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Brian and Paul: A Beginning

The morale in the locker room had been at a record low and not getting any better. Ever since the owner decided to put himself in the spotlight and push nearly everyone else to the sidelines, everyone searched desperately for something, anything that would pick up their spirits. A quest for booze, drugs and sex were becoming the norm for the Smackdown brand in World Wrestling Entertainment. Even the last days of World Championship Wrestling before the buyout by Vince McMahon couldn't match the mood for the Smackdown roster.

Two WWE superstars who were determined to find something to lift their spirits were Paul London, and Brian Kendrick whose stage name was "Spanky" for reasons that many could never figure out. Brian and Paul had been paired into a tag team by the Smackdown creative department in the hopes to draw a female following to them after WWE suffered a major loss in the firing of Jeff Hardy due to drug abuse. What the creative department didn't count on, however, was that these two studs who were the hope for attracting female fans... Well they were batting for a different team.

Since being partnered up, Brian and Paul had taken every available opportunity to explore every inch of each other's hot, young bodies. The showers were a common place were they would spend hours sucking and fucking each other until they collapsed from exhaustion. However, they weren't averse to trying out every room and piece of equipment in every arena they toured. Anything to stave off the depression that was overtaking the Smackdown locker room.

One day, Brian got bored. He still enjoyed everything that he and Paul would constantly do, but he wanted to add something new to the mix. Since the first time he stepped into a Smackdown locker room, Brian had his eye on a certain person. He was a gorgeous piece of meat. He was five feet and nine inches. A one hundred seventy-five pound Adonis with long blonde hair and mesmerizing green eyes. His physique, in Brian's eyes, was absolute perfection. He wasn't an unbelievable mass of muscle like many of the WWE's talent. In no way did he look like he'd ever been on steroids. He was perfectly firm and toned and his skin was tanned just right. The only problem was... Shannon Moore was a married man.

Brian had been pondering how to get Shannon's sexy ass into his arms from day one, but had ever figured out how he could do it, or if it was even possible. Now that he'd been given a "partner in crime" so to speak, Brian decided to capitalize on his good fortune, two heads being better than one and all that.

So that day, after a grueling defeat in the ring, Brian readied himself to approach Paul with his idea. "Hey, man. That was a great match out there," Brian said, patting Paul on the back.

Paul laughed. "Yeah, and as always, we lost."

"Don't worry about it, Paul. It's all good," Brian said with a big smile, "As long as we go out and give one hundred percent, the fans will be happy, and eventually, the higher ups will recognize our talent." Brian watched Paul as he bent over to get a drink from the water fountain. He licked his lips as he viewed Paul's tight, round ass through those tight, spandex trunks. For a second, he'd forgotten what he was about to say, but quickly he regained his senses.

"Dude," Brian said, grabbing Paul by the arm and whisking him around to a secluded corner, "I've got something important I wanna talk to you about."

Paul smirked and ran his hands over Brian's smooth, toned chest. "Mmmm..."

"Not that!" Brian said, pushing Paul's hands away. Then he smiled, "Not yet anyway."

"Then what's up, bud...? Besides me, that is," Paul said with a smile.

"Oh, we'll take care of that soon, man. Promise. But I've got an idea... Actually it's something I've been running through my head since before you got here... Something that will add a bit more to our times together." Brian looked out of the corner to see if anyone was listening. No one seemed to be around, so he continued. "I'm talking about Shannon Moore, dude... I want him."

Paul laughed out loud and Brian quickly put his hand over Paul's mouth to keep him quiet. "Man, keep it down," he said in a whisper.

"Dude," Paul said when he moved Brian's hand away. "Shannon's married!"

"I know that, man. Don't you think I would've been all over that long ago if he wasn't?" Brian shook his head and rolled his eyes. "That's why I'm coming to you with this. You and me are going to work together to pull Shannon into our world. You know what I mean?"

Paul looked skeptical.

Brian put his arm around Paul's shoulder. "Hey, he may be married, but I don't care what anyone says. Somewhere, maybe deep down, but somewhere, there's a desire in every guy to do this at least once. We're going to bring that desire to the surface in Mr. Shannon Moore."

