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Dialogue that is in Italics is telepathic dialogue.

Chapter 6: Luke

"December 24th, Nine PM
Eastern Standard Time
>From here on in
I shoot without a script
See if anything comes of it
Instead of my old shit
First shot - Roger
Tuning the Fender guitar
He hasn't played in a year"

The words sung by Mark Cohen were in the background as Ethan and Caleb sat together in Ethan's room. "Don't you ever get tired of listening to that?" Caleb asked.

Ethan looked over at him and smiled. "No. It's RENT, how could you possibly get tired of it?"

Caleb just rolled his eyes and looked back into his chemistry book. He was beginning to hate it more and more. "Stupid chem. I give up. I think I'm gonna go work out. Get my mind off this." He said as he stood up and took a step towards the door.

Ethan concentrated on him and made him float back to the bed where they were sitting. "Did you forget something?" He asked him with a grin on his face.

Caleb smiled and leaned down and kissed his boyfriend passionately.

"That's better. Go ahead and go work out now." Ethan said as he smacked Caleb's ass.

The two shared a lingering smile as Caleb walked towards the door.

Two thousand miles away a boy named Luke Halliwell fought with his father.

"I didn't raise my son to be a fucking faggot!" Samuel Halliwell screamed at his quivering 15-year-old son. Ask anyone in the town of Colorado Springs and they'd tell you that Sam Halliwell is not a man you cross. Standing at 6'3", and weighing a solid 220lbs, he is a man feared and respected.

Luke brought his hands up to block his father's blows when the next thing he knows his father is frozen. Still standing about to strike him. Luke didn't know how it happened but he wasn't about to complain. He quickly ran upstairs and threw some of his clothes in a gym bag, along with his laptop and power cable. Looking around the room for anything else he might need, he grabbed a flashlight and an extra jacket and threw that on. He may be a fucking faggot, but Luke knew he'd be able to hold his own. His father was adamant about him taking martial arts classes as a child. He wasn't raising his son to be a wimp. One last thing Luke grabbed was his pillow, it was actually his mothers before she died a few years ago, and his father emptied the house of most of her things. Luke thought he was having an affair and, her dying saved him the trouble of having to get a divorce. However it did leave one problem... Luke.

"Where the fuck are you, you little bastard?!?" came the scream from downstairs?

Luke threw his bag out the window and jumped onto the tree that was outside of it and climbed down. At the base of the tree he put the gym bag over his shoulder and ran away, never looking back.

Emma was focusing all her energies to send an electrical blast at a blaster on the wall. She really enjoyed being a mutant, having this much power was great, although she would never admit it to anyone. She squinted her eyes and let loose sending an arc of electricity flying from her body hitting the gun causing it to explode. Her eyes were white and electricity was flowing all around her body. She looked around the danger room; more blasters were coming out of the walls. She noticed that there was some exposed circuitry, squinting her eyes once more; her self-made lightening arced from her body again making contact with the wires. In one massive explosion all the blasters were gone. That was gonna be quite a bit of work for Hank, but fixing that stuff was what he lived for.

"Very good Emma. You handle your powers very well for someone your age." Professor Xavier said over the intercom.

"Thank you sir."

"You can leave now, we're done here for today."

Emma walked out of the danger room and ran into Caleb. "Hey" she said by way of a greeting to him.

"Hey Emma. You just get finished in there?" He asked her.

"Yeah, if you wanted to do anything you may have to wait, the blasters are down for a while."

"Naw, I'm headed to the gym, I just wanna work out for a bit."

They both smiled at each other and went into their locker rooms to change. A few minutes later Caleb had changed into a pair of track pants and a wife beater and proceeded into the workout room. Scott was already in there so they decided to spot each other.

"So have you decided on a college to go to next year?" Caleb asked Scott.

"No not yet. I'm thinking about Berkeley. I was accepted there and I think it would be great on the west coast."

"What about Jean?"

"She hasn't decided where she is going yet, we are gonna try to go to the same place though."

"You two will work it out. Everyone was happy when you guys finally came to your senses and got together. It frickin took forever!"

Scott smiled sheepishly. "Well it was worth the wait."

They continued their workout together, and life at the Xavier Institute went on for everyone without problems. Life was busy and relationships grew, stronger. Little did they realize that those very bonds they all shared would be what really kept them together in the following months.

"Here ya go kid. It's not much, but better than sleeping outside." The gruff desk clerk told Luke as he opened the door to a very small room. Barely big enough for the twin bed inside of it, but he was right it was preferable to sleeping outside.

Luke had managed to trek his way across the country, to New York. He was in the city with about $200 to his name, but he of course pretended he had a lot less. This was all new to him, but the way he figured it, the less money people thought he had the better. "Thanks for letting me stay here. Is there somewhere I can take a shower?"

"Yeah there is a bathroom down the hall. There are showers along the wall, not much privacy but it will get the job done." The clerk smiled at Luke, he could tell he was a good man, underneath all the gruffness. "If you need anything let me know. By the way, names Nick."

"Thanks again." Luke said to him as he shut the door and left Luke alone with his thoughts. Luke laid back on the small twin bed and stared at the ceiling. Three days ago he climbed out his window and ran away. Now he didn't know what to do. What he did notice is that when he got scared lately, things seemed to stop moving. Maybe he was one of those mutants that people are talking about. Luke stripped down and grabbed the towel out of his bag, before throwing it under the bed.

With the towel now wrapped around his waist he proceeded to walk down the hall to the bathroom. Had Luke not been on the run he never would have stayed at a place like this. It was really sleazy, and not all that clean, but it would do for now. He didn't even know how long he'd get to stay. He walked into the bathroom and looked around. It looked as though it hadn't seen a cleaning brush in a year or two. Luke took off the towel and hung it on a hook before walking to a showerhead. There was a bottle of shampoo next to it, no soap and no conditioner.

