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Chapter 5: New Powers

(Ethan's Perspective)

Caleb just left me at the piano and I can't believe I kissed him. Right here where anyone could have walked in on us! God that was supid! But it was good too! I just need to think, does this mean we are boyfriends? Will he talk to me later? I hope things don't get all weirded out! Oh my God! I need to tell Kayla! I closed my eyes to concentrate to try and find her. Opening my mind, trying to sense her, sensing every one in the mansion. Rogue, Peter, Jean, Scott. Scott!! Oh my..uhhh. Nevermind, I'll just try to find her the old fashioned way. I got up and decided to go check her room. I was walking down the hallway and I saw Scott back out of Jean's room as he finished pulling his shirt down. Shudder. Breeder sex is so gross! He turned around and saw me and kinda stopped.


"Hi Scott" I replied with a knowing smile. "Have you seen Kayla around?"

"Nope... sorry."

"No biggie, thanks anyway." I said as I walked past him.

I continued down the hallway towards Kayla's room. I knocked on her door, "Grace?" I called. The next thing I know the door is pulled open and she grabs me by my collar and pulls me in the room and slams the door. "Woah! What's up?! Gotta be careful, people may begin to suspect something..." I said jokingly.

"I teleported! I was down in the yard talking to Bobby. Next thing I know I'm in here!" She said to me rather fast.

"Wait! Stop! Rewind! You teleported?! Can you do that?!" I asked her, realizing the redundancy of the question after I had said it.

"Well like I said I was down talking to Bobby, we were kinda flirting, and I was really nervous. I think he was gonna make a move, I just remember feeling a desperate need to be somewhere else, and I end up here. It happened maybe like a minute ago. I've been up here freaking out. I think I should go see the professor."

"Yeah lets go. He'll know what to do." I said to her as I pulled her up off of her bed.

We left her room and headed to the professors office hoping to find him there. We were in luck.

"Come in you two." He said to us when we were outside the door.

I reached out and touched the doorknob gasped as I saw a girl in a yellow pleather jacket walking down a street when a van pulled up and grabbed her and sped off. Soon as it had come, it was gone and I was left gasping for air with my hand clenching the doorknob and Kayla looking very scared.

"What happened?" she asked me.

"I don't know."

"Ethan are you all right?" the professor asked me.

"Yes professor." I replied as I opened the door and went in.

"What can I help you with?" he asked us.

"My powers got kinda weird sir." Kayla said to him. "I was outside talking to another of the students and then I somehow teleported into my room."

"I see. You realize that your powers are tied to your emotions? What were you feeling right before you teleported to your room?"

"Well... nervous... and like I wanted to be somewhere else."

"Well, Kayla due to the nature of your powers there isn't much I can do right now. We are still learning about mystics, in fact you are the only mystic I know of. Your type of mutation started somewhat as a myth, if all mutations were categorized much like blood types yours would be similar to AB-, which as you must know is the most uncommon type. I'm sorry there isn't more I can do for you."

"It's ok professor, I just thought I'd check and see if you knew anything." Kayla responded before she stood up. "Are we still having a training session tomorrow sir?"

"Yes Kayla, we'll work on your development more then."

"Thank you. See you then." She said as we started to walk towards the door.

"Ethan, I'd like to speak with you for a moment, if you don't mind." he said to me.

"Sure professor. I'll meet you in your room when I'm done here ok." I said to Kayla.

"OK. See you there." she said as she left the office.

I sat down and looked at the professor waiting for him to say something. He looked pretty deep in thought, so I just sat waiting for him so say something."

"I'd like to talk to you about what happened outside the door Ethan. You felt very sacred and even when you came in here you were paler than normal. Tell me what happened."

"Well, I was just going to open the door after you told us to come in, and when I touched the door it was like, I had fallen into a really intense dream. It only lasted a second or two, and I was still there holding the doorknob."

"I see. Do you remember what you saw?" he asked me sounding rather concerned.

"Yes sir." I said as I sent him the image of the girl in the yellow pleather jacket being abducted.

"Do you know that girl Ethan?"

"No sir. I see her at school pretty often, but I don't know who she is."

"She is a student here. Her name is Jubilee. She had been here to see me shortly before you came. It appears as though you may have had a premonition. I've had a few students in the past with this gift, and they all had to be touching something to get the premonition. It's not a power you can control, but it can be very helpful. I'd advise that when you do have them you pay close attention to them, like in this one Jubilee is abducted, I'll speak to her when you leave, she is still in the mansion so I'm not too worried about her right now. She just needs to not wander alone."

"Ok sir. Is there anything else?"

"No Ethan, I just wanted to make sure you knew what was going on with yourself."

"Thank you sir." I said to him as I got up and left his office.

