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Chapter 2: The Institute

"Hi, you must be here to see the professor." Caleb said to us.

"Yes, can you let him know we are here, that is if he doesen't know already." mom said to him.

"I was instructed to take you to him. Follow me please." he said as he closed the door behind us.

I can't believe this, I am going to be living with Caleb. If I was alone I'd be doing a happy dance! However I kept a hold on myself and calmly followed them.

"Damn Girl!" Kayla whispered in my ear "You are so red."


She just giggled and we followed him to an office. In there we met a bald guy in a floaty thingie. I'd say a wheelchair except it had no wheels.

"Kitty how nice to see you." the bald guy said to mom.

"It's been a while hasn't it Charles? These are my children, Ethan and Emma, and this is their friend Kayla."

"Pleasure to meet you all. I am Professor Charles Xavier." He said to us.

"Hello" we all said together.

"I told Ethan and Emma about taking on the job here and what that will require. They would like to see the school first and get an idea of what goes on here. I also want you to talk with Kayla."

"I think that can be arranged, Kitty would you like to show them the school or should I have another student do it?" The professor said to mom.

She looked over at Kayla who had this pleading look in her eyes for her to stay, "Lets have another student do it."

(Kayla's Perspective)

I was so glad when Ethan's mom said she would stay with me. I didn't really want to stay with that guy alone. He seemed like a nice enough guy, but I couldn't help being a little creeped out.

"Charles I just found out today that Kayla is a mutant... a mystic."

She told him, almost like it was a bad thing.OK. I really don't get the big deal with the magick. C'mon there are other mutants that can level cities with their powers, I can't do anything like that.

"Are you sure?" the professor responded sounding really suprised.

"Absolutely. Was there anything on the news about mutant activity at CWHS?"

"No. But I knew about it because Cerebro picked it up. Was this girl part of it"

"Yes, she is the reason they were able to get away."

HEY! I'm still in here! They are looking at me like I'm a bomb, what the fuck!

"Kayla could you give us a demonstration of your powers?" he asked me

"Sure I guess. Ummm... Can you turn off the lights please?" I said to them.

"Certainly." he said as he pushed a button on his desk that killed the lights.

"Anytime your ready Kayla" Kitty said to me.

I took a breath. "Fiat Lux" and a ball of light appeared over my head. I then stood up and walked around the room and the light stayed over me the whole time. I sat back down, "Nox" I said and the light went out. "How was that?"

"Very good", he replied. "Now what spell did you use to get away from the mutant at school?"

"A fire spell. I'd show you but there is nothing to burn in here."

"That is ok. Kayla may I look into your mind to see the mutant that attacked you? This will also allow me to see the fire spell." he asked me. "Uhhh sure..."

The professor closed his eyes and lowered his head. I could feel him looking at the earlier events of the day. Including the fight with the mutant. He finally spoke. "The mutant who attacked you was Sabretooth, you are lucky to be alive, not many teenage mutants could have handled him. That spell must be extremely powerful."

"Yes, that is my most powerful spell. Am I going to be able to go to school here? My parents don't know I'm a mutant and I know they wouldn't handle it very well. They fully supported the bill for getting mutants out of public schools. I never thought I was a mutant until today."

"You will be able to come here, and what your parents will know is that you were accepted on a scholarship to a school for gifted students."

"Oh ok, sounds good to me. When are you guys moving here?" I asked Kitty.

"By the end of the week. That is what we agreed on isn't it Charles?"

He simply nodded. "Kayla feel free to go ahead and find Ethan and Emma, I believe Scott is giving them a tour. They should be in the back yard right now. I'll prepare a letter for your parents stating your acceptance to the school."

"Thank you sir." I said to him. Well that wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it would be. Time to find Ethan. "Locate". Now I just gotta follow the orb and that will take me to him.

(Ethan's Perspective)

Scott was a hottie! But totally straight. Damn breeders. This institute was looking to be pretty promising. I was really liking the idea of only having to hide that I am gay, not a mutant. Scott showed us the grounds, which included the tennis courts, basketball courts, and swimming pool. I figured the professor would be done with Kayla shortly. While on the grounds we were joined by a pretty red head girl.

"Hey Jean." Scott said to her.

