WARNING: Disclaimer: This is a fictional story based upon real NCAA collegiate athletes of the BIG 10. They are not my characters, I am only having my way with them. ---The characters are of adult age. The athletes that play these characters are of adult age. This story does not reflect any knowledge or assumptions about the true sexuality of any of the athletes.

It contains male/male sex, and if you are not interested in that sort of thing, please do not read on. Please read these stories first. If you enjoy it, please feel free to send me comments.

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Thank you! So... this is it... my first erotic story... hope you're gonna like it!

Its a week before the big game, Ryan Van Dyke, quarterback for the Spartans of Michigan State, is at his normal hangout...a small little pub in East Lansing where his tab is always taken care of. The door opens, Ryan turns to see with much surprise, his rival, Drew Henson, quarterback at U of M.

Take a seat Drew

"Thanks Ryan, I thought I would find u here."

"Whats on your mind man?" says Van Dyke.

"I know we aren't like best of friends, but we don't hate each other either, care to make a wager on the game this weekend?"

"Hell yea Drew...what's at stake?"

"I was thinking the loser has to do whatever the winner wants for one evening! You game?"

"That can't be all bad...you guys are favorite, but my defense is healthy this week....I'm up for it" says Van Dyke.

Drew slams his beer and shakes Ryan's hand wishes him luck and goes on his way.

All Van Dyke could think about was how he was going to beat The Wolverines on Saturday.

The day of the big game came....Drew and Ryan being captains were out on the coin toss.....U-M being home teams gets the call

"Heads," Drew calls and looks right at Van Dyke and winks......Heads it is

Van Dyke goes back to sideline thinking about why Drew just winked at him. The game turned out to be as the backers thought a total blowout. Drew had a huge game and while Ryan had his best game of the season, but he fell short.

The two teams shook hands after the game. Drew met Ryan at center field to pay respect and said to Ryan

"Be at my apt around 8, cool?"

"No prob" said Ryan

Little did Ryan know what Drew had in mind.

Eight o'clock rolls around; there's a knock. There's Ryan...6'3 lean wearing a pair of baggy Diesel jeans, a form fitting Adidas T-shirt, his msu had on backwards, and a pair of Adidas Trail Response running shoes. Drew a bit more casual...a pair of Nike rip off sweats no socks and his U-M Football sweatshirt.

"Come on in Ryan....you thirsty?"

"What u got?"

"Killeans ok?"

"Hell ya!!" said Ryan.....They talked a bit about the game...bullshitted for a good hour....but Drew was getting ancy.

"Hey Ryan....ur a man of your word right? "

"Yup Yup" says Ryan

"All right then...here's what I'm thinking ...the stakes were whatever the winner wants for a night right?" Drew explained.

"Yup Yup" says Ryan

"OK....well then....go in my room....my uni is on my bed...go put it on....including my jock!"

"Seriously?" said Ryan


Ryan is kinda thrown back at the idea but hes a good loser

"Be right back" Ryan yelled

"....oh hey Van Dyke leave the door open when u change" Drew says as he smiles

"What for??!" says Ryan

"You lost, now pay up!"

"Ok Ok dude settle"

Drew at this time is pulling major wood...his boxers aren't doing much to conceal it either....drew watches as Ryan takes his shirt off....revealing his nice tattoos on his arms and lower back, he slowly removes his pants and then his boxers...he leaves his white socks on.....he turns not to show Drew anything but his firm ass...Drew is totally turned on....Ryan puts on Drew's jock, then the pants, and finally the uni....and walks out

"What the fuck am I supposed to do now Drew?"

"Come over here, stand in front of me"

Drew made sure Ryan could see his 7 inch cock through his sweats

Ryan says out loud, "I knew something was up when you winked at me at the game, but dude no offense I'm not gay!"

"SO!" said Drew, "I won, now listen up what I say goes"

"Shit man, I guess...dude you are lucky I'm a good loser" says Ryan

"You will like this Ryan just relax"

"Now remove my jersey off your body"

He rolls the the #7 blue uni off this back....reveals his tight defined six pack of abs, nicely cut chest totally smooth.... his tats are driving Drew nuts, the chinese marks on the back of his arms are extremely sexy

Drew is loving it..."Now move closer Ryan and turn around"

Drew sees his tight ass through the maize pants of his

"Now remove the pants"

As Ryan removes the pants leaving Drew's black jock on; Drew sees a closer glimpse of Van Dykes extremely firm smooth ass

"Now what?" says Ryan sternly

"Touch your toes"


"Come on man just relax" states Drew

As he does Drew runs his finger down Ryan's crack, Ryan squirms

"Relax" says drew

Drew then with his hands slowly spreads the tight ass of Ryan and runs his tongue down his crack.....Ryan is paralyzed

Drew then runs his tongue around his nice pink hole....Ryan screams

"You ok?" said Drew


Drew goes to work on Ryan's hole....circling, inserting, licking everywhere

Ryan is getting weak in the knees so Drew stops and makes Ryan stand up and turn around

As he turns around Drew notices that Ryan is totally hard....."Dude I thought u weren't gay?"

