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Chapter 14:


I woke up the next day feeling refreshed, which was odd, and I also felt different, which was even more odd. I also, felt like I wasn't on my bed. I opened my eyes, turned my head, and noticed that I am, yet again, floating above my bed. I tried not to panic and take a couple of deep breaths to help steady myself. 


"Okay, if I can lift my entire body in my sleep without even thinking about it, then I should be able to put myself back down just fine." Richard did mention, in hushed tones to my dad, that I needed to learn control and he was right. 


I had to face the fact these abilities were now apart of me and should own that, damn it! I shouldn't be scared of them or to use them. I should be able to control my abilities, I need to. I don't need another incident like Bal Harbour to happen, be completely unaware that I'm not using my abilities (ala yesterday), or for something much worse to happen... 


So with a newfound confidence, I set out to put myself back in my bed. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine the act of me slowly falling back down, emphasizing the slowly part. I suddenly felt this connection or at least became aware of it, between the bed and myself. I began to feel like I was moving, I peeked open my eyes. 


I was doing it!


I was doing it! 


I was actually lowering myself back to my bed! I started to feel this new connection begin to waiver. I closed my eyes again and concentrated on the connection rather than the bed and my body. 


I felt my bed sheet all of the sudden. I opened my eyes and I was back on top of my bed! I jumped out of my bed in complete euphoria! Dancing around my bedside like a fool, I would like to call it my happy dance. 


Whilst dancing around, I noticed that I had ended up a few feet away from my nightstand and on it there was a note. I began to take a step towards it but I brought my foot back. I looked at the paper and concentrated the connection between the paper and myself. Like I had just thrown a fishing line, the paper moved slightly, like it had been snagged. I held my hand up and as if I was reeling a fish onto a boat, the paper was coming toward my hand. 


I stared at it as it made its way the four or five feet distance between the nightstand and my hand. Safely in my hand, I started to do another happy dance. This one was probably even more ridiculous than the last. Once I had calmed down a bit, I felt strange. I took a few breaths to calm me further; it was as if I was aware of every object that was in my line of sight. It was as if these objects were throwing a life source or an aura of some sort. I suddenly felt like I was connected to every object, I was tethered in some strange way, feeling more energy from the objects closer to me than those that were farther away. 


I had forgotten about the note that was in my hand, which was now completely crumpled, "Whoops!"


It was my mother's stationary and the note was in her handwriting, "Whenever you wake up, head over to your dad's office. Love Mom."


Still jumping up and down at new achievement, or I should say achievements, I made my way to my dad's office. The door was slightly ajar, so I knocked and went in, "Hey Pops, I got a note from mom about seeing you when I got up...?"


He was seated at his desk and my mom was sitting in front of him on one of the two LC2 chairs. 


"Oh hey mom! Didn't see you there."


"These chairs just swallow me whole." She said lifting both her hands in the air. "Er... What happened to the note what I wrote?"


"What?" I looked at my hand. The note she had written me was completely crumpled like a dollar bill that has gone though the washing machine, "Oh... I thought that it was garbage and then realized that it was a note." I stammered out. I just felt like it wasn't the right time to mention what I did in my room, there would be another time and place for that conversation. "What's up?"


My mom began to speak, "Well, your dad had showed me the video that he had taken yesterday, the one with you dancing with the water... And J, I must say, that it was beautiful and graceful. Both you and the water."


"Oh uh... Thanks."


"But I didn't... We didn't bring you over here to talk about that. We wanted to talk about things going forward and the options that we have."


"Oh, like with the case and stuff, sure, what is it?" I made my way over to the other empty chair beside my mom. 


"Well not exactly that..."


"Actually," my dad interrupted, "since you brought it up J, we might as well discuss that first."


My mom turned to my dad, "Alright, we can do that."


"Okay." I said slowly looking back and forth between my mom to my dad. What else was there that needed to be talked about? 


"So the case," my dad began, "is sort of going the way that Richard thought that it was going to..."


"Which way is it going?"


"Richard called Devin's parents, the Harpers. So Devin may have said one of two things to his parents. One: He told them what really happened at Bal Harbour, well at least the attacking you part, and they all happen to be a bunch of dickheads. Two: He can be playing the victim and trying to pull the self-defense card. You haven't told me much about him, but I'm going to assume that his doing the latter."


"That doesn't really surprise me." I mumbled crossing my arms. 


"Neither did it Richard, he figured that he was going to pull that."


"Oh you spoke to Richard recently?"


"Yeah, about an hour ago. He was the one that spoke directly to his parents. So the long story short, is that they are claiming that their son was the innocent victim that was being pushed around by a mutant, blah, blah, blah." My dad sounded bored. "Naturally, their son has done nothing wrong."


"What more did Richard find out?"


"Well, they will be suing for the damages that happened at Bal Harbour, as well as 'pain and suffering,' and any incurred lawyers fees. The full total has yet to be tallied up. We will be counter-suing for the damages, as well as any incurred lawyer fees and, if you would like J, pain and suffering...?" My dad asked the question rather open ended and curious. 


"You mean you want me to decide on that?"


