by 70s Child

The following story is totally fictional. I do not know the sexual orientation of Nick Bollea. The characters are real and fictional and any relation between the fictional characters and actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, it is illegal to possess adult stories, or if you are put off by gay sex, then just leave. If you are totally homophobic, I have two words for you - ***SUCK IT***.

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From Chapter VIII: Bryan smiled and Ed went to his room. Bryan undressed and casually caressed his cock until it was rock solid. His mind thought of Nick and the wonderful mouth of the teen. As much as he was upset by him, he still cared for him. His hand slowly massaged his 7" cock and he felt his balls move up. He stopped as let the feeling subside. Again he worked his pole to the brink, only to stop again. For thirty minutes, Bryan brought himself to the edge of Nirvana, only to stop to the ultimate pleasure. Finally he given in and exploded a huge load of cum all over his face, chest, and stomach. He finally subsided and began to cry. He wanted to be with Nick and hoped that one day they could reconcile.


As the months wore on Bryan became a shiny, new face on the wrestling horizon. He won all his matches, predominately by himself, but with some with Ed's assistance as his manager. The staff came into play on more than one occasion against a wrestler's head or back. Each day, Bryan would hear about Nick's progress and knew that the teen was becoming a rising star also. He dreamt they would get back together and be happy.

One day Paul announced that ECW would have its second anniversary pay-per-view in Philadelphia. It was arranged where they would have War Games. This was a WCW idea and it would pit five members of ECW against five of the WWE wrestlers in a submission or surrender match. It was decided Bryan, the Sandman, RVD, Sabu, and Ed would represent ECW and Nick, Hogan, Chris Benoit, the Undertaker, and Rey Mysterio would be the participants from WWE.

Leading up to the pay-per-view, the ECW wrestlers would invade the WWE matches. The wrestlers would jump into matches and then ran after they did their damage. One particular match had Nick and his father against Ric Flair and his own son David. The match was uneventful until Sabu, the Sandman, Raven, and Bryan his the ring. They first took out Hogan, then David Flair. Ric was then attacked and was put on a table that had thumbtacks on it. Sabu hit a moonsault onto the prone body and collapsed the table. Nick realized he was in a very precarious position. Ed had the smoking skull staff and led Bryan to Nick's position. He then began to pummel the teen with a kendo stick. Sabu then handed Bryan a two-by-four covered in barbed wire. The young wrestler proceeded to open the forehead of his foe. He lifted the bloodied teen as Nick's head was upside down facing Bryan's back. The wrestler had the teen in an inverted seated position. He stood on a table that Raven brought into the ring and set on fire. In one motion, he hit the Devil's Tomb on the nearly unconscious body, but not before he heard the teen whisper.

"Bryan, why?" he said. "I came for you. I bled for you. I love you. Please don't hurt me."

The table shattered with the impact and Bryan left Nick in the middle of the ring. The four scattered when Benoit and the Undertaker came to the ring.

Bryan watched Nick being carried from the ring and he wondered if Nick really meant what he said. He went backstage and saw the teen on the trainer's table being stitched up. Hogan was by his son and berated him.

"You should not have been beaten like that." he said. "I'm ashamed of you. You're nothing but as little bitch."

Hogan slapped his son's face and the trainer ordered him from the room. Hogan tried to threaten the trainer, who had security escort the wrestler out. Bryan just glared at the man and knew he had to do something to help Nick. He was ready to run into the room, but he decided to see the teen later that day.

He had Rhyno call Hogan's room and tell him that Vince needed to see him at the arena. Bryan stood in the hallway by the vending machines as if he was going to buy something. He saw Hogan enter the elevator and the doors close. He went to the room and knocked on the door. As Nick opened it, the teen was about to scream, but Bryan put his hand over the teen's mouth and moved into the room. After the door was closed, he removed his hand and hugged the teen.

"God I missed you." he said.

"Bryan, I missed you so much." the teen replied. "I'm sorry for being such an asshole."

"Nick, that's okay." Bryan responded. "I'm sorry about the beating tonight. Just tell me, is your dad hitting you."

"Yeah." Nick answered. "God I hate him so much. I just want to run away."

"I'll tell you what, after the pay-per-view, you're won't have to worry." the man said.

The two planned their plot against the Hulkster and planned to include Ed in the mix. They kissed and held onto each other until Bryan knew it was time to go. They kissed one more time and Bryan left just in time as Hogan appeared in the room a couple of minutes later. Bryan had given Nick his room number and the teen planned to sneak out later.

As Hogan went to bed that night, his son quietly left the room. He ran down the hall to the elevator and got off at Bryan's floor. He knocked on the door and the Devil's Reject opened it to him. They embraced and fell on the bed kissing. After the two stripped down, they got into a torrid sixty-nine and lovingly took the respective cocks into their mouths. Nick wanted this moment and he moved on Bryan's cock with all the fervor his teen libido could muster. Bryan enjoyed the sweet teen meat and wanted his fill of the juices that was waiting for him. He inched his middle finger in the teencunt and this caused Nick to spasm and pushed back. As he was being finger-fucked, he inserted a digit into Bryan's manpussy. As they played with the prostate of the other, this caused them to vibrate their moans on their cocks. Nick could not last long as his dick swelled in Bryan's mouth. Eight rounds of sweet teen cum filled Bryan's throat, then his stomach. When the first blast hit his throat, Bryan exploded his thick juices seven times into Nick's gullet, who swallowed the cum with gusto. As the final drops dribbled into their mouths, they laid back and stared up.

"Damn Nick." Bryan exclaimed. "That was a huge load."

"I saved it, hoping we would get back together." the teen said with a smile.

"Nick, we will get you away from your dad." the man said. "If we follow the plan, the will be out of wrestling and our of your life for good."

"Bry, are you sure about the swerve?" the teen queried. "I don't want to hurt you."

"Trust me, it will be okay." Bryan told him.

"I don't want to leave." Nick said, after snuggling for about an hour.

"You have to, so your dad won't be suspicious." he said.

Nick dressed and kissed Bryan. He whispered something in the man's ear that actually shook Bryan. Nick winked and went back to his room.


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