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The following story is totally fictional. I do not know the sexual orientation of Nick Bollea. The characters are real and fictional and any relation between the fictional characters and actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, it is illegal to possess adult stories, or if you are put off by gay sex, then just leave. If you are totally homophobic, I have two words for you - ***SUCK IT***.

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From Chapter II: It did not take long for him to blast all over his body. I saw his body arch six times and his moans grew louder. As the last bit of cream dribbled out of his cock, he put it on his fingers and licked it off. He scooped the juices off his body and took it in his mouth. He continued to do this until there was nothing left, I assumed. He never cleaned himself with a cloth. He just turned over and fell asleep. I soon followed but dreamt it was me slowly fucking the blonde in the next bed.


The wake-up call came and we rose. Nick looked at me with a slight smile on his face. We both readied ourselves, but I noticed some cum streaks on his stomach that dried. We were ready and there was a continental breakfast set up for us and we grabbed some juice and fruit. When we got downstairs, Dave Findlay was there with the bus. We loaded up and some of the others complained about sore muscles, but I knew better.

"Quit your whining." Dave said. "It'll be a lot worse before it gets better."

We arrived at the training center and, like the day before, we exercised and were shown more basic moves. Those who caught on did not get praise, but they avoided Al Snow's wrath for continual mistakes. Nick was a fast learner and he never complained.

Al also was known for his wicked sense of humor. He would play practical jokes when you least suspect it. One of his favorites was during lunch. Some of the guys took quick naps. Al would fill their hands with shaving cream, then tickle their noses. And yes -- SPLAT!! Nick was really given a hard time for one joke. They explained that we would learn how to setup a ring. Dave explained that he was left-handed and needed a left handed monkey wrench. He gave Nick the one he had and sent the teen to find Al. When Nick found the man, he explained the situation and gave the tool to the man.

"Stick out your left hand." Al told him.

Nick obeyed and Al handed him the same item.

"Now you have a left-handed wrench." he said with a grin.

Nick blushed with embarrassment and helped assemble the ring with howls of laughter ringing in his ears, but he took it well. Each evening we got back to the hotel, then showered. We ordered dinner, watched a little television, then went to bed. We would talk, especially what our personas would be if we made it.

I always liked the heels or the bad guys. They were the anti-heroes and got more emotions from the crowds. I pictured myself in black with fire surrounding me and the background music from the Phantom of the Opera. I wanted to use the name of the Devil's Reject.

Nick said he was selected to create a father/son team with his dad. Vince did tell him if it did not work out in the ratings, he would be allowed to create his own personality. Nick wanted to play the heel and liked my character idea.

One night I decided to ask him about Adam and Billy. We were sitting and I looked at him. I just asked him about them without pulling punches.

"Who are Adam and Billy?" I queried with no expression.

Nick looked as if he had been shot. His face became pale and his body sagged. His breathing became heavy and I thought he was going to hyperventilate. I grabbed his hand and held it.

"Hey I'm not gonna judge you." I said. "Don't worry."

Nick's breathing finally slowed down and he looked at me. He rose and went to the window. He had his back to me as he started to speak.

"Adam is my sister's boyfriend." he said. "He is hot and he took me to a gay beach one day. At that point, I thought I was straight, but I got hard looking at the guys."

"Did you and Adam even do anything?" I asked.

"Just jerked each other." Nick replied. "He has a nice uncut cock about 6.5" long. I did taste his spunk and I knew I loved it."

"He's a guy at school who loves to suck dick." the teen answered. "He's so good at it. Bryan, remember you said this won't leave this room. And you won't judge me."

"As long as you don't judge me." I responded. "You see, I'm gay."

"NO WAY!!" Nick remarked with a surprised look.

I just nodded and the teen was trying to comprehend what I said and what was going on at that moment. There was several minutes of silence and the situation was most tenuous. Finally Nick looked at me with a smile.

"I guess there will be two queers working for Vince McMahon." he said. "Assuming we're chosen."

"Nick, just so you know, I won't try anything with you." I said. "Unless that's what you want."

"Bry, I thought were sexy the first time I saw you." he said. "I just thought you were straight."

"All I have to say is we should take it slowly." I emphasized.

"I do want to learn." the blonde said. "I always have fantasized Adam fucking me. But know I want you to be my first."

I got up and took Nick's hand. I pulled him to me and hugged him tightly. I put my lips on his, not to scare him off, but Nick's tongue pried my mouth open and snaked down my mouth. His hands went up my shirt and played with the hair on my chest. I caressed his tight back and bubble butt. We fell on my bed and just cuddled for quite a while. We finally stripped and felt our hard cocks press against each other. I took Nick's hard teen rod in my hand gently. I stroked it slowly and calculatingly, knowing it would create wonderful sensations in his body. I used my other hand on his nips and played with them like a harpist. Nick moaned and thrashed on the bed like a bitch in heat.

"OH GOD!!" he uttered breathlessly. "THIS IS SO FUCKIN' WONDERFUL!!"

I removed my hand from his nips and replaced it with my mouth. I moved my hand to Nick's cum-filled sac. As I gave this tow-headed kid new sensations, his mind shut-off and his emotions took over. His smooth body arched, then fell as I manipulated his senses.

"OH SHIT!!" he cried out over and over.

I worked him slowly to make it last and it did for over an hour. I brought Nick to the point of release, only to stop when I felt he was ready to explode.

"Please Bry." he wept." "Let me cum. I want to shoot."

Finally I let him discharge his load as I bent down and licked his very sensitive cockhead. He squealed like a schoolgirl and in one nanosecond the first of eight shots filled my mouth. The sweet taste of his youth entered me and I savored each blast and took the nutrition. As he finally dribbled the last of his seed, I pulled off his cock and laid next to him. He snuggled up and purred on my chest. He took my rock solid cock in his hand and stroked me gently. As the precum leaked out, Nick would scoop it on his fingers and tasted it to the point of savoring it. The feel of his hand on my made em feel special. I felt his other hand play with my chest and I enjoyed the sensation. For over thirty minutes, he just stroked my dick slowly. As the feeling of my jizz was ready to shoot, I knew I should warn him.

"Nick, I'm gonna cum." I imparted.

He surprised me as he moved down and took my pole in his mouth. A sharp blast erupted from my cock and hit the back of his mouth. Nick sputtered, but he did not let it spill out. Seven more rounds entered his mouth and he swallowed it. After I subsided to a slow trickle, Nick came off as he lapped up the last of it. We looked at each other and Nick began to cry.

"What's the matter big man?" I posed.

"There is another reason I was sent here." he said. "Remember I said Adam took me to a gay beach. Well, when my dad got mad, I defended Adam. My dad said he didn't want a fag in his house. He figures this will make a man out of me."

"Well, too late for that." I replied.

As I felt this sweet guy cry on my body, the angrier I got. Everyone liked Hulk Hogan, but if they could see the hurt he put his son through emotionally the hatred would come to light. At this point, I constructed a plan. We fell asleep together and I knew we would become stronger as friends and lovers.


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