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The X-Gene

part two

I awoke in the morning in a completely new environment there were two bed two dressers and two closets and thats a about it. Today is going to be a good day i would meet my roommate the other member of the X-team and the Junior X-Team, hell im even going to meet my real dad!!! but the One thing i need most is a shower, i stink!! but i then realized i had no clothes to put on and then there was a knock on the door, i was guessing it was Jean considering that my roommate would have a key so i went to the door and opened it and sure enough there was Jean with my schedule in her hands.

"Good Morning Jean"

"Good Morning Jeremy"

"Come in"

"No, i Really should get going i have to meet Betsy to go over are lesson plans for todays psionics class."

"Betsy? Psionics?"

"Betsy Braddock, she's another telekinetic mutant, Psionics is the study of powers of the mind like telepathy and telekinetics"

"Well i know what telepathy but what are telekinetics?"

"Basically the ability to move things with your mind"

"Really?? Can you show me?"


Jean then telekinetically lifted up a pillow from Jeremy's Bed at threw it had him.

"Cool!! so like this"

Jeremy telekinetically picked up the pillow from the floor at threw it at Jean.

"Ouch, watch it Mister im a teacher" Jean said while tossing Jeremy a wink and then began to head for the door.

"Uh, Jean, can you hold on a second"

"Okay but only one second."

"Umm I need some clothes, i dont have any of mine."

"Well there are some sweats in your dresser over i put them there for you last night but when Classes finish Ororo and Rogue are gonna pick up your stuff from your house."

"Oh Okay thanks"

"Your Welcome"

And with that Jean exited the dorm. And i waled over to my dresser opened the first drawer and sure enough there were the sweats Jean told me about and i made my way to the Boys Bathroom That Beast pointed out to me the night before. When I walked into the Bathroom I found i had a big problem! They were no shower stalls just one big shower which means all the guys would be showering together which is all i need to pop a boner, i would have to come in here in the morning like today or a midnight. Even though it was 6:45am there was still someone in the shower he had a nice body a long slender torso and a toned six pack and toned arms and legs he looked pretty hot with his brown eyes and short black hair and he had pretty big cut dick i'd say around 5 inches soft. but before i even got undressed he was already wrapping up in the shower, i didnt even catch his name after i got all cleaned up and walked back to the room but as i opened the door i saw this completely naked guy in the midst of sliding on some underwear.

"Oh, Shit, Im sorry." i said and walked back out of the door waiting for him to finished getting dressed after about five minutes i knocked and asked if he was all dressed.

"Yeah, Come on in." the mystery guy replied

I opened the door and walked into the room.

"Well, you must be my new roommate, Im Bobby Drake."

I Was complexly taken aghast by his stunning good looks with my luck i was expecting a total cow but to my surprise he was extremely hot He had The Light blue eyes and this short blonde hair he looked well developed from the shirt he was wearing and he had a nice size bulge too, i was REALLY going to like it here.

"um yeah I'm Jeremy ummm Marti-I mean LeBeau."

"LeBeau are you by any chance related to Remy?"

"Actually He's My Biological Father."


"Yeah its a long story, So what's your power?"

"Well I have manipulation of Ice... Wanna See?"


Booby then completely turned into this Ice-man, and began to freeze all the water in the water cooler and then he reverted back to his regular form.


"Your Damn Right so What's your power?"

"Well Basically i can use anyones power once ive seen them use it by simply think of the person it belongs to"

"Get outta Here!"

"No Im Serious, Check it out"

I then turned into the same Ice-man as Bobby i turned back.

"You lucky bastard!"

"Thanks" I Shot him a wink

"So Are you a member of the Junior Team" Bobby Asked

"Well Professor mentioned me being part of the team so Yeah"

"Great that means well at least have one class together!!"

"And What Class is that?"

"Well Xmen training, DUH!"

"I just laughed nervously feeling like an idiot!!"