Brian smirked and Paul smiled back at him in the same way. Then the two studs walked off down the hall with their arm around each other's shoulder. After they had left, Jamie Noble walked out from were he had been standing... Perhaps hiding. Jamie Noble was Smackdown's resident piece of "trailer park trash" although he was the hottest bit of trailer trash the world or at least the wrestling world had ever seen. His build was similar to the others', perhaps a bit bulkier, but not by much. However, the goatee that he wore couldn't hide his youthful beauty at all. Jamie had an eyebrow raised as he watched Paul and Brian walk off together, then he walked off as well, in the same direction.

Later that day, Jamie was walking through the corridors of the virtually empty arena. Mostly everyone had gone, heading out to get ready for the next arena, as it was to be a two-event day for the Smackdown roster. Jamie would've been gone now as well, if not for the fact that he noticed Paul and Brian were still in the arena. With mostly everyone gone, he thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to see what they were up to without raising suspicion from others when he'd follow them around.

As he continued to search for them, a noise drew his attention to the arena's dining hall, which was just a few feet down his present corridor. Jamie continued down the corridor and stood at the double doors that led into the dining area. The doors were shut, but the sounds that were coming out were loud enough to hear clearly. And so, he listened.

Inside the dining area, Paul London had Brian Kendrick flat on his back, lying on top of a dining table. Both men were completely naked and Brian's legs were spread wide and sticking straight up in the air. Paul had his face completely buried in Brian's ass and young Kendrick was enjoying every second of it. He moaned and squealed as Paul darted his tongue in and out of Brian's tight, pink hole.

"Oh god, Paul... So fucking awesome!" Brian managed to scream out through his heavy breathing. Brian's eyes rolled back into his head as Paul's lips formed a tight "O" around his hole and began to suck as he moved the tip of his tongue around it in slow circles. It was a feeling that put Brian in complete, sexual paradise.

Jamie slowly opened the door, but not much. He opened it enough to see what was happening. He stood in shock, his mouth hanging open and his eyes wide at what he was seeing. Again, Paul's head was bobbing up and down, his hot, wet tongue probing deeper and deeper into Brian's tight asshole. Paul's hand was wrapped tightly around Brian's rock hard, 8-inch rod and he was pumping it furiously as he dug his nails into Brian's sweaty chest with his free hand.

As Jamie continued to watch the amazing, but shocking scene before him, he didn't even notice that his own pecker was growing hard, straining to break free of the denim prison that held it back. The sight of two men he thought that he knew well, now in front of his eyes doing things that he'd only heard of and never wanted to see mesmerized Jamie.

Paul continued to pump Brian's cock like a piston as he moved his head up and took both of his lover's big, low hanging balls into his mouth at once. Brian moaned out loudly as Paul rolled his balls around in his mouth with his tongue. Carefully and gently, Paul bit down on Brian's balls as he rammed three of his fingers deep into Brian's soaked and ready pink hole.

That made Brian scream out at first, but he quickly got into it, moaning and breathing in a constant rhythm. That also made Jamie's dick start to throb in his denim jeans. It throbbed so much that Jamie couldn't help but notice it. In no time, it began to drip, leaving a noticeable wet spot on the front of his jeans. Jamie bit his lip and started rubbing his hard cock through his jeans as he watched.

Paul's cock was standing at attention and hard as a beam of steel. It throbbed and bobbed up and down as he continued to suck Brian's nuts. Paul then opened wide and Brian's big balls slowly slid out of Paul's mouth, but they were quickly replaced when Paul took Brian's entire dick down his throat in a split second. "Oh god! Oh, Paul! Fuck yes!" Brian yelled out in his loudest voice of the night.

Paul bobbed his head up and down as Brian's cock slid in and out of his tight, hot throat over and over again. Paul let his teeth run along Brian's shaft lightly as he continued to deep throat him like a man possessed. Paul moaned deeply and began to tug on his own throbbing prick, as it was already heavily leaking pre-cum all over the floor. This was one of Paul's favorite activities. He couldn't get enough of Brian's cock. He was a total cock hound and he loved it.