My mom chimed in, "Well, we wanted to hear what you had to say on it. Technically you're the victim and you have every right to ask for it. He was the one that did hurt you."


I thought about it for a minute. 


"When we win this case, I don't want any of that kind of pity. There will be plenty of pain and suffering after the case gets settled. Devin will not only need to face the embarrassment of losing in court but the fact that he lied to not only the courts but to his parents. The video surveillance will speak for itself: he pushed me first, laid his hands on me first and then not tried to hurt me but Liz as well. The world will see what kind of person he really is and he will have to live with that. Also, I don't want to make his parents pay for something that their asshole of a son has done."


Both my parents were silent. 


"God! We raised you well!" My mother exclaimed. 


My dad laughed, "Not only did you say that like a Davenporte, but you said that like your grandparents would have if they were here."


There was moment, like a moment of silence for my grandparents. 


"Now that's settled," my mom began, "we need to talk about something else." She shot a quick glance at my dad. 


"When Richard was here yesterday, he mentioned to your dad something that we thought might not have been such a good idea... But Richard being a lawyer and what not, he can be very convincing. He implored us to see reason as to why we should seriously consider doing this…"


My mom was beginning to babble and did so every time she was nervous, "Mom, what is it that you guys talked about with Richard?"


There was a moment where she seemed to be thinking about he next words, "Your schooling." She said flatly. 


"My schooling? What about it?"


"Well now you have a new set of needs that must be addressed that your school does not provide. You're a mutant now and you school has nothing to offer in that department. Also, given how things happened they way they did, it may not be the best place for you to be anyway, you know?"


"Alright, I'm just going to play along with this for now because you have me a little confused... So what are these 'other options,' am I going to be home-schooled?"


Her facial expression changed and she laughed as, did my dad, "Oh god no!"


"Okay good because even if that was an option, it was never going to happen."


"No, no, it's not, she paused, "we have another school in mind that you should consider attending."


"Okay, do I know it?"


"I doubt it."


"Alright, what's the name of it?"


"Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters."


There! There was that name again! This must have been what my dad and Richard were talking about so quietly yesterday. 


"You're right I don't know it. What part of Miami is it in?"


My mom glanced over at my dad, he spoke, "J, it's not in Miami."


I turned to my dad, "What do you mean 'it's not in Miami?'"


"It's in Westchester."


"I mean that's kind of far away but it's doable, it's not really that big of a..."


My dad interrupted me, "Westchester. New York."




"New York State."




They didn't say anything else as they let this new information sink in. 


"So, you're just sending me away..."


"No, no, no, no, no, no, no!" My mom exclaimed, "Not. At. All. Your father and I would never do such a thing! It's the only school like it in the country; you can't find anything else like it. It just so happens to be located over there."


"What do you mean by `it's the only school like it'?"


"It's a school for mutants. It was founded by one of your grandparent's friends, Charles Xavier. He's a brilliant man and he's a mutant as well, a telepathic and a very powerful one at that. He founded it because there is nowhere else like it. You'll be taught by mutants; who have gone through what you're going through and all your peers will be mutants too, going through what you're going through right now. Not only as a teenager but as a mutant as well."


"So, you want me to go there?"


My mom got up from her chair, kneeled in front of me, and grabbed my hands, "We are not sending you away. Your father and I don't want you to go. We had a very long discussion about this last night. We thought that you should at least know about the school, as something that you should consider as an alternative. I don't want to have to feel as of your stuck where you are, especially given all the craziness that has happened."


I continued to look down at my hands in my lap, intertwined with my mother's. 


"J, We aren't just sending you there because everyone is a mutant," my dad started, "they will also teach you on how to control your abilities.  You have a gift and a curse now. You have abilities that can really hurt people, learning some control over them is something that is needed. So, there will be no more incidents in the future."


He was right but he also peaked my interest. I would be learning how to use my abilities, how to control them. My dad was also right in that I don't think that I can handle any more surprises.


"Unless Bal Harbour wants a new roof or something." I said with a little chuckle, they both joined in. "Is this something that I have to choose right away? Can I think about it?"


"Of course!" My mom nearly jumped, "Take all the time that you need, there is no rush."


"We wanted to tell you now so that you can do your research on it and make the decision for yourself." My dad said reasonably. 


"Oh, about doing that research... My computer died. Like totally gone."


"We can just get you a new one then."


"I was thinking about asking Liz to go with me to the Apple store so that I could get one."


"The Apple store?" My dad asked. 


"Yeah," I said while getting up, "I've decided to cross over to the dark side."


Once in my room, I went and dialed Liz's number, while changing into a pair of black briefs.


"Hey J, what's up?"


"I was wondering would be you be up for meeting me in a bit, my Vaio totally died and I wanted to get a Mac. Maybe we could get coffee and some food also, I have some more things to tell you and I think that it's another in person thing."


"Sure we can meet up but I'm with my folks now and will be with them for probably another like 2-3 hours. Luckily we can in different cars so I could just meet you, I can text you when we are close to being done."


"Alright works for me! See you in a bit then!"


"Bye J!"


