I received a request to do a story involving the Rock and Shane McMahon and let me tell you, I spent many days trying to figure out how I'd go about it. Finally, an idea came my way and the story below is the product of that idea. It'll be in three parts starting with this one. For those of you who've been asking, I haven't continued Poetry in Motion because I'm redoing chapter 1. Hopefully, I'll have a redone chapter 1 as well as chapter 2 sometime in the beginning of March.

Please note that I write stories, with sexual themes, not pages and pages of sex terms with little or no story behind them. If that's what you're looking for, there are plenty of one-dimensional stories like that out there and they're easy to find. Also, note that this story involves non-consensual sex, i.e. rape. I don't particularly care for such stories myself, unless they have a great story behind them, but I'm a writer and I do what I must. If this type of story offends you, stop reading here. However, I assure you, it's much more than a rape story. It's a great story that just happens to have scenes of forced sex in it. You really should give it a chance. Come on, try new things.

"Life without risk isn't worth living."

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Revenge of the Rock

Part 1

After tremendous Smackdown, in which the Rock completed for the number one contender's spot for the undisputed title, Shane McMahon was in the boys' locker room, bragging to Rock's opponent, Kurt Angle, and Chris Jericho, about costing Rocky his shot at the title. Doing his trademark "Boxing Skip", Shane recounted his actions with glee.

"And did you see his face when I ran down to the ring and laid the smackdown on his ass with that steel chair?" said Shane, laughing.

Kurt laughed with him. "I know. I nearly busted a gut. His eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his head."

"Yeah, but the best part," Chris interjected, "was when I ran down and broke him down!"

"Yeah, that was good," Shane agreed, "but not as good as when the two of you held him down on that table and I took that Leap of Faith and drove my elbow straight through him."

Suddenly, all laughter, everything, stopped. The entire room looked toward the entrance to see the People's Champion, the Rock, as he walked into the room. At once, he made a beeline for Shane, but instead of attacking him, he just stared down, directly into his eyes. A sneer curled his upper lip. The fire burning in those eye, for a second, made Shane afraid. Then he realized that both Kurt and Chris were standing beside him.

Shane smiled. "So wha --"

He is suddenly stopped by the palm of Rocky's hand coming within centimeters of Shane-O-Mac's face. The entire room lets out a collective "ohhh". Rock turned his head toward them and the whole room, other than Kurt and Chris, cleared out.

"Shane," said Rock in a calm tone. "Shane, Kurt, and Chris, standin' around, laughin' it up." Rock smiled. "Tellin' your stories, entertaining the boys, havin' fun..."

Rock chuckled and the trio joined in until Rock's palm again rose up in Shane's face. The hand became a fist to let Shane know to be silent. "Having fun," Rocky continued, "At the Rock's expense." The smile left his face, only to be replaced by an intense look of hatred. "You think, you all think that you pulled one over one the Rock. You got your match just the way you want it, think you've shut the Rock out, made the Rock look like a punkass pussy, but remember one thing. While you're all sittin' around, laughin' it up, remember one thing, the Rock always gets what's his and the Rock will get even."

Rocky backed away slowly, raising his fingers, from pinky to middle, as he counted. "1, 2, 3." Then, he left.

The three men stared at each other for what seemed like eternity, until Kurt broke the silence. "Uh, maybe we went to far this time," he said nervously.

Jericho laughed. "Don't worry about it, Kurt. He's just running his mouth like always. You know Rocky; he's all talk."

Shane became a little calmer from Chris' confidence that Rock was just kidding, but Kurt still looked worried. "Maybe you're right, Chris. Rock does have a habit of running off at the mouth," said Shane.

"I don't know, guys," Kurt said uneasily, "I haven't seen him like this before. Maybe --"

"Maybe we should escort the little baby home," Chris interrupted.

"Hey! I'm serious. Rocky looked kind of crazed. Didn't you guys notice it?"

"He did kind of seem -- but I'm sure it's nothing," Shane said grabbing his jacket from a bench. "Well, guys, I gotta be up outta here. Business to take care of, you know. I'll catch you guys later." Then he left.

"Yeah, I gotta get going, too," said Chris. "You sure you're gonna be all right by your itty-bitty self?" Jericho laughed.

Angle threw a towel at him. "Just get the hell outta here, will ya?"

"All right, junior. Just don't piss your pants on the way out," Jericho said, laughing as he left.

