Chapter One

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It was Thursday, after school tutoring day, and the temperature outside was starting to cool a little bit. I had to put on a light sweater before leaving the house in the morning. My friend Elizabeth came out from her class. I usually walk her to the junior parking lot and since it's on the way to the library, it wasn't much trouble. I was waiting at the end of the steps of the building, when I saw her grace through the doors.

"Oh, thank god," she sounded relived, "it's actually nice outside today. Not like last week, it was nearly 90 degrees for 2 weeks straight."

"I know, I'm telling you, its global warming." I said as I lightly chuckled, "At least we get to start wearing Fall clothing, even though this really isn't considered Fall; you know how I hate how my legs look in shorts."

"What are you talking about?! You have a pair of the most amazing legs and ass I have EVER seen on a guy; you're a dancer for Christ's sake. That's like saying I look horrible in a tank-top." She was right, at 5 ` 8" with blonde hair and crystal clear blue eyes she could be a model, she was one actually, and knew that she looked good in anything she wore. She was also pretty right about me; I'm also only 5' 8" with "dancer's legs and ass" apparently, with black hair and green eyes.

"Yea... Well... I just don't like shorts..." I said trying to find a rebuttal for her statement as we made our way to the parking lot.

"That's a totally different story, dumbass." She said as she zipped up her navy Juicy Couture sweater and smiling at me.

I walked her all the way to her black 2009 Audi TT. She said that she was able to lease it thanks to all the modeling jobs that she had.

As we approached her car she started saying, "I'm going out with Christian tonight."

"Wait... Isn't he the son of... Liz you can't corrupt the one of the MAYOR'S sons!"

"Who said I was corrupting, we're just going out for dinner anyway... and who says that all the guys that I go out with are `innocent' victims." She said as she was finally able to find her keys in her gigantic Gucci purse.

I had to laugh, "I don't know what to do with you anymore."

She smiled as she was opening her door and throwing her purse to the passenger side. "And that's why you love me J." She was the one in the school that coined my nickname; "J" was short for Jacob.

I wave to her as she reversed and took off. I started walking back to the library; I remembered when I got to the gate at the pedestrian entrance/exit that I left the Biology books that I used to tutor in my car. Luckily, I was in no rush; I was one of the smartest kids in the school and still forgot my books, irony. I walked to my 2007 blue BMW, which was in the same lot as Liz's. My parents and I live comfortably, hence my car. I come from an upper-middle class area in Miami, although we used to have Shaq live next to us, it was mainly "normal" people in the area.

I opened my trunk and retrieved the books that I needed and started to head back to the Library. I walked into the library, and felt as if something was wrong with me. Alison the head tutor for Thursdays came up to me.

"Jacob, are you alright? You look a little pale." Her voice was one of concern and she had the face that matched.

I was able to come to rather quickly and replied, "Like that's possible. I've lived here my entire life and I'm still pale as a piece of paper," in my usual witty manner.

She just chuckled and looked relieved that I was okay. I followed her to a table that was known in the library as her "desk." She was digging through mountains and mountains of paper and with an "Aha!" she found her clipboard and handed me my schedule for the afternoon. I looked at it and saw that there was a new person on the list.

"Hey Alison, who's Devin?" I said with extreme curiosity.

"You probably know who he is, just not his name. He's the star hitter on the baseball team. The really tall one, that's always chewing gum."I looked at her questioningly. "Tall, Muscular, super green eyes, and dark brown hair. He drives the red Porsche." I still had no idea who it was and starred at her with a glazed look on my face. "The one with the really nice ass." She said in a frustrated whisper.

"Oh! Him..." I said with excitement and a little bit of worry in my voice. Everyone knew I was gay; I never made an effort to hide it. But I can reassure you I'm not some super flamboyant dancer that has a lisp (no offence to you out there), I only have gay-ish tendencies. Since I didn't really know him, but I knew his ass really well (thank you baseball uniforms), I didn't know how he was going to react to my being gay. Does he even know I'm gay, does he even know me? Was he going to be one of "those" straight men?

"Don't forget the chemical equation for photosynthesis..." I said as I waving bye to Tony, one of my regular kids that came by on Thursdays. Then someone from behind, scared me half way to death.

"You must be Jacob." And there he was beaming with a smile; I nearly came in my pants. My Jesus, that boy certainly is gorgeous. He held out his hand. I nearly forgot how to move. After coming to I was able to shake his large hand.

