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Chapter 15:


In a swift motion, he removed his boxers like he had removed my briefs. I was met with the 9-inch cock that made me, I suddenly felt very hungry. My dad placed both his knees on either side of me, took my hands and pinned them again above my head, tilted his pelvis to my face and said, "Show Daddy how much you love him." I opened my mouth and he shoved in his perfect cock in my mouth, I wanted as much as I could take of it.


"Oh fuck yes J! That's it make daddy's cock all wet for that tight hole."


I could only moan a response back, for obvious reasons.


A good 5 minutes in to slobbering on my dad's cock, he pulled out of my mouth without saying anything. He turn all the way around so that his was by my cock and his cock was back near my face, instinctively I put it back in my mouth. Instead of going to suck my dick, pushed my legs towards my head so that he could get better access to my hole. He licked it a few times, which almost made me stop sucking his juicy cock. He blew on it again and it sent shivers all over me, "This pussy is still so tight. Blow a kiss for daddy." I happily obliged with the request, after which he dove right in and began tonguing my hole again.


I couldn't concentrate on his cock anymore; the feelings of his tongue were driving me to wild to focus and began to pant. "Daddy please, fuck me. Fuck me hard." He stuffed his cock quickly in mouth again and it made its way all the way down my throat, I could feel pubes on my nose and I inhaled. It was intoxicating, manly and clean and little dirty. He lifted himself from where he was on my ass with removing his cock from my mouth. He was standing just outside of the bed and my head was over the edge, after a few slow strokes in my throat I felt his body bend down slightly. I felt his hands on my chest and he pinched my nipples while his cock was buried in my throat. I began to trash and moan into my dad's and began to gag. He grunted, an animalistic guttural grunt that came from deep inside, I felt it through his cock. He stopped and pulled his cock out, there were few tears running down the side of my face.


"It's time for you to take this cock up that tight pussy of yours."


He walked around the bed, got on top and put his face to my hole. He licked it and then he spit on it. I grunted now. He pulled me closer to him; I could feel his cockhead at the entrance of my ass. He teased my hole by rubbing his cockhead up, down, and around my hole; he had me whimpering.


He stopped, "Are you ready J, you want daddy's cock in that tight hole?"


"Fuck yeah I do, I need that cock."


He me lubed up so well that his cockhead popped in with little resistance from my part and was doing a fair share of relaxing on my end. He slowly began to push further and further, I was starting to wince, he stopped at looking my facial expression.


I took a few deep breaths and in doing so stopped relaxing my muscles and clenched, "Holy fuck J! Stop! Stop! You're going to make me cum! Relax!"


I tried to relax both the muscles in my ass and myself. My dad came down to me hovering a few inches above my face with his strong arms supporting him on either side of me. In a breathy voice he said, "That was incredible J, the way that you squeezed your daddy's cock like that. Fuck, I wanted to just fill you with my seed so fucking bad."


He began to kiss my neck and I wrapped my arms his neck, I immediately began to relax again and he began to push in more of his fat cock in me. I was moaning "Daddy!" in his ears and pulling on his hair.


He stopped kissing and biting on my neck, "You like that J? Fuck you're so soft and sensitive all over the place," and with that he thrusted the last inch or so of his cock in me. I felt his pubes tickle the area around my ass; I had gotten comfortable enough now that I had wrapped my legs around his waist. He was pounding me fast and hard so that his balls were smacking against me, I continued to moan uncontrollably.


He lifted himself up from my body and I got to admire his physique very well from this angle; his broad shoulders, his slightly hairy barrel chest, nickel sized nipples, and tight upper abs. I put both of my hands to his chest and scratched as I looked into his green eyes, there was sweat starting to form at his brow. I scratched downwards and came across his nipples and pinch both of them, he threw his head back, grunted in pleasure and squeezed my waist with hands; bring me closer to his body.


"Clench that tight hole for daddy J." He commanded. I did as soon as he was going back in my hole and released and his way out, "Fuck, you were meant to fucked hard and long like this. This pussy is meant for thick cocks."


"Fuck yeah, daddy. I love your thick cock in my hole." He pulled me closer to him and lifted my slightly so that his cock went deeper in me, this new angle hit my prostate with full force that I almost came again.


Commenting on my reaction, "Oh? Does J like when I do that?" and he did it again quickly. I lost my breath and couldn't even moan. He did it again and again and again. Closing the amount of time with each thrust.


