by 70s Child

The following story is totally fictional. I do not know the sexual orientation of Nick Bollea. The characters are real and fictional and any relation between the fictional characters and actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, it is illegal to possess adult stories, or if you are put off by gay sex, then just leave. If you are totally homophobic, I have two words for you - ***SUCK IT***.

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Are You Tough Enough? the commercial said. It was a new season for the WWE show on Smackdown to get the newest superstar. I always thought I could be a good wrestler and I could see myself coming down the ramp to my own theme music. My favorite wrestlers are the Undertaker and the Sandman from ECW. I decided to make a tape and tryout.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Bryan Robinson and I am 20 years old. I am about 5'10" tall and weigh 191 pounds. I have brown hair and blue eyes, but I recently shaved my head. I am also very gay. I got my cousin Stephen to videotape me with a kendo stick and dressed in black. I did my best ominous voice and glared into the camera. It was about a minute long and I mailed it to the WWE. I had forgotten about it until I got a letter from the WWE headquarters in Connecticut. I read the letter and it was a form letter, but it informed me that I was one of thirty people selected to go to Ohio to be put through my paces. I was given a number to call to respond for final arrangements. I called and they arranged the plane ticket and hotel accommodations. They told me I would be leaving in two weeks time. I called and emailed my friends and family.

When the date arrived for me to leave, Stephen and his girlfriend - Heather - saw me off. I boarded the plane and settled in and I became nervous. I was not the kind of guys I would meet. I wanted to make sure they did not find out I was gay. The trip was just over an hour and we landed at the Cleveland airport. As I deplaned, I went to baggage claim, but met someone who had my name on a placard.

"I'm Bryan Robinson." I responded.

"Welcome mate." the guy said. "Dave Findley."

We shook hands and I recognized him from the WCW as had me to a Hummer. He explained we would be staying at the Crowne Plaza in the downtown area and to call him Dave. He pulled to the front and a bellman was ready to take me to my room on the executive level.

"We'll give you a call when we are to meet later today." Dave said. "So relax and enjoy your stay."

We went upstairs and the bellman explained that we would get breakfast and an evening social. As we got off the elevator, we approached the room and I entered. It was a room with two double beds, so I figured I would have roommate.

"You're group have all our doubles on this level." the bellman said. "The last of the group should be here soon."

He told me the tips were taken care of by the WWE. As I got settled, I turned on the television and explored the room. There was a minibar, but they did not give us a key.

As I looked out the window, the door opened. A bellman came in with a drop-dead gorgeous blonde. He was about my height and weighed a little less than I. For some reason I thought I knew him, but that was impossible until he opened his mouth.

"Put that bag over there." he ordered.

At that moment I knew who he was - Nick Bollea. Here was the son of the immortal Hulk Hogan and I was going to be his roommate. I had seen him on the reality show Hogan Knows Best. Before I could introduce myself, he began to claim the bed I had already staked out.

"This is my bed." he said with an air of superiority.

"Listen, I already get this bed." I told him. "And I don't care who your dad is."

"Oh, you recognize me." Nick said. "Well I don't give a shit. I can do anything I want. How about we wrestle for the bed?"

At first I was hesitant in wrestling this kid. First, he was a bit younger than myself, but he was the son of a wrestler. Now I learned a few moves from Stephen, who was a wrestler in a minor promotion, so I could hold my own. Before I could respond, he charged at me and knocked me over the bed to the floor. I was stunned by the move, but I recovered to move to the end of the bed. When Nick came at me again, I sidestepped him and he fell on his face. I got behind him and put my thumbs just under his ears and right at the jawline. I pressed the digits forward and Nick cried out in pain.

"STOP!!" he yelped. "PLEASE STOP!!"

"Now who gets the bed?" I answered casually.

"Y-Y-You do." he wept. "Please let me go."

I relinquished the hold and he was on his knees still crying. I was going to go over to him to try to make him feel better, but the phone rang. I went to answer it.

"Hi Bryan." the voice said. "Dave here."

"Hi Dave. Wassup?" I responded.

"We will all meet in an hour in the lobby." he said. "Make sure that brat is with you."

"Will do." I chuckled. "See you in an hour."

I hung up and Nick sat on the end of his bed. He wiped his eyes and tried not to look at me. I relayed the message Dave gave me, sans the part of his being a brat. I finally had to ask him the obvious question.

"Why are you here?" I queried. "You're obviously too young to be here and you are such an asshole."

"They want to create a father and son team." he replied. "I'm not really interested, but Dad said it's for the best."

"Well while we're roomies, quit being a jerk." I said.

"I'll try." Nick told me. "By the way, where did you learn that hold?"

"A friend of mine in South Carolina." I explained. "He also taught me a move I will use as a finishing hold."

Nick explained he was 15 and, until his dad decided to do a reality show, he was a normal teen. But when he appeared on the show, he had been treated differently. He just wanted things to go back to normal, but that would never happen. I told him about my life in Mississippi and he seemed interested. A couple of times I thought he glanced at my crotch, but it could have been my imagination. I did glance at his nether region and swore I saw a slight bulge.

When it was time for us to got to the lobby, we grabbed our card keys and left the room. We were met by a few other possible contenders. We introduced ourselves and one of the guys recognized Nick.