"Yes, I am," I said smiling nervously "that's quite a handshake you have there."

"Oh, yea, sorry about that. I guess I don't even know my own strength." He said laughing and I of course followed suit; happy to notice that he didn't see the strain that he was causing my jeans to feel.

We sat at my usual table, he sat at the head and I sat adjacent to him, making sure that I was completely covered. He placed his book and his Jansport on the table and I was wondering as to why he was here.

"So, Devin, why have you decided to do tutoring now?"

I paid attention to every single word he said but I was lost in body. He knew how to wear clothes that made a point in showing what he had. His large torso stretched out, what I assume to be a large shirt and the sleeves were a nuisance to his biceps, holding on tightly for dear life. And the way his mouth moved, there was something very pleasant about it, his perfect teeth helped, I'm sure.

"Well, no offence, I'm forced to come here. I have below a `C' average in my Bio class and the school rules say that I must maintain a `C' or higher or some bullshit like that. So the coach said that I needed the extra help and he signed me up for tutoring."

"It's alright, I'm not offended. I'm sure no one wants to come to tutoring after school." I said trying to act as normal as possible and without drooling. "So, might as well get this over with huh, where are you having trouble?"

The boy was intelligent, I have to admit, something that I wasn't expecting. But Jesus, was he lazy, again something that I wasn't expecting. The kid can hit a homerun, run through all the bases and be ready do it through all nine innings, but he doesn't want to write a few simple notes! Other than trying to manage the amount of writing that was to be done, we got very far and we were actually able to get him mostly up to speed with his class.

"Thanks so much again, you were such a great help. But I think I will be back next week with a whole new set of problems." He said with a light laugh.

"Yeah, yeah. It's no problem," believe me it was not an issue whatsoever, "if you ever have problems again just come back next week or catch me in the hallways." I tried not to sound too eager.

"Alright, no problem." And with a wave he was on his way out. I hated to have him go, but damn I LOVED to watch him leave. His jeans were perfectly placed, just above where his ass began and were baggy enough to leave a little bit of mystery. I watched the red "for all mankind" label lightly swing from right to left, he also had the perfect step in his walk. Alison came up right behind me.

"Careful, I don't want my best tutor to drown in a puddle of his own drool." She said smirking at me. "Try to be a little less obvious next time."

"What?! I can't resist! It was right there in front of me. " I said only after being half scared to death.

"You're done for the day you can go home early and fanta-size all that you want all that you want to about Devin."

I gave her one of my best "haha, aren't you funny" faces. "Like you aren't going to do the same thing, bitch."

"Me? No! I would never! Remember, I'm just the smart, lonely girl, in the library." She said sighing while placing her hand to her forehead and looking up at the ceiling.

"That likes to take guys into the copy room." I said giving her a shit-eating grin.

With her still placed on the top of her head, "Touché, and that was only ONE time." She lowered her hand, "You're never going to let me live it down huh?"

"Nope." I already collected my things and was on my way out. "Never in a million years. See you in Chem tomorrow."

She sat back down at her desk mumbling curse words at me under her breath. As I was going down the stairs of library, I grabbed my Blackberry from my jean pocket. 4:45. It was around the same time that I usually left anyway. I was getting to my car when I felt odd again, I had to stop and lean against the pole at the entrance of the parking lot. My head felt like it was about to explode into a million pieces. I probably was concentrating too much and probably too hard for too long. I'm not a complete nerd. I do have friends, I go to parties, and I do have a life. But I'm for the most part very kept to myself, if I had to choose between going to a dance club or watching a movie with a couple of friends, I would rather pick the latter.

After a few minutes leaning on the poll, I felt much better and was able to start walking to my BMW again. I placed the books for tutoring in the trunk, and threw my Louis Vuitton messenger bag in the passenger seat as I climbed into the driver's seat and closed the door. The very second after I closed the car door, it started to rain like there was no tomorrow. I found that odd because I check the weather on my Vaio every morning before leaving and it said it was going to be sunny all day. I didn't give it too much thought because Miami's weather is super unpredictable and extremely sporadic. I drove away, on my way home, with my headlights beaming the misty path in front of me.

