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Chapter 11:

“Yes, they were mutants.” Mom stated flatly.

“They were mutants?!” I said in astonishment.

“Each of them was a mutant, my parents and your father’s.”

“How come you’ve never mentioned this before?”

“Well,” dad spoke, “it also had to do with their death. They died because they were mutants.”


“There was no car crash or boat, was there?” I managed, taking it all in.

“No, there was no boat or car,” dad said plainly.

“You see Jacob,” Mom began, “mutant discrimination is still a hot topic today. Mainly it has to do with fear. People, in their eyes, with these special abilities that can, in fact, hurt others. People are scared that by simply thinking, a mutant will hurt them, like you can Jacob. Not to say that you will. To be quite honest, Devin deserved what he got.” My dad smiled at that comment. “But people are scared because of it.”

Mom looked at Dad, “mutant discrimination has made some progress over the last century but no where near where race and sexual orientation discrimination, not that either one has come that far either. So, you can only imagine how people reacted to mutants when your grandparents were around your age.”

Yeah, I could only imagine. If it is as bad as it is today, it must have been so much worse then.

               “Sometimes your grandparents would, I guess the closest way to describe them would be ‘out reach’ programs; that were not sponsored by anyone, were held in secret locations, and were only known to people if someone that knew about it told them. These ‘programs’ were held in abandoned warehouses, buildings, the woods, basically anywhere where no person could find them. The whole point of these programs was to help mutants out during their time of difficulty. They hold meetings and discussions, and you know help each other however they could. It’s where my parents met, along with your mom’s.”

Okay some things were beginning to click in my head.

               “It was through these programs that they developed a strong relationship with each other. The reason they got so close was due to that our fathers shared the same ability, telekinesis, and our mothers were able to manipulate water, hydrokinesis. It was due to this unique chance that made a bond amongst them that lasted for 55 years.”

               This is insane! My grandparents were mutants, all of them! Good thing that I was sitting down. I remembered something, “I see how this applies to me so far, but you mentioned also their death.”

               Dad looked at me, “We’re getting there,” and he turned to mom.

               “They were going to these meetings for so long that eventually they were put in charge of it. They took it very serious because they knew what they were doing was helping people, like it had helped them; they were mentors to so many. Eventually they upgraded and moved the meetings to their homes. It’s how me and your father first met.”

               She turned and kissed him. Wait, they were at these meetings too? Were they mutants as well. “Hold on, both of you attended the meetings? Does that mean that you’re mutants as well?”

               “No Jacob, we’re not. We were there because by the time the meetings were being held in the houses, they were married and had your father and me; they dragged us to them since we were little. They thought it was good idea to bring us so that they could keep an eye on us, instead of a babysitter, back to the story. Mutant rights were something they all considered to be very important and were active participants in many protests across the country. After they retired that’s all they did, continued the meetings, made speeches, protested. They all acted like they were twenty.” She laughed, but then got a little bit serious.

               “When you were young, a toddler, there was a new law that was being considered. It was the Mutant Registration Act, where all known mutants had to file with the government, once they did it became accessible to the public. Can you imagine the chaos that would create? To say that your grandparents were upset would be putting it lightly. They all decided that they would rally and protest the law. They had set up everything, it was an impressive feat, and I mean everything. They were all going to rally in DC at the National Mall. I remember watching it on TV. They had a huge turn out, at least 200,000 people came.”

I was totally enamored by the story.

               “I remember the day like it was yesterday, your grandparents were going to speak.”

She paused and her eyes got glassy.

               “As my mother was in the middle of her speech…”

She stopped again.

               “Some lunatic with a bomb strapped around is torso ran on stage and, and… It happened so quickly no could stop him, and then boom…”

She began to sob and placed her head on my dad’s shoulder.

               “Everyone who was on stage instantly perished. Along with anyone else that was close enough to the stage. Around 20 people died and 28 were injured,” dad continued.

