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This piece of fiction is based on the television series Highlander: The Series. A quick overview of the series that will enable you to follow this story is as follows:

Some human beings on this planet do not die like the rest of us. If killed like any other human being, they arise and come back to life. After they experience their first death, they stop aging. Thus they call themselves "Immortals". They are capable of living forever, with the only way to permanently eliminate them being to cut off their heads. These individuals are predestined to compete in the "Game", the battle between good Immortals and bad Immortals. Each battle is completed with a sword fight and can only be fought one-on-one. No other Immortal can interfere once swords have been drawn between two other Immortals. The last Immortal left alive wins the Game and it’s prize of all the knowledge and all the power of all the Immortals that have ever lived. The last living Immortal will then rule this planet.

Richie Ryan, Duncan MacLeod (sometimes called Mac) and Methos (sometimes know as Adam Pierson) are all Immortals. Richie is a new Immortal, dying his first death in 1993 at the age of 19. He is now 23 years of age. Duncan is slightly over 400 years of age, dying his first death somewhere around his 30th birthday. Methos/Adam is the oldest living person on the planet Earth. His actual age is unknown but he and legend profess him to be over 5,000 years of age. By appearances, one would guess Methos to have experienced his first death around his 30th birthday also.

The only mortals on this planet that know of the Immortals existence are called "The Watchers", a secret organization of men and women who watch and record the lives of the Immortals. They are sworn to never interfere in the lives of the Immortals. Most Immortals don’t know the Watchers exist. Joe Dawson is Duncan MacLeod’s Watcher. Joe broke his oath of non-interference by becoming Duncan’s friend and subsequently the friend of Richie and Methos as well.

Duncan took Richie in to live with him and the love of his life, Tessa, a year before Richie died his first death. After Richie died the first time, Duncan became Richie’s teacher in how to fight and survive in the Game.

The little racetrack mishap in episode # 105 was fixed in AC’s universe and this story continues from there assuming an intimate and loving relationship existing between Richie Ryan and Methos.

Comments, critiques, constructive praise or criticism welcome. This was my first attempt at gay fiction. I hope you enjoy it. Email can be directed to me at sgmf@hotmail.com. Thank you for your support.

SG Nov 1998







Disclaimer - The characters of Methos, Richie Ryan, Duncan MacLeod and Joe Dawson belong to Davis - Panzer Productions. I am just borrowing them for a moment and will return them unharmed to AC’s universe. What AC does with them then is for us to only dream about. BTW, Alana belongs to me and was created to resemble my good friends KL and MMF, you know who you are. This story is adult in nature, and features homoerotic themes (M/M). If you are not yet 18 or are easily offended read no further. This story takes place in the great Borg Collective of ACMF. If you chose to read further, you will be assimilated. Finally, as you know Episode 105 - Archangel doesn’t exist in the collective and was never assimilated last year. Thanks to two very dear friends for the patient editing. This little bit of fiction is dedicated to both of you.





"He said it best when he told me we had ceased being separate beings and, instead, had become a third person formed by the two of us. Neither of us existed independent of that being. And that being was left to wonder."

The Bridges of Madison County—Robert James Waller c. 1992


This story came about as a result of two events. The first was my pleasantly surprised reaction to the fictional universe of ACMF. Upon recommendation of another Highlander fan, MMF, I entered AC’s universe, quite unprepared for the wit, intelligence, humor and loving character portrayal that I found there. Not being a fan of NC-17 material, and yes, being a bit homophobic, I was truly hesitant and a bit unsure of myself when I started reading AC’s first story, 1001st Regret. Immediately the story captured my attention, moving me on to read the remaining stories in AC’s vast collection. By the end of Not Enough, I was so moved by AC’s development of the unique and mesmerizing relationship between the characters of Methos and Richie, that I had to put my NC-17 and homophobic hang-ups on a shelf for future re-evaluation.

The second event was an accumulation of email chats that AC and I have had over a few stories I was asked to edit. These chats involved many wonderfully entertaining, enthusiastic and, yes, sometimes less than enthusiastic comments on the part of both of us. As we chatted, primarily on plot development, I arrogantly thought <<I can do this, no problem>>. Well, once I got started I learned just how difficult it was to write an entertaining and well developed story that maintained the humor, love, intelligence and unique character development that was present in AC’s fiction. For this life’s lesson I applaud you, ACMF. I will be a fan of yours always.

This story is centered in AC’s universe and assumes an on-going, loving relationship existing between the characters of Methos and Richie. I originally intended to do a short story on how I thought a girlfriend would impact this relationship. However, the voices in my head grew so loud that I had to yield to them. The end result was Methos and Richie, along with my life’s experiences taking control, channeling through me what the combination the three of them had to say. No longer just a girlfriend story, this bit of fiction became a playground to further define the extraordinary Methos - Richie relationship that AC, has been and still is, refining. The use of song lyrics by REO Speedwagon was purely a personal choice reflecting a period of my life that I will always treasure.

For those individuals who have had the wonderful experience of meeting their soul mate, regardless of gender, this story is for you. Hopefully it will speak to your heart as much as it was written from mine.




....And even as I wander

I’m keeping you sight

You’re a candle in the window

On a cold, dark winter’s night

And I’m getting closer than I ever thought I might

And I can’t fight this feeling anymore

I’ve forgotten what I started fighting for

It’s time to bring this ship into shore

And throw away the oars, forever

Cuz I can’t fight this feeling any more

I’ve forgotten what I started fighting for

And if I have to crawl upon the floor

Come crashing through the door

Baby, I can’t fight this feeling any more....


Can’t Fight This Feeling—REO Speedwagon c. 1984



"What smells so good in here?" Richie said with a big grin as he walked through his apartment door, placing the bags of groceries he was carrying onto the table.

"Oh....just a surprise I’m cooking up for you," Alana replied, glancing over her shoulder to catch a glimpse of the young man coming up behind her. She smiled as he wrapped his arms around her waist and lightly kissed her neck. "I got what you asked for plus a few other things," Richie said softly, his warm breath tickling her neck tenderly.

"So it would appear!" the young woman answered back. She had sent the redhead to the store for chopsticks. Alana shook her head at the sight of the two overflowing grocery bags on the table. Typical....so typical, she thought as she laughed to herself.

As if he read her thoughts, Richie let loose his hold. "Well, I got hungry!" the young Immortal exclaimed as he turned the woman around to face him.

"And I repeat....so it would appear!" Alana said with a dimpled grin, her eyes sparkling.

