This story is not to be compared to the real Wayne Rooney or Jay Demerit, it is a story to be enjoyed by all you Nifty readers and for sperm to be spurt. Im direct, aren't i? LOL.

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After all that, here is the new series of footballers. I thank God that Im lucky enough to be in South Africa to witness all of this history making that started yesterday on the 11th of June. Enjoy!

Ryan White.


South Africa 2010

Wayne Rooney and Jay Demerit

It was a cold morning in Rustenburg, South Africa when Jay Demerit, representing Team America at the FIFA World Cup woke up to get ready for training. It was a last minute warm up since their game the following day against England loomed large. Jay was glad for a little time on his own, since his roommate Jozy Altidore must have gone for a shower since he was alone in the room. He opened one of the hotelroom's windows and breathed in the scent of Africa. He felt at home here, away from the rustle and bustle of America and England, where he played his football for Watford. The whole entire build up to the match was made of Jay's battle vs Wayne Rooney. He knew that Wayne was a world class player but really people was making a too big deal of all of this. Jay took off his shirt to change, deciding to get a headstart and shower and get ready for the day. He got a glipse of his bare chest in the near by mirror and in a moment of weakness, he traced his right hand over his pecs. His secret was still intact after all these years. Jay smiled to himself, looking at himself in the mirror, thinking that if he was someone else, he would find himself rather sexy! He shook his head, still smiling and left the room.

Wayne Rooney, or if you could call him that, concidering the expencive and ridiculous excuse for a disguise he was wearing so that people won't surround him and demand autographs from him. He was a footballer, yeah right but he also wanted his privacy. England were having training sessions later in the afternoon so he used this time to see the sights of South Africa. He was wearing a green and gold South African football shirt, complete with large glasses and a colourful green and red curly wig. With the fake Australian accent that he put on, there was no way that anyone could recognize him without pulling his wig and glasses off. Wayne was walking into a music store called Musica and decided to take a closer look. Every single person that he faced, he was terrified that someone might know its him, but luckily no one noticed. People were too busy blowing them plastic trumpets (vuvuzela's) to worry about a famous footballer inm a shopping mall. He was having the tme of his life, but there was one thing missing...Colleen and Kai. He remembered the last time he had sex, and it wasn't with her. It was with Ryan Giggs. Gosh, he fucked Giggsy so hard the Welshman was struggling to walk the following morning. He left the shop and decided to return to the hotel. Maybe he could get a private waking session in...who knows?

After the training session, Team America was told that they would be taken for a ride in the Bushveld and for a chance to see the Big Five. Jay wasn't at all interested in that, and he politely declined, however he was the only person to do so. When he realised that, he almost yelled in bliss. A chance to be alone in the hotel room and get some rest and maybe Google some sexy soccer bodies on the internet...yummy! On the outside, Wayne was nearing the hotel aswell and he saw the American players getting on the transport vechicle. Just as he thought that he was unseen, Clint Dempsey came running towards him.

"Well well, Wayne! What the hell do we have here?"

"Fuck, Dempsey how did you know it was me?"

"Come on Wayne, i see you every week on television, I've played against you loads of times, you gotta be kidding me. Why are you dressed like this?"

"The people man, its crazy. Where are you lot going?"

"To the Bushveld man, can't wait. Well not all of us, Jay is staying behind."

"Jay...Jay Demerit?" Wayne asked, frowning.

"Yeah...hey man we gotta go. See you tomorrow, dude!" Clint said and patted Wayne on the back. Wayne's frown turned into a smile. Every newspaper was talking about the battle between them...and he walked straight up to the information desk, and after signing yet another autograph for the clearly gay waiter, he left for Jay and Jozi's room.

Jay was busy watching a video collage of shirtless pics of Steven Gerrard on YouTube and was having a rather nice time in wanking his slender 6 inch cock, with his breathing getting heavier by the second, his awesome abs contracted with the tossing of his swollen cock as he wanted to desperately to stick his tongue right through the laptop screen lick those sexy abs of Gerrard. His cock was near bursting when he heard and saw the door open. He jumped up and quickly ran to the bathroom, thinking it was probably Altidore that had returned when he heard the one voice he never expected.

"Hey Jay, next time when you are watching pics of Stevie G, call me. I love that guy's hot body just as much as you, mate." was Wayne Rooney. Jay knew that the English was also staying in this hotel, but he didn't think much of it as he knew that he would bone up with the mere thought of Carrick, Dawson, Gerrard and...yes...Rooney. And here he was, standing naked with his secret about to be uncovered. And...FUCK! In the rush to get to the bathroom, he forgot to close the damn laptop! Now Wayne Rooney of all people knew that he was gay! Can you imagine the newspapers tomorrow, on the day of the match? Slowly he grabbed a towel, wrapped it around his narrow waist and walked towards Wayne. There was no point in hiding it now. Jay got to the sitting area...and he gasped. There was Wayne Rooney, sitting on the lounge suite with only his boxers on. His well known hairy chest, rock hard stomach muscles and the utter sex appeal that the English man showed made all of Jay's 6 inches stand erect and proud. How many times had he wanked off his American meat thinking of Wayne naked and here he was...well semi naked. Wayne stood up, bearing his full stomach to Jay, who let out a silent groan, but no silent enough for Wayne not to hear.