               Oh my god! I cannot believe this! My grandparents were murdered! “They were killed!? By whom!?” I almost yelled.

               “Yes they were. Even till this day, there is an on/off investigation with trying to find out who was the bomber and if he was associated with anyone. I know it’s hard to believe, but something good did come out from their deaths and those people’s.”

What good could possibly come from my grandparents being killed?!

               “How?” I asked.

               “Because of the accident the law didn’t pass in Congress, it lost by a landslide vote. Your grandparents became martyrs for mutant freedom; they came to symbolize what the community was fighting for. To this day we still get letters from people that your grandparents mentored. Also, the day after their death the foundation that they were planning came to fruition; The Foundation for Mutant Peace and Equality, or FMPE for short. Our parents died fighting for what they believed in and your mom and I know, for a fact, that they died happy knowing that their work didn’t and still hasn’t gone unnoticed.” My dad smiled with water pooling up in his eyes.

I was crying, like a baby. My grandparents were such remarkable people, I couldn’t believe it.

               “Yeah,” mom spoke and blowing her nose, “that’s how they probably wanted to go; still fighting the good fight.” And smiled.

               “They were such amazing people, I cannot believe it.” Still with tears going down my cheeks.

               “Oh J, I wish you could remember them. The day that they saw you… Gosh. I don’t remember seeing my parents so happy.” Mom said wiping.

               “Or mine!” and they both laughed.

I wish I could have met them or at least remembered them. If there were a history book on mutants, my grandparents would be in it. I felt like I was related to a president or something.

               “J?” Dad spoke, “I know that a lot has been said and there’s even more to take in, but we need to talk about another issue…”

Oh… Bal Harbour, completely forgot about that.

               “Are you sure that you us the truth, not that I don’t believe you but I will need to call a lawyer because I’m positive that the shit will hit the fan, legally and probably literally.”

               “I mean, I left out smaller details and things like that out, but what I told you guys was what happened today; in a nutshell.”

“So you’re certain that it was Devin that delivered the first blow?”


“Well, he didn’t punch me, he threw me off my chair and then into the fountain. So yes, I’m pretty sure.”


“Okay good. That will give us a starting point for a self-defense case. But he will probably get charged with assault/battery and then will most likely need to pay for the damages at Bal Harbour, if, we win, if.”


“Shouldn’t we win? I mean, if he hadn’t come at me this situation would have never happened.”


“Jacob, you never know. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Hopefully we will be able to get the security tapes.”


“Tony, it will be fine. Just call Richard, he will know what to do.”


I didn’t recognize the name, our lawyer’s name is Dave, “Who’s Richard?”


“Richard is one of the members of the FMPE, who happens to be a lawyer and a mutant. He deals with mutant discrimination cases. This may not be about discrimination, but he will be nothing but helpful in this; hopefully he’s not too busy.”


“Oh, alright.”


Mom stood up from her seat, “Well, I’m sure by now the dinner is ice cold.”

We began to get to move and push the chairs into the table.

               “Oh and Jacob?”


               “I’m very proud of you for telling us.” Mom said.

               “Yeah, I’m sure it wasn’t easy to get out.” Dad furthered.

               “Well you were going to see it on the news soon, I figured that it would be better if I told you what happened rather than some reporter.”

They both smiled and chuckled because it was true.

               I began to make my way when I had to ask, “What are we going to do about the school and Devin?”

               My mom looks at me, “You’re not going back to school, that’s for damn sure! We need to settle things with the school and you’ll probably miss all of next week, until things have been discussed and what not.” She said flatly.

               I looked at her, “I’m not going to argue with that.”

               “We will speak to the school on Monday, because we can’t do anything anyway, it’s the weekend,” dad said.

There was nothing that we could do, it was the weekend, and no one is going to do shit.

               “Okay, I’m going to take like a two hour long bath. I think that it is well deserved, especially after a day like this.”