Richie, looking down at her, scooped her up in his arms, his lips making a passionate assault on her mouth.

Moments later, Alana pulled back. "My dinner, your dinner....it’ll burn," she said tapping him lightly on his sturdy chest with her index finger.

Freeing herself from the young man’s grip she turned towards the stove. Richie, continuing to make a nuisance out of himself, peeked over her shoulder to watch her as she stirred the food that was quickly becoming the center of his attention.

"Do you approve?" Alana asked as she attempted to concentrate on the culinary task at hand.

"Of dinner or dessert?" the redhead answered back impishly, once again slipping his arms around the waist of the pretty chef in front of him.

"You’re impossible! Your fascination with food and sex, either done together or separately...." Alana exclaimed before that beautiful, full mouth nipping at her neck and shoulder once again interrupted her. She let out a squeal. "That tickles," she said with a shiver.

"I know. I’ve memorized all your ticklish spots," Richie bantered back in a whisper.

Turning down the heat on the external fire, Alana twirled around to concentrate on the one more internal in nature. "And, darling, so have I," she whispered softly into the young man’s partially open mouth, allowing her tongue to caress his lips with feather like grace.

The young woman ran her fingertips slowly up Richie’s sides. The young Immortal squirmed with delight under her masterful touch. "So it would seem," was all he could muster before pulling her tightly to him in a crushing, passionate embrace.

The kisses that followed claimed the woman’s soul and heart. Richie delivered each one with an expert touch....her eyelids first, each embraced ever so softly....the tip of her turned-up nose, warm, moist lips nipping lightly, followed by that famous smile and a playful Eskimo kiss....each ear, sought out and possessed with hot, quick whispers and purrs....her chin and the soft arch of her neck underneath, claimed with quick, hot, feathery kisses that brought shivers....her lips, captured and surrendered with a passionate assault of tongue upon tongue.

Suddenly, that familiar sensation filled the young Immortal’s head, alerting him to the approach of another of his kind. The doorbell rang.

Attempting to ignore the dull ache in his groin, Richie released the woman slowly. "I’ll get it," the redhead said cautiously, planting a light, quick peck on Alana’s warm cheek, which was still blushing with passion.

Richie quickly looked towards the location of his sword. He knew he could not disclose its location without causing alarm. How he hated this! His mind quickly logged his feeling....one draw back of being involved with a mortal who does not know of the Game.

He went to the desk drawer in the living room and pulled out a small dagger, hiding it under his arm. Slowly approaching the door, the sensation in his head humming, Richie was quickly overcome with an intuitive sense of someone familiar.

Opening the door, Richie’s initial apprehension changed to that of a different kind. "Ah....Hello Meth....Adam, come in."




....I just wanna keep on loving you.....

And I meant every word I said

When I said that I love you I meant that I’d love you forever

And I’m gonna keep on loving you

Cuz it’s the only thing I wanna to do....


Keep on Loving You—REO Speedwagon c. 1980



Richie closed the door behind the older man. "Can I get you a beer or something?" Richie said, motioning the other Immortal towards the kitchen.

As Methos followed the young man, he noticed that Richie was not alone. Awkwardly he tried to excuse himself from the apparent intrusion. "I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt...."

"No....no you’re not. We’re....we’re just going to eat something. You’re welcome to join us," Richie said, jumping in with a stammer. Then realizing the forgotten introductions, Richie continued the uncomfortable dialogue. "Oh....I’m sorry. Adam this is Alana. Alana, this is Adam. He’s a good friend of mine. Well....actually a friend of Mac’s and Joe’s too, " the young man continued clumsily.

Methos rolled his eyes and smiled to himself. This is going well kid, he thought, resisting the urge to give voice to the private opinion. In an attempt to ease Richie’s apparent discomfort, the older man extended his hand to the young woman. "Hello Alana, I’m happy to make your acquaintance," was all he said. The pretty girl laughed lightly, sensing the tension in the air. "Another fraternity brother?" she asked, glancing directly at the young redhead.

A half smile appeared on Richie’s face. His gaze volleyed between the girl and Methos. "Yeah, I guess you could say that," Richie said sheepishly. Sensing he was the odd man out, Methos excused himself from what was obviously meant to be a private, intimate party. "Richie, I just stopped by to let you know I was in town and I will be at Joe’s tonight." Turning towards the door to complete his escape, Methos looked back at the two standing in the kitchen. "If you both get a chance, stop over."


"Are you sure you don’t want to come? Mac and Joe will miss you," Richie said as he slipped his arms around Alana’s slim waist. Playfully kissing her forehead, the young man gave her his best disappointed look.

"No. I will leave the frat boys to entertain themselves tonight," the woman said as she brushed her lips across Richie’s cheek.

"Wait a sec...." was all the young Immortal said before he took possession of the woman’s mouth with a passion set out to assuage himself against the doubts he had yet to give voice to.

"You do make it difficult to say no, but I gotta go. See you tomorrow?" Alana asked as she opened the apartment door to make her exit.

"Sure," Richie muttered quietly as he watched her leave.

Closing the door of his apartment, Richie leaned against it, his forehead bearing his weight against the door. His mind raced between thoughts of the young woman who had recently come to occupy a part of his life and that of the Immortal who occupied all of his heart. "How do you get yourself into spots like this, Ryan?" he asked himself under his breath.

Backing away from the door, Richie went to the refrigerator to retrieve the necessary cold beverage to ease the tension that was mounting in his groin. Not taking the time to remove the cap properly, Richie popped the top of the bottle, leaving a permanent mark of his frustration on the countertop. The beer bottle was emptied in record time.

Falling back against the couch, Richie sat looking up at the ceiling. Closing his eyes for a moment, the young Immortal knew he was finally facing the dilemma that he had long since dreaded. Over the past few months he had led himself to believe he had finally found his "Tessa". But, to the best of his recollection, he could not recall Mac having a "Methos" in his life too.

Rising to his feet, Richie knew he had an appointment to keep. It had been months, too many to count, since they had been together last. Just thinking of that time....this man....caused the familiar stirrings to occur. "Damn you, Methos!" the young man blurted to no one in particular.

Grabbing his helmet and leather jacket, the young redhead felt the call of a more primitive nature drawing him to a destiny that only he could fulfill.


Mac and Methos both felt the signal in their heads. Turning to the door, they watched as Richie entered Joe’s bar....alone. Waving the young Immortal over, Mac poured his former student a beer from the pitcher that was in the center of the table.

