that opening his eyes at this crucial point will only destroy all his progress up until this point so he keeps them firmly shut and his mind focused on Bryant's sensual ass. He wants to get in there again and again. Their sex and lovemaking was always amazing. He imagines that lean and toned body with his strong hands and arm muscles. Fuck! That chocolate brown skin and his chocolate rod that he knew how to use so well. And then there are those serene and beautiful eyes along with those dark pink lips. Damn! The lips that he first tasted when they were in the Lamborghini together under the pouring rain. The lips that could never quench his appetite. Timberlake thinks all these thoughts in his mind and then it happens finally. Damn!

"Uhhh---yeah! Yeah baby! Yes!" he almost screams out as he shoots ropes of cum into the condom while still thrusting.

"Uhuh Justin. Keep going! Keep it up baby!"

He obliges with his strokes although they are becoming more difficult to keep up as he is losing blood rapidly. He tries and goes the distance until his girlfriend hits her third orgasm and then he pulls out and drops onto the bed besides her to catch his bed and rest for a moment. It was an intense orgasm that she did not cause but he will never tell her that. Jessica looks over and inches closer to him to kiss his cheek and neck but neither says anything. Their highs are now starting to wan and their bodies are coming back to them. Justin keeps his eyes closed and feels so dirty and faintly guilty about what just happened. He does not love this woman; he does not even like her in that way. Timberlake does not even like women at all. He wonders if Kobe has to go through this much trouble when sleeping with her. No. If it is this much work then he would not even be with her. It must come easier for him.

"That---was---amazing!" the beautiful actress is still recovering her breath but slowly exclaims.

"Yeah---yeah it was," he still does not open his eyes.

"You should pick me up from every airport I arrive in."

"We'll see. I'm going to get cleaned up," Justin informs and hops out of the bed to make his way to the bathroom.

Too cold---


The songster is trying so hard not to show how disconnected from her he truly is but it is harder than he thought it would be. Japan was great because there was no pressure and no one was getting hurt but she is in his house now. In his bed. Naked. Justin closes the bathroom door behind him and pulls the condom off his soft dick and flushes it down the toilet. The mirror's reflection tells him that this is wrong and for a moment he stops and listens. Only for a moment. It has to continue. Coming out of the bathroom is going to be so awkward because he does not know what to say or do but he will have to get past that. Just like he got past sleeping with her. She loved his performance. What would he think now? Timberlake washes his face at the sink with warm water even though it is not needed because he is about to get into the shower. But his mind is making him do stupid things and feel awful.

Steaming water accepts his body into its clutches and his sexual musk slowly begins to fade away. He rolls his neck in and out of the falling water and wonders what she is thinking right now. They have sex, she probably thinks it is more, and he runs off right after without saying no more than two words. Timberlake has to be careful in what he is doing and this move is purely weak. He should be out there making feel that she is the most important person to him but he is instead taking a shower. Justin needs to get clean; he needs to wash all her fingerprints off of his body. The shower does more than its job as he is beginning to doubt himself and what he is doing again. Immediately, the water shuts off before it can cause more damage and his wet body steps out to dry off and change. The mirror avoids his reflection this time when he wraps a towel around his waist and walks back into the bedroom.

"Hey I---" the R&B megastar begins but stop in the middle of his sentence and thought.

Jessica Biel is snuggled up on his side of the bed with the blanket covering her naked body sleeping. Her hair sprawls all over his pillow and it looks like she has been this way for a while. Must be the jetlag. Timberlake walks over to his side of the bed to look at her. His eyes stare at her as his mind races as to what to do next. She really is beautiful and does not deserve the way he is treating her. She does not deserve to be lied to like this. He can only imagine things getting a lot worse before getting any better. If they ever do get better. And the scary part is that Justin does not know what the better is. He grabs onto the falling towel and keeps it in place and walks from the side of the bed to the closet to get some clothes on. At least the awkward moment has been put off for a few hours. It will give him time to think and rehearse what he is going to say and do. Great---my life has become a movie.