I threw myself in my bed face down with just the t-shirt that I had slept in and the briefs that I just changed into, I was expecting her to just be ready to go and we would just head over right away. What to do in the mean time…


Someone knocked on my door, my dad came into my room in his typical house wear uniform, no shirt and a pair of loose boxers. I did mention that I did sort of have the hots for my dad… His olive skin tone looked even darker than usual because of the sky blue Ralph Lauren boxers that he was wearing. They clung loosely on hips, hanging on the light "V" that was there. My dad was by no means a ripped athlete; he kept in very good shape with an overall nice muscle tone. When we was younger he used lift weights, a amateur body builder of sorts, then he used to like to work a lot on upper back and arms and though he doesn't work on them as much as he did then, they were still quite impressive. The muscles in his shoulders gave him an overall "V" shape to his body, which I very much admired.


He came to me on my bed and sat down towards the edge and looked at me. Up close you could see that his skin was made a little bit darker by a dust of black hair that covered his body, some of the hairs though were white; he wasn't overly hairy where he could be mistaken for some animal. "I know that we gave you a lot of information today and I wanted to check up on how you were digesting it all."


"It's a lot but you know, I'm glad that you and mom told me about it. I think that it sounds like a good place for me to be, I need to learn how to use my abilities and keep them in check."


"It sounds like you've made up your mind about things, have you?"


"Not entirely, it just sounds like it would be the right thing to do. I think that overall, it's probably my best option."


"That means that you'll be 1200 miles away from here…"


"I know, it's going to be far and I will be away from everything that I have to come know and be comfortable with. But now, things are different. I don't know what it is that I do know, my world has been thrown in for quite a loop." I laughed lightly.


"You know that you'll be missed."


"I know. I will probably be…"


My dad interrupted me, "I will miss you a lot." My dad said in a lower voice.


"Awe, Pops I will miss you a lot too."


"No, I don't think that you understand. I will miss you on an entirely different level." He was mere inches away from my face, when had he gotten so close to me.


I didn't move, "What do you mean?"


He placed a hand on my exposed leg starting at my calf and moving it upwards, he rested it on the middle of my thigh, "The talk that we had in the office made me realize how little time I have with you now and how badly I have wanted to do so many things to you."


He closed the gap between he and I, putting his lips against mine. It was soft but it had meaning, I moaned and placed a hand on his face, which still had that sexy 5 o'clock shadow. Taking this as an incentive to go further, he squeezed his hand that I was on my thigh and kissed back harder. He moved closer towards me, which broke the kiss, with one hand he shoved on my legs aside, giving him full access to my entire body. He took my wrists in his hands as he was coming towards me but he stopped and looked down.


He let go of my wrists and said, "That needs to go," while pointing at my shirt. I began to move so that I could take it off. He stopped me, "Allow me to do that for you." He said in a stern but very sensual voice.


He took the side of my shirt roughly and peeled it off me, lightly scratching me as he did so which sent goosebumps all over my body in response.


My dad noticed this, "Oh, you like it when daddy touches that soft silky skin of yours?"


I only bit my lip in response; I was going through a sensory overload.


He smiled at that, "Fuck J, your body is perfect and it's so smooth and soft." He was looking down at my body. He placed his at my hips, where my briefs were and he started to rub his lightly calloused hands over my torso, sending shivers everywhere. He worked his way up to my chest; he groped me for a bit and then let go.


He then pinched both my nipples; I wasn't expecting my response to be so immediate, "Oh fuck!" I moaned loudly, closing my eyes and turning my head to my side.


He kept doing this, pinching and I continued to moan and thrash about pushing my pelvis to grind against my dad's hard cock, "Fuck J, that's so fucking hot. I love what this is doing to you. But now I want to do something else…" He removed his hands from my nipples, had he kept going I would have probably cum in 2 minutes. He moved down towards my briefs stopping only to playfully bite my aching 6 ½ inch dick, he lifted my legs in one swift motion and removed my briefs, I was now totally exposed in front of my dad.


He put my legs on either side of him and began to bow down towards my ass. I felt the hot breath of my dad at my hole and I felt it twitch. Without moving he spoke to me, "That's one nice hole," he said and I felt even more hot breath. He put his hands on each of my ass cheeks separated them and blew air, now there was a real draft.


I was not able to take this waiting game, "Daddy please." I said, not really sure where it came from.


He grunted in satisfaction and dove right in. My mind was reeling, my dad's strong, powerful tongue was playing with my hole while his scruff was touching the innards of my ass cheeks. I was thrashing and moaning,  "Daddy please… Please… Fuck, yes!"


This just sent him to go at it with more bravado; I started to feel his tongue inside my tight hole. "Oh shit, fuck yes Daddy, please more." He had me begging like a whore and he was enjoying because I could feel his smile while he was working his magic.


"Daddy I might cum, please keep going…" He moved one of his hands from my ass cheeks to my nipples and began to pinch. I was being driven mad; I bit my lip and did this moan/grunt thing. "Daddy I'm cumming!" String, after string of cum was rushing on my abdomen, with my father still working on my tight hole. He came up and there was a pool of cum by my belly button, he scoped it up and fed it me and planted his lips on mine. After an intense make out he said, "It's Daddy's turn to come now."

















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