"Where’s Alana?" Mac asked without thinking of the ancient Immortal sitting next to him.

The discomfort that hung like a fog at the apartment now permeated around the circumference of the table. "Ah....she had another commitment she couldn’t get out off. Maybe tomorrow evening," Richie offered as nonchalantly as possible.

Methos rolled his eyes again while turning to face the band that had just begun to play. Noticing the youth’s nervousness, the older man smiled to himself.

Richie sat down across the table from Mac, gladly accepting the chilly mug that was offered him. "Have you both been here long?" Richie asked, attempting to change the subject.

"No, just got here," Mac said quietly, the decibels of his voice trailing a distant second to that of the band.

Joe, from his vantage point behind the bar, could sense the awkwardness present at the table of his dear friends. He laughed to himself. "This should be real good," he said to himself, chuckling under his breath. The Immortal lover of another Immortal comes to town only to find a mortal has taken his place. "Gotta love it!" the Watcher murmured, a slight smile slowly creeping over his face.

Sensing Mac’s distress, Joe threw the Highlander a rope. "Hey Mac, can you help me here? Be a pal and retrieve some of this from the store room," Joe ordered as he set the empty bottle of Chevis down on the bar. "I don’t want to leave Mike here at the bar alone....short staffed tonight."

MacLeod was only too happy to oblige. Getting up from the table that occupied his far too quiet friends, he grabbed the imaginary rope tossed his way. "Sure Joe, no problem."

The table, now down to two Immortals, was silent for a few seconds. Methos, realizing he would have to take the lead, turned towards Richie. "Well that was uncomfortable as hell," the older Immortal said to his young lover.

"Sorry, Methos. I....I...." Richie sputtered, not being able to finish verbalizing his thoughts. He took a swallow of his beer, his gaze fixated on the rim of his glass as he set it down.

"Shhhhhh. Don’t sweat it kid," Methos interrupted, nobly trying to save Richie further embarrassment. Taking a gulp of his beer, Methos continued. "How have you been?"

"Fine....ah....just fine. And you?" was the young man’s short reply.

"Quite well, actually. I had some business to take care of with Joe and I thought it would be best to get it done," Methos offered, looking directly at the downcast young Immortal. What he did not tell Richie was he knew of the budding romance taking root in Seacouver and he had come to see for himself how his young lover was handling it.

Oh....so you didn’t make a special trip here to take care of more personal business, Richie thought to himself. He took a bigger swallow from his mug, draining it completely.

Methos watched his young companion’s obvious agitation with an equal mix of interest and empathy. "Whoaaa....Rich, take it easy. I don’t think Joe will run out of beer tonight. And if he does, there are other local supplies we can raid," the older Immortal offered flirtatiously with the half smile that was his trade mark.

Setting his glass down, Richie looked directly at the older man for the first time all evening. In an instant, those hazel pools of his ancient lover took possession of his heart and soul. The young redhead could feel his apprehension and anger melt like a candle put to the flame.

The two men, each recognizing the mood change in the other, both felt the rise of the all too familiar call that had become their own personal, intimate dance, beckoning each to the other’s side.

Methos, still aware of his role as the more experienced one, slowly slid his hand under the table and up the inside of the young man’s thigh. When Richie’s eyes closed in harmony to the rhythm of his heavy breathing, Methos knew it was time to leave.

"Shall we go back to your place?" the old man whispered to the younger, who was quickly becoming potter’s clay in his more adept hands.

Richie opened his eyes and focused on the face that was the source of his current distraction. "Yeah," was all he could muster.




I can hear your voice

Promising your love will never die

I can feel your golden skin on mine

Beneath the desert sky

So how can it be true

How can you just turn and let me go

Let the story of your life with mine

Forever go untold

I can’t take these words to bed with me

And hold on to them at night

They can’t erase the emptiness

And make everything all right

Cuz your laughter and your tenderness

Will never disappear

No matter where you are tonight

Well part of you is here with me....


....I don’t know where you are

All I know is I need you to be

Here with me

I know it’s not too late

To turn around and get it straight

It’s my fate to have you here with me


Here With Me—REO Speedwagon c. 1988



Richie paused to unlock the door to his apartment, stepping back to allow the man of his dreams to enter first.

Methos moved past his young lover, throwing his coat on the first chair in sight. He turned around in time to watch Richie disappear into the kitchen. "Do you want anything?" the young man yelled to his guest.

"Sure, what are you offering?" Methos said in a teasing tone.

Richie came out of the kitchen, two beers in hand, purposely ignoring the less than stellar come-on that Methos had attempted.

Accepting the offered beverage, Methos noticed the change in the young Immortal’s disposition. "Oh god....he is not handling this well at all," Methos said under his breath between sips of the cold brew he was holding. Plopping down on the couch, the elder man watched in silence as the young redhead walked towards the window, rubbing the palm of his hand in circles across the top of his beer bottle.

Methos let out a sigh. He knew he was essentially dealing with a virgin Immortal in many respects when he took Richie to his bed a little over a year ago, but even his patience had limits. Taking another sip of his beer, Methos struggled to put his impatience aside. Setting the bottle on the table in front of him, the older Immortal walked across the small room to stand directly behind the young man who was still lost in thought at the window.

"Rich," Methos said softly as he placed his hands on the shoulders of his companion.

Richie instinctively responded to the shortened version of his name. The one syllable use of his name was one of the few ways the older man used to express his feelings towards the young Immortal. Richie likened it to the standard terms of endearment which, somehow, did not fit their relationship.

The redhead turned half-way around to find that wonderful face within reach once more. How he had wished for the peace only those hazel eyes could bring months ago! Nervously, the young man downed a gulp of the beer he was holding.

"Rich....take your coat off....you live here," Methos purred softly into Richie’s ear. Looking down, the young Immortal noticed the leather jacket he was still wearing. Richie let a slight smile escape across his lips.

Noting the ease in his lover’s tension, Methos silently slid the jacket off of Richie’s shoulders, letting the garment fall to the floor. As Methos moved nearer to him, Richie could feel the hot, moist breath of the ancient Immortal on the back of his neck. Richie prepared himself for what he assumed would be next....waves of liquid fire cascading over the entire length and breath of his body.

Instead Methos slipped his arms loosely around the young man’s waist. "Tell me about her....where you met....that kind of thing," was all he said as he gently kissed the inside of Richie’s neck.

