by 70s Child

The following story is totally fictional. I do not know the sexual orientation of Nick Bollea. The characters are real and fictional and any relation between the fictional characters and actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, it is illegal to possess adult stories, or if you are put off by gay sex, then just leave. If you are totally homophobic, I have two words for you - ***SUCK IT***.

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From Chapter I: I pretended to be asleep, but kept my hand on my prick. I then heard the unmistakable sound of flesh slapping flesh. I heard Nick's breathing become erratic, so I knew he was close. I continued to stroke my rod until I shot all over my chest, stomach, and bush. I knew Nick had released his load when I heard a quiet AAAAAHHHH and OOOOHHHH come from him. I heard him get out of bed to go to the bathroom. He closed the door and I heard him urinating, then the sound of water, so I knew he was cleaning up. After he returned to bed, he turned and fell asleep. I waited a few minutes more and went to the bathroom. I relieved my bladder first, but found the washcloth he used. I smelled the mixture of soap and cum on it, so I cleaned myself with the same cloth. I dried off and went to bed. I fell asleep and wondered what the next day would bring.


The phone rang at 4:30 the next morning and I picked up the receiver. I was ready to yell at who ever it was, but I guess Dave had wake-up calls set for everyone, because it was an automated call. I got up and shook Nick.

"Time to get up." I said groggily.

"Not now Dad." he replied and waved at me.

"You want Al to come down on your ass." I said more forcefully.

Nick's eyes began to flutter and he saw me standing over him in all my glory. I had forgot I took off my underwear the night before. Nick just stared, then smiled. I went to get a shower. I adjusted the water temperature and got in. I soaped up and made sure I was nice and clean. I got out and dried off as Nick entered. I was a nice 3" soft cut cock hanging over a healthy sac. I can say that the carpeting matched the drapes. Nick was a true blonde. He hopped in the shower and quickly cleaned himself while I shaved. After he finished and dried off, we dressed quickly in gym clothes. We grabbed our paperwork and went out the door. Thirty guys were standing there, half asleep, and tried to comprehend their surroundings. We had the elevators going full speed and arrived in the lobby to get on the bus. Dave was there with juice and bananas.

"Eat up mates." he said. "It's going to be a long day."

We settled in the bus. The ride was quiet and we finally reached our destination. As we unloaded, we walked sleepily and found seats to the side. Al Snow came out and collected our paperwork.

"Okay, now I want you to stand and tell us about yourselves." he said.

All thirty of us stood, gave our name, age, and why we thought we were the next superstar. There were some amateur wrestlers, boxers, and one was a pit-fighter. After we finished, Al had us line up along the mats that were laid out. We started exercises and it became a very intense experience. We did squats, sit-ups, push-ups, and pull-ups until we thought our bodies would die. We then got some water before continuing. Al had each of us learn how to fall in the ring, with emphasis that each wrestler was dependent on the other knowing what they were doing. Some of us caught on quickly, but some were very thickheaded because they fell to their sides or flat on their backs. One guy was eliminated after he fell on his arm and broke it. Nick was a very hard worker. He followed Al's instructions without fail. When lunch time rolled around, we ate, but lightly. Right after lunch, we ran wind-sprints up and down stairs, laps until we were ready to puke. We all were covered with sweat and ready for showers and bed.

At five in the afternoon, we were herded on the bus. We collapsed and everyone but a couple of us fell asleep. My arms were sore, my body ached as it never did before, and my legs cramped. When the bus pulled to the hotel's front door, the other guests probably thought we looked like we belonged elsewhere. We got upstairs and I got the card key out. Nick and I got in the room and stripped. Being embarrassed did not play in any part of our nudity. We were just too tired to care. I told Nick to get his shower first while I splashed some water on my face. After ten minutes Nick was still in the shower.

"Yo man." I yelled. "Save some hot water for me."

I got no answer, so I repeated myself with still no answer. I pulled back the curtain and saw this very tired teen, asleep standing up against the tiled wall. I did not know if he actually washed himself, so I got in the shower with him. I grabbed a washcloth and began to softly wash his body, not a miss a spot. One thing I can say for Nick, he could sleep through a natural disaster or an explosion. I made sure he was clean and shampooed, then sat him in the tub, and washed myself quickly. I turned off the water and grabbed a towel to dry myself off. I grabbed a fresh towel and dried Nick, who slept through process. I lifted him up, carried him to his bed, and put him on it. I got some of his briefs and slid it on him. My hand gently caressed his shaft and it stirred a little. I brushed it again and it began to expand. I slowly teased it with my fingers and it bloated to a nice 5" cock. I took the firm shaft in hand and stroked it ever-so-gently and slowly. He squirmed a little, but he was still snoring lightly. A drop of clear liquid peaked out of the piss slit and I wiped it with my finger. I tasted his honey and savored the flavor. The silky smooth feeling of his shaft had me hard as a rock. I continued for several minutes until I heard Nick mumble.

"Yeah Billy, suck it for me." he said.

I thought this was strange since this was not his girlfriend's name that was on the show. He then shifted and turned away from me. I stood and pulled the front of his briefs up. I ordered a light supper and watched television until it arrived. Nick was till asleep when dinner arrived. I put on a bathrobe and signed it, then ate it quietly. After I finished and put the dishes outside the door, I was ready for bed. There was one problem, I was still hard. I got the washcloth that I used to clean us and I began to stroke my rock-hard piece of meat. I pictured Nick's naked form next to me, slowly lowering his mouth on me. I had the image of this sexy guy taking my body and riding my cock. The intensity of the visions in my mind had my hand fly on my cock. I felt the explosion ready itself as the first blast released onto my chin and dribbled down my neck. Seven more shots covered my heaving torso and groin. I moaned not too loud, but I began to taste my cum and thought it was Nick's. I cleaned up and fell asleep quickly.

About three in the morning, I heard moaning and I was facing Nick's bed. Since we never clipped the curtains, the light peaked in and I saw Nick's hand flying his teen rod. But what surprised me was that his left hand was at his ass and he was finger-fucking himself. I heard him mumble while he was jacking off.

"Oh Adam, please fuck me." he moaned. "Oh man you're so hot."

It did not take long for him to blast all over his body. I saw his body arch six times and his moans grew louder. As the last bit of cream dribbled out of his cock, he put it on his fingers and licked it off. He scooped the juices off his body and took it in his mouth. He continued to do this until there was nothing left, I assumed. He never cleaned himself with a cloth. He just turned over and fell asleep. I soon followed but dreamt it was me slowly fucking the blonde in the next bed.

NOTE: Here is the next chapter. I know it is going slow, but there is a reason for it. Bryan and I have been working on it and he wants the sex to be more developed. There will be more to come in the next few chapters. I hope that you are enjoying it. Please send any comments to WritHot@comcast.net. Please put the title of the story in the subject line and where you are from so that I may add you to the Readers' List.


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