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[]=Voice Omitting from a speaker, computer, e.t.c

The X-Gene

"Aww, Come on Adam all i want is a taste"

"Shut up Fag! I Ain't no Queer"

Then Adam Punched me in the face! what an ass. Well, my name is Jeremy and this is my story, Im 16 years old and yes, i'm gay, if that isn't obvious enough i'm about 6'2" and i have pitch black hair that is ALWAYS styled as a mohawk, well unless i just got wet, and no not in that way. lol I have piercing blue eyes and have the definition of a swimmers body, you know broad shoulders built but lean arm and slightly thinner waist then my shoulder and washboard abs. but besides being gay they are some more things you should know about me, i have wonder parents, and i haven't ever been in a fist fight which is why the fact that Adam just hit me is a big deal! and the minute that he hit me i was surrounded by a blue light and my eyes turned a shade of light blue and the next thing i knew Adam was knocked out on the floor and so was I. I guess you can add the fact that i'm a mutant to the things you know about me.

When I woke up it looked like something straight out of a sci-fi movie: silver walls and a whole bunch of medical stuff all around me, it so gave me the creeps but the weirdest part was that i was still surrounded by the blue light, this is just so weird! Just a few hours ago i was just a gay boy begging for dick and now i'm a gay mutant in a place i've never seen before!

Just as soon as i had gotten up and gotten dressed (i found some sweats on a nearby shelf) the door opened and a bald man in a wheel chair followed by a woman with red flowing hair, a woman with white hair, a man with these red shades, and a women with white streak in her hair and tears in her eyes walked in.

"Hello Jeremy I'm Professor Charles Xavier and you are in the the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters" said the Bald man in the wheelchair.

OK so if i wasn't freaking out before I definitely am now some old man and his goons just abducted me! and not only that but they think i'm some gifted guy? what the hell are the talking about i'm a mutant not some genius!! but i guess the old man picked up on my stress and explained further.

"Jeremy, you've misunderstood by gifted youngsters i mean children with abilities, like yours."

"Professor, how did you know...?"

"Well Jeremy you see i'm a Telepath, meaning i can read, control, even communicate with peoples minds.but dont worry i would never enter someone's mind with out permission"

"So then how did you know that I.."

"Well sometimes in telepaths in moments of high stress broadcast feelings to others around."

"Oh, Okay"

"Hello Jeremy Im Jean Grey" said the Girl with Red hair.

If i were straight i would be totally in LOVEE with her she had a slim body with very brown eyes.

"And this is Ororo Monroe also known as Storm" as she pointed to the woman with White Hair

"Hello, Jeremy" said Ororo

Ororo was a very beautiful black woman with short white hair and the bluest eyes imaginable.

"And this is Anna Marie commonly refereed to as Rogue"

"Hi" Anna Mumbled

I couldn't get a good look of her but her hair was a rich brown and also had these to white streaks, i also noticed she had these very familiar green eyes, they sort of looked like mine.

"Oh and this is my ex-husband Scott Summers or Cyclops which ever you prefer" as she pointed to the guy with the shades.

and thats when i realized what a HUNK this guy was he had the 5 o' clock shadow going on bit he was so well toned and he had and gorgeous face, green eyes, medium length brown hair these very subtle lips but the most defined Jaw line i had ever seen, but i knew i didn't have a chance, he had to be straight he had been married to Jean, But that wouldn't stop me from staring.

"Hey Jeremy, Im the leader of the X-men and Jean, Ororo, and Anna are all members of the X-men"

"X-men, so what your like Xaviers guppies?"

"No, X as in The X-gene, you know what gives you your powers."

"Um not really. So what do you 'X-men' do?"

"Well besides teaching we help save Humans from forces of evil such as the brotherhood and Apocalypse." said Ororo


It will All be explained in due time but now for the reason I called you here for, I would like to offer you an opportunity to go to school here you will be able to learn all subjects you would in any other school as well as learning to control you mutant abilities. And maybe even in due time the opportunity to join the Xmen," said Xavier.

"Well Professor I appreciate the offer but what about my parents?"

Just then Anna seemed to begin to cry uncontrollably but the Professor ignored it so i did to.

"Xmen will you excuse us, well except you Rogue."

"Okay Prof." the adults mumbled except Anna however who took a seat without saying a word

Your parents...they always knew this day would come, you see your were born here in the mansion."