The request caught Richie by surprise. Methos, dropping his arms, positioned himself to stand face to face with his young lover. The older man let a half grin spread across his face. Richie responded in kind.

"Ah....Alana....well we met through Mac....at lunch....well, actually Mac knew her first, from the university. She works in the Physics and Earth Sciences Department....Mac met her while attending an astronomy lecture Alana was giving," Richie stammered, sipping his beer between phrases.

Methos continued to cast a gentle look towards his lover, attempting to ease his frustration and prompt him to continue speaking.

"Actually Mac and her went out a few times, but Alana couldn’t stand his taste for opera. She’s more of a rock and roll, heavy - progressive metal type. Anyway....we just started talking one day at lunch in the university cafeteria and she asked me out. It’s probably the first time Mac ever lost out in love to a student of his!" Richie said with a big grin.

Methos, too, laughed at the thought of this. The older man was beginning to notice the visible release in tension from the relaxed body language of his young companion. The conversation coupled with several beers, was having its desired effect.

Richie, sucking at his beer bottle again, turned to stare out the window. Methos carefully watched his profile, studying it as he would a classical sculpture. The beautiful features of the boy-man in front of him nearly took his breath away. From the familiar stirrings that were beginning to occur inside of his body, the older man knew he had stayed away too long this time.

"Everyone likes her....she has this way about her....she makes everyone feel comfortable....I mean she can get to know the life story of a complete stranger in ten minutes. I’ve never seen anything like it. And on top of all that she’s incredibly smart and a great cook!" Richie said, accentuating the most important parts of his monologue with a big smile.

"She sounds fantastic. You really have fallen hard haven’t you?" Methos said looking directly at the young man.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that....hell, I don’t know! I mean, I want a normal life Methos. But that’s not possible....I really don’t know what the hell I’m doing. For the first time I feel like I’ve met someone whom I can trust completely....then I think of the Game, telling her about that and...." Richie blurted out, attempting to explain feelings even he did not understand. Stopping suddenly, he let his attention drift to the bottle in his hand.

"Me," the ancient Immortal said, completing his companion’s sentence for him.

Richie looked up into the face of the older man. The confusion and pain was clearly etched across the boyish good looks. The young Immortal’s response was simple. "Yes."

"Richie don’t you understand?" Methos muttered softly. With his hand, Methos lifted the young Immortal’s chin. Their eyes locked. "Rich, mortal love is a wonderful thing. When and if you ever find a mortal that you can trust your Immortality to....well it’s the exception and not the rule. I know, I’ve been there. When you can let your guard down to trust someone like that....it’s fantastic. But, for us in the Game, it doesn’t happen often," Methos said calmly, hoping to erase some of the pain that was there because of him.

The young man flinched but remained undaunted, willingly allowing himself to be pulled to the man standing in front of him. Just the feel of the older Immortal’s hand on his face was enough to send ripples of ecstasy over his flesh. He closed his eyes for a second to concentrate on the intense heat that was mounting in his groin. Richie could feel his jeans tighten as his flesh rose to meet the demands of his body.

Reading his lover’s mood correctly, Methos knew where this evening would end. Willingly putting off that pleasure for a moment, the more experienced man sensed that the youth next to him still needed to be guided, ever so gently, in the ways of mortal love. With resolve, Methos removed his hand from Richie’s chin. "Rich, why do you think Immortals rarely mate for a mortal’s lifetime or for ours for that matter?"

Caught by surprise, Richie’s eyes opened. "I dunno. Never thought about it, I guess."

"It’s because it’s dangerous. To love a mortal....well, you’re risking their life to the Game when you love them. And hell, to love an Immortal, well, that type of commitment can get you killed, " Methos said, fully aware that he had a captured and attentive audience. "I mean, think about it....if someone wanted to get to me, they could do that by getting to you first. At least you could defend yourself. A mortal could not. For us, loving someone and trying to keep one’s head are not necessarily independent of each other. Why do you think I stay away from you for such long periods of time? Besides the fact that you wanted to have....what did you call it....an independent life?....I do not want us to be common knowledge. That information, falling into the wrong hands, could get one, if not both of us, killed. And, I for one, could not go through the pain of losing you again," Methos whispered, raising his hand once again, this time to stroke his young lover’s cheek with the back of his fingers. Allowing his fingertips to trail down the young man’s neck, Methos winced when he saw the faint scar there, a constant reminder of how close he came to losing, forever, the beautiful youth standing near him.

Richie closed his eyes to savor the feel of his companion’s touch against his flesh. His breathing intensified to match the pounding of his heart. As he opened his eyes to half slits, Richie became aware of Methos closing the blinds on the window in front of them while skillfully unbuttoning his denim shirt. "Why did you come back now?" Richie murmured between heavy sighs.

Methos stopped the undressing of his beloved and moved closer to the young man. Lifting Richie’s face to match his, the ancient one placed the briefest of kisses upon those perfectly shaped lips. "Because Rich, I wanted to see how you were handling your first mortal love. I knew your first time would not be easy because it wasn’t for me. And I wanted you to know that I did not mind. I want you to experience everything life has to offer, including her if destiny should allow it," the older man said almost too quietly.

Feeling the waves of passion intensifying between them, Methos took a more aggressive lead in their lovemaking. Undoing the last button, Methos slid Richie’s shirt off of his strong, sturdy shoulders, allowing his fingertips to trail over the young man’s well formed muscles and down his arms. Methos silently took note of the red amulet still adorning the young man’s neck. The old man planted a kiss where the cord was, causing Richie to gasp as the tingling within his body continued to peak. The shirt quickly fell to the floor, joining the leather jacket which was discarded in what seemed like eons ago.

Methos kissed Richie on the curve of his neck, using care to trail his tongue over the hot, moist flesh. The salty taste of his young lover’s passion was his reward as he continued the nips and licks to the end of Richie’s muscular shoulders. Richie’s breathing was mixed with faint moans as Methos moved to tease the flesh still covered by the flimsy, white tank tee-shirt. Using his thumb and index finger, the older man rolled the perfectly erect nipples, taunting them to rise even further.

Unable to constrain himself any longer, wanting to feel that smooth, firm chest against his hands once again, Richie attempted to remove the baggy sweatshirt his lover was wearing.

The older Immortal, not willing to race through their foreplay, stopped his eager young lover from succeeding in his attempt to disrobe him. "Tonight, your wish is my command," Methos said as his mouth took possession of the young man’s. Their tongues volleyed between the hot, wet caverns, with an intensity that was only matched by the growing pressure in their groins.