"Well we know who has a lock on one of the final eight." he said. "Daddy probably paid his way in."

The others started to laugh and began to ridicule all the way down. As we unloaded, Dave Findlay was there with the others. We were ushered to a huge bus with the Tough Enough logo on the sides. Nick and I got to the back. I leaned over to whisper.

"Nick do you wanna be here?" I asked.

"Yes and no." he replied softly. "I want to see if I could make it. But everyone will think my dad got in the door."

"Well if you try harder than anyone, most won't think that." I said.

"We chatted for the rest of the trip and finally arrived at the Ohio Valley Wrestling training center. This is the proving grounds for the future WWE superstars. We got off the bus and entered the building. There were weight machines and other exercise equipment. There was a wrestling ring in the middle of the area with two men in it. Dave joined them. I recognized Al Snow immediately, then saw Hardcore Bob Holly.

"Have a seat everyone." Al said as he pointed to the seats.

We sat and Nick was next to me. After we settled down Al began to speak.

"All of you are here because there is one potential superstar here." he said. "Over the next few days we will put you through your paces to cut the field to eight, then eventually one. If you quit, that will be the end and you will go home by bus. If you are the final eight, then the real test begins. The winner gets a contract with the WWE worth $1 million. So gentleman, here are the other trainers you have to deal with - Bob Holly and Dave Findlay. These are the toughest SOBs you will ever meet."

"Gentlemen, every member of the WWE roster earned their spot." Bob said. "We ain't gonna roll over and let you in. You will earn your spot, so be ready for pain."

Dave reiterated what Bob said and explained that they would work us until we puked and we would do it without complaint. He also said there would be random drug testing for illegal drugs and steroids, so he wanted a list of medications any of us were taking. They handed us a packet to fill out that night.

"Now you have the rest of the night to yourselves." Al said. "You can explore the city at your leisure. You may have dinner in the restaurant and charge it to the room. You will be meeting here at 6 in the morning. If you are late in meeting the bus at 5:30, you will be given one warning. A second time, you will be sent home. And that first warning will cost you dearly, so don't let it happen."

At that point he told us we were going back to the hotel. We loaded back on the bus, where Nick and I sat together again. As we got back to the hotel, the two of us decided to eat dinner in the room, then go out exploring. A couple of guys, Mark and Chris, began to harass again about being Hulk Hogan's son. Nick was a tough kid, but even his father could not deal with a two-on-one attack. Chris was 6'2" and 270 of solid muscle. Mark was 6'5" and 250 pounds. They started to shove him in the elevator, so I decided to step in.

"Leave him alone asshole." I said.

"Go fuck yourself." Chris said.

I popped the heel of my shoe into his knee. He fell to the floor and I got behind him. I pressed my thumbs behind his ears and he screamed in pain.

"Now listen shithead." I said. "Leave Nick alone."

The elevator stopped on our floor and Nick and I got off. Mark helped Chris to their room, but they glared at the two of us. We entered the room and Nick threw his packet against the wall. He turned to me with anger.

"Why did you do that?" he yelled. "Now everyone's gonna think I can't defend myself."

"Whoa Nick." I replied. "No one could take on two by themselves. I was trying to help, okay."

"Let me take care of myself." Nick seethed. "I don't need a babysitter."

"No, but you need a friend." I told him.

Nick mellowed a bit and we ordered dinner. While we waited, we sifted through the paperwork, that included a background check, waivers, physicals, and other things. When the food arrived, the server wheeled it in and set it up. I had Nick sign the bill and we sat down to eat. We continued our talk and learned Nick was a very lonely boy. He had friends, but most were just around because he was Hulk Hogan's son. I told him I was not a Hulk fan, but a `Taker fan. Nick said he was too. We finished dinner, then started to explore. We went to the Rock `n' Roll Hall of Fame. We looked at everything until it was time for it to close. We walked back to the hotel and got sodas along the way. When we got to the room, we undressed for bed. We were both spying on each other. Nick had a nice build with white downy hair on his legs. He had a good sized basket for a 15-year-old. Nick looked at my chest, which is hairy. I started to get hard, but hid it from Nick since I did not know if he was just curious or was into guys. As we got into bed, I turned off the light between us. I slowly slid my hand to my hard 7" and gently stroked it. I did not want to disturb Nick, but I imagined his lips wrapped around my cock until I fed him my juices. I sped up as I approached climax, but heard Nick next to me.

"Bryan." he whispered. "Bryan, you awake?"

I pretended to be asleep, but kept my hand on my prick. I then heard the unmistakable sound of flesh slapping flesh. I heard Nick's breathing become erratic, so I knew he was close. I continued to stroke my rod until I shot all over my chest, stomach, and bush. I knew Nick had released his load when I heard a quiet AAAAAHHHH and OOOOHHHH come from him. I heard him get out of bed to go to the bathroom. He closed the door and I heard him urinating, then the sound of water, so I knew he was cleaning up. After he returned to bed, he turned and fell asleep. I waited a few minutes more and went to the bathroom. I relieved my bladder first, but found the washcloth he used. I smelled the mixture of soap and cum on it, so I cleaned myself with the same cloth. I dried off and went to bed. I fell asleep and wondered what the next day would bring.

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