               “Well actually the past few days have been crazy.” Mom began. “Well the accident, that man the ran off, the security guard at school, and now this!”

               “Yeah, you’ve had one hell of a week! You know that you were technically on the news twice in just a few days,” dad said laughing.

               Mom hits him playfully on the shoulder, “Tony?! It’s been stressful, I’m sure.” She was holding back a chuckle.

               I laughed, “He’s right. Not very many people can say that they’ve in the news almost two days in row and not be a criminal.”

They both laughed. I’m really glad that the air has been cleared and things were not going to be weird. I was also relieved that they accepted their gay mutant teenage son, that’s a mouthful. I have the best parents on the entire planet, period. I smiled and left them in the study as I walked back to my room.

               I walked into my room and Emily was sitting on my bed. “Jacob, I just wanted to make sure that you were okay.”

               I smiled, “Thank you Emily, but things are fine now. Everything has been cleared up.”

               “Okay good. The leftover raviolis are in the refrigerator, in case you get hungry.”

               “Thanks again Emily,” I smiled.

               She smiled back, “Have a good night Jacob,” and left silently.

I was alone in my room. I was told a lot of new information just recently, a lot more than what I was bargaining for. Funny how my grandfathers were telekinetic and so am I. Maybe it’s some weird heredity thing, weird though, is how neither one of my parents are not mutants. I mean, both of their parents were mutants, could be that it skips a generation or something, like diseases.

               I was going to lay on my bed, until I stumbled on my bags, forgot about those. But then I had an idea. I decided to empty one of the bags; I don’t want my experiment to mess up any of my purchases! I thought that now that I know about my ability, maybe I should practice a little; I really do not need to destroy another mall. I tried to think back in Bal Harbour, how was I able to do what I did? Well I know, that when Devin “froze,” I yelled for him to “STOP!” Maybe, it’s the actions of the mind that is the key. So, if I want to lift something I need to picture it lifting. I stared at the bag, and pictured it lifting off the bed.


Okay, maybe not. Maybe I should command an object to do something, because technically speaking “STOP!” is a command. I returned my attention to the bag and just looked at it. I exhaled, I still couldn’t believe that I was a mutant, everything happened so fast.

The day was like a blur. I can clearly remember the day, though; me and Liz at breakfast, then the shoe shopping, Prada, sitting down to eat, and then WHAM! Now I’m a mutant, which has a family history of mutants. I don’t feel any different, I stare at my limbs, I don’t look any different. I have always been Jacob Alexander Davenporte, but then I became the gay Jacob Alexander Davenporte and now, since a few hours ago; I am the gay mutant, Jacob Alexander Davenporte. I’ve gone through three identities before I have even gotten to college!

But I digress; let me refocus on that damn bag again. Okay, I need to command it to lift. Should I say it out loud? Guess it wouldn’t hurt.


Maybe, I need to be more forceful. I cleared my throat.

“Lift,” I said in a deeper voice.

I should give it a direction, “Lift, up.”



Well, thought it would be kind of cool if I could use my ability while I’m not defending myself. I guess now that I don’t have any adrenaline pumping through me or since I’m not fearing for my life. My ability has decided to recede back into the cracks of my mind.

Nothing to cry over, at least for now. The thought of me being able to lift things, throw, manipulate was really to start to fascinate me. My ability isn’t a burden, it’s a gift. I can totally embrace the fact that I have telekinesis.

I decided to text Liz, like she asked me before she left, “Everything went fine. You can breathe now :)”


“Okay, good! J, I’m so happy that everything is alright :)”


“Yeah, me too. Actually they’re pretty cool with. It’s not weird. At all.”


“Well of course! They’re your parents! And they happen to be the Davenportes, the most nonjudgmental accepting people in probably the whole damn world.”


“Yeah, well that’s true lol. But there’s a lot more to it, like you have NO idea. But, this is a conversation that we need to have in person.”


