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The following story is totally fictional. I do not know the sexual orientation of Nick Bollea. The characters are real and fictional and any relation between the fictional characters and actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, it is illegal to possess adult stories, or if you are put off by gay sex, then just leave. If you are totally homophobic, I have two words for you - ***SUCK IT***.

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From Chapter IX: "Nick, we will get you away from your dad." the man said. "If we follow the plan, the will be out of wrestling and our of your life for good."

"Bry, are you sure about the swerve?" the teen queried. "I don't want to hurt you."

"Trust me, it will be okay." Bryan told him.

"I don't want to leave." Nick said, after snuggling for about an hour.

"You have to, so your dad won't be suspicious." he said.

Nick dressed and kissed Bryan. He whispered something in the man's ear that actually shook Bryan. Nick winked and went back to his room.


The night of the pay-per-view arrived. The crowd was huge and the supporters for the ECW wrestlers outshone the WWE combatants. Paul and Vince were scrambling to take care of the last minutes details. The ECW wrestlers were in their locker room and they were prepared to give the best show possible against the WWE wrestlers. Bryan and Ed were talking about the War Games match. They decided to take a walk and they saw Nick and Hogan.

"Dad, trust me, we will win." the teen said. "I'll guarantee it."

As Ed and Bryan walked by, the teen grabbed a chair and waffled the two on their backs. The two fell to the ground and were hit on their backs twice more.

"Two down Dad." he said with a sinister smile.

Rhyno and Devon Dudley found the two in the hall. They got help and were taken to the trainer. Both men said they were fine and ready for the match.

The wrestlers were ready for War Games and three of the ECW wrestlers went to ringside. The people wondered what happened to Bryan and Ed. The five WWE grapplers arrived at ringside and then the lights went out. A bolt of lightning hit between the two rings and the lights came on all of a sudden. Bryan was in the ring and glared at the WWE combatants, especially Nick. Ed was outside with the staff. Nick jumped into the ring and the cage was closed. He hit Bryan hard and staggered the man into the corner. Bryan looked as if the chair shot affected him because he wobbled all over the first ring and fell into the second ring. Ed raised the staff and it seemed to renew Bryan just briefly. When the five minutes ended, the referee flipped the coin. The ECW side won and in an unprecedented move, Ed entered the ring. In the past, the manager was the last one to enter.

As Ed entered, he hit Nick in the back with the staff. The teen staggered back and Ed checked on Bryan. The wrestler got up and the two began to assail the teen. Ed would choke him with the staff and Bryan would kick and hit the fallen wrestler.

When the next five minutes were over, Hogan stormed the ring. Ed and Bryan turned their attention to the superstar. He fended them off and Nick recovered to help his father. Hogan knocked the staff out of Ed's hand and the teen picked it up.

"Hit them with it." Hogan said.

Nick seemed to be mesmerized by the skull. Hogan noticed this and approached his son. He slapped the boy and began to yank the staff. The boos towards Hogan grew in intensity. Nick then pushed the button on the back and smoked discharged into his father's eyes. Blinded, Hogan swung wildly and then felt as if a steel ball slammed into his head. Nick cracked his father's cranium with the heavy metal skull on the staff. The tall wrestler fell like a giant redwood. Ed took the staff and hit the ring. A great wall of fire surrounded the rings so no one could enter. The three continued to beat the fallen wrestler and the cheers actually echoed off the arena walls. The cage was finally raised, but Hogan was bleeding profusely and the crowd could hear the bones splinter. The fire finally died down and the rest of the wrestlers entered the ring. At first it looked like the WWE grapplers would help Hogan, but it became a nine-on-one attack. Nick's sister, Brooke, came to the ring and Nick even attacked her. It took security and police to stop the melee and got Hogan out of the ring. The EMTs had to put him on a backboard and put a neck brace on him. The blood poured over his balding white head. Brooke followed close behind with her father and Nick grabbed a microphone.

"Yeah, follow that bastard, you bitch." he yelled. "He got what he deserved and know he will suffer."

The other wrestlers were congratulating the teen on his sudden independence. All of a sudden No Chance in Hell blared through the speakers and Vincent Kennedy McMahon strutted down the ramp. Everyone knew he was the brains behind ECW. He entered the ring and people thought that the ensemble of wrestlers were in some retribution. As he grabbed a mike, he glared at the group.

"Who in the hell do you think you are?" he bellowed. "Turning this into a bloodbath against a Hall of Fame superstar. You two young punks have destroyed a legend. There's only one thing I will do. YOU'RE HIRED!!"

A sinister smile crossed his lips as he shook Bryan and Nick's hands. He then shook Ed's for helping the duo in the attack.

"I've been trying to get rid of that son-of-a-bitch for the longest time." he said. "And the youth shall lead them."