Methos, sensing Richie’s discomfort, undid his jeans, freeing the engorged organ from its confinement. Pulling the rugged material down Richie’s well shaped thighs, the pants soon joined the heap on the floor. Knowing the eagerness of his lover’s eternally youthful body, the ancient Immortal finished undressing him in swift, fluid movements.

Pulling his young lover to him, Methos began to explore, with his tongue, all the areas of his lover’s body available to him as they stood face to face, while his fingertips moved ever so gently down the young man’s strong, tight, well defined back. The older man’s fingertips ended their exploration when they reached those taunt, shapely cheeks. Massaging the soft skin with his palms and fingers, Methos was reminded that during the last year, somehow this fervent body had become familiar territory to the more experienced man.

Giving way to the strong stirrings that dominated his mind and body, Richie pulled Methos even closer. "Take off your clothes, " was all Richie could mutter between the moans that had become automatic just shortly before.

Methos leaned into the young man and snatched a strong, quick kiss. "As I said, your wish is my command," was all he said. With movements that appeared effortless, the older man undressed quickly.

The two lovers stood face to face savoring the sight and feel of each other for a brief moment. They had been apart far too long and they both knew it. A gentleness returned to their eager kisses, as they each explored the curve and shape of the other’s neck. Fingertips trailed across the backs of each, the movements of both lover’s hands synchronized in tenderness and rhythm.

Richie, sensing his peak was near, pulled away slightly. "Methos, please....now," was all he could utter.

Smiling slightly at that precious face, flushed with passion, Methos purred into the young man’s ear. "As you wish," the older man whispered, increasing the pace of his oral assault, trailing hot, wet kisses down the young Immortal’s neck, moving lower to capture and enslave, with his mouth, a solid pink nub....first right....then left....not missing the reddish curls in-between.

The older man continued his pilgrimage by positioning himself to take possession of his lover’s taunt, firm stomach, savoring the salty taste of Richie’s skin which reflected his near peaking condition. Not one to forget the details of any oral exploration, Methos massaged his lover’s navel with his moist tongue, nipping at the edge with his teeth.

Richie, enduring all he could, gently placed his hands on the older Immortal’s head, signaling to his lover the extent of his need. Obeying the command as it was given, Methos dropped to his knees and pulled the young man to him. Finally, coming face to face with the gift that was offered, Methos kissed the jeweled tip of Richie’s manhood. Running his tongue lightly across the top, the older Immortal lapped away the first traces of Richie’s passion. With expert hands, the more experienced man massaged the firm muscles of the young man’s rounded and tight cheeks, exacting from his young companion, deep, throaty moans.

Circling the edge of the organ’s delicate skin with light licks, Methos smiled as he heard Richie gasp. It had been much too long since their last coupling and the older man silently cursed the forces of fate which had kept them apart. Richie’s groans, deep and low, brought Methos’ attention back to the task at hand. Reading his young lover’s mood, knowing the young man would not last much longer, Methos intensified the pace of his lovemaking.

Gently spreading apart the muscular thighs of the young redhead, Methos gained access to the delicate sac encased within. With butterfly kisses and fingertip caresses, Methos showered that very private area with his undivided attention. Running his fingers along the backs of Richie’s thighs, then circling forward to focus on the sensitive inner area of each, Methos was able to feel the young man shudder with delight.

Drawing himself up slightly, the older man now focused his onslaught on the one area that would bring the much needed relief his young lover desired. Gently circling the rim of Richie’s swollen flesh with his tongue, Methos drew the tip of the delicate organ into his mouth.

Responding to Methos’ expert massage, Richie allowed an earthy moan to escape from the depth of his belly. Taking that as a sign to bring his lover’s need to fruition, Methos increased the pace of his tongued assault.

Holding his ancient lover’s head firmly in position, Richie’s thrusts soon matched the rhythm of the older man’s oral feeding. As Methos pulled the young man into him, Richie came in waves, letting his passion flow into the eager mouth of the man that he, for one brief moment, held captive.


When Richie’s spasms subsided, Methos gently licked the overly sensitive

tip of Richie’s cock and rose to stand in front of his lover. As the older Immortal kissed the delicate skin over each eye, followed by a brief kiss on the tip of the young man’s nose, Richie knew his partner well enough to know that the older man had waited patiently, wanting him to taste the first fruits of their intimacy.

Methos, holding Richie closely as his body’s responses returned to normal, watched as the anticipated look of contentment spread across the young man’s face. When his lover responded in the expected fashion, Methos loosened his hold on the young man.

Fully aware of the older man’s need that was pressed against his groin, Richie looked directly into the hazel eyes of the man he knew but did not know. "I think we should do something about this, don’t you?" the young man quipped as he gently stroked the engorged flesh.

The older man smiled as he stepped away from the warm body that was resting in his arms.

"What....why are you smiling like that?" Richie asked inquisitively.

"What did you have in mind?" Methos responded.

"Nah....I know better, it’s what did you have in mind?" Richie said with a laugh.

"But I said your wish....." Methos started to say before Richie raised his hand to the old man’s lips to quiet him.

"I want you....whatever way you want," the young Immortal whispered as he moved closer to the older man.

"Well then....let’s see....oh, the possibilities...." Methos laughed, teasing the young man while intentionally rekindling the fire that he just extinguished moments before. "Sit down and don’t follow me until I call you....understand?"

Richie raised his brow in anticipation. Oh, this should be good, very good in fact, he said to himself. "Sure, no problem."

Methos motioned for the young man to sit on the couch, then quickly proceeded down the short hallway, disappearing from Richie’s line of sight. Not accustom to sitting naked and spent on his couch, Richie fidgeted, trying to sneak a peak down the darkened corridor.

Watching with great interest over the back of the couch, Richie wondered what surprise lay in store for him this time. "And, boy was the old man an expert at surprises," Richie muttered. Not that he, Richie Ryan, had that much experience, he said to himself, but who would have ever thought a street kid like himself would be the recipient of the affections of a man such as the one who just finished making love to him. Richie shook his head and laughed silently. He thought momentarily of Alana. Richie questioned which betrayal was worse, the one he felt when he was with Alana or the one he felt now. Emotionally and mentally puzzled, the young man thought how unbelievable life, his life, had become since breaking into the antique shop that Mac and Tessa owned six years ago.

"Rich....come," the familiar voice said just loud enough for the eager young man to hear.