"What? my parents aren't mutants!"

"Your are both correct and in correct you see your biological parents are in fact mutants, but your foster parents are not"

"Foster Parents?!?"

"Yes, you see Anna here is your biological mother and your father is another member of the team his Name is Remy LeBeau but he prefers Gambit."

"What? your nuts!!!!"

At This point Rogue was crying uncontrollably and my Blue Aura was growing violently.

Then Professor explained to me all about Anna Marie and her not being able to touch another human being, i then wondered how i was born but then the professor went on to explain how Rogue was cured of the Strain 88 virus and was then able to touch without harming the other individual he also explained about the night that i was born and how i was surrounded by a blue aura, the same aura that surrounds me today, as soon as i came out of the womb. He explained to me that he had to suppress my powers as i child and how dangerous it would be for me to continue to live in the mansion so they gave me to a mutant friendly family until the day when i needed my powers, today, when my powers would automatically show up.

by this time Anna had completely calmed down and seemed much more at ease when she say how well i was taking the news.

"Anna, is this true"

"Call me Rogue, Darlin', and yes its true"

"I really dont know what to say other than i accept you offer to stay at the school, considering it will be a great opportunity for me to get to know my parents and well people will think its strange if i walk around town with blue light glowing around me."

"Speaking of which..."

With that said the Professor put on a very focused look and then a blue hairy beast walked in the room.

"What the Hell!!" I yelled.

"Jeremy this is Dr. Henry McCoy a.k.a Beast"

{thats very suiting} i thought to myself

{dont be rude, Jeremy} i heard the professor say without opening his mouth... hmm i guess this is what he meant when he said he could communicate with other minds.

"oh, im Sorry Dr. McCoy you just took me by surprise"

"Thats Quite alright Mr. Le Beau, i get that same reaction alot"

"Mr. LeBeau?"

"Oops I didn't realize, its just well i know who your father is so.."

"please just call me Jeremy, i dont even know my real father yet."

"okay Jeremy."

"Anyways Jeremy, I asked Hank to come up with a device to help you channel your powers"

Hank then handed me two Silver wrist bands and i placed them on each wrist and the blue aura disappeared.

"Powers? how do you know what my powers are, i dont even know."

"Well you see Mr. LeBe...Jeremy when you were a child I ran some tests on your X-Gene to discover just exactly what your powers were..."


"You have control over the Organic compounds of all homo-sapiens, more specifically you can access the memory and X-Gene of any human being."

"Huh, I dont get it."

"Well basically you can use any mutant ability and pick up any skill from any person"

"You're Kidding Thats So Cool!! So lets say i wanted to like solve a rubix cube i could"

"well yes but this is where the catch comes in you would have to think of a person who can solve a rubix cube and well the only way to do that is by seeing them accomplish that very task."

"Okay so lets say i wanted to use telepathic powers all i would have to do is think of professor Xavier and...."

{Woah This is cool!}

"However be careful Jeremy if you put too much concentration into it you can completely steal the other mutants power or even the other humans ability."

"Oh, so basically my power is just like Anna's just without having to touch"

"Well I guess so Darlin' but please call me mom" said Rogue

"Well thats all fine and dandy but what about the aura?"

"Well you see thats a manifestation on your fathers ability, you see when you dont put any concentration into it is completely harmless but when you do it can deliver a very strong optic blast."

"Well thats cool too, so What exactly is my fathers power."

"Well Jeremy he can channel energy into any object and make it burst, his weapons of choice a staff and a deck of cards"

"Well i HAVE to See That, Where is he at?"

"Gambit is currently on a mission with Wolverine and the Junior team at Alkali Lake, you'll see them tomorrow" said Professor.

"Wolverine, Junior Team?"

"Wolverine most commonly know as Logan, he has advanced Healing ability, and adamantium skeleton and adamantium claws..."

{Cool} i thought to myself

"& the Junior Team is full of Xmen in training, which you are now a member of, and if i were you i'd get some sleep..you have a big day tomorrow"

"What do you mean i have a big day tomorrow?"

"Well tomorrow is after a school day, Jean would be up at your room tomorrow with your schedule"

"Ok, but where is my room?"

"Ahh yes beast will you show him to his room he's bunking up With Bobby Drake."

"Sure thing Xavier"

"Thank You Hank, Have a Good Night Jeremy"

and with that we were off...What a Day!!!!!

-To Be Continued-