by 70s Child

The following story is totally fictional. I do not know the sexual orientation of Nick Bollea. The characters are real and fictional and any relation between the fictional characters and actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, it is illegal to possess adult stories, or if you are put off by gay sex, then just leave. If you are totally homophobic, I have two words for you - ***SUCK IT***.

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From Chapter X: "Nick, are you sure you want to show this to your dad?" Bryan asked.

"Hell yeah." the teen answered. "And no better time than tomorrow morning."

Bryan smiled at Nick's devious mind and he knew he found love. They fell asleep in each other's arms.


The next morning, Nick and I got up and put the next part of our plan into effect. We were supposed to leave for the next city in a few hours. We showered and dressed quickly, then drove to the hospital that Hogan was taken to after the match. As they entered, we carried the videotape of our love-making session. Nick and I asked which room Hogan was in and we went to it. Hogan's head was bandaged and his arms were in casts.

"Hi old man." Nick said. "I've got a surprise for you."

There was a VCR in the room, so Nick inserted the tape and hit the play button. Hogan could not believe that he saw his own son being fucked in various positions and he loved it. He tried to close his eyes, but Nick kept them open.

"Oh, no you old bastard." the teen uttered. "You started this and we're ending it."

Tears came down Hulk's face and we laughed at him. As the tape ended and I took it out, Nick glared at his father and sneered.

"Now hear this bitch." the blonde said. "I'm not longer your son, so fuck you."

We left the room and passed Nick's mother and sister, who had a black-eye from the night before. We ignored the women and went to the car. We left the hospital parking lot and picked Ed up. We drove to Pittsburgh, where ECW was to have their television taping. We checked into the hotel and went to the rooms. Paul called Ed's room and wanted to meet with all of us. Our manager called Nick and me and explained that Paul Heyman wanted to see us. We met in the lobby and drove to Paul's office. As we entered, the three of us saw Vince McMahon sitting at the desk with Paul beside him.

"Very impressive show last night." the chairman began. "You three have in interesting gimmick. We want to utilize it in the WWE. We want to create a group around the idea."

"Well Vince, it is an idea." Ed said. "But I want to pick the group. Also I want these boys to have a title shot at the tag team at the first earliest convenience."

As Ed and Vince finalized the negotiations, the contract was signed and Vince asked who the other members of the group were going to be.

"Kanyon and Orlando Jones.." Ed said flatly. "And we are known as the Ministry of Evil."

Vince agreed, though he was extremely homophobic. He had fired both wrestlers Ed wanted because they were gay. After the negations were done, we left the office and went to a gym so Nick and I could workout. As we exercised, Ed called Kanyon and Orlando to meet us in Pittsburgh for the next night. After we finished our workout, Ed, Nick, and I left for the hotel.

"Ed, why did you choose those two guys?" I asked.

"Like you two, these guys are gay." our manager replied. "Besides this will really piss off Vince McMahon."

Later that day the two new members of the Ministry arrived at the airport and Ed picked them up. They were checked into a couple of rooms and met with Nick and me.

"Well now guys, the fun begins." Ed told them. "We will start at the ECW show tomorrow, then move to RAW the following Monday. Now Bryan's the Devil's Reject, Nick is Hell's Fire, Kanyon will be Evil's Minion, and Orlando will be Slasher. We will work on the make-up and this will be a group like the Horsemen or DX."

"Ed, how did you get McMahon to agree?" Kanyon asked.

"Simple, he likes the gimmick and it is a moneymaker." the manager responded. "Besides, Bryan and Nick are gay also. They are a couple and the four of you will become stars."

After the five of us went over what was going to happen with our team, Ed, Kanyon, and Orlando left our room and went to Ed's room to talk further.

We stripped down and fell into each other's arms. We kissed deeply and caressed our bodies. We were both hard and Nick needed to feel my hard dick deep within his body. As I was on my back, Nick reached over and got the lube off the nightstand. He applied a liberal amount to my pole and to his hole. He took the hard 7" in hand and he put his teencunt at the tip. As he sat down, the turgid rod eased into him.

"Oh Yeah." he moaned. "I love this."

"Baby, you're so hot." I added. "You're the best thing in my life."

When I was fully embedded in Nick's hole, the blonde teen rocked ever so slightly. This caused me to groan quietly. This also kept pressure on Nick's prostate and he leaked precum all over my stomach. The teen began to slowly ride my hot cock. I matched the rhythm as I stroked Nick's hot 5". The feelings we were enjoying were pure love. I knew if I could marry Nick I would. I felt Nick's sac pull tight and I knew what was about to happen. The pulsation reverberated through the flesh tube and the first shot hit my chin.

"OH SHIT!!!!" Nick cried out.