"Hi Scott. Are you going to introduce me to your friends?" She asked him.

"Sorry. This is Ethan and Emma Woolsey. They are new students here. They go to CWHS too, but are only sophmores. Their mom is the new doctor for the institute."

"Yeah I think I've seen you around." she said with a smile. "Did you hear about Sabretooth being there today?"

"What's a Sabretooth?" Emma asked her.

"He is an evil mutant. Feral type. He is one of Magneto's henchmen. He usually sends Sabretooth out to abduct mutants he wants."

"A feral mutant? What does he look like?" I asked

"Well he's tall, long dirty blond hair, wears a trenchcoat, and the rest of his clothes is pretty ragged too." Jean told us.

"He was after me. Kayla and I fought him" after I said that Jean and Scott just stared at me. "I'm not lying"

"We just can't believe you got away. Sabretooth is a powerful mutant." Scott said for them. "Well if Kayla hadn't helped he would have go-" I was saying as a little green orb started to fly around me.

"Ethan!" Kayla yelled as she was running towards me. As she approached she waved her hand and the orb disappeared. "The professor said I'm in too!"

"That's great!" I said as I hugged her. "Oh! This is Scott and Jean. They are showing us around."

"Hi. I'm Kayla nice to meet you." she said and shook hands with them.

"What was that green thing that was around Ethan?" Jean asked.

"Oh that was just a locate spell. The professor said you'd be out on the grounds but I cast that so I could catch up quicker."

"Are you a mystic?" she asked

"Well that is what the professor said. I always just thought I was a witch."

"Hmmm. Can I see a spell?"

I guess... hmmm ok I got one watch this." she said as she walked about 10 feet away. "Emma fire an electric blast at me ok!"

"Ummm.. alright."

"Thicken" she said. "Ok go ahead."

Emma fired an electrical bolt at Kayla it got about 2 feet in front of her before it hit something. Then the air rippled. It rippled about 20 feet up and 40 feet across.

"Wow!" Scott said

With another wave of her hand the ripples vanished and she walked back towards us. "I have some offensive spells too. But that one is pretty easy."

"How many mutants are here?" Emma asked Jean. They looked like they were totally gonna hit it off.

"About forty, including staff. Beast, Storm, the professor, and Wolverine are some of the staff." Jean replied to her.

"Beast? Storm? Are those their real names?" Kayla asked.

Jean laughed. "No. Everyone here has a codename that reflects what their powers are. Storm can control the weather. Cyclops here can shoot energy blasts from his eyes. Are your powers solely electrical based?

"Yes." Emma said to her, seemingly eager to hear a suggestion for her own name.

"Livewire may be a good name for you then." Scott said to her.

"Yay! We're making codenames, is it just me or is this kinda stupid." I said to Kayla.

"We make the codenames for our own protection, Ethan. And next time you decide to thought speak with someone try not to do it around another telepath." Jean said as she started to walk towards the house.

Doh! OK Memo to me. No Telepathy around Jean. "We'll what is your codename then?"

Jean looked over her shoulder and simply said, "Phoenix" before continuing towards the house.

"My powers suck, what do I get to be called Captain Fabulous?!" I said to Kayla.

Kayla laughed, "I think I'm just gonna call myself 'The Sorceress.' How does that sound?"

"Pretty cool, has a better ring than the psycho bitch from hell" I replied with a grin.

"Ass!" she said in mock shock. We both laughed.

Scott and Emma were walking ahead of us talking, but I didn't feel like hanging out with them but we had to follow. "Scott" I said to Kayla.

"Hhmm 8 easy... Caleb" she said with a grin.

"Ohh don't even get me started there. I wonder what his powers are. He lives here so clearly he is a mutant. Hmmmm"

"Yeah yeah yeah, I know that isn't all you are wondering about."

"Bite me"

"Honey we both know you woudn't like that too much" she said

"You are too much I swear. I don't know if I can stand living with you." I told her through a smirk.

The rest of the afternoon was rather dull. Scott showed us around the mansion and where we would be sleeping. We still have our own rooms so that is a good thing. We met up with mom in the foyer about 5:00. She informed us that we'd be moving in that weekend. I still hadn't seen Caleb since we got there, but I wasn't worried. There would be plenty of time for that later.

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