Kurt went about packing up his gear and mumbling to himself. "Idiots. Think they know everything. But I know. We should've left him alo--," Just then, Kurt heard a noise and stopped packing up. "Shane!" he called out. "Chris!" No one answered. Kurt grew increasing nervous now, and he hastened to finish packing. After the last item went in his bag, Kurt quickly threw on his jacket, scooped up his bag and hurried out of the locker room.

"Kurt." The voice was barely audible.

Kurt stopped in his tracks and looked around the dark, deserted hallway that stretched on for a good 70 yards. "Who's there?" he called out in a shaky voice. No one answered. Then, he was way beyond worried. He hastened to the buildings only open exit, which was clear across to the other side of the arena.

"Kurt." The voice came again, louder, but still in a whispering tone.

Kurt started to run at top speed, looking back to see if he was being followed. The whispering voice continued to call his name. Then, as he was looking back, he ran directly into an open door, or more accurately, a door was forcefully opened in front of him and he fell to the floor.

When Kurt regained consciousness and his vision cleared, he was shocked and then terrified to be staring directly into the face of the Great One. He was even more shocked to see that he was hanging, by wrists bound with rope, to a hook that hung from the stadium kitchen ceiling. Rocky had a wide smile on his face and he chuckled under his breath. Kurt tried to protest, but it all came out muffled as a towel was securely fastened to his mouth, preventing him to say anything.

Rock put his index finger to Kurt's mouth. "Shhh, shhh," he told Kurt. Then, he began to walk in a circle around his hanging captive. "Kurt, Kurt, not a word. You've got nothing to worry about."

Kurt's muffled screams became louder as he saw Rocky pick up a butcher's knife.

"Kurt, I told you. What?" Rock said, looking at Kurt, then the knife. "You don't think -- Kurt, I'm not gonna kill you. What'd you think I am?" Rocky laughed as he walked over to the refrigerator. "I was just going to get a little snack," Rock said and removed a coconut cream pie. "You like pie don't you, Kurt?"

A muffled, "Huh?" was all he could say.

Rock laughed. "I thought you'd say that." He set the pie on the counter and removed another. "Well, the Rock loves the pie," he said as he tasted a bit with his pinky. "Mmmm, apple. The Rock's favorite. But the Rock likes all kinds of pie," he said as he walked back over to Kurt with knife and pie in hand. Setting the pie on the counter, Rock stood before Kurt, brandishing the knife as he named off all the pies he likes. "The Rock likes p-p-pumpkin," he said and cut off Kurt's left sleeve from the shoulder stitching with the knife. With each pie he named, he cut another part of Kurt's clothing. "La-la-la-lemon, b-b-b-blueberry, rasssspberry, ch-ch-ch-cheery, shhhepard's, the list goes on and on and on and on and on." By the time he'd finished, Kurt hung there in nothing more than his socks, sneakers and a black thong.

Kurt continued to mumble in protest. "What's that, Kurt? Are you trying to tell the Rock something? Here let the Rock help you out." Rock took the gag from Kurt's mouth.

"You sick freak!" he yelled at Rocky the moment the gag was removed.

Rock laughed loudly. "Maybe the Rock is, Kurt. Maybe the Rock is."

"You're crazy!"

"No, for the first time in a long time, the Rock is thinking clearly. Everything is finally

clear as crystal. To get a fair deal in this business, you've got to be a total asshole."

"Look," Kurt said, terrified at the Rock's lunatic ramblings, "If it's the title shot you want, I'll give it to you."

"No, Kurt, no. The Rock doesn't want that title shot. That's your title shot. You earned that title shot. But the way you got it -- Kurt, Kurt, Kurt. You earned a lot more than a title shot," Rocky said as he looked Kurt directly in his eyes. A huge smile came on his face as he slapped Kurt's ass. "A lot more."

"You son of a b --"

Rock fastened the towel back over Kurt's mouth. "I think this will work better without the cryin'," Rock said with a devious chuckle. "Now, as the Rock was sayin', he loves pie, but unfortunately, the Rock has been on the road, away from his homemade pie, for a while. You know what I mean? Of course you don't. What was the Rock thinking asking you? Everybody knows that Kurt Angle doesn't like the pie. In fact, it's well known that Kurt Angle loves -- the sssssstrudel. Isn't that right, Kurt?"

With his bound feet, Kurt tried to kick Rocky, but couldn't reach.

"Kurt, the Rock is hurt. Don't you like the Rock? You like the strudel," Rock said and he grabbed his crotch, "So you must love the Rock's strudel. After all, the Rock's got the best strudel in town.

Guaran-damn-teed to leave you beggin' for more."

Kurt shook his head.

