Wyatt's Peak Chapter Two

Wyatt couldn't believe who he was looking at. This demon had touched him, kissed him, fucked him ever since he could remember. Now that he was nineteen years old, it all seemed like a dream, a long, unforgetful dreams. The demon placed a hand on Wyatt's shoulder.

"Leave...NOW," Wyatt found himself shouting. He couldn't take this, it was too much.

Something he said must have gave the demon a thought, because he just smirked and shimmered out. Leaving Wyatt confused as ever, a mess to clean up, a coffee table to replace and a new shirt to pick out. Just great.

The demon shimmered into Halliwell Manor. He found himself in a nice little bedroom, it's bed made up, the curtains pulled to allow sunshine in. The rug was vacuumed neatly, the wooden dresser polished, and the air smelled of lime cleaner. Leo was in the middle of changing when the demon shimmered in.

Leo was wearing a wife beater, some dark blue briefs and had some black slacks pulled half up to his knees.
"Who are you? Who do you want?" Leo questioned hurriedly, his senses put on full alert. He knew Piper was not at home at the moment so had no witch protection.

The demon smiled, "I am Alastair and I need the blood of a father to perform a certain ritual." An evil smile spread across his luscious lips.

Leo pulled the pants up quickly, making sure his hands were free just in case this Alastair didn't attack suddenly. He didn't. "You should leave. My wife is a Charmed One."

Leo's bluff didn't work. Alastair simply stepped forward, "Oh, I know. I've been knowing you and your wife for quite some time but not as much as I know...your son."

"Chris!?" Leo knew Chris' graduation might attract some demons.

Alastair shook his head, "My little Wyatt."

Leo's heart sank at the mention of his eldest son's name, especially the 'my little' part. His face was suddenly red, "If you lay a finger on my son-," but Alastair cut him off.

"Too late for that," he said, "more than you know. But I'm going to need that blood or my little Wyatt won't be affected by my..charm. So..." Alastair stepped forward, Leo grabbed the lamp off the bedside table and hurled it at him. Alastair had to duck and cover or be hit with the heavy antique. When he recovered, Leo was already pushing past him and on his way out of the door.

Alastiar simply shimmered into the hallway behind Leo as he ran for the stairs. With one hand, he pushed him, and Leo came tumbling down the stairs in a painful matter. Alastiar laughed, walking behind the tumbling heap of arms and legs as if he was rolling a stack of hay.

"Your reflexes and instincts are sharp," Alastair commented. "They have to be, right? After all, you are just a mortal now. Oh yeah, I know all about your magical past." Leo stopped at the landing just above the first floor foyer. Alastair stopped before him and looked down. Leo had a cut on his forehead and his eye had been hit, already bruising up. "Leo, why so blue?" He laughed at his own joke, at the same time bending down and flipping Leo over.

Leo resisted. He resisted so much that Alastair had to get on top of him to hold him down. Leo's teeth gritted as they always did when he was physically concentrating. His blonde hair, a shade lighter; graying. His face, however, held the same boyish charm that always accompanied it. While ontop of the man, Alastair couldn't help but feel the amount of muscle the mortal had, as if he'd been working out.

It wasn't until that moment that Alistair realized he had no athame to cut Leo with. The cut on his forehead wasn't deep enough to provide him with the blood he would need for his ritual. Leo screamed, "Your not getting my blood. And your not touching Wyatt," he tried again to throw Alastair but failed.

Alastair grinned, "Lucky for you, I have no athame at the moment. Guess I'll have to...penetrate you some other way. Just like I did to your son."

This sent Leo over the edge. He struggled harder than ever, but it only turned Alastair on. The demon's penis was starting to get hard. The thickness pressing on his leather pants, threatening Leo as it massaged the mortal's crotch area. Leo was starting to realize what was happening. He was getting raped by a demon.

With one sly hand, Alastair slid his hand underneath Leo's body and pulled the pants off with a quick flourish. The thread made a loud and tearing sound as Leo screamed out in both pain and reluctance. He tossed the black shredded pants towards the side over the stair banter. Leo's pale white thighs contrasted nicely against the tan on his lower legs. Alastair especially enjoyed feeling Leo's balls underneath his growing member. The leather made it all more sensual.

Leo spat in Alastair's face, "Your not going to do this!"

Alastair only laughed, licking as much as Leo's spit from his face as he could and replied, "Watch me," and then the show began.