"Daddy I'm going to cum! Ugh! Please! Fuck!"


"Me too baby, clench that tight hole for me again." I did but not with full ability for I was so close, "Fuck J! Keep doing that!"


"Daddy! Daddy Daddy! I'm cumming! Ugh, I'm cumming!" It was like a dormant volcano erupting, I was shooting cum all over us.

My cumming had sent my dad over the edge, "Here comes my seed J, take daddy's seed!" The floodgates had opened as he emptied his balls in my ass, so much so that I could feel his cum dripping from hole already.


He collapsed on top of me and got up after a minute and said, "That was the best fuck I have ever had, hands down." He went to collapse on top of me again but I woke up in my bed alone and dressed as I was before. The only difference now was that I had cum all my briefs.


"A wet dream!" I thought, "Of course it was!" Not sure when was the last time that I had relieved myself, since all the craziness that has been going on I haven't really been in the mood to do such things. I got up and headed to my bathroom so that I could can myself up.


I changed into a pair of clean briefs, I looked at my phone and saw that Liz had already texted me saying that she was about to leave and head over to the Apple store, 15 minutes ago. I dashed to my closet, threw on clothes, and ran out of my house.


Luckily, I live pretty close to the mall that the Apple is in, so I got there in no time. Actually I had perfect timing, for the second that I had pulled into a parking spot I got a phone call from Liz,


"Hey, I'm right outside the Apple Store, where are you?"


"Just pulled in, be there in like 2 minutes."


"Alright then, see you in a bit!"


I closed my car door as I hung up the phone and headed over to the mall entrance.


I soon saw Liz standing outside of the store in a pair of skintight hunter green leather pants, a nude top that was made up of layers lace and silk chiffon and a pair of deep plum Louboutin bootys.  Having not seen me yet, I decided to make my presence known, "Did you have to use some Crisco to put on those leather pants?"


"You know," Liz said as she turned to face me, "you are a complete dickhead."


"Well, hello to you too then!"


"Oh shut up!" She said rolling her eyes at me. "Shall we get this damn computer, I'm starving! I haven't had a stitch of food all day!"


We entered and were greeted by a lanky, tall, geeky guy that was somewhat cute. After some back and forth, it was settled that I was going to get a 15-inch MacBook Pro. We made our way towards the entrance of the store and stepped out back into the mall.


"I'm glad that was fast and painless, for I need to eat something, like now!" Liz replied rubbing her hand over her stomach in a circular pattern.


"We are going to have lunch now, calm down. What are feeling like getting?"


"P.F. Changs." She thought about it for an extra second, "Yes, most certainly that's what I want."


"Well then P.F. Changs it is."


We began to talk in the direction where the restaurant was located. We kept the window-shopping to a minimum like we were heat-seeking missiles with an intended target.


We were near the place when Liz stopped dead in her tracks, "Holy! Fuck!"


"Liz! What is it? What's wrong?"


Her face was totally blank. I couldn't read any expression on her, which was a first for me. She kept her eyes locked on something that was ahead of us.


I followed her gaze, "SHIT FUCK!!!"


Devin was there walking towards us. He didn't seem to notice that we had seen him or that we were even aware of him, he seemed to be distracted. Perfect.


I turned back to Liz so that my back was toward Devin, "Fuck! Liz what should we do?!"


Liz just looked down at her hands and then back at me with an open mouth but, there were no words coming out; she didn't have any idea.


"Let's just jump in here until he walks past us." I said grabbing her hand and dragging her towards the store that were in front of.


"Crate and Barrel. Good idea J, there's like no way that he will be coming in here."


"Well, I'm not taking any chances. Let's walk towards the back of the store so that we can hide but still keep an eye out for when he passes by."


Liz just nodded in confirmation. We made our to about the middle of store, where they had hung several curtains options on display. We had snuck behind them and I had opened a tiny gap so I could look through.


"Ugh! I can't believe he's here! What's he doing here anyway?"


"Liz," I began not moving an inch from my peephole, "it's a mall and it's the weekend. He's here for the same reason we are, to buy shit. It's not really outrageous that he happens to be here."


"Stop being reasonable for a second J!" She said agitated, "It's just that I'm not over what had happened the last time that we were at mall and the fact that he was coming after me when trying to get to you. Forgive me for being upset at the current situation that we have found ourselves to be in."