"Oh, you don't believe the Rock, is that it? Well then, a demonstration will have to be arranged." Rock picked up the knife again and cut off Kurt's thong. He was fully erect, his big, rigid cock stuck straight out and already leaked precum. "Oh, see, the Rock knew about you, Kurt. All this time, actin' like you didn't want it, but you're ready to go, ain't you? Well, all in due time."

Rock lifted Kurt off of the hook from which he hung and Kurt struggled, hitting Rock in the back with his bound hands. For his effort, he was slammed down on the cold metal countertop and let out a weak grunt. "Kurt, you shouldn't have done that. Now, the Rock just may have to get rough." Rock took a strong grip on Kurt's balls and Kurt emitted a louder groan. "You're gonna learn, Kurt, what happens when you piss off the Great One."

Rock rolled Kurt onto his stomach so that his ass stuck straight up. He smacked Kurt's ass hard. Then he walked over to the front of the counter where he left the coconut cream pie he first removed. Pulling his pants down in front of Kurt, Rock then pulled his massive dick out and Kurt's eyes popped open with shock. It was 11 inches in length and it hadn't fully gotten hard yet. Kurt tried to get off the counter, but Rocky quickly grabbed his head and forced it down onto the table. "Oh no, Kurt. You're not going anywhere yet."

Rock stuck his hand into the pie, taking a large handful of the creamy substance and rubbed it all over his cock. He looked down at Kurt, eye to eye, and smiled. "Are you ready?"

Kurt mumbled.

"It doesn't matter if you're ready!" Rocky yelled at him before going back behind him. Rock reached his hand forward and removed the gag. "The Rock wants to hear your pain, Kurt. He wants you to scream for him like the little bitch that you are."

"Rock, please, don't do this," Kurt begged, a tear falling from his eye.

Rock laughed as he got up onto the counter. "That's right, Kurt. The Rock wants you to beg, to cry, to feel the pain." He gave his cock a few more strokes, making certain it was fully hard.

"You sorry son of a b -- Aaahhh!!!"

Kurt screamed from the sheer pain as Rocky forcefully introduced the People's Strudel to the Olympic Ass. The tears began to flow and the Rock`s laughter echoed throughout the kitchen as he began to rip Kurt's ass up. He slammed his cock in all the way to the base, then pulled it out and before pushing it completely back in. "You really are a punkass bitch, ain't you, Kurt?" Rock asked, laughing like mad. Kurt could do nothing, but scream out from the pain. Rock wasn't aiming to pleasure Kurt, he was looking to punish him and he didn't slow down his pace for the entire fuck.

He fucked Kurt for nearly 30 minutes, before he felt himself about to shoot his load, so he pulled out. Kurt laid there on the counter, breathing hard and whimpering. "Thank god," said Kurt in a weak, low voice.

Rock laughed loudly. "Oh, no, no, no, Kurt. It's not over yet. You see, that," Rocky said as he walked toward Kurt's head, "was for the Rock." Still holding his throbbing cock in his hand, Rock stuck it right up against Kurt's mouth. "Clean it," Rock said firmly. "And if the Rock feels even one tooth, what just happened, it'll feel like a trip to Disney Land compared to what the Rock will do." Rock held his fist up to Kurt, then slapped his ass again. "Does the Rock make himself clear?"

Kurt was trembling and just wanted it to be over. He had no choice. He opened his mouth and Rocky shoved his dick in. Kurt gagged as Rock's massive tool forced its way down his throat. "Come on, Kurt," said Rock, "You can do better than that."

Kurt made a feeble attempt to suck Rock's dick. "You know what?" Rock said, pulling out. "Forget it." Rock reached out and grabbed the apple pie from the counter. Giving his cock a few more quick jerks, he jizzed 11 thick shots all over the pie. Then, he placed it before Kurt. "Eat it!"

Kurt refused.

Rock became angry. "The Rock said eat it, jabronie!" Rock grabbed Kurt's head and shoved his face into the pie. Reaching into the pie, Rock took a handful and forced it into Kurt's mouth. "And that, bitch, was for the people!"

Rock rolled Kurt off the counter and he fell to the kitchen floor. Rock looked down at Kurt, laying there in pain, covered in pie and cum and smiled again. "Don't worry, Kurt," Rock said with his hand near a fire alarm switch. "It won't be long before someone comes to help you out." He flipped the switch and a fire bell began ringing followed by the sprinkler system activating. Kurt still laid there, motionless as the water beads pelted his body. Rock turned and walked away as the sprinklers poured water over him as well. "One down, two to go," Rock said as he exited the building.

To be continued...