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Chapter 13:

As the door shut, I asked myself, "What was I supposed to know or not supposed to know? Why had Richard brought my education randomly in the middle of discussing my ability? And then there was something about an 'X'? What could that be about?






"Xylophone? Do we even know anyone that plays the xylophone?"


I ran out of x-words by the time I reached my bedroom. My head was still filled with many unanswered questions; maybe they were best left unanswered. Perhaps, these answers would bring a slew of even more complicated questions.


I could also just be over analyzing everything, as per usual. Liz always tells me that I think too much, although, given everything that has happened and all the new things that have come to light recently; I think that she wouldn't blame me.


I plopped myself on the white Panton Chair by my desk, the plastic bouncing me up and down. I faced to my Vaio and turned it on,


"I swear if you don't turn on Vaio, I will replace you faster than you can go to apple.com," and as if my computer was rebelling against me; the screen turned blue.


"Awesome," I mumbled to myself. What was I going to do on my computer anyway? Go on Facebook? Ha! I don't even want to know what may or may not be happening on that thing! I'm sure it's a complete mess; the news feed over saturated with the news of my being a mutant and causing the partial destruction of Bal Barbour. I could text Liz, or Alison, or anyone that I would consider one of my close friends, and just ask them. But... I don't even think I want to know what is really on there.


I slammed the screen shut, which caused the glass and metal desk to shake. Next to my laptop was my iPod, I looked at it and it was calling me. Whenever I felt that something was wrong or that my world was going up in flames, dance always offered me an outlet to just get away. I picked up the iPod and started to scroll through my songs.


"No, no, no, no, no..." I kept saying as I went through my music selection. I didn't want any Britany, 'Nsync, Spice Girls, or Backstreet Boys.


"God! I have a terribly gay 90s iPod!" I thought to myself.


I wanted something to soothe me, something instrumental. I stumbled upon "Lavender Waltz" by Eric Harry and thought that it matched my mood exactly. I decided to change into a pair of black ballet leggings and an oversized sweater (which used to fit me when I was overweight, but it was so soft and perfect that I didn't have the heart to can it.) I grabbed my sports earphones and iPod and headed down the stairs towards the living room.


"Hey Emily, I'm going to be dancing outside if anyone asks." She just nodded back as I opened the door to the backyard.


My mom wanted a Polynesian feel with a modern take for the environment and mood of the backyard; it turned out quite lovely. There tons of palms that lined the perimeter of the pool that crinkled like fine paper when the wind blew. The centerpiece of the pool was a low, multi level waterfall that peaked at about six feet above the water; it was made up of large slabs of jet-black slate. It not only made a nice place to jump off and cannonball into the water but also was flat enough where we placed a few lounge chairs to relax. The pool was flanked by four large dark wood daybeds, two on either side, with canopies that were drenched with white linen that was almost translucent; when the wind blew it created different opacities and the daybeds appeared to shimmer in the wind and sunlight. Inside each daybed were different kinds of Moroccan pendent lamps grouped in threes that my mother had purchased while in Morocco 4 years ago. There was a path of slightly polished Coralina stone tiles that lead to the pool and on either side of the path were large swaths of lush green grass, which is where I usually danced when outside.


I was barefoot and the feeling of the slightly cool grass sent shivers throughout my whole body. Luckily, during this time of day the sun wasn't beating down on this part of the yard, so it was refreshing to be out. I put my earphones in, making sure that they're snug around my ears and secured my armband for the iPod over the arm of my sweater. I didn't play anything as I stretched; I left the muffled noises of the trees and the babbling water help me stretch. I got into first ballet position, just because that always my first instinct, and pushed play.


I let the music move me; I let it guide what I was doing with my body. The music reminded me of a flower ready to blossom for the first time on a beautiful spring day.  My arms lifted up to the sky as I moved gingerly across the grass with my eyes completely closed. I have danced out here so many times that I didn't need to have my eyes guide me; I just knew where to go. As the song began to slow for the ending, I too slowed. I leaped into the air, landed on one foot, spun around as the song was coming to a final close and I ended in a grand pilĆ.


