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The following story is totally fictional. I do not know the sexual orientation of Nick Bollea. The characters are real and fictional and any relation between the fictional characters and actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, it is illegal to possess adult stories, or if you are put off by gay sex, then just leave. If you are totally homophobic, I have two words for you - ***SUCK IT***.

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From Chapter VII: Bryan was not having anything to do with Nick. The teen learned also that night that Chris only wanted him for relief, which caused the teen to become very lonely.


The next few weeks saw the elimination of each prospective superstar until it was Chris, Nick, and Bryan. To determine the winner, they would have a triple threat match. Nick was ready to face both men to prove his worth and to exact revenge on what happened the previous weeks. In Los Angeles, the three prepared for battle. As they were introduced, the came down separately.

"We are going to determine the Tough Enough winner differently this year." Al Snow announced. "This will be a triple threat match. The winner will get the contract worth $1 million."

All three were assured of their place in the sports entertainment business. The bell rang and Nick attacked both men with a vengeance. Though smaller and lighter than the other two, the teen's attack surprised them Nick then turned his main focus on Bryan. He dropkicked the man and charged into the corner. After several blows, Bryan had enough. He drew his fist back and connected with the teen's forehead. This stunned Nick, who fell on his back. Bryan began to body slam him, hit the teen several times, then raised him up for a vertical suplex, but dropped forward. As Bryan was ready to put on his finishing hold, the sound of metal connecting with bone and flesh resounded in his ears. Everything went black. By the time Bryan came around, Chris had the contract in his hand.

Both Nick and Bryan went backstage and they were met by Al Snow. They were congratulated by all the people of the WWE and Paul Heyman got Bryan alone in a corner.

"Are you ready to go further in this business?" he asked.

"Hell yeah." Bryan answered.

They were bet by the Dudley Boys, RVD, and the Sandman. After Bryan showered and got his gear, they brought him to the hotel room and was sat down to develop his character. They were talking when there was a knock at the door. RVD answered it and was looking at a very average looking gentleman with an odd looking staff.

"Hi. My name is Ed." the gentleman said. "I was told that Bryan Robinson is here. May I see him?"

The wrestler escorted him into the room. He introduced himself to the group, but Bryan knew who he was. They sat down and Ed explained the reason why he was there.

"Bryan and I have talked about him becoming a wrestler." he said. "We talked about a character that would express his dark side. Here's some intro music he could use."

Ed pulled out a CD and put it in the player. The intro music from Phantom of the Opera began to blare through the room.

"This will be great with the ominous tone and rock melody." he said. "And this staff could be used."

Ed pressed the button on the back of the skull and smoke emitted from the eyes, nose, and mouth. Ed also handed it Paul, who felt the weight and knew this could be used as a weapon during a match. Paul looked warily at the man.

"What's in it for you?" he asked.

"Simple. I become Bryan's manager." Ed explained. "I also have a few moves I can teach Bryan so he becomes a great commodity."

"How did you know I was here?" Bryan asked.

"I was in the crowd." Ed replied. "I just followed you here."

"So what is this great move?" Paul asked very maliciously.

Ed asked RVD to put him in a head scissors. He then moved where he was on his feet and lifted RVD up as if he was going to backflip the wrestler. He held the superstar upside down until they were over the bed. With no warning, Ed sat straight down and bounced RVD off his head. The others looked at each other in amazement.

"Where did you learn that?" Paul asked in disbelief.

"You know the ads saying don't try this at home." he answered. "Well my brothers and I did. Also here is another hold that will cause intense pain."

He went behind Bubba Ray and placed his thumbs behind the jawline, just below the earlobes and pressed in and up. This caused the large wrestler to yelp in pain. The others looked at the man and wondered why he was doing this for one person.

"Bryan and I have been friends." Ed said. "I told him if he did this, I would be there to show him some moves and to be his manager. And just to let you know, my brothers and I were some, sadistic sons-of-bitches who loved to inflict pain."

The group smiled and they saw a great combination. Bryan did explain he wanted to be known as the Devil's Advocate. Ed would be his manager known as the Sinister Minister.

They broke up and Bryan went to his room with Ed. They sat down and the older man noticed the sadness in Bryan's eyes.

"What's the matter?" he asked.

"Remember I told you about Nick?" Bryan answered. "The little shit cheated on me with Chris of all people."

"Bry, don't worry about him right now." Ed said. "Focus on your career and become the best wrestler you can be."

Over the next few weeks, Bryan learned how to use weapons from the Dudleys, the Sandman, and Sabu. RVD and Sabu educated the new wrestler on death-defying moves that would thrill the crowds. Bryan was a quick study and both he and Ed developed their new personas. The manager had his hair dyed black, along with his goatee, mustache, and eyebrows. The costumes were selected for the proper effect and Bryan had some make-up developed for this sinister look.

His first match was in Philadelphia with and he was to face Tommy Dreamer - the innovator of pain. As the match approached, Bryan was very nervous. The first strains of Phantom of the Opera blared through the auditorium and the wrestler with his manager appeared from the curtain. They stood at their mark and Ed raised the staff as it spewed smoke, and hit the ground with it. This cue set off a wall of fire behind them. The boos erupted and they were jeered heavily. As they entered the ring, Bryan stood there stoically and Ed did what he did the best, be a ham. The match commenced and the two wrestlers moved very methodically and felt each other out. Bryan then showed why he was called the Devil's Reject as he was began to pummel Dreamer severely and caused the veteran to bleed. Bryan slipped behind Tommy and put him in a body scissors, then applied the thumb grip. Tommy tapped out and as it was arranged, Ed came in to pull Bryan off the wrestler. The announcer let everyone know the obvious and he approached the two newcomers.

"Who in the hell are you guys?" the reported asked.

"That's it, isn't it?" Ed replied. "Welcome to hell. This wrestler is so evil and vicious, even hell won't have anything to do with him. We are going to run rampant through these wrestlers until the Devil's Reject is the champ. So says the Minister."

The boos and jeers grew louder as they walked off. When they got to the locker room, they were greeted by the other wrestlers. Paul came up to them and smiled.

"Great match." he said. "Your ability to have great matches will make you a sure star. And you're such a ham and have a gift for talk, this will be great."

Tommy Dreamer came up and shook Bryan's hand and told him what a great match it was. As the card ended, the group showered and dressed. They went to eat and finally finished at the hotel.

"Looks like you're on the way." Ed told Bryan. "Just keep focused."

Bryan smiled and Ed went to his room. Bryan undressed and casually caressed his cock until it was rock solid. His mind thought of Nick and the wonderful mouth of the teen. As much as he was upset by him, he still cared for him. His hand slowly massaged his 7" cock and he felt his balls move up. He stopped as let the feeling subside. Again he worked his pole to the brink, only to stop again. For thirty minutes, Bryan brought himself to the edge of Nirvana, only to stop to the ultimate pleasure. Finally he given in and exploded a huge load of cum all over his face, chest, and stomach. He finally subsided and began to cry. He wanted to be with Nick and hoped that one day they could reconcile.


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