Six more blasts covered my chest and stomach. His ass muscles tightened like a vise and my rod exploded with great force.

"FUCK!!!!" I yelled.

Eight rounds of white cream filled his body and Nick grabbed my chest. His ass milked my pole and the passion I felt for him grew even more. As we both came down from our passion, my cock began to deflate and Nick moved down to my body. As our torsos snuggled against each other, I caressed his blonde hair.

"Bryan, I'm so glad that we are together." he said.

"So am I my Nick." I responded. "I want this to last forever."

We kissed and fell asleep. Just before I nodded off, I felt Nick's breath tickle my chest hair. I thought nothing could be better.


(This part will be narrated by Ed.)

Orlando, Kanyon, and I went to my room. We sat down and Kanyon just looked at me as the person who got his job back.

"Why did you do this?" he asked.

"Like I said, to piss Vince McMahon off." I told him. "And it's a firm two year deal. Besides, you guys are great athletes."

Kanyon rose and kissed me hard on the lips. My cock grew in my pants and I felt Kanyon's dick throb against me. Orlando came over and kissed me. I reached and felt his hard monster in his pants. The two new members of my team caressed my hard cock and we quickly undressed. The two wrestlers' smooth torsos contrasted by very hairy body. Kanyon had a hard 7" cut pole and Orlando had a huge 10" staff. I felt small with my cut 6", but the two men loved it. Orlando pushed me on the bed and the duo attacked my cock and balls. Kanyon swallowed my entire shaft, while Orlando licked the hairy sac and down to my very hairy crack.

"AW SHIT!!!" the manager cried out.

I felt the greatest sensation and wanted more. I raised my legs so Orlando could prep me. As his tongue inched up my love chute, this oozed precum into Kanyon's mouth and it flowed down his gullet. I was ready to feel the hot 10" black anaconda deep in my bowels.

"Now for some serious fun." I said.

I got up and positioned myself so my ass was at the edge of the king-size bed. Orlando put some lube I handed him on his huge ass-breaker and on the entrance of my hairy mancunt. The thick head was placed at the hole and the large black wrestler eased the head into the opening. I felt it go in and my muscles contracted instinctively.

"Go nice and slow." he told Orlando.

I relaxed my muscles and the huge snake eased in a little more. I grew accustomed to the thickness and length. Finally the last bit went in and I felt Orlando's bush against my cheeks. I motioned for Kanyon to get under me and we were positioned in a hot sixty-nine. I started to go down on Kanyon's 7" shaft and he engulfed my 6". Orlando began to move in and out of the hot hairy hole he was enjoying.

"Man this is one hot pussy." Orlando expressed.

The moans and grunts resounded off the hotel walls. The three of us developed a working rhythm and Orlando's pelvic region pounded into me. I felt the cock slam my prostate and I knew I could not last much longer. The flow of juices from this trio emptied into whatever hole we were in. I could feel my balls tighten quickly and the white cream began to go through the flesh tube. When the first volley shot into Kanyon's mouth, I, who was getting royally screwed, tightened my ass like an auto crusher. My eyes rolled back into my head and my mouth seemed to try to suck the life out of Kanyon.

"MMMMMFFFFF!!!!" I growled.

Five more volleys filled Kanyon's mouth, who swallowed with the exception of a little to savor. Simultaneously, the two wrestlers exploded their seeds into my body.

"UUUNNNGGGHHH!!!" Kanyon moaned.

"OH FUCKIN' SHIT!!!!" Orlando cried out.

Kanyon gave the man above him six loads of savory juices and I swallowed just a little. I wanted to share it with my protégés. Orlando spewed nice very thick loads of spunk into my hole. There was so much, it seeped down the back of Ed's legs and onto Kanyon's face. As the massive cock softened and exited my ass, we began to kiss and cleaned Kanyon's face by licking the wonderful load off. The three fell asleep, with me in the middle. We were not sure if it was love, but we knew that we had each other.



NOTE: Well I thought this was going to be the last chapter, but there will be one more. Sorry guys. I am also sorry that it took me quite a while to get the chapters up. Since the last chapter was done I had lost my job, but that developed into a better job with the state and more money. Also my brother is being rotated back to Iraq, hopefully for the last time. I hope that you have enjoyed the story and I appreciate your emails about it. I did receive one that was upset with me the I made Nick gay. I appreciate how people feel, but remember what I put in the beginning of the story. This does not state that Nick is gay, it is a fantasy. However, I have introduced two wrestlers who are gay in reality: Kanyon and Orlando Jones. If you have any comments, either good or bad, please feel free to email me at writhot@comcast.net. Please do put the title of the story in the subject line and where you are from so that I may add you to the Readers' List.


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