"So what Your Code name?" Bobby Asked

"Code name?"

"Yeah you know like Ororo is Storm, and Scott is Cyclops"

"oh Like how My Mothers is Rogue"


"Well I thought it was obvious if Remy's my father"

"Well I Didn't put two and two together, but it makes sense your power is so similar to hers"

"Yeah well Anyways, whats your Codename?"


"Well that sure does suit you"

"yeah, i know, you're going to have to think of your own before Training today."

"Speaking of training who teaches that class?"

"Um it should be on your schedule dont wanna ruin the surprise when you find out yourself"

"What do you mean by Surprise?"

"well nothing its just that the teachers a real hard ass"

So then i took a look at my schedule and when i looked at my first class it was "Mutant Powers" with Xavier and holy Shit im !0 minutes late!

"Oh crap Bobby I have to go im 10 minutes late to my first class with Xavier"

"What the Hell are you waiting for? Get gone!"


Mutant Powers With Prof. X

War Room

"Well Jeremy Let me explained to you the purpose of this class which is basically to teach you other powers by showing you a video clip of the powers in action: This first week of classes im going to show you the mandatory powers your going to need in order to pass your class. Each day of the week your going to have this class, Xmen training, Science, Math, English, History and a mutant class to help you with control for example todays Monday so you have Might with Colossus so you'll need to see how to use super strength on Tuesdays you have Psionics with Jean and Betsy you'll need to learn Psionic powers, Wednesday you have Elementals with Ororo so you'll need to learn how to use Elemental powers. On Thursday you have Projectiles with Bishop. And On Friday you'll double Mutant class half an hour with ArchAngel to Learn Flight and the Other With Miss Emma Frost To Learn focus"

"Ummm Okay"

So Professor Showed me a video of this man, a well built man, who i would so let drill me hands down, who turned into metal and picked up an Eighteen Wheeler his name was ummm, Piotr "Peter" Rasputin. and before i knew it i was able to turn into metal as well.

"Colossus is a member of the Junior team as well but since he is the only one with that kind of strength i gave him that period to teach you how to use your might power so you will see him in some of your classes and during you "might" class period it will just be you him, i hope you wont mind."

"Not at all Prof."

"Great and with that we end our class period and it is time for you to go to Biology with Hank"


Biology With Hank

I finally find the Bio-Room and all the seats are taken except for one next to Piotr and Bobby, I guess my luck has changed after all [; Anyways Piotr must have caught me staring or has excellent Gay-dar or something like that because before the end of the Period he had sent me a note saying

[I think I've found another way for us to spend our period together.]

Guaranteed that can mean anything but i dont think Piotr would have shot me a wink if it didn't mean what i thought he was talking about, finally im getting some dick! i have been so horny lately!!

the class seemed to drag on forever cause i couldn't wait for my next class with Piotr but i got a sense that Bobby knew that something was going on because he shot me several looks that made me feel so ashamed but after each one his expression completely changed to a smile. I really dont know whats going on with him, im just hoping he doesn't know anything because the last thing i need is to be outed to the entire school.


Might Practice with Peter

Peter led me into this really secluded place on the mansion grounds it was completely covered in tress. and before even saying a word Piotr just ripped a tree out of the ground and threw it right at me in an instant i turned into Metal me and caught the tree and put in back in the ground.

"Ok you've got that under control not come over here and control the monster in between my legs" and with that he pulled down his zipper and revealed the fattest longest cock i've ever seen it was like 13 inches and as wide as a cup, it basically looked like an arm, a beautiful delicious arm!

I walked over to Peter and began to kiss him and his tongue shot into my mouth wrestling with my own tongue, it was the hottest kiss i had ever felt in my life he began to undress pulling his shirt over his breaking the most intense kiss i've ever had but then i realized just how great his body was it was just muscle after of muscle it was so developed that i dont even know why he would need to go into his metal form he looks impenetrable as it is. We resumed are unbelievably great kiss as he pulled down his pants and underwear and he unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down exposing my rock hard 8" dick.

