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Revenge of the Rock

Part 2

The Undisputed Champion, Chris Jericho, stood in the arena parking lot next to his cherry red Ford Thunderbird, talking on his cell phone. "I don't care that it's quarter to midnight! I don't care if your people are busy! I don't want someone in an hour! You're right there, my goddamn car is fucked up and I need someone out here now!" he roared into the phone. "Maybe you don't understand who you're talking to, junior. I'm Chris Jericho. The larger than life, undisputed -- Hello? HELLO?!"

Jericho threw his phone back in the car. "Son of a bitch! Who in the hell do these people think they are!? They can't treat a living legend like this!"

Frustrated and defeated, Chris reached into his car and hit play on his CD player before hopping up on the hood of his car and laying back. The music started and he sang along with it. "All you people, can't you see, can't you see, how your loves affectin' our reality? Everytime we're down, you can make it right. And that makes you larger than life."

Chris continued singing along witht he sound until a bright light disturbed him. He opened his eyes to find that a jet black SUV was sitting right in front of him. For how long, he didn't know, as he never heard it drive up. "Hey, asshole, you got a problem?" Just then, the headlights shut down.

Chris could see only a shadowy figure in the vehicle, but at twelve in the morning, he didn't care if it was Mike Tyson. He was stuck in the arena parking lot with a broke down car and some jackass bothering him. The lights came on again. This infuriated Chris. "Look, you sorry ass son of a bitch! I'm not in the mood to play games with you! I --"

Then, the vehicle came racing toward him and he leaped off of his car as the SUV narrowly missed it. Chris laid on the asphalt, groaning in pain, as he hit the ground hard on the way down. The big black truck came around to where Chris was and stopped. The door opened and out stepped a still dripping wet Rocky with a big smile plastered across his face. "Chris," he said cheerfully, walking toward the fallen champion. "Having a little car trouble, are you?"

"R-r-r-rock," Chris stuttered as he began trying to get to his feet. Then he got angry. "Are you insane?! You could've killed --"

Rock put his foot on Y2J's chest and pushed him back on his back. "Yeah, those cars can sure give you trouble, especially when you don't have these," Rock smiled as he held Jericho's spark plugs over his head. "Yeah, can't do much without these here, Chris."

"You son of a bitch! You fucked up my car? I should -- ugh," Chris emitted a grunt as Rock stepped hard on his chest, knocking the wind out of him.

"Stop being such a drama queen, Chrissy. All you gotta do is put `em back in," Rock tells him and throws the plugs to the side. "But just because your car isn't fucked up, that doesn't mean you won't be."

In his other hand, Rocky held a nightstick and he spun it with the skill up Bossman. Rocky smiled and Jericho gulped. "Get your ass up," Rock yelled, grabbing Chris by the collar and pulling him off the ground.

Chris tried to attack Rock, but the nightstick to his abdomen, which doubled him over, was his payment for his effort. Rock grabbed Y2J's ponytail and pushed him against the hood of his car. Placing the nightstick on the back of Chris' neck to hold his head down, Rock put his head down to look Chris in the eyes. "Come now, Chris. The Rock thought you didn't want to fight him. Isn't that why you and Kurt and Shane-O-Mac decided to screw the Rock? Isn't that why you all decided to join forces against the Rock?"

"Hey! I'm the champ! I decide --"

"Shut your mouth, jabronie!" Rock yelled. "You think you're an icon, you think you're larger than life, but you ain't nothin' but a roody poo candy ass bitch!"

"You fucking prick! What'd you want from me!" Jericho screamed.

"Good question. Glad you asked. See, Chris," Rock said, taking the stick from Y2J's neck and holding his head down with a hand instead, "The Rock wants to give you a chance."

Rock proceeded to undo Chris' pants and Chris began to panic.

"W-what are you -- what do you think you're doing?"

"Like the Rock said, jabronie, the Rock wants to give you a chance. The chance you gave up tonight in the ring." Rock pulls Chris' pants down around his ankles and found that he wore nothing underneath. Y2J's tight, silky smooth ass stuck out, begging to be drilled. "The chance," Rock continued as he ran the nightstick down Chris' ass, "to go one on one with the Great One."

Chris wanted it. Secretly, he'd always had a thing for Rocky, but he never revealed it to anyone. He wouldn't fight it, but he didn't want Rock to know he wanted it either. He'd pretend to resist and then submit to Rocky's will. "You jackass! Let me go right n-OWWW!"

Chris yelled out as Rock slammed the nightstick into his tight ass. "Talk about hard time, huh, Chris?" Rock slammed the stick into Y2J's ass a few more time, just to bring the pain, then he tossed the stick aside.

Chris laid on the hood of the car, feigning a groan of pain, but in truth, he was enjoying it. Then, a shock of pleasure surged through his body as he felt the head of Rocky's cock against his puckered hole. Rock thrust in at once, moving with superhuman speed as he pounded Y2J's ass with force. Chris gasped. That hot carmel cock in his ass, it felt so damn good. And Rock's balls slapping against his ass felt just as good.

Chris began to moan. Rock grabbed the champ's ponytail and pulled back. "You're not an icon now are you?" Rock yelled at him. "You're the Rock's bitch! What are you?"

"Your bitch," Chris said in a low voice, as he was breathing hard and caught up in the sheer pleasure that he was feeling.

Rock pulled back again. "The Rock didn't hear you!"

"I'm your bitch, Rock!" he screamed. "Oh god, Rock, don't stop. Don't ever stop," Chris moaned, not caring anymore that Rock knew he was enjoying it. "Harder! Faster! Oh fuck yes!"

Rock raised an eyebrow at hearing Chris' words. He was so close to cumming, he hated to pull out, but he'd be damned if he'd give Jericho what he wanted. He pulled out of Chris' ass and turned him around, pushing him to the ground. "You sick freak!"

Chris was breathing hard and staring up at Rock's throbbing cock. "Oh god, Rock, don't stop now," he pleaded.

"You want it, beg for it, bitch!"

Jericho got to his knee. "Please, Rock, please fuck me. I want it. I need --"

Just then, Rock grabbed Chris' head and force his engorged cock into the champ's mouth, making Chris take it all the way to the base. Rock proceeded to furiously fuck Y2J's face as he'd done his ass. Still, Jericho enjoyed what was happening, though he couldn't say beacause of the massive amount of meat being thrust into his throat. After one or two more minutes, Rock couldn't go anymore and he exploded in Y2J's mouth. The amount was so much that it began coming out the sides of Chris' mouth. Rock quickly pulled his cock out and shot the remainder of his load on Chris' face. The Undisputed Champ just fell back against the car, in a daze with a smile on his face.

"Smile while you can, jabronie. The Rock got what he wanted and that smile will be gone soon." Rock zipped himself up and left Chris laying there. He got in his car and drove away, toward the hotel.

After the Rock left, headlights shined on Chris and a mechanic walked up to him with a confused look on his face. "Uh, you still want your car fixed?"

To be concluded...