Good thing I didn't live too far away from my school, it would've been a nightmare to drive in the rain. I pulled into the garage and grabbed my bag heading to the door that lead to the laundry room. There were piles of clothes everywhere; I remembered that the housekeeper always did our laundry on Thursdays instead of cleaning the house. Speaking of the devil, Emily showed up right in front of me out nowhere. Why do people always have to do that? She's a tiny woman, half Chinese and stands at about 5 feet, with jet black hair that was always pulled back in a tight ponytail.

"Oh, hello, Nikko-san." She said as she folded some clothes on the counter, she could speak English very well, only with a light accent but always put the "san" at the end of everybody's name. "You don't look to well, are you okay?"

"I'm fine Emily, thank you; but I do have a headache. Do you mind getting me two Tylenols and a bottle of Fiji, while head upstairs to drop off my things." I said while rubbing my head.

She bowed, it was never necessary but she did even after we told her that it was alright not to. "No problem, Nikko-san."

I went passed the kitchen, and stopped at my dad's study. I looked in and saw him at his desk. I knocked on the Mahogany door frame.

"Hey Pops, I'm home."

My siblings always referred to our dad as "Pops," but in conversation he was just our "Dad." He got up from his chair. For most people who never met my dad, they find him very intimidating. He stands at 6 foot solid, weighs about 220 pounds, and is very well built. I was just a smaller version of my father and not as intimidating as he was and just not as built. Once people got to know him better they realize that he is basically a kid in an older man's body. My dad controlled any and all property that was bought, sold, foreclosed, and whatever else that can happen to a property in Florida. He had an office and staff in Downtown inside the Four Seasons Building but he only went about four or five times a month over there, he enjoys working from home, he required that when we built this house that he needed a study. And because he was basically paying for the whole damn thing, the architects gave it to him.

He hugged me, and asked the basic questions: How was school? How are you doing? Did tutoring go well today? You know the "parent" questions. I replied the same as I always did, "Everything went pretty well." I always felt like he didn't exactly know how to parent, but I know that he always made an honest effort to be a good dad, and the fact that he usually had a place in some of my fantasies gave him a few brownie points. I'm a sucker for muscles, what can I say.

I was walking towards the staircase, when I heard noises all around me. I went in the direction of the noises. I found out that it was just my mom in the exercise room blasting music for her Taebo video that she memorized. I figured that I would say "hi" to her later, I wouldn't want to disrupt my mom while she was in the "zone." As I was walking back to the staircase I found it really odd that I was able to hear the music so loudly, I figured that it was my migraine causing me to have over sensitive hearing.

I walk upstairs, and I passed by my sister, Evelyn's (we just called her Eve for short), room. She's blasting music at basically full volume, or is it me and my migraine. I would have to see her at dinner so I will say "hi" then, the music is way too loud for me in the hallway, and I don't even want to know how loud it is inside her room.

I went into my room and placed my stuff on the extra chair that was by my desk and I sat on the window seat. Finally able to relax and rest. And of course the second that I sit down I remember about the water and Tylenol. I had to get my happy ass up from my very comfortable position and go downstairs.

I walked into the kitchen and found Emily sitting in the breakfast nook reading an "Us Weekly" magazine. "Don't read that stuff Emily, it is filled with useless information and things that are only half true." She looked up at me, "I know Nikko-san, but it is so entertaining," smiling at me. "I put your pills and water here." She pointed by extending her neck, it was right next to her. I reached over and popped both pills in and drank quite a lot of water.

I told Emily "Can you tell my parents and Eve that I won't be at dinner because I'm turning in early, this migraine is getting just awful," while rubbing my forehead.

"Are you sure you're okay Nikko-san?" She said with worry and putting the magazine down.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I think that I just need some rest. That's all."

She looked at me and gave me a motherly smile. Emily never had kids and her husband died many years ago, I think that she would have been a great mother and wife. "Well, as long as you do what your body tells you. It is best to listen. Get upstairs and I will tell your parents Nikko-san." She bowed at me again. I thanked her and went straight to my room to lie on my bed.

My cell phone rang, "You're hot then you're cold, you're yes then you're no, you're in then you're out, you're up then you're down..." I read the caller I.D. and saw that it was Devin.


"Yeah, Nikko? This is Devin."

"Hey Devin, what's up?"

"Well, I have this major test in Bio on Monday and I thought that you could help me review everything. And since its Saturday it will give me a good chance to let everything sink in."

