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The Young & The Wrestlers → Chapter 1:

The Puerto Rican stud Primo hadn't expected to be in the Miz's bed that morning - he was in a relationship with Maryse, a very happy and long-term one, yet they couldn't stop coming back to each other. It was a friendship which began when Primo first debuted in WWE years ago. They couldn't give up or walk away despite how much they tried.

Waking up that morning, the smaller man had his head against his lover's chest with their arms around one another. He knew it would be the start of a great day for the man he loved.

Miz slowly awoke to the Puerto Rican stud in his arms, his head laying on one of his huge, juicy pecs. Both of them lay in bed in nothing but their underwear. Miz in a pair of dark boxer-briefs, and Primo in a pair of green boxer briefs with an even tighter black thong underneath to surprise his secret lover.

"Are you up yet, birthday boy?" Primo asked, a playful sweetness in his voice as he started to press feather-light kisses all over his lover's toned chest.

"Yeah I'm up" Miz responded with lust as he reached over and gave the Latin stud a hard slap across his thick bubble butt.

"Ah..." Primo moaned out and rubbed his butt against the mattress to ease the burning heat on his skin. "It looks like you're very up, actually." He replied playfully, his dark eyes filled with love and lust as he moved his head up a bit to kiss the bigger man.

"I'm up and ready to fuck" Miz giggled as he leaned in to kiss Primo. Whenever they kissed, Miz always felt like fireworks exploded as their lips and tongues explored the others face. But for some reason, his attention gravitated to the round globes of flesh that was contained by the tightest boxer-briefs Miz ever saw. He reached over and softly caressed his lover's big, juicy ass.

It seemed like Primo had that on his mind too.  He couldn't kiss back with the same fire that he usually did. He only bit at Miz's bottom lip as he moved a bit to brazenly press his pert ass against his lover's desiring hands - he was ready to give his lover everything... anything.

Shoving my dick up this fat ass would be the best birthday present I've ever received." Miz whispered in Primo's ear. "And I know you've been craving it too. So tell me baby, how badly do you need my cock right now?"

Primo lost his mind when Miz talked to him like that - so caring, but still dominant. His smooth voice and his hot breath... Primo simply wasn't sure how he even replied, but he managed.
    "I need it so bad. I need to give you what you want." He pleaded.

"Well then why don't you give the birthday boy a little sexy strip show?" Miz whispered before giving Primo a quick peck on his thick lips.

    Miz took his breath away when he looked at him like that - icy blue eyes filled with lust. When Primo first came to the WWE, the Ohioan was the first and only man he was intimate with so Miz knew him very well. Nodding a bit, the Puerto Rican slipped the green briefs off his body - revealing a half-hard cock in a dark thong. He waited for the birthday boy to say what he wanted next.

Miz reached over to the nightstand and slowly searched through the drawer until he pulled out a bottle of baby oil, a few butt plugs, a few dildos, and a double dildo for double the pleasure. "Ok Primo... pick your favorite, and surprise me...." Miz said as he licked his lips..

"Nothing comes close to yours." He smirked, playful and flirtatious as he went over to the nightstand. Picking up a dildo, he made a show of bending over to get it - giving his lover a full moon of his smooth ass as he picked up a bronzed dildo with smooth balls. It reminded him of his brother's.

"Is this what you did with Carlito?" Miz asked...."I don't blame you, your brother was always hot. But not as hot as you babe.." "now why don't you take off that tight thong so you can show me what you can do with that dildo.."

"He was my first." Primo cooed, as he scooted over to peck the man he loved on the lips. "And you're my second and last." He whispered hotly against the older man's lips, licking on his bottom lip before he pulled away and lay on his back. Eyes up to the ceiling and a smirk on his face, he spoke. "I have a request."

"What is it?" Miz asked curiously

"I want you to fuck me with this." He squeezed the dildo in his hand, almost like he was teasing his lover with the simple action.

"It would be my pleasure.... literally" Miz giggled at his lover's request. He softly grabbed the tanned dildo and placed it in his mouth. He gently sucked on it with pure lust in his eyes as he stared at Primo, lathering the rubber rod with his sweet saliva. "Take off the thong babe. I think you're gonna like this" Miz demanded.

"Does that taste as good as good as mine?" He teased the objection of his affection before he slipped the dark thong off his taut body. Immediately, his fact cock slapped against his abs and he spread his legs for his lover, just as he had many times before.

"Damn, that position never gets old!" Miz said as he slipped the dildo out of his mouth. His eyes were attracted to the rock hard, fat 8 inch cock that stood between Primo's thick thighs. He instantly thought of the time he first tried bottoming. the feeling of Primo's thick Puerto Rican meat being shoved in his tight pink hole was the most amazing night of his life. He placed the dildo right next to Primo's, and swallowed them both down in one fluid movement!


It was small things, maybe, but when Miz acted this way with him, he felt like the most attractive person ever. Sometimes he didn't know the former WWE champion loved him so much, but he wasn't going to complain. He couldn't if he tried.  He just moaned out loud as his meaty cock slipped into the warm mouth.
Already, his head starting to spin from the pleasure. The cries that escaped him were just proof of this.