"HOLY SHIT, I didn't even feel that I got hard" Ryan said with anticipation

"Now take my jock off!"

As he slowly rolls the black jock off his toned body Ryan's cock slaps his six pack....Ryan wasn't as big as Drew but thicker....but one thing that surprised Drew was that Ryan was shaved....."Dude no pubes?"

"No when I shaved my head I shaved down there too....the women love it!!"


"Come over here now Ryan....let me get a taste of your hot cock" Ryan smiles and edges closer to Drew's face

Drew's cock is throbbin in his own sweats

Drew had no problem taking Ryan all in at once....slowly he slid his mouth up and down Ryan's thick shaft

Ryan was watching with enjoyment and kinda added to the blowjob....he started to fuck Drew's mouth

Ryan took over....sliding Drew back against the couch....and face fucking him

"You like that don't u Drew...." Drew moaned in delight

Drew could tell Ryan was getting close to exploding.....he had a bead of sweat coming down his brow......so Drew made Ryan stop

"Come on man I was close"

".....just wait" said Drew

"Come back in front of me"

"Touch your toes again!"

"What now man? You gonna eat my ass out again"

"Just wait and see" Drew says as he grins

Ryan takes the position.....Drew does rim Ryan for a quick minute just to lube up is tight hairless ass...but he also wets his index finger. As Drew stopped with his tongue.....his finger took over...circling his hot tight hole he slowly pushes it in half way....Ryan's knees buckle

"Dude go on!!!" says Ryan

Drew goes all the way in....the pressure of his tight ass makes Drew's cock spew some precum in his sweats

"How do u like that Ryan..."

"...it's hot as hell"

With that Drew removes his finger and tells Ryan to get on the couch. Ryan lies on the couch, his stiff cock rests against his amazing stomach, staring in amazement at Drew...Drew stands up...his cock is sticking straight out of his sweats, he removes his sweat shirt revealing his tan, lean, defined body, his hard pecs separately with a faint patch of dark hairs... his abs aren't as ripped but his 4 pack drives is visible and but Drew's happy trail that is thick and dark drives Van Dyke's mouth to water.

Ryan likes what he sees...."Dude you are fine as hell" he says, Drew smiles and winks at him again

Drew removes his sweats his hard cock flops out of his boxers.....Ryan smiled at what he saw...."NICE COCK man" Ryan stated in pure excitement..............." just wait Ryan you will find out how nice it is" Drew chuckled

He takes his boxers off and joins Ryan on couch lays on top of him, their naked hard bodies are rubbing against each other....their cocks touching.....Drew then kisses Ryan....Ryan responds and drives his tongue down Drew's throat....they kiss with mad passion......Ryan's hands caress Drew's back.....Drew then releases himself from their torrid make out session and tells Ryan to get on all fours. Ryan flips over awaiting for the next command

"You ready Ryan?"

"For what.....??"

Drew laughed...."ok man I will go slow"

Drew spits in his hand lubes up his 7 inch hard cock.....Ryan's ass still wet from being fingered was ready for penetration

Drew slowly inserts his head.....Ryan screamed

"You ok man?"

"...Yea just kinda surprised that's all" Ryan stuttered

Drew let Ryan adjust before pushing forward....Drew moved slowly inward....Ryan arched his back....and moaned....but this time in pleasure. Drew can feel his ass tighten around his cock.....he could cum now it's that intense. So Drew then took his cock out

Ryan says to Drew "What the fuck are u doing?"

"Wasn't sure u liked it?"

"Dude come on....it feels like nothing I imagined"

The pain was more pleasurable then anything Ryan could fathom

Drew then inserts his head again into Ryan's ass this time more relaxed it goes in easier....as he edges all of his cock in Ryan's tight smooth ass Ryan couldn't keep himself from blowing a huge load on the couch. Drew sees that and catches a sampling in his hand and then licks his fingers.....Drew loved it.....creamy and warm

All of a sudden there's a loud knock at the door

"Wonder who that is" says Drew in total surprise

"FUCK!!!!" says Ryan

"I told Smoker that I wasn't sure what you were up too tonight, but for him to come check on me!!"

"You mean Jeff is here too?"

"Yea....I think so" said Van Dyke

The idea that someone was outside the door turned the both of em on more.....Neither of em stopped doing what they were doing. The person at the door knocked again....but they ignored it

As the door opened Ryan quickened to his feet....naked and semi erect with some cum still on his head.......It is Jeff Smoker, freshman QB at Michigan State with Van Dyke....

"How...Howw...Howww, dude how did u get in?" yelled Van Dyke in total surprise

Jeff laughed and looked in total amazement and said, "I have had a spare key to Drew's place for awhile!!!"

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