Alastair stepped back, getting off of Leo. Leo sprung up, his balls bouncing underneath the navy colored briefs he wore. His face twisted with pain, horror, and rage. He thought he had won just because he was now free. Wrong. Alastair raised a hand and a red, glowing band appeared around Leo's hands and feet, binding him. The bands were pure demonic energy; suffocating. Leo wasn't going anywhere. He toppled over from having his feet suddenly bound togehter and fell forward, cursing, as his shoulder hit the wooden foyer floor. His hands were bound behind his back. The bands, glowing with a furious frenzy, almost alive with Alastair's ecstacy.

Alastair easily stripped off his leather pants, revealing his long, thick cock. He had no underwear on. "Super strength isn't the only power I posses, mortal."

Leo was scared for his life now, and it took a lot to scare Leo. If Alastair could pull off his pants with one hand while wresting him down, then what could he do while he was completely bound?

Alastair came forward and, without warning, snatched Leo's briefs off. Another loud tearing sound echoed throughout the house accompanied with Leo's screaming. His balls were red from the impact. Alastair was sad to see that Leo was as soft as a puppy's flacid ears when saddened. No matter, he wasn't going to be needing that part of Leo.

He balled up Leo's briefs and walked to Leo's face, "As much as I enjoy your screaming," he shoved the briefs into Leo's mouth, almost choking him, "your muffled screams would be even more pleasurable, sort of like...moans."

With another wave of his hand, another energy band formed around Leo's hand, gagging Leo with his own sweaty briefs. He was choking already. Alastair's thick cock got even harder.

With Leo all bound and gagged, Alastair bent down, picked up Leo with one arm and threw him back on the stairs. He pinned Leo down, stomach first, exposing his ass and smacked it. "Ready down there," he asked as if expecting an answer.

Leo screamed as loud as he could with the briefs in his mouth. Alastiar chuckled lightly, "I'll take that as a yes."

He then put the head of his thick ass cock up to Leo's cheeks, parting them, revealing the tight little hole. Leo's ass cheeks were warm and red, gentle. Alastiar would really enjoy roughing them up. He then positioned the head of his penis right into Leo's hole and smiled crookedly.

He thrust his cock inside of Leo, all 12 inches, and heard Leo's hole ripping. A loud and agonizing moan/scream escaped Leo's gagged mouth. Alastair closed his head and let his juicy cock sit inside Leo's warm ass for a moment before withdrawing his cock fully.

It was covered in blood from forcing it into Leo's unlubed ass so hard. "Hmm, blood. Just not enough," and then he thrust it back into Leo with all of his super strength.

Leo's head shot back in pain. His body almost became one with the stairs from the immense strength that Alastair had. Alastair withdrew his cock and thrust it in again. "Take it, bitch! Your son sure can."

Leo felt like he was going to die. His ass was on fire and his insides were hurting. Alastair was starting to moan with every deep, painful thrust.

Alastair finally couldn't take it anymore. He grabbed Leo's hips and hoisted his body onto the full length of his cock. Leo's body was sort of dangling in the air as Alastair held him up. Fucking him like a ragged doll. Fast, hard and stronger than any man could. Leo was feeling dizzy, the world was going black from the corners of his eyes. He felt like he was going to faint from the pain.

"Almost there," Alastair breathed, fucking Leo like wild buck. Each thrust getting deeper by the minute. He finally slammed Leo into the stairs, and placed his hands at the back of Leo's head, grabbing onto his hair and pressing his face into the carpeted stairs as he fucked the shit out of his ass. Blood was already dripping and squirting from Leo as Alastair demonically raped him.

Leo wasn't screaming anymore, he had either fainted or was very close. Then, after a stream of relentless, evercoming thrusts, Alastair's ball sack emptied, his nut coming out as a force so strong, Leo's ass suddenly became the equivalent to a sandwich bag filled with semen and blood.

Alastair withdrew his dick and a river of blood and cum dripped out of Leo's ass and down his leg. Leo wasn't moving, but he was still breathing. The guy had fainted.

Alistair walked to the kitchen, grabbed a knife from the counter and walked back towards the stairs, his cock was still hard, dripping blood and cum all the way he went. He bent down nex to Leo's motionless, exposed body. His legs dangling down the stairs, streams of blood and cum dipping into the back of his kness. His head was lolled over to one side. He looked even more appealing to Alastair now. But he wasn't here for play. He rubbed the knife against Leo's exposed hole, "Now, about that blood..."

To Be Continued...