by 70s Child

The following story is totally fictional. I do not know the sexual orientation of Nick Bollea. The characters are real and fictional and any relation between the fictional characters and actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, it is illegal to possess adult stories, or if you are put off by gay sex, then just leave. If you are totally homophobic, I have two words for you - ***SUCK IT***.

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From Chapter IV: I was hard as a rock and I saw he was too. We stripped out of our clothes and fell on his bed. We kissed deeply and caressed our cocks slowly. We knew that this might be our last night together. We held each other for over an hour, bringing our passion to the brink several times, only to ease back. We began to know when we would be ready to explode and this was no different. We let our cum fly between us and covered our bodies. I felt the cum mingle and bonded us together. We fell asleep, holding each other.


The next day the wake-up call was not automated, but Al calling to make sure everyone was up and when to be downstairs. We pried ourselves apart with dried jizz stuck to our bodies. Some of my body hair came off, but we finally separated. We got quick showers, dressed, packed out bags, and got downstairs with a couple of minutes to spare. We loaded on the bus one final time and got to the airport. Al and Dave checked us in and we went through security. One of the guys was caught with drugs in his carry-on and was immediately arrested.

"Well that's one down." Al said. "And if anyone else is holding, you better get yourself straight."

We boarded the plane and we were all over the plane to New York. The flight was quick and uneventful as we landed at JFK. When we landed, we grabbed out luggage and three vans were waiting for us. Chris, Nick, and I were in the van with Al Snow. We saw the Big Apple and I was amazed at the huge buildings. We arrived at the Crowne Plaza Time Square and got out. Al escorted us to the front desk to check in. We got our room keys and as luck would have it, Nick and I were together again. We all went to our rooms and were told by Al to meet at the lobby in thirty minutes. After we unpacked, Nick and I called home to tell everyone we arrived safely. I heard Nick tell his father about me and how much a friend I was. Hogan must have said something to Nick that upset the teen because he began to tear up. After my friend hung up, he began to cry. I held him and asked what was wrong.

"He said I better not be fucking around with you." Nick said through the tears.

At this point, I became very angry. I wanted to find this man and beat the hell out of him, but I also knew he was much stronger than I. I started to devise a plan. Nick began to calm down and I suggested he splash some water on his face. We went to the lobby and we were told by Al that we had a day and a half to explore New York, but we were going to the gym later that night. Chris, Nick, and I started to explore the city. We found lots of places to explore the city. We found lots of placed to discover, especially the Empire State Building. We went back to get in the vans to get to the gym. Al already had gym clothes for us, so we changed into them. Al and Dave put us through our paces and two hours later, there were a lot of tired guys. We were taken back to the hotel and we got to our rooms.

"Nick, are you okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, it's just my dad." he replied.

"Don't worry." I said. "You're gonna be more famous than he was."

"You sure?" he queried.

"With what I'm planning, fuck yeah." I told him.

We stripped and climbed into bed. We were too tired to do anything. We fell asleep and I knew that life would be good. I was following my dream and I found someone who really liked me.

I woke up, not to a wake-up call, but to something on my pole. I saw Nick bobbing up and down on my pole. I was in shock and I was ready to push him off, but it felt so good. Nick saw me and his eyes sparkled. He was multi-talented with his tongue. His hands were playing with my heavy nut sac. I knew he had been with other boys, but I did not realize how gifted he was with his mouth. The warmth of his throat had me moaning and Nick knew he had me. As my balls pulled tight, I was ready to reward my friend with a protein remuneration. The first shot rose from me and entered Nick's mouth.

"MMMMMFFFFF!!" I whimpered.

Six more rounds of love juice filled Nick's mouth and re swallowed it very quickly. After I was drained completely and my cock softened, Nick moved up to me and kissed me. I tasted the saltiness of my own being on his tongue. After we broke our passion, I pulled him up to his hard 5" was at my mouth. Without a moment of hesitation, I felt the rigid teen meat in my throat and wrapped my lips tightly around it. I began to suck his pole and Nick's body stiffen.

"OH SHIT!!" he uttered. "THIS IS SO HOT!!"