I opened my eyes and found Emily, Richard, and my Dad with a camera facing me. I must have done something pretty impressive, I guess. I began to remove my earphones so that I can say something to my dad but I realized that they were not looking at me but at whatever was behind me. I turned around and I was completely speechless.


A long, thick ribbon of pool water was floating 8 feet above the pool. With twists, spirals, curvaceous lines and amazing fluidity; it was gorgeous. But, how did it get there? Was it my telekinesis that did this? It couldn't have been, I couldn't even lift an empty paper bag last night and now there hundreds of gallons of floating water...


I turned back around to ask about the water, but I was interrupted by the sounds of water rushing and crashing back into the pool. I immediately turned, the long ribbon of water was entirely gone and the pool surface was so placid, it appeared to be a large mirror.


"Holy! Shit!" it was Richard, "that has to be one of the most amazing things I have ever seen!" He paused, "Jacob, how were you able to do that?"


As I was facing him I said, "What do you mean 'how was I able to do that?' That wasn't me?!"


"It certainly wasn't any of us!" Richard quickly pointed to himself, my dad, and Emily, "It was following you around, the ribbon of water was doing what you were doing..." He was going to say more but his voice trailed off as he saw my dumbfounded facial expression.


"I did that?" I said simply.


There was another long pause.


Richard was going to say something but chose not to, like he was choosing his words carefully. He opened it again, "You mean that you don't know what happened? You didn't know what you were doing?"


I just shook my head.


Richard turned to my dad, "Tony? Do you want to tell him or should I? This is something that he should know."


My dad didn't say anything to Richard, he just faced me, "J, I think that you might also have hydrokinesis."


"So you're saying that I can also manipulate water?" I said confused.


"Yeah, the reason I know that it's not your telekinesis is how you were able to move the water."


I raised an eyebrow, "That doesn't help me. What does that mean?"


"Well," my dad continued, "telekinetics can manipulate water since it falls under the general category of 'object' but, the main difference between those that are telekinetic and hydrokinetic is how that water reacts to them. Hydrokinetics can mold and shape water with incredible ease and fluidity and can do a range of more things with it. When a telekinetic tries to do it... It looks clumsy, lacks fluidity, there's water dripping everywhere. It's quite hard for a telekinetic to control water or any liquid for that matter."


"Remember how angry you dad used to get when he tried to do something, anything with water?! Ellanor would just giggle at his frustration." Richard said in a nostalgic chuckle.


My dad laughed and kept going, "The way that the water moved was so graceful and beautiful, it reminded me of what my mother used to be able to do," His eyes became slightly glossy, "and then the way the water looked after all that rushed back into the pool. J, I'm certain that you have, also, hydrokinesis."


"So, I have two abilities?"


"Yeah, I'm pretty certain that you do."


"Which, is completely fascinating!" Richard chimed in, "In 98 percent of mutants they only have one ability and the control that they have over their ability varies from person to person, with only a small portion really being able to use and have a firm grasp on what they can and can't do with it. Not all mutants have complete control of their abilities from the beginning, you know. The remaining 2 percent are the 'multi taskers,' if you will, they have more than one ability, more often than not just two. Come to think of it, I don't think I know any mutant that has 3 abilities... Anyways, the case with these mutants is that they usually have one ability that is more dominate than the other, with the other being either weaker or they just lack control over it. But, there are a few, a select few in that 2 percent that can really say that both of their abilities are of equal standing."


"Are you implying that I'm..." I said as I pointed to myself.


"In that select few? It's quite possible. I have known and know a few telekinetics and hydrokinetics. Based on what I just saw and from what you told me about yesterday and comparing it with what I have seen people do.... Um... Yes, I think that it's an incredibly likely possibility."


Another long pause.


"I'm going to make everyone some tea!" Emily exclaimed and disappeared into the house.


"J, why don't you come inside?"


I didn't say anything; I just began to walk towards the house. I could hear Richard's and my dad's footsteps behind me as they followed suit.


In a hushed tone Richard was talking to my dad, I could only hear parts of what he was saying, "I think that now is the time... He should know about Xavier..."