I was elated. I just thought that it was funny how he didn't mention the test on Thursday. And was I out for that long, I must have been exhausted.

"Yeah, sure. It's no problem. Want to come over my house." I took myself by surprise that I said so nonchalantly.

"That sounds good. I need to be in a place that has less distraction than over here."

"Well my parents aren't home yet and the housekeeper is having a day to herself, so there are no distractions here." I said laughing a little. "My address is 6301 Bay Shore Court; since it's a gated community just tell the guard that here to see me."

"Wait, you live like five minutes away from me."

"Oh really, you live in `Estates by the Coast'?"

"Yeah, isn't that something."He said laughing. "Well, I will be there in 5 minutes then."

"No problem, see you then." I hung up and was flipping out, I was so excited. Devin, in MY house. SHIT! I need something to wear! I ran into my closet and quickly put on a pair of Seven Jeans and a white Lacoste polo, with no shoes just a pair of black socks. It's my fucking house! I don't need to wear shoes!

Just as I was looking at myself in the mirror, to make sure that it looked like I didn't tried too hard to look good, I heard the door bell ring. I dashed downstairs, almost slipping on the last marble step, got to the door, breathed in to slow my heart rate, and opened the door to a smiling Devin. Oh My GOD... He looked amazing. He was wearing a plain crew-neck black shirt, jeans, and a pair of leather sandals.

"Hey! Devin!" I hoped he didn't notice me starring at him, practically drooling.

"Hey J what's up?" He put his hand out and I took it. He then basically launched me into his chest for a "man" hug, like we were buddies for years. I felt so small next to him, I loved it!

He let me go. I closed the front door, with a hard on, and told him to follow me to my room. We got settled on my desk, and we began working. It was so hard, no pun intended, to concentrate. I was coming in and out of fantasies the whole time, good thing I know this stuff like the back of hand. He was busy writing something and I focused right on his package. The inseam of the jeans divided his balls into two perfect spheres. On his right leg his dick was glued to his thigh. At least six inches, soft, and absolutely mesmerizing. I must've been starring for a while because he asked me.

"Do you like what you see?" He said as I looked up to a smile on his face.

I was speechless, words were forming in my head but they never made it my mouth. Was he asking me this seriously?

"Because I like what I see." He said very seductively. He took me by the hand and I followed him to my bed. He threw against the bed and he kissed me passionately. My instincts kicked in, I don't need to say anything to act like I know what I was doing. I wrapped my legs around his abdomen, and he slid his hand right to my ass. He grabbed it.

"I really like what I feel here." He said smiling.

I slid my hand to his crotch, "I love what I'm feeling here," as I slid my hand up and down his dick that was now eight and half inches. He lip locked with me again.

I pulled away, "It's my turn to be on top." And with that I pushed him to the side of me and got on top of him. He was still huge and dominating me but I liked that I had some power.

He looked at me, "I wasn't expecting that. You're a lot stronger than what I give you credit for."

I responded, "I'm just full of surprises." And I attacked the nape of his neck. That must have driven him crazy because before I knew it I had one of his hands rubbing up and down my ass crack, stopping ever so tenderly at my hole whenever he passed by it. I had to breathe, so I removed myself from his neck and I had to see what was under that shirt of his.

I was not disappointed, it was perfection. He had a very light dust of brownish chest hair and a darker happy trail that started below his belly button and led to the "happy" island. He removed my shirt, I'm totally hairless, I hate hair on my body, except for my underarms and the little patch of hair that are my pubes. I latched my hands to his body feeling every single muscle that was on his upper body, his pecs, biceps, abs, everything; which I know he was appreciating very much because of the way he was biting his lower lip. I stopped.

He looked at me and I gave him "the Look." He knew exactly what I wanted, and he wasn't going to be one to deny it from me. He rolled me off of him and got on top of me, nothing sexier than a man that knows how to take control. He pinned my hands above my head, and he started kissing my lips and then worked his way down to my neck, the middle of my chest, down my abdomen and stopped at my Seven's. He let my hands free, and unbuttoned the four buttons on my jeans. He discovered that I was wearing white Burberry boxer briefs that were practically see-thru because he made leak so much pre-cum.

He smiled when he saw that and said, "I see someone is enjoying themselves." I could only moan in response as I felt more cum leak from me. He put his face to my boxer briefs and I could feel his tongue stroke my six and half inch dick up and down. I was going to explode, and it was way too early to do that.