Ed raised the staff, hit the ring, and fire encircled the ring again and up the ramp. The strains of Phantom of the Opera played as the wrestlers glared through the flames. As the fire died down a second time and the wrestlers left, the entire group were cheered as they went up the ramp. Bryan and Nick went to get a shower. As they finished and dressed, Bryan turned to Nick.

"Are you sure about tonight?" he asked.

"Yes." the teen replied. "I want you in me and make love to me."

The two finished in quick order and hailed a cab to take them to the hotel. They went to the Hogan suite and Nick pulled his lover into the room. They quickly stripped and fell on the bed. They kissed very passionately and their hands roamed all over their bodies. Their hard cocks rubbed between their bodies and the precum soaked their abs. After they broke the kiss, Nick grabbed a bottle of lube and put it on Bryan's hard steel rod. It was all he could do not to shoot his load. Nick put some on Bryan's fingers and exposed his teencunt. The man pushed a finger deep into the scalding ass. After a couple of minutes, he put a second, then a third.

"Please fuck me." Nick pleaded. "Make love to me."

Bryan put the teen on his stomach and gently put his cock at the opening. As he tried to push forward, Nick was resistant. Again Bryan tried again, but only to be met with the same resistance.

"Relax babe." Bryan said. "Push as if you're gonna take a shit."

Again he pressed forward and this time his bulbous head popped into Nick. The pain seared through the teen's body and he yelped in agony. Bryan held still to allow Nick to get accustom to the large intruder. After several minutes, Nick relaxed and Bryan felt the muscles ease. He pressed forward only to stop to let the teen to take the turgid torpedo at his pace. Finally he was totally implanted in the hot hole and kissed Nick's neck. They stayed that way until Nick felt the pain change to bliss.

"Love me Bryan." he said.

Bryan moved slowly in and out of the hole and enjoyed the tightness of the teenpussy. He would bring it to just the head of his dick, then rammed it back in completely. With each stroke Nick would let out a quick sigh of pleasure. He clamped his ass muscles on the shaft in him. As the stroked became stronger, Nick knew he was a hardcore pussy bottom.

"FUCK ME BRYAN!! FUCK ME HARDER!!" he cried out.

Bryan noticed nick would turn his head to the left with every stroke and wondered why. He looked himself and noticed a red light glowing in the dimly lit room.

"What the fuck is going on?" he demanded.

"I want to record our first time." the teen replied. "And there is someone I want to show this to. My fuckin' old man."

Bryan realized he was going to be one of the chief characters in a porn movie. But who was going to see it made him really want to tear the teen twat up with his cock. He began to ram his cannon harder into Nick, who loved it.

"Yeah Hogan. I'm fucking your baby boy." he said to the camera. "Hot fucking boypussy. He's mine now shithead and there ain't a fuckin' thing you can do about it."

"Yeah Dad." Nick said. "I'm a faggot. I love getting fucked. And now there's nothin' you can say to me you fuckwad."

Bryan pulled Nick up on all fours and continued to batter the hole he was in. For almost twenty minutes the duo continued to shout taunts at Hogan through the camera. Bryan shoved his cock deeper and deeper into Nick's ass, who kept shoving back. As his prostate was getting pounded, Nick's own pole drooled precum all over the bed. The pressure in his being built up and Nick knew he was ready to explode. Once more Bryan hit the sweet spot and Nick's balls emptied themselves in a torrent of ecstasy. His body spasmed as the first short flew out and hit his chin.

"OH MOTHERFUCK!! he yelled out.

Eight solid blasts of teen cum covered the bed and his torso. As the first shot hit him, his own ass muscles collapsed on Bryan's cannon and his own volume of juices expelled into Nick's bowels.

"OH FUCK!!" he screamed.

Eight volleys of thick cum filled the teen's body and some dribbled down Nick's legs as it oozed out of the chute. They finally were spent and Bryan collapsed on Nick's back, where they both fell flat on the bed. As Bryan's cock softened, he slowly eased out of the teen pussy and turned Nick onto his body. They kissed and Nick turned on the lights and showed the camera his well worn ass ring and Bryan's cum, blood, and shit coated cock. The teen engulfed it and licked it clean. The camera light went off and the two held onto each other.

"Nick, are you sure you want to show this to your dad?" Bryan asked.

"Hell yeah." the teen answered. "And no better time than tomorrow morning."

Bryan smiled at Nick's devious mind and he knew he found love. They fell asleep in each other's arms.



NOTE: Well here is the next to last chapter. For those Hogan fans, I hope that you are not upset. But Hogan is not a wrestler, but an entertainer. The next chapter will bring a close to the story and I hope that everyone has enjoyed it. If there are any comments, please email me at Please put the title in the subject line and where you are from so I may add you to the Readers' List.


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