As Richie rose to meet his lover, who was but a few yards way, he noticed that his youthful body was coming back to life once more. That familiar feeling of desire mixed with a healthy dose of passion was overtaking his mental and physical form.

As Richie walked down the unlit passage he noticed a faint fragrance drifting in the air. Turning into the bedroom, Richie turned on the light. To his surprise, his bed was empty. Looking further up the hall he noticed a faint light under the bathroom door. Approaching quietly, he heard his name being called. "Rich....." was all the older man had time to say before the redhead opened the door to the small room to step inside.

To Richie’s amazement, the bathroom had been transformed....candles were lit and placed in every spot that could hold them. The air was warm and moist....a light fragrance drifting through it. As the young man’s attention focused on the antique claw-footed bathtub, his jaw dropped open. There before him, immersed in bubbles, was the oldest man in the world.

"Come here," ordered the ancient Immortal playfully. Richie, his will no longer his own, moved forward. As the young man stood next to the bathtub, his lover stood up. Methos, slippery and hot, wrapped his arms around the young Immortal, pulling him....no willing the youth to surrender to him....totally and completely.

Wrapping his fingers around the reddish curls, Methos pulled Richie’s head back ever so gently. With his tongue, the old man parted his young companion’s lips, eagerly seeking refuge in that dark, wet cavity. As their tongues dueled, each man’s fingers explored the most intimate parts of the other.

Methos’ fingertips trailed their way up the middle of his lover’s back stopping briefly to feel and massage the muscled skin underneath.

Richie’s fingertips moved lightly over that smooth chest, stopping temporarily to roll and pinch the erect nipples of the man who Richie’s universe momentarily centered on.

Continuing his exploration, the older man’s hands moved forward and made their way through the thick curly chest hair that was now wet to the touch. Each pink nub was caressed lovingly, causing both to rise to the occasion.

Moving his fingers downward, Richie sought out the precious cargo that only this man had to offer. Upon finding the thickened flesh, Richie tighten his grasp slightly, eliciting a soft moan from his lover.

After a thorough massage of Richie’s chest, Methos brushed his fingertips down the young man’s sides, causing goose pimples to show on the moist skin. Traveling inward, Methos’ hands found their final destination. Taking the taunt organ in hand, Methos stroked the hot member until Richie groaned, pulling himself into the older man as if willing them to become one flesh. Encircling the young man in his arms, Methos deepened their mutual oral plunder.

Following the older Immortal’s signal, Richie drew his lover closer. Richie continued to explore the body of the man that held him, traveling down his back with light, tender touches. As the young man’s fingertips reached those tight, firm cheeks, he could feel the older man tremble. Taking this as a sign to explore further, Richie parted the mounds and pushed gently into the tight opening.

Methos, realizing the over-zealousness of his young lover, loosened his hold slightly and looked lovingly into those beautiful blue eyes. Cupping the young man’s face in his hands, Methos tenderly whispered to the redhead. "Not yet Rich....but soon if you wish....I promise."

Parting their hold, both men looked longingly at each other. The intense heat in the room caused a sweaty film to cling to their skin. The bath fragrance coupled with that of the melting candles served to further stimulate and intensify the internal stirrings each was feeling.

"Join me?" was the older man’s simple request.

Looking a little surprised by the invitation, Richie stooped to trail his hand through the water. It was hot to the touch. Bringing his hand to his face, he could smell the musky scent. "What’s in this?" he questioned.

"Something I brought from Paris. Do you like it?" Methos responded.

Richie smiled. So the old man was thinking of me while he was in Paris, he silently said to himself. "It has a musky, cherry scent. Yeah, I like it," Richie answered looking directly into those ancient eyes.

Several seconds into that gaze, Richie felt himself stepping into the hot water, settling himself between his lover’s legs, the needy flesh of the older man pressing against his lower back.

After savoring a few moments of shared silence, Methos gently pushed the young man forward. With cloth in hand, the old man thoroughly soaked his lover’s skin with the hot, oily, fragranced water. "Can I wash your back?" Methos whispered quietly into Richie’s ear, taking time to suckle one moist earlobe.

Richie, who had already been overtaken by waves of physical arousal, answered the question with a nod.

Pouring a small amount of the scented bath oil in his hand, Methos proceeded to massage the fragrance thoroughly into his lover’s shoulders. Methos continued to rub the musky scent into the shapely muscles of his young lover’s upper arms. With each squeeze of his hand, the older man made sure a kiss on the inside of Richie’s neck followed.

When the moans came, Methos knew the young man was near his peak once more. Stopping the sensual massage, the older Immortal pulled the redhead into him, resting the young man’s back against his chest. Turning his head slightly, Richie sought out the older man’s mouth for one last tongued assault. As their kiss deepened, Methos could feel the young man tremble in his arms.

"Are you cold?" the older Immortal asked.

With eyes half closed, Richie looked up at the ancient one’s face. Stroking with his fingers the sharp jaw line, Richie shook his head. "No I’m not....I don’t know how you can do it....." he said softly between heavy breaths.

"Do what?" Methos teased.

"Wait as long as you do. I can’t," Richie moaned, his chest heaving slightly.

"I don’t expect you to wait too long, do I?" Methos asked in a whisper as he continued to run his fingertips up and down the length of the young man’s arms.

"No, but I think you enjoy torturing me!" Richie exclaimed with a sudden flash of energy.

Methos let out a chuckle. "Well if you aren’t enjoying yourself, I can always leave," Methos bantered back while attempting to lift himself out of the bathtub.

Surprised by the sudden movement, Richie’s eyes opened wide. "Don’t....no....you can torture me anytime!’ Richie exclaimed as he pulled the older man back down.

Methos laughed as he slid back into the tub, wrapping his arms around the young man, pulling him into another deep embrace.

After several moments of oral expression, the lovers separated only to look longingly at one another. Methos bent down and kissed the tip of Richie’s nose. Richie let out a deep moan as the stirrings within him continued to mount. The young man, no longer able to handle the pressure in his groin, moaned again. "Methos, I need you....let’s go to bed."

"As you wish," was the short reply.


Taking the ancient one’s hand, Richie led the way to his bedroom....the only place in the world that seemed to offer what they both needed.

As Richie slid between the fresh cotton sheets, he turned on the small light sitting on the night stand next to the bed. The picture on the night stand caught the young Immortal’s attention.