Miz knew Primo was REALLY enjoying this. He wanted to fuck Primo's brains out, he wanted Primo to blurt out things in Spanish. With the dildo and the Latin cock shoved half-way in his mouth, he pulled the dildo out and aimed it at the tight hole of the Puerto Rican Stud. He shoved it in without warning Primo. He hoped he didn't hurt his lover.

It stung. It caused the Latino to moan out in slight pain. Normally, he would have said something but it was Miz's birthday and so he took it like a champ, without a single objection. He just bit his lips and tried to focus on the perfect lips on his smooth balls.

Miz gently sucked and licked at Primo's smooth balls to ease the pain of the dildo being shoved up his perfect ass. With one of his free hands, he slowly pushed the dildo in deeper before slowly pulling it out. He then repeated the process until he had a steady rhythm. Their passion was so hot. Both bodies glowed with sweat and lust.

"Oh god, Michael." His voice was so deep and passionate. It started as a joke, something to tease the older man, but for years now he only called his lover by his full name. It was even more pronounced in their intimate moments - his cries were full of need every time his hole got ravaged by the dildo. He thought of many things, as sweat covered his body - he thought of his brother, of how much he was enjoying it, but he thought of Miz most of all.
Crying out still, he began to push his small body up and down - fucking the dildo and his lover's mouth.

"Mmmm..." Miz moaned as he felt Primo's cock softly being shoved down his throat. He gagged a bit, but the gagging turned him on. He started to pick up the speed of the dildo being stuffed in Primo's tight ass. Obviously Primo was really getting into it, since he was practically bouncing on the dildo. But then, another idea popped in his mind. He withdrew his mouth from Primo's cock, and pulled the dildo out. He grabbed the bottle of baby oil and squirted it all over Primo's and his body. Without warning, Miz pounced on Primo and began a passionate oil wrestling match. This involved a lot of grabbing and groping and spanking.

Primo's grew wide as the dildo left his well-fucked hole and no succulent mouth on his hole. He was going to reply when suddenly he felt oil on his body and then his best friend and lover on top of him. He smiled wide. "Hey, what are you doing? I can totally beat you up, you know?" He teased, bringing his soft hands to Miz's own bubble butt.

"Oh really?" Miz laughed. "Does this bring back any memories? I heard you and Carlito would do this all the time" He leaned in for a kiss as Primo roughly squeezed and groped at his juicy bubble butt.

He returned the kiss, sweet for the time being and looked into the blue eyes of the man he loved. "We did. I'd always let him win but I'm not so sure I'll be so generous to you." He warned as he lifted his foot up to slowly tease Miz's cock with it. He managed to do it without moving any other part of his body.

Mmmm..... you are such a filthy slut." Miz whispered. He placed his hands on the hard pecs of the Puerto Rican lover and gently tweaked Primo's rock hard nipples. The feeling of Primo's leg rubbing against his cock sent waves of pleasure throughout his body.

It was when Miz talked to him like this that he lost his senses. He sometimes wasn't sure what his lover saw in him, but he was grateful for it. So grateful for it that he pressed the sole of his foot against Miz's nut-sac. He bit his lip as the older man played with his dark nubs, trying not to moan out loud as he was being pleasured.

"Mmm... fuck" Miz muttered. He pinched harder on Primos nipples as he felt Primo's foot brush against his ball sack.

"Ah." He moaned at the feeling. The harder his secret lover pinched, the harder it was to fondle Miz's cock with his smooth toes. He had his moments but, sexually, the older man knew his weaknesses. Primo's face was a vision of pleasure as the request parted his thick lips.
    "Do whatever you want to me. Please. Don't stop."

Miz continued to tweak at Primo's right nipple. He leaned in and began licking and flicking at the other nipple. "You like that?" Miz managed to say with the erect skin in his mouth.

"I like whatever you do to me." He moaned out, his sounds would put most porn stars to shame - loud and unashamed.
    He gripped the sheets though, trying to calm himself enough to speak. "B-but it's your birthday. I want to please you." He managed out. Even with his skin burning, he was still selfless for the man he loved.

"You wanna please me?" Miz asked. He released his grip of the Puerto Rican's nipples and leaned up with his hands on his head, showing off his thick body. "You want this, come get it babe."

Primo's dark eyes shined as he looked at his man's beautifully build. He backed up, only to get on all fours, his fat cock slapping against the bedsheet as he leaned forward to sweetly kiss Miz's abs while his hands toyed with the older man's balls.

"Fuck yeah baby.... you love my big balls don't you?" Miz moaned through giggles.

"I love everything about you, Michael." He replied, his term of endearment for the Awesome superstar. He looked up in his lover's blue eyes and smiled sweetly. "I love you, most of all."

"I love you to babe." Miz said sweetfully. He leaned in for another kiss before whispering in Primo's ear. "The only thing that will make this the best birthday ever is feeling Me inside you..."

“Fuck me baby.......Fuck me.......” Primo moaned as his voice drifted off. Suddenly his eyes opened, realizing it was all a dream. “Shit.” He muttered to himself. He looked over his messy room, then to his bed, seeing he was all alone.