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Chapter 3: The Danger Room

The move into the masion went smoothly. We ended up selling most of the furniture, with the exception of things for our rooms. It's gonna be weird living in a new place. Let alone living with 40 other people who are all mutants. Kayla would also be moving as well, her parents were both shocked and excited at the idea of her going to a school for "gifted" students. Personally I think they were glad, but I'll never admit it to her. We've only been here a few days. I met some of the staff, so far Ororo is my favorite. There is a certain regalness about her. Logan seems pretty uncaring, but I can sense that he does. Today I am having my first training session with Ororo and some of the other students, I'm not sure who else yet though.

I made my way down stairs to the Danger Room. I made sure I left early in case I got lost which wasn't too hard here. As I walked down the hall I saw a small group of students talking amongst themselves outside of a room. This must be it. They were all wearing jumpsuits, and I couldn't help thinking how awful they looked. With all the money this place has you think they could hire a decent designer. Well at least I don't have to wear one today. I walked closer and one of them saw me and he ran over.

"Hi. I'm Bobby." he said.


"Cool. This is your first training session huh?"

"Am I that obvious?"

"Well if I you had on a battle suit, you might blend a little better." he said with a grin. "C'mon I'll introduce you to everyone."

We walked over to the group and they got quiet. Made me feel a little uncomfortable.

"Everyone this is Ethan." Bobby said to them.

"Hi" I said with a wave of my hand.

One by one they started saying their "codenames".



OK. That was Scott I remember him.



I did a double take, the last person who spoke, came from behind everyone. It was Caleb. Great! I get to make an ass out of myself in front of him. This just keeps getting better.

"That's everyone. I'm Iceman, by the way." Bobby said.

"I don't have a codename" I said as an after thought to them.

"What are yo' powers sugah?" Rouge said in a southern accent.

"I'm a psyonic. Telepathy and Telekinesis." I told them.

"Someone will think of a name for you if you don't." Caleb told me.

"Storm should be along any minute." Cyclops said.

I just nodded. I wonder what we have to do in these training sessions. I didn't have to wonder long because shortly after that Storm came by and let us in.

"This is the Danger Room, Ethan. Most of the training of your powers will take place in here. You will learn how to fight as a member of a team, and how to protect yourself when you are alone, without using your powers. Your team members will look out for you, and in time, you for them. I have been informed that you can control your powers fairly well already, correct?"

"Yes ma'am."

"I want you to join the others in the first battle session. It will be on a low setting. I want to see how you interact with the others." Storm told me.

I walked into the room with everyone else. Bobby had coated himself in ice, and Rogue was in the air. Everyone seemed on edge, but didn't say anything.

"Beginning Training Sequence A-3" a computerized voice said in the room.

I looked over at Caleb, he gave me a quick smile then took off towards the other side of the room. Aahhhh so his power is superspeed. Out of the wall some gun things started zoning in on us. I saw a few of them firing at Caleb but he dodged the shots, a few of them almost hit him though. I don't think so. That's my man. I concentrated on one of the barrels of the laser cannons and it crumpled and exploded as it tried to fire again. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Cyclops fire a blast at another and it too exploded. One by one the different mutants were taking out obstacles. The wall on the east side of the room had begin to close in and Colossus (who had turned to steel) was holding it back. Damn that boy was pretty strong. Rogue was flying around and ripped a blaster off the wall and hurled it at an arm that had come out of the ground and hurled a saw blade at me. I concentrated on the blade and it spun off and went to the wall to my right. Rogue flew over to Colossus and was helping him push the wall back. I caught a glimpse of Bobby, he was freezing every laser cannon he could. I wish I had better powers. Caleb was still running around drawing the attacks of the lasers. I was concentrating on deflecting saw blades when I heard a cannon come out of the wall behind me. Oh shit! I wasn't good enough to do anyting to the cannon when I was dealing with the blades. It basically came down to which I wanna get hit with. I was getting ready to take the blast from the laser, when next thing I knew I was being carried across the room. Damn! He's strong too! I thought as Caleb got me out of harms way. I saw Cyclops hit the last few blasters, before everything began to move back into it's original position.