Methos close behind, snuggled up to the young man, wrapping his arms around him, delivering wet kisses to the redhead’s neck and shoulders. The old man, too, noticed the focus of Richie’s attention. "Nice picture," replied Methos, a slight edge of impatience tainting his voice.

"Yeah, I took it at a faculty picnic we attended a couple of months ago. The event wasn’t a big deal, but Alana photographs well and I like the shot," Richie muttered quietly. After a few moments of silence in Methos’ arms, Richie reached up to turn off the light. "Do you think she will understand....I mean this Immortality thing was hard for me to accept at first, do you think she will be able to?" the young man questioned innocently.

"She already knows something about you is different," was Methos reply.

Richie, caught by surprise by this remark, turned to face his companion. "Yeah....what makes you think that?" he questioned.

Planting a kiss on those soft, full lips, Methos gave him a questioning look. "Her remark about the fraternity. I assume she finds some of your associations to be....um....unique, to say the least."

Richie smiled and laid his head down on the pillow. Bringing his arm to rest behind his head, he faced his lover. "Yeah. She thinks it’s a little weird that my closest friends aren’t my age. I told her about Mac and Tessa and everything, but I don’t think I convinced her."

"She’s smart. I think when and if the time comes, she will be able to handle it," Methos offered as he looked down at the young man still puzzling over his mortal love life. The older man, very aware the intense internal stirrings that had led them to this bed were still raging within his body, kissed Richie on one soft, cherry scented cheek. Methos followed this kiss with other delicate ones to the young man’s face.

"Do you think she would be able to handle knowing about us?" Richie asked appearing oblivious to his lover’s attempts to seduce him. A surprised look shot across Methos’ face. "Not in this lifetime, I’m afraid," was all he said.

Richie winced. "What do you mean?"

"What I mean is this is one of the most intolerant and ruthless centuries I have ever lived in. Our relationship was hard for even our closest friends to accept. I don’t think a woman, who obviously cares a great deal for you, would knowingly be willing to share you, so to speak," Methos said sternly, the ache in his groin increasing with each word spoken.

Richie turned his head away from his lover’s hazel gaze, needing time to digest this honesty in private.

Methos rolled back onto his pillow, his impatience, once privately held, now public. "We are going to talk this thing to death aren’t we?" After taking a few moments to recover his loss of tenderness, Methos rolled on his side, snuggling up next to the redhead. With his hand, he gently turned Richie’s head to face him. "What do you want Richie? What do you want for us?" Methos asked as he looked into the young man’s blue gaze. The ancient Immortal quickly sucked in his breath....those eyes took his breath away every time.

Richie reached up, pulling his lover’s lips to meet his, kissed the older man with a passionate tongued assault. Parting momentarily, Richie rolled Methos on his back and stared into the hazel pools of his companion. "To grow old with you," was all he said as he lowered his head, bringing his beautiful curls to rest on the smooth chest of his ancient lover.

The old man, somewhat shocked by the youth’s honesty, wrapped his arms around the young man, kissing the top of his head. Typically, in their relationship, the future was never addressed. As Richie lay in his arms, Methos stroked each ringed curl with a renewed tenderness. After moments of silence, Methos responded to his companion’s loving outburst. "None of us are called to that destiny, Rich. If I could change that one thing about our existence, for you I would," Methos replied as he bent down to kiss the top of the young man’s head again. Richie stirred and moved to look directly at his lover. The ancient one, cupping the young Immortal’s face in his hands, continued to speak softly. "We were created for mortal combat, with Immortality a gift, if you will, for our participation in the Game. Anything else our various lifetimes accomplish or encompass is only an added blessing. And you are exactly that in mine."

Richie looked tenderly into his lover’s hazel eyes. With a mix of physical passion and emotional need, he felt as if he would explode. No longer willing to ignore the fire within, Richie lowered himself to cover the old one’s face with sweet, delicate kisses. Rolling his lover on his side to face him, Richie begun to explore, with hands and tongue, the older man’s body.

With moist, warm licks, the young man covered Methos’ neck and shoulders with wet traces of himself, while his hands explored the smooth, muscled surface of the ancient one’s back. As Richie moved his tongued frontal assault lower, he captured an erect nipple and sucked heartily. The young lover then moved his hands to correspond to the lowering of his oral quest. With strong, steady strokes, Richie massaged the old man’s lower back, purposely trailing his fingertips over the tops of the taunt mounds that were promised to him earlier. The deep, throaty moans that escaped from his lover’s lips only served to intensify the flame burning within the young man’s groin.

Methos, responding to the renewed passion of the young Immortal, moved to take the upper hand in their lovemaking. Richie stopped him. "No, making love to you is my job and I want you....all of you," the young man whispered as he looked into the old man’s face.

"As you wish," Methos said as he surrendered control for the first time that evening since leaving Joe’s bar.

Richie smiled. Unleashing a vigor that he had not shown in their initial lovemaking, Richie renewed his oral exploration by moving down the chest of the ancient Immortal to enslave the older man’s navel with his tongue. As his licked and nipped the small cavern, Richie moved his hands to take possession of the mounds. Grasping the perfect spheres, Richie used his fingertips to massage them while pulling the ancient Immortal to him.

As more guttural moans escaped from his lover, Richie lowered his lips to apply wet, hot kisses to each slender hip, purposely avoiding the tumescent package directly in front of him.

Methos, no longer willing to wait, placed his hands on the head of his young lover, moving it...no willing it to address his throbbing need. Richie smiled to himself as he gave into the demands of the ancient one.

Taking the wet tip of the older man’s engorged flesh into his mouth, the young Immortal sucked off the drops of released nectar as if they were the sweetest of nature’s offerings. With the tip of his tongue he circled the circumference of Methos’ manhood. As the gasps and moans increased in intensity, Richie moved his exploration down the hot, sensitive shaft.

With delicate licks and kisses, the young man covered the area with all the tenderness he had to offer. With his own desire mounting, Richie engulfed the erect organ into his hot, moist mouth, while moving his hands to explore the crease on the opposite side of his oral assault.

As Richie slowly sucked the turgid flesh, his fingers probed for the tight opening that they had touched earlier that evening. Finding it, the young Immortal pressed inward. Methos, no longer in control of the primal urges that were soaring in and through his flesh, groaned loud enough to cause Richie to stop momentarily, attempting to halt any impending climax that could be forthcoming.

Assured of success in prolonging their foreplay, Richie rolled Methos on his back. Sliding between parted legs, the redhead moved his hands to trail light touches up and down the insides of Methos’ muscular thighs. The older man shivered.