He started to fuck my face and I took each thrust with love. I knew he could not last long and I was correct. In a matter of five minutes I was presented with his youth exuberance as five blasts of teen liquid filled my mouth. Nick made no sound, just staggered breaths and his body stiff as iron as he came. I continued to play with his cock with my tongue and he started to laugh.

"That tickles." he said as he fell on me.

I held the boy and we kissed. We just laid there not saying one word, but uttering volumes of our love. We fell asleep and I knew I would be happy with this person.

A few hours later, there was a knock on the door. I saw the clock and it was almost ten in the morning. We did have the day to ourselves, but the housekeeping staff was wanting to clean the room.

"Come back in an hour." I yelled.

We got up and took our showers. As we dressed, Nick suggested we go to a ballgame. We were able to get tickets to a Mets-Braves fame through the concierge. We left and got the subway to Shea Stadium. It was a fun day and when we got back, we met up with Chris and Mark. We date dinner together, then went to Chris' room. We sat and watched an adult movie. Mark commented how we would love to fuck a bit-titted blonde that was on the screen and we played along. I even saw Chris was uncomfortable, but we did not want to give Mike any reason to harass us. After the movie ended, we got up to leave. Mike got up and left with a huge bulge in his shorts. Chris asked us to stay. We sat back down and Chris got us a couple of sodas.

"Mike can be a jerk." he said.

"He can be." Nick said.

"My girlfriend would kill me if she knew I watched that movie." Chris said.

"My dad would be none too pleased either." the blonde teen responded.

"Well, don't worry, no one will know." I said.

"You guys are lucky you have each other." Chris said.

Nick and I looked as if we were deer caught in the headlights. We tried to be very careful, but Chris found out. He began to laugh and we tried to figure out what this was about.

"You guys aren't exactly quiet." he said. "Don't worry, I won't say a thing. Besides I have a cousin who is gay."

Nick and I breathed a sigh of relief and started to leave. Chris bade us goodnight and we went to our room. I wondered what Chris was up to but Nick took the thought from my mind as he began to kiss me. We undressed and fell on the bed. Nick sucked my nips and played with my cock. I began to moan thrashed on the bed. Nick removed his mouth off my body and moved his body around. His hard 5" dick was hovering over my mouth and I guided it into the waiting hole. He proceeded to devour my engorged rod and we moved on each other. As our heads bobbed up and down, I tasted the sweet, clear nectar on my tongue and savored it. I knew Nick was receiving my precum because I felt him swallowing. I played with his cum-filled balls and stated to play with his pucker with my index finger. Nick tensed when he felt it at his hole, but I just rubbed it slowly, so he relaxed. This did cause him to produce more sweet honey for me. We gratified ourselves for almost thirty minutes when Nick's pole expanded in my mouth and hit the back of my throat with his youthful jizz. As I swallowed it, I was presented five more times with his love. My balls drew to my body and I felt my cock expand with the first volley of cum. As it filled Nick's throat, I felt his throat contract as he swallowed my juices. Six more times I flooded his mouth and Nick drank it all with gusto. After we finished, Nick turned and kissed me.

"Bry, thanks for being here." he said.

"No problem." I replied. "And I will never do anything unless you want me to do it."

We held each other and fell asleep. I dreamt Nick and I were tag team partners and were facing his dad. I saw us beating him and sending him to the hospital.

We got up the next day and readied ourselves. After we showered and dressed, the phone rang. I answered it and Dave was on the other end.

"Make sure you have your bags packed." he said. "After the show, we are going to Hartford."

I hung up the phone and told Nick this. We were getting the taste of the life we chose. We packed our bags and met everyone for breakfast. After we finished, we met with Al and Dave. We loaded our luggage in the vans under the direction of Al. We loaded into the vans and arrived at Madison Square Garden a little while later. We entered the back entrance and were greeted by several of the superstars from both Smackdown and Raw. Paul Wight (the Big Show) saw Nick and picked the teen up.

"How are you doing big man?" the gigantic man asked the teen.

"Great Paul." my friend said. "I want you to meet my friend Bryan."