"That'll just have to do." Luke said out loud to himself. He stood underneath the spray enjoying the comfort it brought. The hot water running down his body felt so good. Luke washed his hair and body; it was great to get all the dirt off. As Luke stood rinsing his body off he heard the door open.

"That's a great ass you got there boy." A voice said to his back.

Luke looked over his shoulder and saw a short man about 40 years old, balding, and overweight. "Too bad you'll never have it then." He said as he turned the water off.

"Oh I'll have it. Everyone knows all you faggot whores stay here, and even get a good amount of business from this very room." The man said.

"Well just wait around then, and someone desperate enough might show up." Luke told him as he wrapped the towel around his waist and walked towards the door.

The guy grabbed him as he walked by. "Listen to me you little queer! This $20 has your name on it and I'm gonna fuck your ass."

Luke had had enough. He grabbed his arm with his other hand and twisted it around causing him to yell out. With his now free hand he, punched the man in the face, before stepping in and giving him a hard knee to the groin. The man was on the floor. Luke leaned down and whispered. "I'm not for sale." Before walking out the door.

Back in his room, Luke wondered if he just gave some kind of gay vibe. That was the fifth asshole to try to buy him in the last three days. He got up and made sure the door was locked before turning off the lights and lying down. There's got to be some place he could stay permanently he wondered as he stared at the wall.

Raven Darkholme, more commonly known as Mystique looked out the window of her room. This group was not looking very promising. With the exception of the Maximoff siblings, the rest wouldn't last 2 minutes in an all out fight with Xavier's X-Brats. Still one could always recruit more promising pawns to do her bidding. Mystique stepped out onto her balcony and started to change. Mystiques mutation was not a common one, but a very effective one nonetheless. Her powers allowed her to change her appearance to whatever the chose. Most would call her a shape shifter, some a metamorph, she preferred nothing less than deadly. Seconds later a barn owl flew off into the night searching for the common runaway that might just be special enough to join her ranks.

As much as she hated to admit it, she needed the facilities that Xavier had, of course to even begin to be able to track mutants as he does she'd also need a telepath. The only other one she knew was Xavier's own Jean Grey. She might as well try to recruit Xavier himself. None was more dedicated to Xavier's cause than her. She just needed someone devoted like her to keep the others in line when she wasn't available to do so.

Mystique made a couple passes over and around the city before returning back to her home. Nothing tonight, but there is always tomorrow.

Luke woke the following morning with a start. Trying to remember where he was, he lay back down, and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. "Oh yeah... New York, sleazy motel... got it." He said to himself. He looked over at the clock, 8:52 time to get up. Fifteen minutes later he was dressed and walking out the door.

"Leaving so soon kid?" Nick said to him as he walked into the lobby.

"Yeah, I gotta see if I can find a job or something."

"Well if you need a place to stay again tonight, I'll save the room for ya, just be back by ten." Nick told him warmly.

"I will, thanks Nick."

"No problem kid. Good luck out there, and be careful." He said to Luke as he watched him walk out the door. Nick wondered what it was about this kid that made him want to save him a room. He knew that he could easily rent it out to someone else. However his gut instincts told him to save it, this kid needed a bit more help than your average runaway.

Professor Xavier sat in his hover chair as he began checking for mutants that needed his help. Ever since he discovered his mutant abilities, he had dedicated himself to the coexistence of mutants and humans. That battle went on today. Professor X concentrated as Cerebro let him search for mutants. Starting nearby, and then expanding his search all over the country, and finally all over the world. There was always a mutant in need of help, however today one particular one stood out. A 15-year-old boy walking the streets of NYC, he learned that the boy had run away from an abusive father and was staying at a rundown motel in a bad part of town.

"Storm, get ready to go out, I've found someone that needs our help." He told Storm.

"Yes, professor en route, in 10 minutes. Where are we going and whom am I looking for."

Professor X sent Storm an image of what he looks like. "Seems as though he's heading to central park. Take Jean with you."

"Yes sir, on our way."

"One more thing Storm, his name is Luke."

Luke sat down on the bench with his hotdog and wondered what today would bring him. He needed to find a job, and a permanent place to live. Sure Nick would let him stay but who knew how long that would last. He folded up the wrapper and grabbed his soda and walked towards a trashcan. He took his cup and threw it towards the can, it has been gone from his hand no more than a second before it exploded and ice flew everywhere. "Aaahhh!!!" he screamed as he fell down.

Luke looked around to make sure no one was looking at him. Just a couple people, none paying too much attention to him though. "Did I do that?" he wondered. He had thought for a while now that he might be a mutant, after all things freezing when he got scared, like his father. Now things were blowing up for no apparent reason.

"Excuse me, Luke?" A voice came from behind him.

Luke jumped up and turned around. A tall black woman with snow-white hair and a girl about his age with bright red hair were looking at him. "How do you know me?"

"We saw what you just did, and we want to help you?" The red headed girl said to him.

"You mean the way I fell on my ass? It's all right I managed to get up, I'll be ok" he said trying to pretend to not know that he blew up the cup.

"We know that you're a mutant." Jean said to him telepathically.

"How could she know?" Luke said to himself.

"You aren't the only one with gifts." Came her answer to him.

"Get out of my head." He kind of whimpered.

"Luke we are here to help you. My name is Storm and this is Phoenix. We've been sent to offer you a place to stay, with others like you. A school for mutants most your age, all with a power of their own."

"Take me."

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