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The X-Gene

part three

The rest of the week went by slow Scott, and the rest of the X-men both Junior and Senior teams had to go stop Apocalypse from destroying the world, again... I would have loved to go too but Professor made Jean and I stay behind just in case the school would fall under attack. The members of the team left Tuesday morning leaving me bored, scouting the mansion with Jean searching for any possible intruders.


I Woke Up Saturday morning still no sign of any intruders or any other Xmen, so Its just Me, Jean, and 500 mutant children, Oh and the professor he took this week to catch me up on everything thats happend the past couple of years he taught me about Apocalypse, the Brotherhood, Alpha Flight, Morlocks, and he taught me all about The Xmen and their powers, im feeling pretty invincible i know about practically every mutant power and have a way to use it, hell i even learn to sprout Wings!

I went over to the Bathroom and took a shower and then got dressed in my new black Xmen uniform and then began to scout for any intruders it wasnt long before i heard a large explosion in the direction of the front of the school.

[students please head to the subbasement, Jean and Jeremy please inspect the source of the explosion,] said professors voice over the loud speaker.

I flew over to front of the school and found several figures standing at the doorway, thankfully i was able to identify all of them due to the professor crash course on mutants.


There was a man in a strange helmet who HAD to be Magneto

A woman with long red hair and nothing but a bathing suit= Scarlet Which

A hot guy with long brown hair and a lean muscular physique= Avalanche

Another hot guy who's body was similar to Avalanches' but had short silver hair= Quicksilver

and this short green guy= Toad


"This is all the welcome committee we get?" Avalanche said.

"Well its just enough to completely kick your ass"

"Well i dont know about my ass but i would KILL for a piece of yours"

"shut up PERV!"

"Go get what you need Magneto, we can take care of this twerp" Scarlet Witch quickly Added and with that Magneto flew off as Jean flew in

"How about two twerps?" Jean proclaimed as she landed next too me

"I'll take care of that dumb bitch," Scarlet witch said and then both her and Jean were gone in a poof and left me to deal with Toad, QuickSilver, and Avalanche.

"Wow just the way i like it, some boy on boy action." Avalanche said.

{Im guessing he's gay...i'd do him too if he wasn't all evil and stuff}

"Hey Cutie, Like my tongue" Toad quickly said as he shot his huge toad like tongue in my direction.

"HA!! you wish" I retorted as I gave him a shot with my blue optic beam and knocked him completely unconscious, "is that ALL you guys got?"

"Baby you wish you could see all we've got" Avalanche said while shooting me a wink.

and then scarlet witch reappeared with an unconscious Jean in her hands.

"You BITCH!!!" i yelled as the blue aura reappeared and grew violently out of control once i calmed down i realized that everyone had been knocked out unconscious and that magneto was on his way back with theses two beeping ankle chains

"What the hell are you up to now?"

"Thats not up to you. Little Boy"

"Hell if its not i said as i began to charge up an psionic beam complements of Psylocke but before i got the chance to release it at Magneto i was levitated into the air and thrown into a wall as i regan my composure i got up on my feet i saw a fully conscious Jean surrounded my a dark red aura.

"Jean, what the hell?!"

"You silly fool, im not Jean, Im the Phoenix! Jean is laying somewhere at the bottom of the bay"


I've heard of this Phoenix thing but according to the professor it was just Jeans alter ego, not Jean herself.

"On the way back from the mission from space Jean was calling out for help and well, i came to the rescue."

"That much i know asshole"

"What you dont know is I put Jean in a healing pod and shipped her to the bottom of a bay in japan while i assumed her Identity." and then he morphed into, what im guessing to be is HIS true identity a rather gorgeous man with very defined muscles, long blonde hair and crystal blue eyes, it such a shame he was evil!

"Great, So then it would be okay if i did this!" I began to concentrate all my energy on The Phoenix and as i did so i felt myself and my blue aura manifested itself getting stronger Until I saw Phoenix laying down unconscious and not only that but the same Aura that was around him earlier was now surrounding me, as well as my old blue aura, then in a moments notice magneto placed one of those ankle things he was carrying earlier around my ankle, which resulted in my auras disappearing.

"Thanks for saving me the hassle of using the other ankle chain around that thing." and then i just blacked out.


I woke up in a completely dark room chained to what i can only feel as a bed. I tried to use my powers but no luck. I guess that ankle bracelet that magneto placed on me some how suppressed my powers. After what seemed like hours of kicking and screaming the door finally opened, revealing the extremely perverted and gay, Avalanche.

"What the hell are you guys gonna do with me?!!"

"Well THEY are going to get our good ole' buddy Mastermind to attempt to wipe your mind and make you think that you are part of the brotherhood."

"well I'd like to see them try...and you're going to do what, have your way with me?"

"well yeah but i thought we could talk first..."

"what the hell?"

"Yeah you know like the act of conversing."

"Well you can talk all you want but that doesn't mean i have to listen"

"okay so then i guess i just go out there and tell magneto that your still asleep so that he can begin brainwashing you, giving your team mates no chance to save you."

"okay! okay, we can talk."

So after HOURS of conversation about how he used to be a member of the Xmen and talking about our powers and stuff I began to think that i could actually see myself in a relationship with the guy, well if he wasn't part of the brotherhood, i heard the sound of engines coming from the roof.

{thats must be the xmen, there here to save me!!}

"Listen, Avalanche.."

"Please, Call me Dominic"

"Listen Dominic, thats the sound of my team mates coming to rescue me so you might as well let me go know before you get your ass whooped, and you know how i would want to see anything happen to that ass of yours."

"But, uh, i kinda thought that maybe you'd stay behind, become a member of the brotherhood, that'll give us a chance to talk some more, maybe even go out on a date."

"well i would love to go on a date with you and all but i dont see myself being a part of the brotherhood, i just dont believe that killing innocent people is the answer."

"Well, i dont know, maybe I will just re-join the Xmen."

"Really, you'd do that?!"

"Yeah, this evil game is getting pretty lame so as long as you promise to go out with me this friday night, i dont see why not."

"Sure I'll go out with you, so what do you say you get me out of these chains and this ugly ankle bracelet and we'll go join the others on the roof."

"I kinda of prefer you with the chains"

"PERV, Just take them off!"

He undid all my chains and as the tacky ankle bracelet was unlocked from my ankle there was a loud noise coming from the hall followed by the door to the room blasting right off and then entered Cyclops, Storm, and Wolverine.

"You! What did you do to Jean!" Scott yelled at to Dominic.

"I swear, I dont know what Happened to her"

"Well, see about that pretty boy." Scott said while shooting an optic beam from his eyes.

"Dominic!!" I yelled. After i say all the smoke clearing i say i telekinetic shield around him, and since there was no telekinetics in the room i had to have been then one to have done it and since i didnt have to think about anyone using that specific power it must have been a result from stealing Phoenix' powers.

"Whats going on here?" Wolverine said.

"It's long story, I'll explain on the way to Japan, all you have to know for the time being is that Avalanche..err..Dominic has rejoined the team, and he' coming with us."

"Japan, what are we going there for?" Scott said.

"To Save Jean."

-To be Continued-


Authors Comments:

Well, there you have it, the third chapter and the beginning of a relationship.

Jean will be back in the next chapter after an mission to retrieve her from her "pod"

and there will definitely be a sex scene in the next chapter followed by the rise of a new villain.

Who can completely change realities to how he sees fit.

Im going to need a code-name for our hero Jeremy and a super evil name for the new villain.

so if anybody can come up with anything please send them, as well as any comments, request,me e.t.c to me at: Freshtodeath86@gmail.com, thanks so much!