This story is a work of fiction and does not imply anything about the true sexuality of the wrestlers known as Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase Jr. The WWE is owned by World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.



Backstage at Monday Night Raw Cody Rhodes was waiting for it. He had just beat HHH in a 2 on 1 match with Ted Dibiase. Randy Orton had said earlier if they were successful in defeating him they would receive a very special reward. He was excited yet anxious at the same time. He wondered whether Orton would lift the ban on hooking up with divas he had placed on his fellow legacy members. Randy said in order to be in the best condition and apart of Legacy they had to focus solely on wrestling and refrain from any divas advances. Although Rhodes hated it and struggled he put his career first however he had his doubts about Ted. Ted never complained about it and had often been seen with Diva Mickie James. Cody hadn't gotten dressed from his wrestling gear and was shocked to see a full clothed Ted leaving.

`Well see you tomorrow for training' said Ted

`Whoa wait! What about Orton's reward?'

`O yea, well I've had plenty of rewards from Orton but I'll let you take this one.'

Ted gave a quick smirk and left. Rhodes wondered what Ted meant and why didn't he want to stick around? He probably was going to meet up with Mickie; if Orton found out he would be chucked out of Legacy for sure. All of his thoughts stopped when Orton walked in the locker room.

Orton stood in his trademark trunks his body shining in his usual baby oil. As he walked in Cody looked up like a lost puppy looking for his master.

`Hey man well done tonight, I think Triple H will still be feeling that chair shot next week'

`Well I learned from the best'

Randy gave a smug grin `That you did; now I understand I offered a reward'

`O, yea I almost forgot about that' Cody was acting dumb and

Randy new it. `Well I think you've earned a night out don't you? Rhodes face lit up. Finally he thought I can get laid he new already a few divas that wanted him. Rhodes walked towards his locker taking out his evening clothes.

Whoa, I think you need a shower first don't you?

`O yea I guess I just got excited. Sorry'

Randy came up behind Cody and placed his hands on his shoulders. He began to rub them. Cody felt a little weird but at the same time loved being pampered like this.

`Sssh, you don't have to be sorry. Not after all your loyalty and the sacrifices you've made for me.'

Randys rubbing intensified and Cody became embarrassed when he realised his dick was starting to grow. Randy moved his hands from Chodys shoulders to his thighs and gently brought them up and down and occasionally brushing over Codys bulge. Randy began to kiss his neck gently. Cody, eyes closed cleared his throat


`Ssssh. Don't try to tell me to stop. Like I said you've made a lot of sacrifices for me and tonight your going to make one more. And you will receive the ultimate reward.'

Randy Pulled away from Cody and placed one hand on his back bending Cody over just slightly. Randy brought his finger tips to the top of his back and gently brought them down till he reached his trunks. He pulled then down to his ankles slowly revealing a perfect untouched tight ass. Randys smug grin returned as he massaged this gorgeous butt. He placed one finger at the crack of Cody and whispered

`Your last sacrifice to me will be your cherry'

And with that, Chody opened his eyes and became aware of his predicament; he was in Raws locker room about to have his virgin ass violated. Cody jumped up and tried to run but fell because of the trunks around his ankles. He pulled them up barley concealing his erection and ran from the locker room.

`Soon' Randy said quietly licking his lips.



The End


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