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World Cup South Africa 2010.

Rafael van der Vaart and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar

The Dutch team was looking forward to their opening game against Denmark as they were very confidant that they defeat them and register their first victory of the tournament. In one of the hotel rooms, there was a certain haste...Ruud van Nistelrooy was pulling on his clothes in a hurry as he had to get back to his room before Klaas-Jan Huntelaar could discover that he was gone. Once fully clothed he leaned down towards the georgeous Rafael van der Vaart and kissed him lovingly on the forehead. He and the sexy Real Madrid man had been having a secret love affair for about 8 years now. He couldn't believe his eyes when Rafael, only aged 19 and so utterly beautiful with his spiky hair and boyish good looks had Ruud so horny that he couldn't control himself. Times at Old Trafford spent with Roy Keane and Teddy Sheringham had nothing on the young Van der Vaart when he felt the teenager fuck his ass with his then virgin cock for the first time when Rafael were at Ajax Amsterdam. He shuddered as he thought of the young 19 year old boyish sperm that spurted into him that night. Rafael slowly awoke from his peaceful sleep and felt Ruud's lips on his head. He slowly reached out to Ruud, who bent his lanky frame down to a passionate embrace for the two lovers.

"Mmm, i love waking up in your arms like this, Ruud. God, i love you so much." Rafael said, smiling while kissing Ruud shoulder lovingly.

"Im so sorry that i was such a jerk these last couple of weeks. It's just that i dont feel part of the team anymore and i took it out on you. I love you so much, my love. I want us to be together forever, even if we have to hide it."

Rafael and Ruud both were married ofcourse with children and they knew that they could never allow this to get out. But one small thing that the press, society or even Holland didn't hold ownership of, was love. Rafael and Ruud had fallen inlove and that was clear to see. Even though they thought that they covered it up well, there was one person who saw right through them. Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, himself quite the sexy man, who saw them two nights ago. Huntelaar and Van Nistelrooy were roommates for this World Cup and Huntelaar knew that Ruud snuck in early in the morning for the last three times, and he decided to do some snooping. Well, he had his suspicions, but in expecting to find Ruud in bed or having an affair with another woman, he found out that he was having sex with Rafael van der Vaart, the one man who Klaas-Jan had a crush on for a very long time, and fucking Ruud who was in his fucking thirties had to get him! But in hearing shouts of "I love you" from both parties, he realised there is something more powerful going on. Huntelaar wanted Rafael van der Vaart...and he was going to do all it took to get him. Rafael was beautiful...Huntelaar reached down and squeezed his hardening cock...he couldn't wait to get his lips around Van der Vaart's cock...Even if he had to resort to blackmailing, he was gonna get that sexy son of a bitch, he thought as he looked at the tapes and video cassetts in his free hand. The very same that came from the video recorder that he hid in Van der Vaart's room. Huntelaar smiled slyly...

Well the Netherlands had defeated Denmark in a scrappy 2-0 win and the mood was fairly good around the hotel and the training camp. Rafael was in a very good mood, even when Coach Bert van Marwijk shouted at him for not giving the training his all. Rafael couldn't stop thinking about Ruud. He still couldn't believe that he fell inlove with a man. When he was 16, and ofcourse knowing what effect he had on women, he could have had any girl he wanted. But something that happened to one of his best friends in growing up, was that his friend fucked a girl on a tour to the Far East for the Ajax Amsterdam youth team and gotten her pregnant at the age of just 15. Rafael wasn't ready for that and there was always this sick feelings of peer pressure that always managed to follow young sportsmen. That night when Ruud kissed him was so fucking magical and he couldn't believe that this sexy Manchester United man was intrested in him. It was then that Rafael ran into Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. They both fell to the ground, in Klaas-Jan's case, he was heavily winded. Van Marwjik blew the whistle and rushed towards them.

"I fucking told you to keep your mind on training! Are you sexualy starved or what? Well get a grip, this is the World Cup, not a fashion show with Sylvie! Get your head out of the clouds, Pretty Boy, if we don't win this, we will never do it!"

Neither Rafael nor Klaas-Jan had ever head him so angry. Van Marwjik ordered Rafael to take Huntelaar back to his room and help him get comfortible. Rafael was mad...how dare Van Marwjik talk to him like that? Huntelaar was a flop at Real Madrid and was shipped of to Milan and Rafael was a stunning sucess! Fuck being linked to Chelsea and Manchester United was all the proof needed to see that! What the fuck, was Huntelaar better than him? No fucking way! Neither of the sexy Dutch players spoke on their way back to the hotel and once in the room, Rafael shoved him inside and closed to door to get back to training and more inportantly, to Ruud. Just as he reached the elevator, he heard the door open and he heard something that made him freeze.

"Why so quick, Van der Vaart? Can't wait to see Van Nistelrooy?"

Rafael turned around and looked Klaas-Jan straight in the eye. What the fuck was that?

"Come here, Rafael. I always wanted to take a closer look at your beautiful face. Come on, what does Ruud van Nistelrooy have that i don't? Besides an aging body?" Huntelaar laughed.

"I fucking love Ruud, you sick fucker! How dare you stand there and order me to do shit? Not even in your wildest dreams, Huntelaar."

"So i suppose I can go down and tell everyone that you and Ruud are inlove? Oh boy, Van Marwjik is gonna love that! Don't even think that im bluffing, i have sound clips and video's to prove it."

Rafael weighed up the options. If he gave in to Huntelaar, chances was that nothing would happen and he and Ruud's secret would be safe. If not, well Huntelaar will deny making any pass at Van der Vaart and will show everyone what he and Ruud had been doing. Oh the press will have a field day! He had no choice. He aswell and Ruud had families who would get hurt so much if this came out. And...well allthough he didn't want to admit it, he knew that Huntelaar was sexy. He loved Ruud, but seriously, he would enjoy having sex with Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. He suddenly smiled...if Huntelaar thought that he would punish Rafael in any way by doing this, he would show him who's boss. He turned back towards the room and stood infront of Huntelaar.