Smiling at his accomplishment, Richie moved his oral pursuit to the delicate sac now conveniently exposed. Taking the flesh in his mouth, Richie moved his hand to grasp Methos painfully erect penis. As Richie continued to gently suck the sensitive area, he moved his hand slowly enough to cause his ancient lover’s breathing to remain raspy and coarse.

After several moments of prolonged agony, Methos gasped. "Richie please....finish....it....now."

Richie, aware of tension in his lover’s voice and the mounting need within his own body as well, gently maneuvered the old man to his stomach. Kneeling between parted legs once again, the young man kissed each cheek repeatedly.

Sensing the physical onslaught that was approaching, Methos grasped what he could of the headboard in front of him. Hearing the drawer of the night stand opening, the older Immortal knew his young lover had learned his earlier lessons in love well. Methos, letting out a moan that barely audible, mentally prepared himself for what was to follow.

Richie, finding the lubricant quickly, applied a generous amount to his own erect flesh. Once finished with preparing himself for what was to come, the young man applied another generous portion to the tight opening of his lover.

Throwing the tube aside, Richie grasped the smooth hips of the older man, pulling him up slightly. As Richie made his entrance past the taunt opening with a forceful, but slow thrust, his hand moved underneath his lover’s body to address the ancient one’s physical need as well.

Responding to the physical assault on both fronts, Methos grasped the headboard and buried his face into the pillow, his only comfort as waves of pain and passion soared throughout his body.

Richie, not wanting to cause discomfort, halted his initial thrust, allowing Methos time to adjust to the onslaught that lay ahead. As if willed by the men’s joined desire, Richie sensed silent permission to continue.

With each thrust, Richie sank deeper into the tightness of his lover’s body, until, with one final lunge he was immersed completely. Methos groaned in delight, signaling to the young man his pleasure.

Breathless, his heart was pounding, Richie leaned over the older Immortal, bracing himself against the bed with one hand. Gaining control once gain, the young man picked up the pace of both movements, front and back. With his hand pumping at the rigid flesh and his hips thrusting towards his own climax, Richie brought both men to a shared ecstasy that was long overdue.

Collapsing on top of his lover, Richie’s breathing remained ragged for a moment or two. Still joined as one flesh in the most intimate of acts, Richie rolled both men on their sides, while wrapping his arms around the slender waist of the oldest man alive.

Methos, the first to recover from the act as old as mankind itself, pulled Richie closer to him. "You’ve mastered that well," he whispered.

Responding to the compliment, Richie moved up the back of his lover and planted a final kiss on the ancient one’s shoulder. "Well, you know...it’s a mood thing," was all he said as he snuggled up behind his lover, allowing his body to conform to that of the man who shared his bed and his heart.

And in that small room, after having shared the most intimate of all dances, the lovers slept.




I’ve been around for you

Been up and down for you

But I just can’t get any relief

I’ve swallowed my pride for you

Lived and lied for you

But you still make me feel like a thief

You got me stealing your love away

Cuz you never give it

Peeling the years away

And we can’t relive it

Oh I make you laugh

And you make me cry

I believe it’s time for me to fly....


....Time for me to fly

Oh I got to set myself free

That’s just how it’s got to be

I know it hurts to say good-bye

But it’s time for me to fly....


Time For Me To Fly—REO Speedwagon c. 1978



Methos woke with a start. The morning light was just breaking through the blinds in the small bedroom he shared the with young man who had become the very beat of his heart .

The older man glanced down at the one who was sleeping soundly in his arms. Last night after many hours of joyous lovemaking, they napped, awoke, showered, freshened the bedding and slept once more. Now, as was his custom, he was finally awake, early.

He savored this part of the day. Alone with his thoughts, this morning so unlike a thousand others, he was content. Richie had taken another step in adjusting to his fledgling Immortality. Their relationship remained the mystery that it always had been, yet with this encounter they had reaffirmed the bond they both knew they shared. Richie was his as much as he belonged to the young redhead. Their very existence, in this time and in this place, had served to join them permanently to one another. No longer two, but one.

Methos fingered the amulet still hanging around the young Immortal’s neck. He knew he was correct in placing it there last year. The old man quietly read the inscription…*Eternal Beloved*....yes, that is what the ancient one held in his arms as morning’s dawn approached.

Quietly slipping out of bed, Methos arose to make his way to the kitchen. After putting on a pot of coffee, the older man showered and dressed. He knew his journey’s task was complete. He was confidant Richie would successfully maneuver within and around his new mortal relationship. Methos wished his young lover success from the bottom of his heart. No matter who the young man loved, Richie would always belong to him.

As the ancient Immortal finished his coffee, the phone rang. The answering machine was set to quickly pick up, so almost instantaneously, the call rolled to the machine. Alana’s voice filled the living room. Methos, curious, turned his head to listen.

With coat in hand, Methos prepared to leave the one place that offered the contentment his life and existence often lacked. In another time and place, he could see himself staying, savoring a shared life with the object of his desire and the occupant of his heart.

Before leaving, the older man quietly approached the bedroom once more. He stood back and waited a moment as he watched the beautiful youth sleep. As he approached the bed to leave a parting kiss, Richie stirred.

As his eyes opened, Richie realized the older Immortal was making one of his hasty exits. "Are you leaving now?" Richie asked in surprise as he rolled over, shooting a puzzled look at his ancient lover.

Methos, a little annoyed with himself for not leaving sooner, looked tenderly at the young man he knew he loved. "Yes, you’re about to get company and I believe I am the last person you want here when she arrives," Methos replied as he moved nearer the bed.

Richie, wrinkling his brow, stared at the man in front of him. "Who....what are you talking about....Alana!"

"The message is on the answering machine," Methos responded to clarify.

"Are you heading back to Paris?" Richie asked as he sat up and yawned sleepily.

Methos nodded an affirmation, then gave him a noncommittal shrug.

"When will you be back?" the young man asked as he continued his inquisition.

Bending over his young lover, the elder man kissed him tenderly on the lips. "I am not sure, probably within the next twenty-five years though," Methos said with a look that told Richie he was serious.

"That sounds like forever," Richie replied looking down, picking at the bed coverings, sadness dripping from his voice.

Lifting Richie’s chin with his fingertips, the oldest man in the world looked into his blue eyes and smiled. "Only when you’re young, Rich, only when you’re young."

The End







Part 3 – Longing


Part 4 - Letting Go