"Come on Jay. Don't fight this mate. Im horny, you're horny, and all that you can do is stand there? Take off that towel, man. You're body looks awesome mate, can't wait to see the rest of you."

Wayne stepped closer to Jay Demerit and he placed his hand on his chest. Jay sighed with emotion as this was finally happening. He nervously reached out and slowly, inch by inch, caressed Wayne's chest. Feeling the hairs underneath was such a turn on, fuck he couldn't stop himself. He grabbed Wayne's face and smashed his lips on top of his. Wayne was enjoying this so fucking much, he grabbed Jay closer to him and the American could feel Wayne's tongue demanding entry. Both were moaning so much, with both pairs of hands caressing and groping furiously. Jay released the kiss and dove onto Rooney's sexy neck, kissing and licking the sweet aroma enhancing from it. Wayne ran his fingers over Jay's bald head, loving he buzz cut under it, groaning with utter delight as Jay moved his lips from Wayne's neck towarsd his pink huge nipples. He teased each one with lust in his eyes, feeling Wayne's hot chest hairs scratching and tickling his face. He felt Rooney pulling his face upwards for another passionate kiss.

"Come on Jay, take off that towel. Let me see what you got, you sexy hot fucker," Wayne demanded. Jay quickly dropped his towel and allowed his dangling steel hard cock to appear and to make Rooney's mouth water. Rooney bent down, to the sheer surprise of Jay Demerit and Wayne took hold of the stiff 6 incher, stroking it back and forth ever so slowly, making Jay's knees weak and he shuddered with sexual madness.

"Looks like this is lunch, or shall i say desert?" Wayne asked as he looked Jay in the eye and gently licked the hard dick from its balls to its head.

"Oh fuck Wayne, oh fuck i never thought...please suck me dude! Oh please suck me you sexy, georgeous bastard!"

Wayne smiled and stroked the cock, revealing the glistering pre cum based head and took it into his mouth. Jay had never before felt this kind of emotion. Wayne Rooney was sucking his cock, bobbing his head up and down, savoring the delicious pre juice coming from the American sausage. Jay reached down and ran his hard through Wayne Rooney's hair, feeling its softness, and slowly but surely guiding the Manchester United man's head to control the sucking prowess. Wayne was sucking the hard cock ike a lollypop, holding it at the base and just having the cockhead in his mouth. Jay's 6 pack was clearly showed, amazingly, his abs was more defined and pronounced as Rooney's. Rooney lifted his head from Jay's cock, holding the stiff dick in his hand and gently wanking it to keep it hard. He leaned down and swallowed the entire cock in his well excersised throat, making Demerit double over in pleasure.

"I can feel you're close, mate. Come on Jay, cum for me. Cum on my face. I want to feel you're hot sperm shooting on my face." Wayne said calmy and cooly. Jay moaned as he heard Wayne talking to him.

"Wayne! Fuck!" he screamed as he felt Wayne tongue tickling his cockhead as he wanked it and that sent him over the edge. Wayne's face was blasted with white American cum was flowed from the dick of Jay Demerit. His abs contracted, to show each and every one of his 6 pecks as he drove out his sperm and onto Wayne Rooney's face. Wayne pulled Jay down towards him and they french passionately, letting Jay taste, lick and kiss his own cum in the process. Tired as he was, Jay wanted Wayne Rooney's cock. While in the kiss, he pulled of Wayne's boxers, finally freeing that incredible horsedick. Jay thought about something for a few seconds and then wiped more spern off Rooney's face, after which reaching down and soaking Wayne's giant dick with his sperm.

"Oh shit, you're doing it for me now, Jay. Toss me off, come on!"

Jay leaned over and placed his entire body on that of Wayne's. Instead of simply tossing him off, he had other ideas. Once completely on top of the English man, he began to grind and fuck himself against Wayne's hairy and by now sweaty body. Wayne embraced Jay's shoulders and he too began ti fuck himself against the American. Their red and swollen cock crashing against eachother made them sigh and yelp with desire to have sex with the other. Jay's cock was still leaking some cum and seminal fluid onto that of Wayne's and when Jay reached down and grabbed the two pricks together Wayne almost passed out.

"Jay, im gonna cum mate! Im gonna cum!"

Like lightning, Jay Demerit jumped off Rooney, so that his cock was dangerously dangling and near explosion. He dove onto Rooney's cock with his mouth, sucking the red big cock for all he was worth. He caressed Rooney's hairy stomach while sucking his big dick and he felt it actually coming alive as it spew its footballer cum in his mouth. Wayne Rooney's cum was incredibly thick, and Jay had to swallow at least 8 times before getting it all down. He licked his lips, savoring the taste of Wayne Rooney's babymakers. He sneaked up towards Wayne and kissed him again. Wayne sighed like a baby and he ever so gently kissed Jay back.

"When we see eachother in the match tomorrow...don't look at my dick too much, yeah?" Wayne laughed tiredsome.

"I think that warning might be meant other way around, dude!" Jay whispered in his ear. Yeah, FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010 had truely began!


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