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The X-Gene

part four

On the way to Japan i explained to the X-team all about the REAL Phoenix, the fight with the brotherhood, and about the hot stud sitting right next to me and the entire flight to Japan all i wanted to do was rip off Dominic's shirt and lick up and down his chest until we got to Japan but then that would mean outing myself to Wolverine and Storm (not Cyclops of course, he already knows) before my real mom and dad (i cant believe i have to tell my parents for the second time that i was gay).

"where in Japan are we headed?" Cyclops asked.

i began to telepathically search the area- using my new Phoenix powers and also tapping into Prof. Powers- searching for any hint of Jean.

"Tokyo Bay."

"Roger that."

{the fact that your so powerful gets me hot} i HEARD Dominic think

{What? How'd you do that?}

{Well i just thought it, LOUDLY, and since your telepathic now i figured you'd hear me}

{Well you figured right}

{I thought you should now how hot you look in your uniform, and just want to completely rip it off of you and show you what a real man can do.}

{Really?!} i thought to Jeremy

{I just want to shove my di-}

{DOM! stop it, are you trying to out me in front of everyone by getting me hard?}

{DOM, wow that really gets me hot.}

{shut it!}

{i cant wait till we get back to the mansion}

{ok seriously stop, were about to land and the last thing i want to happen is for me to stand with rock hard dick showing through this tight ass leather costume.}

i then heard some chuckling i got a little suspicious that the could have heard me but i just forgot about it, thinking that the adults told some joke at the head of the jet.

{you ruin all the fun!!}

"Jeremy how are we going to get Jean out of the bay?" Storm asked

"I'll Handle it, Just open the hatch for me, i wanna try out my new powers."


"Trust me"

The hatch opened and i stepped out of the jet instantly thinking about flying- not about someone who can fly just about flying- i was surrounded by flames, the best part i was defying gravity- hmm, flying it must be due thanks to my new Phoenix force power- after that complete shock that i pulled off flying i began to scan for jean and then locked on to her, then i thought about lifting her out of the water- physically impossible to do the distance between us but it was MENTALLY possible if i were to access my phoenix force powers- at first i thought nothing was happening but then i began to see a purple glow from the water getting stronger and stronger until a large egg looking thing rose out of the water i concentrated on getting me and this egg think back into the jet me flying and the egg telepathically and then there we were inside the jet again.

"What that? Wheres Jean?" Scott said in a panic.

"Well i honestly dont know what this is, but im definitely getting a sense of Jean from inside it."

"well then step aside so i can blast it open" Scott Demanded

"Jeremy dont move an inch, Scott blasting whatever that thing is can harm Jean" Ororo said.

"Then how do we get to her?!" Scott sounded frustrated.

Remembering my new powers "Let me try"

{Jean, Jean!? can you hear me, we need you!}

Then the over sized egg began to crack and out of this egg emerged Jean surrounded by purple lights.

"What? where am I?" Jean said in a soft, but yet worried tone.

"Storm take the controls" Scott demanded as he raced over to the reborn Jean.

"Scott get away from me i still cant forgive you for what you did with, HIM"

{What is she talking about?} i heard Dom, Wolverine and Storm think.

"But Jean-"

"get away from me Scott i mean it, You dont care about me like you do about him!"

{Scotts gay?} i also heard everyone else think, except for Dominic- oddly enough.

A crushed Scott walked over to his seat while Jean starting to stare at me, a puzzled look on her face.

"Who are YOU?" Jean said in that beautifully soothing tone that she used earlier when she emerged from her- for a lack of a better word- "Egg"

"Jeremy..err..Jeremy LeBeau"

Tears began to from in her eyes as she ran towards me wrapping her arms around me.

"sorry to ruin your fun jean but you need to take a seat, we'll explain everything once we get back to the mansion" Wolverine said for the first time.

after what seemed like to be forever we finally landed at the Mansion.

"Be Careful what you say telepathically, Bub, you got to me more specific in who your talking to." Wolverine said as he passed me walking out of the Jet.

"Oh and so you know, your biological parents informed US on your sexuality when you outed yourself to them." Scott added.

{what the fuck?}

"So EVERYBODY knows?"

"let me put it this way, everyone in a three mile radius knows." Scott said.


X Mansion

After hours of a debriefing

{Jeremy, please inform Bobby that Dominic will be staying in your room until we can find another permanent room to put him in, Scott is on his way now with the fourth bed} the Professor told me as me and Dominic were walking to our room

{Fourth Bed?!}

{Yes, there is a new student who is rooming with you three, as well as another new student who is in your room now, Bobby is there also with three more Junior Team members}

{Woah, Crowded room}

i unlocked the door to my room and opened it there were people laying all over the floor I walked in holding Dominic's hand.

"What the Fuck is he doing here?" Bobby said.

"He rejoined the Xmen" that question was really getting annoying, "Who are all these people?"

5 people stood up all of them extremely gorgeous, lean, but still had well developed Biceps and bulky chests.

"Yo, my name is Davis Cameron, Code-name: SlipStream" this gorgeous boy had long blonde hair and dark brown eyes.

"Jamie Madrox, Multiple Man" a cute kid, he had short pitch black hair and hazel eyes.

"Neal Sharra, Thunderbird II." a extremely built man with long black hair and brown eyes

"Hi, My names Andrew Casey, im a new student, code-name Alter."

"And Im your new roommate, Ronny Drake, im bobby's brother, code-name Aqueous." this man was drop dead gorgeous hotter than scott, then Bobby and Dominic, if i wasnt with Dominic i would rip off his clothes in front of everyone there

"Hi, Im Jeremy LeBeu, or Olympian"

"And im Dominic Petros, Avalanche"

"Oh Bobby, Professor made sure that i tell you that Bobby is going to room with us for a while."

"Great." Bobby said sarcastically.

"I'm going to take a shower" i said, the last thing i want is to make a crowded room even more crowded.

"Well i need to take one too, do you mind if i borrow some of your clothes" Dom said.


Dom pick out some clothes from my dresser and off we were.


Boys Bathroom

I walked into the bathroom Dom right behind me.

"Great there's no-one here" Dom said as he was locking the door

"Dominic, what are you doing?"

"I need to get you alone."

"but other people are going to have to use the bathroom"

"there's another one down the hall, they'll get the hint eventually" Dominic said as he pinned me against the wall putting is warm lips against mine send shocks through me body, but then he pulled away.

"Wait, there is something i want to run by you first." Dominic said


"Well," Dominic was looking at the ground at this point, "I want..err...to have an....Open relationship"

"Uh, okay, but why?"

"Well basically because practically every guy here is gay, so why should we have to stick with only one?"

"Really? so which guys"



Nightcrawler and Jeremy


Wolverine, Colossus and Dominic.


Scott, Bobby, Davis, Neal, Jamie, ArchAngel

"and im pretty sure that Robby's gay too, i just dont know if his a top or a bottom"

"Well then how do you know he's gay at all?"

"Because i have a great Gay-dar, something you have to work on, now can we get back to business" and he pressed his lips against mine

-To be Continued-


Authors Comments:

There you have it, The beginning of a sex scene-which will be continued in chapter five

the resurrection of Jean Grey,

the boundaries of Dom & Jeremy's Relationship.

The sexuality of all known Xmen courtesy of Dominic

The Introduction of Two new students,


One who can possibly ruin D&J's relationship and an other who can completely ruin the world as the Xmen know it

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