(Bobby's Perspective)

"Kayla?" I looked around and I couldn't see her, my ice slide remained on the ground, where it had shattered. And she wasn't anywhere. Something isn't right. I ran into the mansion and headed towards her room, but when I got there it was empty. I ran to the kitchen ( I don't know she could have been there), but all I saw was Scott.

"Hey Bobby."

"Hey Scott. Have you seen Kayla around?"

"Nope, sorry bud. On my way down here I saw Ethan going to her room. There isn't something between them is there?"

"I don't think so. They seem to talk about each other more like brother/sister. But I gotta run I need to find her." After I said that I ran out of the kitchen. Where could she be. I walked out to the foyer and sat on the steps, and put my head in my hands trying to think what could have happened. Times like this I really wish I was telepathic.

"Bobby are you alright?"

"Aaahhhh!" I jumped up and turned around. "Storm! Don't sneak up on people like that!" Damn I'm really edgy.

"I'm sorry, I just saw you there and you looked like you could use a little help. Anything I can do?" she asked me.

"Have you seen Kayla?"

"The new girl? The mystic correct?"

"Yeah, that's her."

"I'm sorry I haven't seen her today. Is something wrong? You looked distressed." she said as she sat next to me.

"Well... we were talking out in the front yard, and then she disappears. I know there really isn't a limitation on her powers so I don't know if she made herself disappear or if someone else did or what."

"Sounds serious. Lets go see the professor. Maybe he can find her" she said with a tap to her temple.

Storm and I headed towards the professors office. Didn't take but a minute or two to get there. When we did Storm knocked on the door.

"Come in." We heard the professor answer from within.

Storm opened the door and we went in.

"Have a seat." He said gesturing towards the chairs in front of his desk.

"Charles, Bobby told me that Kayla is missing. That she just disappeared when they were talking."

"Yes I'm aware of this, Kayla had come to see me just a few minutes ago. She is still learning how to control her emotions, until she does get control of them her powers can never be fully controlled. She is much like Storm in the need to control her emotions, if Storm lets her mind wander or her emotions get out of control it can affect the weather. However with Kayla it could affect any number of things."

I listened to what the professor told me and it kinda made sense. We all had to learn how to control our powers and emotions. Some people more than others though and I knew Kayla would be able to do it, she'll have enough support from everyone here that there is no way she couldn't. "Thanks professor, I didn't know what happened so I was really worried, but I feel better now." I said to him.

"Not at all Bobby, I'm just glad you came to me first before running off trying to find her."

"Actually that was Storm's idea, I probably would have if she hadn't come along." I said with a laugh.

The professor smiled politely at that. "Again glad I could help you out Bobby. However if you will excuse me I need to talk to Jubilee, Ethan's powers are developing and he is having premonitions and he had one about her."

"Ok Thanks again professor." I said, as Storm nodded and we walked out of his office.

"Feel better now Bobby?" Storm asked as we walked down the hall.


"Good, I'll talk to you later then I have to run some errands."

"Bye Storm."

(Ethan's Perspective)

"Feel better now?" I asked Kayla when we were in her room.

"Much. I was freaked out."

"I noticed."

"Shut up asshole." She said with a giggle. "So what happened to you earlier? You froze up and looked real scared."

"Well I had a vision, it's what the professor wanted to talk to me about afterward, he called it a premonition. He said it can happen when I touch things, and I'll see things in the future that can happen. Like I saw that girl Jubilee getting abducted. It was really scary, it was like I was watching it happen but feeling what she felt. It was awful..."

"I don't envy that power, does the professor know how to control it?" she asked.

"He said there isn't really a way to control it, it just happens when it needs to. He said it could be a really helpful power and that I should pay close attention to them. I'm hoping my powers stop growing 3 is enough."

"So what is up with you and Caleb?"

I must have turned 20 shades of red when she asked that. Honstely I didn't know what was up with us, I'd like to think we are boyfriends now, but I have to talk to him first. "Why do you ask?"

"Because I saw you kissing him and it looked like he was kissing you back too."

"You were spying on me!?!"

"No I was bored so I was looking for you and I found you. But then I chose to leave you alone rather than ruin the moment." she snapped back at me.

"Oh... sorry I jumped down your throat about it."

"It's ok, but still... what is up with you two." she inquired again.

"I don't know yet, I played the piano for him, then he kissed me. Not much talking happened after that about 'us', so I have to talk to him later."

Suddenly Kayla's face lit up and I was scared that is usually a bad thing, she gets one of her 'ideas' and it's all over. "What?" I asked rather apprehensively.

"Oh be quiet, I was just remembering that you needed a codename and you couldn't come up with one. Well I just did."

I just looked at her."Well?"


It made sense, and it didn't totally suck, actually it sucked very little as far as codenames go. I grinned. "Foresight it is then."

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