"Stop," I said as picked up his head, "if you keep going I'm going to cum and I don't want to yet."

He stopped, got up to his knees, moved towards my face and said, "Guess it's my turn now." He didn't have to tell me twice! I lifted my hands to his jeans and also unbuttoned the buttons that were barely constraining him. I lowered them and looked at my prize. He was hard, leaking, and ready for more. I couldn't resist any longer, I had to pull down his boxer briefs. I was met with a perfect nine inch dick that had a slight curve that went upwards.

I opened my mouth, and I opened wide. I tried to fit in as much of it as possible into my mouth. I could only fit a little bit more than half of it, but that was enough for Devin. He was moaning and grunting at me.

"Yeah, right there. Suck that dick. You like my dick?" It's hard to answer with something in your mouth, but I like the dirty talk and I moaned to answer his question.

I was getting pretty far down, my nose was just touching his pubes; I probably had another ¾ of an inch to go. Devin couldn't wait for me to stretch out my throat because before I knew it his hand was at the back of my head and he was forcing the last bit into mouth. I happily obliged and massaged the head of his dick with the back of my throat.

He screamed, "Oh FUCK, yeah! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" he said each word as he continued to thrust into my throat. He pulled out of my throat and said, "I need to fuck that hole of yours, it's just too fucking good to pass up." I just looked at him, "Fuck me like there is no tomorrow."

He got off me and followed him as he laid back down on my bed. We got in the 69 position, but he was rimming me as if his life depended on it, and I continued to suck on his dick with the same desperation as Devin.

At the rate that he was going he quickly had two fingers fit in comfortably.

He said, "You are so fucking tight, baby." After saying that he began to pull out his fingers, and put them back in a slow rotating motion. I moaned in absolute pleasure, and began to push back against his fingers.

"I think somebody likes daddy's fingers in his hole."

"Hmmhmm. Yes! Yes, I do!" I was yelling almost at the top of lungs.

He pulled his fingers out and that was my cue to go back to his dick, which I can say proudly that I was deep throating. And then I felt him shove his hand back in, but this time it was three fingers that were rolling around in me. It hurt at first; he was really stretching me out. He has big hands! But soon the pain subsided, and I was beginning to thrust back on his fingers.

"You got used to that quick," he rolled his fingers in a clockwise direction, "I can't take this shit any longer. I'm going to fuck you so hard my cum is going to come out your throat." And with that he flipped me over, I was now facing him straight in eyes beautiful eyes, I knew that he wasn't going to hurt me.

Once he got the condom on, he was on top of once again with his face buried within my neck. He lifted me up and I felt the head of his dick at my entrance.

"I'm going to slow, I don't want to hurt you. But once I'm in, there's no turning back. " He somehow managed to say the last part as affectionate and the first.

"There's nothing more that I want than you right now." I was squeezing at his biceps, and relaxed my muscles.

He popped his head in, it didn't hurt that much. But as he was slowly going in I felt like I was being torn into two pieces. After about five minutes, I felt his pubic hair tickle the area between my ass and my balls. I relaxed a little, but I was still holding on tightly to his biceps. After another minute or so he began to pull back about half way and then he entered once again. Just as slow, he did one more time, but this time I knew for a fact that passed my prostate. I moved my hands up and down his arms, and that was his cue to go.

He was fucking me with long and hard strokes, grunting every time he went back in. God I loved a man who can grunt.

"Oh, YES, Devin! Fuck ME! Give it to me!" I sounded like I was begging for it, which I kind of was.

"You like it rough don't you? I'm going to give you the biggest load of your life!" After saying that he told me to get on all fours. He rammed his dick in real hard, so hard that it made me yelp. It felt SO good. He had one hand on my waist and the other just found its way to my hair as he began to pick up his rhythm once again. Once he had his rhythm of plowing through me once again, he began pull on my hair, just hard enough where it was still pleasurable. I moaned and he knew I liked it.

"Like it when I pull your hair, huh?" he pulled me up to face him. While still fucking the living daylights out of me, he kissed me passionately on the lips, and I moaned into his mouth for minuets on end.

The second I removed my lips from his, I saw a figure, watching us. My eyes were blurry from my eyes being closed. When my vision cleared up, I saw who it was.


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