"I'm not over it either Liz, but we live in the same city, go to the same school; it's bound to happen that I'm going to run into him while out and about. There's no reason to get mad at the inevitable."


She breathed out loudly, "That's fine, I will just need to be mad for the both of us then, which I'm pretty sure that's how it usually is anyway."


I turned and gave her an incredulous look for a hot second before gluing my face back to the peephole. "Well, there is something that I can do about this situation╔"


"Well you're suing the mother fucker."


"Eh╔ That's not really what I meant. It's a more permanent solution than that╔"


"What do you mean?"


"It's kind of part of the reason as to why I wanted to see you, it's sort of a big deal and would involve a really big change." I had stopped to take a breath but then I see Devin outside, "Shit! Liz! He's outside the store and he's looking at the windows!"


"Fuck! Why?! Shit! Do you think that he will╔"


Liz's voice was cut short when she heard the sound of Devin's voice inside the store, "╔Dude, just for a second. My mom's birthday is coming up and I feel like I should be getting her something from here."


I turned to Liz with eyes as big as the dinner plates in the store and mouthed "Fuck!"


"What do we do?" She mouthed in response.


I looked down to think for a second. It was worth a shot. I looked back at Liz and said, "I got it," in a low whisper.


I went back to the peephole; him and his friend were slowly making their way in the direction Liz and I. In order to do what I was thinking, I had to make sure that he had laces. Luckily he was wearing a pair of black Nike's. I focused on the connection between myself and his shoelaces on one of his shoes and willed it to begin to untie itself.


It did and the shoelaces on his left shoe was totally loose. I was excited but there was no time to celebrate for we needed to get out of there as soon as possible. I focused again on one of the laces and slid it under one of his shoes. He began to trip and I focused on his hand and made him hit a display stand that had many stacked glasses on it.


I quickly turned to Liz and grabbed her hand, the moment that I touched her there was a loud shattering noise that went throughout the whole store. I headed straight for the door, pulling Liz behind me. Still, grabbing on to her as I walked us straight into P.F. Changs.


When we walked in she asked, "Was that╔"


I interrupted by shushing her. She immediately closed her mouth tightly.


"Hi and welcome to P.F. Changs, should I get you a table for two."


I turned to the hostess, "Please."


She luckily walked us over to a booth that was a pretty private. God knows if Devin would like to here today, knowing my luck.


She placed the menus on the table and said, "Your waiter will be with you shortly."


"Thank you," we said in unison.


We got settled into the booth, "Did you do that? Right before we left Crate and Barrel, I turned and saw that he was on the floor, all broken glass around him. What happened?" Liz said in a loud whisper.


"Yeah, that was me. I tripped him, I untied one of his shoelaces with my telekinesis, I then made his hand hit one of the display cases around him. I needed an accident that would give us enough time to leave without him noticing us, just tripping him might not have given us enough time." I said with a little regret in my voice.


"Uh╔ J, don't feel bad for doing what you did back there. It was much better what you just did to him from what I would have done if I was in your position." She sounded quite certain about it.


I laughed, "You probably would have. I just don't like that I need to use my ablities as the main means of getting through with Devin."


"Listen J, Devin is a blockhead. I think that he's the kind of guy that will only respond to force, talking to him is probably going to do nothing╔ Wait?" She paused to think, "Abilities? As in more than one? J?"


I proceeded to tell her about the incident with the pool and how I also have hydrokinesis, just like both my grandmothers did.


"Why didn't you tell me?"


"It just happened. Like yesterday just happpened. To be honest, I kind of freaked a bit, you know. I just found out about being a mutant that has telekines through qiute stressful and very public situtation and then within less than 24 hours, I have found out that I have anthoner ability on top of that. My world has been flipped upside down and shaken, quite violently. I'm ticking time bomb at the rate that I'm going, I don't know the extent of my abilities, how to control them, how to deal with them in a tense situation. I just don't know what to do."


"Well, you seemed to have been pretty good back there with Devin." She with some hope in her voice.


"Yeah, well, that was really nothing compared to what happened at Bal Harbour. Where I froze Devin and his friends in mid-air, caused the entire atirum to come crashing down on everyone, and put up a telekinetic shield which, is apparently something that only strong telekinetics can do ."

"you're really worried about this, aren't you?"


