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does not reflect the true sexuality of any WWE superstar mentioned nor do I have any
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Raw wrapped up another excellent show. All the fans exited the arena, and the Superstars & Divas were on their way to their hotels. Everyone except for two. Nexus members David Otunga and Mason Ryan. 

David walks up to Mason and shoves his hard chest, pointing his fingers in Mason's face. "Listen. I'm going to be second in command, and Punk will listen. You better stop trying to get in my position." He gives Mason's chest another hard push, smirking.

Mason is surprised at David's anger, but is somewhat turned on. "What's wrong? Think I'm gonna steal your spotlight?" Ryan finally says. "You know, you are a real attention whore, always trying to show CM Punk your ass in the ring" Ryan takes a step forward and pushes Otunga back, with all of his power.

Otunga almost falls back, leaning against a WWE large metal box. He grits his teeth, looking at the strong stud. "What the fuck are you talking about? First off, you're jealous I'm an A-Lister, and secondly! You're jealous because Punk sees potential in me.. Unlike whatever you're staring at." He grins.

Mason's anger starts to boil inside his thick body. His anger suddenly takes control of him, and he tackles Otunga to the floor, putting him in a headlock. "How can Punk not see potential in me? I have the hottest body in the WWE!" Mason shouts.

David's ass arches into the air as he tries to catch his breath, squirming under Mason's huge arm, his lips pressing against it as he tries to get up.

Otunga manages to get up and push Ryan into a row of lockers. "Are you jealous of me?" David asks, and gives Mason a wink. "If you wanna fight, then lets fight!" Mason screams again.

David gets Mason into a headlock, while pressing his big ass against Mason's strong thigh.

Mason feels the soft sponges that are Otunga's ass cheeks, and he likes what he feels. He pushes Otunga back, and tackles him again, Leaving Otunga lying on his stomach, and Ryan on top of him. Mason grabs David's hair and pulls him close to him. David can feel Mason's semi-hard bulge against his ass. And he likes what he feels too.

"Mmm fuck.. What are you doing?" He moans out, blushing as he can feel the bulge against his bubble ass. He grinds back, squirming and sighing.

"I think it's time you get what you deserve" Mason whispers. "A true Punishment". Mason slaps David's ass and pulls him up. "Now, on your knees!"

David's big ass jiggles from the hit as he turns to face the British stud. "Fuck.. you can't be serious." David blushes but gets to his knees, loving it.

"You stay there, and don't move" Mason orders. he turns around and walks to his locker. He soon pulls out a pair of fuzzy handcuffs, 6 big dildos, a butt plug, Strawberry flavored lube, a Paddle, and a whip. "I just figured I needed to punish you the right way." Mason says. When he returns, he sees David has already stripped naked, ready for his punishment.

David blushes, seeing such kinky things before his eyes. "Woah.. I didn't bargain for that." He blushes harder, licking his lips as he's on his knees, looking up at him.

Mason takes the time to take off all his clothes as well. He steps up to Otunga, showing off his thick 9 inch cock. "You want this punishment, don't you David?" Mason asks.

"Mm fuck yeah." He mutters, seeing that huge dick as he licks his lips before kissing the tip gently.

"You know the drill, start sucking" Mason demands.

David keeps his hands behind his back as he slurps on Mason's huge dick, taking about 4 inches. He rolls his tongue on the underside.

"Ahh..........fuck" Mason moans. He gently strokes David's curly hair before roughly pushing his head down his cock til he takes all 9 inches. David immediately starts to gag as he feels Mason's trimmed pubes tickle his nose.

David's nose rubs against his crotch as he gags loudly, reaching around and grabbing Mason's big ass cheeks. He squeezes hard, digging his nails in.

"Ohh.......... you like that?" Mason asks, even though he knows Otunga's answer. He pulls David off his cock so he can speak,

I fucking love it." He says with lust as he holds onto Mason's huge bubble butt tightly.

David goes back to scarfing down Mason's dick. After a few minutes, David finally masters the art of Deep-Throating, sending waves of pleasure through Ryan's body. Mason reaches over and grabs the whip, thinking about how he's going to use it. But then he thinks; "I wish Punk and McGillicutty were here to see this."

Meanwhile, Michael McGillicutty is licking CM Punk's hard nipples and kissing his stomach as they watch. "Mm fuck Punk. Look at Otunga being a bitch."

"What the Fuck?!?!?" Punk shouts. "Otunga has never acted like this with me!" Michael goes back to Punk's huge, hard nipples. "You know, they're just downstairs in the locker room" Michael says. "We could always go down there and get in the action" "Or...... we can stay here for a while"

"Mm I want you to myself for a little bit." Michael says, kissing CM Punk's stomach as he grabs his boss's ass cheeks through his trunks. Meanwhile, Otunga spanks Mason, begging for his ass.

Mason turns around and bends over, allowing Otunga to give him a better spanking. "Oh fuck...........harder.......spank that ass harder" Mason whispers. "Make my fat ass red!"

Otunga spanks it nice and hard with his hands. "You like to tease people with this ass in those small trunks, huh?" He spanks again, before kissing his cheek.

"Fuck yeah...." Mason moans. "Keep spanking..............keep kissing............keep licking......."

David doesn't let up, he spanks harder and harder with his hands, making it sting as he kisses and laps it up with his tongue. "Such a big ass. Show me your asshole."

Mason grabs his fat ass cheeks and spreads them apart, showing his extremely tight, pink asshole to David. "You like what you see, Bitch?" Mason asks.

Mm, does this answer your question?" David presses his mouth to Mason's asshole, licking in circles, tongue-fucking his asshole.

"Oh fuck.......yeah, is actually does answer my question" Mason laughs. "You like making my juicy ass wet? You slutty bitch" Mason says.

David moans into the ass, nodding as he slides his tongue against his asshole, squeezing it hard, groping it quickly and spreading it. "Fucking love this big tanned ass."

"How do you like this!" Mason pushes his ass back against David's face, causing him to lose his breath. David gives Mason a hard slap on the ass with the paddle, and soon reaches over to the bench, and grabs one of Mason's 6 dildos. He removes his face from the tanned bubble butt and gives the dildo a wet suck, coating it in his spit.

David slurps on it before working the tip into Mason's asshole, grinning. Meanwhile, Michael is kissing CM Punk's toned ass through his trunks.

Punk slips out of his trunks and spreads his soft cheeks wide, revealing his tight hole, and a small star tattoo near the hole.

Michael started to kiss it like a slut while rubbing CM Punk's toned stomach while David fuckd Mason's ass with the dildo.

"Fuck Yeah.........." Punk and Mason say at the same time. "yeah, fuck me with that rubber cock..." Mason moans. Punk hears Masons moans on the TV screen and sees him getting fucked by the dildo. "Mike.....Mike....." Punk whispers. "I think we need to go downstairs now, We don't want them to have all the fun without us!!!"

David slams the dildo in and out extremely hard while kissing Mason's ass cheeks while Michael moves away from Punk's ass. "Fuck yeah."

Punk and Michael run out of their secret room, downstairs to the locker room to join their fellow Nexus Members. Back in the Locker room, David has found a steady but rough rhythm with fucking Mason with the dildo. Mason is loving this. he's getting fucked by his favorite dildo, and the sexiest member of the Nexus is kissing his ass......literally! But before Mason could make another move, he hears the door knob begin to open.