"Get those Lips around my dick, bitch boy." Piotr said breaking our kiss, and i was to eager to comply and i began to make my way down his chest to his fat dick kissing every inch of his rock hard chest until i got down to his cock, i put my mouth on his head and began to swirl my tongue but before i even got the chance to go engulf his penis, Piotr but his hand on my head and began to fuck my face shoving his 13 inches to the back of my throat and before i knew i was breathing in his manly scent of his pubes and it drove me crazy i managed to pull my mouth off his dick and began licking on his acorn sized balls and then put one in my mouth and began to go crazy licking on it and Piotr was going Crazy i thought he was going to come right there! after a while of that i switched to the other ball.

"Spread those cheeks bitch boy im going to fuck you in the ass."

I gave his nuts one more squeeze and complied with his orders, he didn't even bother lubing up just put his head at my hole and began to push, when he finally got in a yelled like a bitch, it hurt like hell to take that fat of a head, and then he began to push the rest of his cock into my hole and once i felt his Balls against mine i knew that i was in for the hottest fuck in my life! He began to slowly fuck me, pulling out and pushing in very slowly but then he began to fuck me so fast my head was spinning and the best part he hit my prostate in every stroke and i knew i was about to cum.

"Bitch Boy, brace yourself your about to feel the best thing to happen to you.."

"better than- Oh FUCK!"

Piotr then turned into his metal form and it felt like his cock grew 2 inches in each direction and i instantly shot all over the ground at the feeling of his even larger cock pushing on my prostate at all times. after fucking my guts out with his metallic dick for a while he reverted back to his human self.

"Hey Big boy do you want to feel something great?" I asked and with that i myself turned into the metal form and my ass instantly tightened around his cock and made him shoot his load into me and then i returned to my human form.

and then Piotr removed his colossal dick from my ass and turned me around and began to kiss me.

"You Like?" Piotr asked

"Boy Did I!!!"

"Well then see you and your ass next monday, Bitch Boy, now get to class."

I got dress and headed for my next class.


The rest of the day seemed to pass by normally and i was just looking forward to next monday but at the end of the day i had Xmen training with Scott!


Xmen training with Scott Summers

Mr. Summers introduced me to the danger room and gave me a junior team uniform to put on, Basically all Scott did was run a sentinel training program for the entire Junior team.

[Jeremy please just stick with one power today.] Scott said over then intercom

I complied and chose to just use my optic aura rather then have to concentrate on using someone else's power. The course was easy enough we defeated the sentinel in about five minutes and everyone left to go grab some food so i just decided to take a shower now rather than later considering there would be no one in the shower in the locker room and i walked in got undress and turned on the water on the water but then i heard the door opening and to my surprise there was Scott beginning to get undress.

{Shit!} I thought to myself {im definitely going to pop a boner before i finish taking a shower and its not like i can just walk out now he must have seen me turn on the water}

I decided to just try to finish as fast as possible but no good that did, Scott turned on the shower head his back was turned to me so i couldn't see his cock but he had a great ass and i couldn't help but pop a boner. Then Scott turned around and i got to see him in all his glory he was well developed but not overly developed like Piotr, he had small amounts of hair on his chest and a happy trail leading down to the Grand Prize! His balls were hanging and pretty big too but the best of it all was his dick it was about 10 inches and the weirdest thing was that it was FULLY ERECT!! he must have seen me staring and saw my boner because he made his way over to me a began to lock lips with me!

{Yes!!} I thought to myself but my moment of excitement was interrupted by the professors voice on the loud speaker

[will all senior members of the X-team please meet me in the war room, we have a problem]

"Fuck, I gotta go" Scott said and rushed out the door getting dressed on the way

i finished my shower and went up to grab something to eat, i was hungry considering i didnt get to lick on Scott cock =/