My dad also responded quietly, even softer than Richard,  "Lily would never... I know where you're coming from... It's just too far away, he might be too young..."


"...It's already complicated... Given everything that has happened, especially now... Tony! He's fragile... I know that you care about him... That's why Xavier is the best option right now... He needs to learn control and be aware of what's happening..."


We had reached the doors to the house, during which both Richard and my dad got suspiciously quite. I opened the door and they came up behind me.


"J, Richard has to get going now."


I turned, pretending that I just didn't hear anything of what they were discussing moments ago, "Oh! Sure, thanks for everything, especially with the case thing."


"It's no problem! Discrimination cases can get a little boring after a while, the same thing over and over again. You have nothing to worry about, I feel very good about this case. You're in good hands."


I smiled and awkwardly waved good-bye at him as my dad began to lead him to the front door. I know that his words were meant to comfort me but now I have a new set of issues since I last spoke to him less than a few hours ago.


"Tony, don't forget what we talked about, he already knows and don't be surprised if he just shows up out of the blue╔" They were too far away for me to hear anything else.


I just stood where I was, by the doors to the backyard. There seemed to just be so many more things to process, on top of everything else from before. Most of which, hadn't even had a chance to sink in before some other new pieces of information were piled on top of it. Less than 24 hours ago, I had no idea I was a mutant and now I have two abilities╔ What were my dad and Richard just talking about? They mentioned this `Xavier' person twice just now. Who is he? What does he do? What does he have to do with me? Great, more questions and even less answers, yet again.


Emily suddenly came into view,  "Jacob, would you like some tea? I think that it would help with your nerves."


"Uh╔ Yeah, I'll have a cup. Thanks, Emily." I sat on top of the gray granite countertop on the island in the kitchen, as Emily came up to me with two mugs steaming in hand.


She had climbed up on top of the counter next to me after putting the mugs down; I had never seen Emily do this before. She was usually so proper and overly respectful, her sitting next to me on top of the kitchen countertop was out of place for me. I was going to take a sip of the tea but it was too hot for me and I just gripped the mug with both my hands and let the heat warm up my hands, which felt cold and clammy for some reason.


Emily took a sip of the tea, as if it was at room temperature and sighed, "You know, it was my mother that once told me that a hot cup of tea is the remedy to any problem. It helps slow you down."


I turned to her. Emily never mentioned her family to me before. She took another sip, "Jacob, I think that it's time you learn something about me╔" She took another sip of tea.


"Oh shit." I thought.


"I too, am a mutant, like you." She said plainly.




"I am a mutant, like you." She said again.


"What? How? When╔?"


She waved a hand at me to quite me, "I think it's best if I start from the beginning." She turned away and faced the doors and windows in front of us, not looking at anything in particular.


"I grew up in a large village in China, I had both my parents, a younger sister, and an older brother. When I was 16, my brother and I had gotten into some argument. I was getting very angry at him; I couldn't even tell you why we were arguing, probably something really silly. We were yelling at each other and then all of the sudden╔ Poof! I turned into smoke. My parents had come into the room to probably calm my brother and I down, but they saw me turn. Everyone got very scared and did not understand what was going on, they were screaming for me. It was very strange because I was still there in the room but they could not see me and I was scared for I could not see myself. Then just as quickly as I disappeared, I came back, I was back in the room again in the same spot but I was scared and crying on the floor for I had no idea what had just happened. They took me to see a monk near by, where he performed chants to ward off evil spirits and such. I insisted after that I go see a doctor to make sure that everything was fine and that is where I found out╔"


She took a big gulp of her tea and continued, "We were able to get an appointment to see the doctor two days later. He examined me and took some blood work, we never told him why I was there, just as a check up. We came back for the results and the doctor said that everything was fine but he found out something that came up in my results: I was a mutant. My parents hurried me out of the office and we spent the whole way back to the house in silence."


She stopped.


I could see that there was a glossy coat on her eyes. I've never seen Emily sad. Frustrated, angry, sure but never sad. She took another sip of her tea as she regained her composure.