Jamie was getting weak in the knees. He had to brace himself against the wall as he continued to rub his hard pecker through his denim jeans. He let out a low moan as he released his cock from its prison and let it hang free. On camera, he wore a pair of boxer briefs under his denim shorts, but off camera he just let it all hang free. It felt much more natural and he never knew when he'd need quick access for some hungry groupie slut's mouth. Jamie began to stroke his cock slowly. It was an impressive piece of manhood. But it wasn't the length that was impressive; it was the width, the sheer thickness of it. In fact, it was so thick that he couldn't fully wrap his fingers around it, leaving a good one-inch of space between his thumb and middle finger. The monstrous pecker continued to drip and was now soaked completely in pre-cum which made Jamie's strokes all the more enjoyable.

Paul pulled Brian's cock from his mouth and went to the table across from them. He bent over the table and looked back at Brian. He smiled. "Come on, dude. I want you to fuck my tight ass. I need to feel that big cock inside of me."

Brian smirked and quickly got to his feet. He gave his soaked cock a few tugs as he approached Paul's waiting hole. Brian then dropped to his knees and began to hungrily lick Paul's ass. Up, down sideways and in quick circles, Brian completely soaked Paul's tight asshole in his saliva. He then slapped Paul's ass as he got to his feet and took a hold of Paul's leg. He raised it up and quickly forced his big cock deep into Paul's ass.

"Holy shit! Fuck yes!" Paul exclaimed as he threw his head back and pounded his fists onto the table. "Yeah, Bry! Fuck! Gimme more! Oh shit! Harder!"

Brian smiled and pulled his cock nearly out then he rammed it at full force back into Paul's ass. It went in completely, as Brian's nearly hairless crotch began to slap hard against Paul's smooth ass. As Brian continued to pound into Paul, he slapped his ass over and over again.

Paul screamed out. "Oh fuck! Yes! Just like that, man! Keep it up!" Paul began to stroke his cock hard and fast. He couldn't hold out much longer with Brian pounding his tight ass like that. He threw his head back and screamed out Brian's name as he felt himself coming closer to exploding.

Outside, Jamie continued to jerk himself off harder and harder. He let out a louder moan, which drew Brian's attention to the door. Jamie quickly ducked out of the way and leaned against the wall as the door shut. His breathing was even heavier now. Not from the intensity of the moment, but because he was afraid that he was seen. He stuffed his cock back into his jeans and slid down the wall, then sat on the floor. "What the fuck are you doing, Jamie?" He asked himself as he held his head in his hands. He laid his head back against the wall and sighed.

Inside, Brian had returned his attention to the task at hand. Pulling out and ramming his cock all the way back into Paul's tight asshole over and over again was sending them to the very brink. Both men were now moaning loudly and nearing their limit. So, Brian sped up his thrusts. In and out, faster and faster, he forced his big cock into that tiny asshole. His nails began to dig into Paul's smooth ass and they both threw back their heads.

"OH FUCK YES!" Paul yelled out as he unloaded his cock onto the floor. Squirt after squirt, the cum just continued to flow from his hard prick and he tensed his ass.

That sent Brian over the edge as well. "OH FUCKING SHIT!" Brian yelled as he pumped an amazing 15 squirts of his hot cum into Paul's tight ass. Brian continued to pound his cock into Paul's ass until he had completely unloaded himself into his lover. The two men were breathing heavy and Paul turned onto his back, laying flat on the table as Brian collapsed from exhaustion on top of him.

Jamie slowly opened the door and peeked inside. What he saw was two hot, sweaty guys laying amongst a deluge of cum as they passionately kissed each other, their tongues intertwined as each one's hands roamed the other's body. Brian glanced up enough to catch who was spying on him before Jamie had shut the door again. Then he went back to focusing on Paul.

Outside, Jamie was breathing hard and still rock hard. He didn't worry about that though. He quickly zipped himself up and got out of the arena as fast as he could. He had more important things to think about at that moment than just getting himself off...

Copyright © 2003 Jason Marx & Marx Corp. All Rights Reserved.