Paul walked up to me and I craned my neck to see him. As I shook his hand, it engulfed mine and my only response was OH SHIT!! He laughed and we were then introduced to the other superstars, including Ric "The Nature Boy" Flair, Shawn "The Showstopper" Michaels, Eddie Guererro, and Vince McMahon. All of a sudden the Undertaker approached us and I almost unloaded fecal matter in my pants because I was in such awe. He came up and shook everyone's hand. When he approached me, I could not speak, so Nick did it for me.

"Bryan is a huge fan of yours." he said. "He wants to be like you."

"Well, I guess I'll have shadow with me for the next few weeks." Mark Callas said.

I promised not to be a pest during my duration, if I were to be in the final eight. We gathered in an office and Vince addressed us.

"First, congratulations in making it this far." he began. "Tonight eight of you will move on to a contract worth $1 million. If I am going to spend that much money, then I expect you to earn it. So listen to what Al and Dave tell you."

We were taken to do a workout. We did wind sprints, pushups, sit-ups, and pull-ups. But unlike the first day, we were in great shape. A couple of guys started to vomit, but the rest of us were just sweaty. We were sent to the locker room to shower, where we found gear from the WWE. After we showered and dressed, we were taken to the ramp. It was an awesome sight to view. As a fan you see the superstars coming down, but now it was a group of thirty hopefuls. Al explained what was going to happen that night. At five, we were taken to a restaurant by some of the big names. We listened to their stories with the deference they were due. We then went back to the Garden and were in the locker room waiting for our cue. We did watch the show and were cheering and jeering.

It was time for us to be introduced to the world. We gathered at the ramp and heard Al tell the world about the next superstar to come to the squared circle. The Tough Enough music played and we gathered around the ring like lumberjacks. Al wasted no time in calling the eight finalists. Bill and Matt were first to be chosen before Chris was selected. Bruce was the fourth to called, then my name was called. Dave and Kyle were sixth and seventh, then Nick's name was called.

"Ladies and gentlemen, here are your finalists." Al said.

We raised our hands and congratulated each other. After we were finished, the ones not selected were given their plane tickets home, while the rest of us were given first-class tickets to Hartford, Connecticut. We said good-bye to the ones not selected. The eight of us moving on got on our flight and enjoyed the situation we were in. After we arrived, we went to the Crowne Plaza and checked-in. This time we were given king rooms. Nick and I were next to each other and for some reason there was a connecting door. We opened them and knew we could have fun that night. We undressed and took a long, hot shower. I did something that caused Nick to jump. I spread his cheeks and began to bath his pink pucker with my tongue. His ass tightened, but it slowly relaxed and I probed further into his boytwat. His moans reverberated off the tiles and he leaned forward. I reached up and touched his cock, which exploded like a cannon. The first shot hit the wall in front of Nick, followed by five more blasts.

"AAAAAHHHHH!!" he cried out.

His ass muscles clamped down on my tongue and held tight. With each volley, it squeezed tighter and tighter. When his climaxed finally subsided, he leaned fully against the wall and his ass relaxed. I got my tongue out and held him to my body. I turned off the water and sat Nick on the edge of the tub. I grabbed a towel and dried him off first, then myself. We went to his bed and got under the covers. I kissed his forehead and fell asleep next to him. I woke up with my friend sucking my cock, but like a baby with a bottle. He only had the head in his mouth and moved it in a sucking motion. The head of my cock is sensitive and this caused my brain to shut off and I exploded deep into Nick's throat.

"OH FUCK!!" I uttered.

Seven more blasts of cream entered Nick, who did not miss a drop. After he drained my body, he climbed up and snuggled on my chest. He played with my chest hairs and nipples. We fell asleep again with happiness between us.


NOTE: Here is the latest chapter and I hope that you really enjoy it. Sorry I did not post it before but things do happen. Now that we are in the holiday season, I wish everyone a great time during the holidays (yes I am being PC). Also please keep a friend in your prayers. Gregg Ramsey just lost his life partner of 25 years to liver disease. It was not hepatitis. Dave needed a liver transplant, but hospital bureaucracy prevented this. Please keep Gregg in your prayers while he is going through a period to readjust his life. If you have any comments on the story, please feel free to email me at WritHot@comcast.net. Put the title of the story in the subject line and where you are from so I may add you to the Readers' List.


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