"Very Good Ethan. You have been trained well. We will do one more exercise today and then you may have the remainder of the afternoon to yourselves." Storm told us over an intercom.

The next training exercise was more intense than the first. I found myself more aware of what was going on so someone would't have to save my butt. Even though the session only lasted about 20 minutes it was pretty draining, and I was a sweaty mess. I never knew that using my powers so much would be as tiring as it was. I walked out the door when Caleb appeared next to me.

"Hey." he said to me

Sweet Jesus! Don't do anything stupid! "Hi... Velocity right?"

"Ugh. Yeah. When ever I'm not wearing this stupid costume I prefer to be called Caleb though."

"OK. I'll try to remember."

"You did pretty well in there. This was your first session right?"

"Yeah. I've only been here a few days. My mom is the new doctor for the institute. She was one of the professors students years ago."

"Cool. Do you go to CWH? I could swear I've seen you there." he asked as we got into an elevator to go to the main house.

"Yeah, I'm a sophmore there."

"Cool. You hang out with Kayla huh.

"Yup. She is my best friend. She actually moved here when we did." I told him as the elevator stopped at the main floor.

"I heard she is a mystic is that true?"

"Yeah. A pretty powerful one too. She didn't even realize she was. She just thought she was a witch."

"Well I need to go take a shower, I stink real bad." Caleb said with a grin

"Well I'll walk with you as far as your or my room. Who's ever we get to first."

"Cool. What floor are you on?"

"Third floor. I notice there seems to be a lot of guys up there."

"Cool. I'm on the third floor too. That is because we are on the west wing. The east wing of the mansion is for the girls. I'm probably right down the hall from you.

He's right down the hall and I hadn't seen him yet! Ok calm down. Try not to look so excited. You damn perv. We had just started to go up the flight of stairs to the third floor. We didn't talk much more. It was one of those ackward quiets, where you both want to say something but don't know what to say. I'm not sure if that is good or not...

"Well this is my room." I said as we approached it, "Talk to you later?"

"Absolutely. And if I'm not in your next training class good luck."

I flashed him my smile and he grinned back and headed around the corner to his room. I could definitely get used to working out with that more often. I went into my room, stripped out of the sweaty clothes and wrapped a towel around my waist before heading to the bathroom. I went into the bathroom and took one of the shower stalls and started to get clean. I don't know why, but few things feel as good as taking a shower after a good work out. Even a work out that was mainly mentally strenuous. I could hear someone else showering a few stalls over but as I didn't know who it was this didn't seem like an appropriate time for conversation. After I got all clean I reached outside the door and grabbed my towel. Once it was secure around my waist I stepped out from the shower stall. I went over to the mirror and quickly spiked my hair forward. Now that I think about it it was kinda stupid as it'll just get messed up when I put a shirt on. I heard the other shower turn off as I was figiting with my hair (I have this stupid cowlick in that back that is constantly giving me hell), and I saw Caleb walk out of the shower stall through the mirror. I swear my jaw must have been level with my dick when I saw him drying his chest. He must have thought that I already left because he wasn't covering his dick (which appeared to be about 5" soft). That boy was perfect. At 6'2", weighing about 195 is my guess (all muscle), the bluest eyes I've ever seen that contrast with his black hair. Hey! Retard! Close your mouth. Fuck! There is no way he couldn't have saw me gaping at him, and that little grin just doesen't help at all. I ran outta the bathroom to my room before he could say anything. I got to my room and after a couple panicky minutes, I calmed down and decided to get dressed. I threw on a pair of jeans and a tshirt and thought about going to find a piano. I'm pretty sure I saw one earlier this week. I put on my sketchers and headed to my door. When I opened it, who did I see on the other side? Caleb.

Oh shit.

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