"When we got to the house, things blew up. My parents were very upset and angry with me. They couldn't understand how I could do this to them, like it was a choice that could have been made. I tried to explain to them that I had no idea how this happened to me. They would not hear it; they called me a disgrace and a failure. They wanted me out of the house and said that I should never come back."


I gasped and put my hand over my mouth in shock, "Emily! I'm so sorry." She had put the mug down by now and was fidgeting with her hands in her lap. She looked at me with glassy eyes and a single tear running down her cheek. She wiped it and half-heartedly smiled.


"I was so angry, upset and frustrated that I just turned to smoke again but since I knew what I was then I left the house through an open window. I travelled up the mountain, in my other form; away from the village and before long I was at the gates to the monk's temple. A trip that would usually take half a day walking, I made in minutes. You could live with the monks for they offered a place for anyone in need a place to stay, even if you were not a monk. I became human again and rang the large bell that was at the gate. I was only awake long enough to see an old man open the gate and come to my side before I blacked out. I woke up, as I found out, almost 2 days later."


"It was early when I woke up, the sun had just risen. The old man that met me at the gate was sitting outside the room that I had slept in. He stood up and asked that I follow him. He guided me to the kitchen, where there was a meal and a large pot of tea laid out for me. I ate and he just sat there, saying nothing to me.


Once I had finished he finally spoke, "My child what brings you here? You were on the brink of death when I found you outside the gates. Do you not have parents that will worry about you?"


"No, for it due to my parents as to why I was in that state that you found me in, they kicked me out of house."


He gasped, shocked by this new information, "But why? Why have they done such a thing, to their own daughter no less?"


"I looked at him. I wasn't sure whether or not I should tell him. Would he treat me the same as my parents did? Shout and scream at me as if they did not know who I was? I decided that it would be best to tell him, so that if I had to, I could make a clean break and leave without any attachment to the temple. I told him my story, he was again, completely silent and still."


"He got up when I finished my story and said, "Thank you for telling me, my child. Here, you'll find nothing but acceptance amongst those that live here. For what you are is out of your control and you should not feel any pain for what it is that you are."


She paused.


"I was there for three years, he showed me how to control my ability through meditation and other methods the monks used. I was able to turn my ability off or on and use it at my own discretion."


She turned to me, lifted her left arm up and poof! It was totally gone! In place of her arm was a thin gossamer powder or vapor. I raised me hand and looked at Emily and she nodded once, I put my hand through were her arm was mere seconds ago. It was like she was a living ghost. I pulled my arm back and just as fast as it had left, it came back.


She was smiling at my expression; "I didn't learn that trick until later," she said with a light chuckle.


"Why did you leave the temple?"


"I was still too close from where I grew up. It was very painful to be so close and feel so far away, especially when you could see the village from the top of the mountain. The old man told to leave, that I should come to the US. He told me about an organization for mutants that was beginning here, the one that your grandparents were making as it turned out, that he had heard about it the news. He gave me money to go, I of course refused but he insisted that I take it. He said, `What's an old man like me going to do with this money when I have so little opportunity? When someone like you, has such great potential and can do so much more with it than I ever could.' I only had to pack a small backpack for that was all that I had owned and left."


"I came to Miami to find the organization for I had found out that the leaders of it lived here and that's when I had met your grandparents. I told them about my journey and they were so touched by it that they had set me up with housing here, got me a job, without barely knowing me. I owe them my life here; I do not know what I would have done without them. It was because of them that I had a life; I had made friends, had a job, and was fighting for mutant rights. Never was I so happy, I felt like I was╔ Was normal again.


She placed a lot of emphasis on the word `normal,' like she had never heard it before. She jumped off the counter gracefully.


"I can sublimate, that's what my ability is called. The reason that I told you this story, Jacob, is so you don't feel like you're doing this by yourself. You're parents inherited many great traits from your grandparents including, acceptance.


I just jumped off the counter and hugged her, like bear-hugged her. "Thank you for telling me," was all I said.


We let go and tears were in her eyes, she looked at her watch, "Oh my! Is that the time! I need to go to the grocery store to pick up things for dinner!" and she stormed out, wiping her tears.






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