“…Okay, thanks. Why did you just tell me that?! Now I’m going to be up thinking about what it is. Thanks.”


“Yes, I love you too :)”


“Yeah, whatever! :P

I just rolled my eyes and smiled. I looked over the time, 9 pm. Still early. Time for my bath!

I ran into my closet, took some PJs and dashed into my bathroom.

I turned the hot valve practically all the way, I needed a hot bath. As the water flowed a grabbed some salts. I threw in Lavender, Mint, Jasmine, and some White Tea. It smells wonderful. I began to remove my clothing, from the bottom up, like I usually do. I tossed the outfit to the side. I took the opportunity to look at my body, to see if there were any marks or bruises. I saw that it was a little red on my right side by my collarbone, probably from when Devin pushed me off of the chair. I touched it, it only hurt a little.

But, my left side was bright red, how come I never noticed it before? Well, for sure that will leave a bruise. I decided to attempt to look on my back too, didn’t have to try too hard. My entire left shoulder was red, from the landing. I switch to the other side, in between my shoulder and spine there was an oval-shaped spot. That was from when I smashed into the fountain; that will, without a doubt, leave a bruise. It hurt to lift my arm on that side, it will be worse tomorrow. Have to tell dad about this, whatever helps the case.

To say that I thoroughly enjoyed my bath is a lie. I felt so much better after it!

I come out of the bathroom and I see my Blackberry’s indicator light is blinking red, I had 8 missed calls, all from Liz.

                              I text her, “No, Liz, I’m not going to tell you until tomorrow.”

               Instead of replying, she calls me, “What are you talking about?”

               “You know, that there’s a lot more to my parents and the mutant thing?”

               “Oh, that. No, almost forgot about it.”

               “Thanks,” I said flatly.

               “Not because it’s not important, stupid.” I could feel her roll her eyes, “There’s something that you should know,” she said in a serious tone.



“It’s about you.”


“Liz, tell me what it is.”


“Okay… Well, you know Lily, right?”




“Well she’s friends with Devin on FaceBook. Her and Allison were talking and then Lily told Allison what she saw, which then Allison called to tell me to tell you.”


“Liz, what is it?”


“Probably better if you see it for yourself.”

With Liz still attached to my ear, I dashed over to wake up my Vaio, which takes forever.

               “I’m getting a MAC! This thing is taking FOREVER!”

               Don’y worry, it’s not going anywhere.”

               “I know…”

About 30 seconds later, the computer was on. I frantically typed in “www.facebook.com” and signed in.

               “Okay, I’m in.”

               “Just search for Devin, it’s in his status…”

I began to type his name, click on his picture. I read his status again and again, “Devin Gideon is going to kill Jacob Alexander Davenporte. That fag is a mutant and he’s going to get what’s coming to him real soon.” I didn’t even bother reading the comments or who liked it. I guess if/when I go to school I won’t need to explain it to anyone.

               “J, you there?”

               I forgot that I had Liz on the phone, “Yeah, just… Don’t know how to react to something like this.”

               “Well, I know that I’m pissed off! Who does he think he is?!

               “Liz…” I chuckled.

               “What?! It’s fucking true! His ego is hurt because he couldn’t hardly touch you, I think he’s just pissed off.”

               “Liz, he may be angry but he is someone with the means to hurt me. I don’t think that this should be taken too lightly.”

               “I mean, you have a point. But I don’t think that he is going to go that far.”

               “Yeah, but better safe than sorry. I’m going to take a screen shot of it for the case.”

               “The what?”

               “The case.”

               “The case?”

               “Liz, think. Someone will have to pay for what happened at Bal Harbour. Also, I’m pretty sure that he is going to turn this whole thing around and try to blame me. He’s going to try to make a case on how I ‘attacked’ him or something.”


               “I’m going to go to sleep, I’m too tired to really be thinking about all of this shit.”

               She laughed, “Night, I’ll see you tomorrow.”


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