"U think im hot, do you? Ok, show me. If you find me so sexy, give it all you got."

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar must have thought all his birthdays had come at once since he had been dreaming for so long that Rafael van der Vaart would come on to him. He roughly grabbed Rafael's head and pulled him back into the room completley. He pushed him on the bed and grabbed Rafael's left arm. Feeling emotions going throught him that he didnt quite know the name off, Huntelaar slowly leaned down and kissed Van der Vaarts knuckles. Despite Rafael feeling determined not to get that much into it, he starting feeling horny and his 8 inch cock began to show some sign of waking up. What could he do? He was being kissed by a hot guy, so sue him! Huntelaar slowly kissed his way down the muscular skin of Rafael's arm, feeling the utter masculinity of it all. He arrived at the Madrid man's shoulder and he nuzzled into it. Against his will, Rafael let out a quiet moan. Huntelaar continued his onslaught of Rafael van der Vaart's beautiful body until he arrived at his chin, his lips carefully hovering, as if searching, asking desperately for permission, even though he had the blackmail over his sexy teammate. Rafael opened his eyes, closed in the first place from sheer pleasure and looked straight into Klaas-Jan's eyes. For the first time, Rafael felt himself being attracted to another male than Ruud van Nistelrooy. Was it sexual craving? He didn't care as he grabbed Huntelaar's head and with a gentle sigh, he placed his soft lips onto the latter's. Huntelaar deepened the already passionate kiss when he reached up and ran his hands over Rafael's upper back and shoulders. It was Klaas-Jan who released Rafael, gently caressing his georgeous face. Whatever Van der Vaart or indeed Hunterlaar had planned with the other really hadn't worked out. The passion and lust for eachother had taken over. Huntelaar pushed his, well at least temporary lover back onto the bed and started to take Rafael's shirt off. Inch by wonderful inch, the awesome hot body of Rafael van der Vaart appeared and after Huntelaar through the shirt on the ground, he placed his hands at the waistband of Rafael's shorts and leaned in for yet another kiss, this time pushing with his tongue for entry in Rafael's mouth, who in turn allowed him to do so. Rafael gasped when he felt Huntelaar's warm hands caress his body all the way from his shorts to his upper chest, feeling the strong, sexy and just fucking beautiful stomach of Rafael van der Vaart. This was making Huntelaar more horny than he ever was in his entire life and out of passion he jumped on top of Rafael, grabbing and holding him behind the neck and kissing the living daylights out of him. Rafael moaned and reached over Klaas-Jan's body and squeezed his lovely rock hard ass, feeling the younger man's steel hard prick smashing against his own. Huntelaar reluctantly stood up and grabbed the waistband of Rafael's boxers, pulling them down, leaving Rafael in his Calvin Klein's. He reached down and took hold of Van der Vaart's cock that was still hidden.

"Don't just stand there you sexy piece of shit! You wanted cock, now you got cock!" Rafael moaned as he couldn't stand his dick unserviced.

Huntelaar slowly, with a sly smile, slipped Rafael's underwear off and out popped the red hot fire dick. Rafael van der Vaart naked beneath you, what a sight! Rafael reached down and held his dick upright.

"You know what to do, mjin vriend" he whispered.

While Rafael held his cock in position, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar undressed as quickly as he could. Rafael was really impressed with the younger man's body, a rather flattering 8 pack casting its shadow over his body. He reached up with his right foot and caressed Huntelaar's scuplted abs with the underside before Huntelaar placed his naked self, with a 5 inch dick facing his partner.

"Oh fuck! Fuck my dick feels good inside you!" Rafael shouted as Huntelaar, without lube or shyness, rammed his tight vrigin ass on his cock. Huntelaar thought he was going to pass out, that good it felt as he leaned his lanky body on top of Rafael's and started to kiss him once more. He fucked his ass up and down that delicious cock of Van der Vaart, all the while feeling the hot Madrid man's stomach underneath him. After about 5 minutes or so, Rafael told Huntelaar to get up and, still hoding his dick totally inside him, they moved into the doggy style position. Both sexy footballers were sweating, big streams of it leaking down their abs and hot stomachs. Rafael looked down and saw his cock fucking in and out of Klaas-Jan Huntelaar fucking tight and hot ass. Huntelaar reached back and caressed Rafael's pecks as best he could. All too soon Rafael felt that he was going to cum, Huntelaar's ass was just too tight.

"Im gonna cum, man! Want it inside?"

"Fuck yeah! I want you hot spern shooting in me! Breed me, Rafael! Fuck i can feel your dick, oh man it feels good!"

Rafael began to really fuck Huntelaar, his cock pistoning in and out like a gale force wind, his cock head hitting Huntelaar's prostrate with each fuck. He felt his balls contracting and his he caressed Huntelaar's sweaty back.

"Mmmm...im gonna cum...im gonna cum in you...mmm...ahhhh!"

Rafael screamed as his cock exploded what felt like a volcano of cum that was smothered inside Klaas-Jan Huntelaar's ass. His cock felt like velvet, being covered in his own cum and he fell on top of Huntelaar, who's balls also started releasing and spurting their fiery footy sperm onto the bed. Huntelaar turned around, fuck he was so tired, but he grabbed Rafael's face, looked into his beautiful eyes and ran his fingers through Rafael's sweat drenched hair. He kissed his top of Rafael's head, neither footballer knowing what the fuck they would go from here, now that reality had kicked in.


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