"Well yeah, I have the abilities to really hurt people Liz. I can make things happen without even lifting my finger to do it. What if I freak out and do something to someone that I care about? What if I did something to you? Or my parents? Eve? Emily? anyone really, it would be unforgivable even as an accident."


After a few seconds of silence, the waiter had come by and we ordered our food and some waters.


"But J, it wouldn't really be your fault, you know?"


"Yes. Yes it would, for it would be my fault for not having to have learned how to control my aibilities to prevent things from happening to anyone."


"Okay, what are you going to do about learning how to control your telekinesis and hydrokinesis?"


"This why I really wanted to talk to you, my parents mentioned to me today about a school that I could go to where they teach mutants. Everyone is a mutant, the teachers and all the kids. They not only do regular school courses but they also do lessons that you learn about your ability, how to use it, how to control it."


"That sounds really great J! What's it called?"


"Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters."


"Huh, I don't know it. Where is it?"




"Ugh, that's so far away. Why would they put a school there? Whatever, its doable╔"


I interrupted her, "Liz, not Westchester here╔" pointing to the ground.


"You mean╔"


"Westchester County. New York."




Our food had come in, although I felt like I had lost most of the appetite that I did have.


"I know, it's big, like I had mentioned. My parents told me about today, so that I can make a decision on what I wanted to do moving forward. At least right now, I can't go back to our school; I couldn't even stand facing Devin in a place full of strangers. I can't imagine what it would be like at school surrounded by people that I know and the people that Devin know. Also, our school doesn't exactly offer Telekinesis 101 or an elective course on water manipulation. I haven't really made up my mind fully yet, although, in all honesty, Xavier's is looking like a better and better option. I want to my own research before I make up my mind on what to do about it. I wanted to talk about with you, so that there are no surprises, well anymore surprises."


Liz was playing with her chicken with chopsticks, pushing it around her plate, thinking.


"Listen J, I don't like the thought of you leaving, not at all. But," she stopped and thought again, "I know that it is the best the best option for you already. Like you had said that you need to learn control, these abilities are apart of you now and they shouldn't be the ones to running your life, it should be you. As much as I don't it J," I took Liz's hand from across the table and clenched it in mine, she had tears forming in her eyes, "I'm going to say that you should go and I know that you'll be able handle everything and anything that gets thrown at you over there. You need to be somewhere where you can start fresh and get accustomed to your abilities out in the open with people that have gone through what you are experiencing. Besides," she removed her hand from mine, "I'm in NYC all the time anyway so we will still see each other and now, I can a place to crash." She said chuckling while wiping her tears with the napkin from her lap.


"Liz, thank you."


"For what? I'm the one that's going to be crashing with you when I visit you. So actually, you should be saying you're welcome."


After giving another incredulous stare at her, "You're welcome."


"Thanks!" She said wiping the last bit of her tears, "Well at least I know that the new YSL mascara that I bought really is waterproof."


We talked like normal again, going back and forth between talking about nothing in particular, the lawsuit, Devin, Xavier's School, my abilities.

"You know, how I'm going to Paris to do that modeling thing for Prada?"


"Yeah, what about it?"


"Well, I don't think that there are any direct flights from here to Paris. I will probably need to stop at NYC anyway. I could come visit you at Xavier's or we could meet up in the city or something."


"Uh, that would be amazing! Aren't you gone for the entire break in Paris, would your parents let you see me?"


"J, the second that I say your name to them they don't give a shit about what it is that I'm doing, jest because they know that I'm with you. You're their other son, I doubt that it will be a problem."


"I mean if you could come, then yes!"


"Does that mean that you'll be going to Xavier's? Have you made up your mind?"


"With your blessing helping me along, I think so. I just think that it really is the best thing for me to do right now. I want to make sure that I can live without worrying about who is going to see me and then me do something stupid for it. I mean, I will look it up today when I get home and formulate my own opinion about it, but yeah I think that as of right now, it's sort of a yes."


We paid, got up and made our way back to the exit that led to the mall. We were walking arm and arm towards were I had parked my car since Liz also had parked hers near mine.


After about two minutes Liz said, "Shit!"


"What? What is it?"


She nodded ahead of us. I turned my head and saw what she was looking at. Devin who this time, had seen us, was walking to us. He was about 10 feet away when I put my hand in front of myself and he stopped like he had softly bumped into an invisible barrier.


I spoke, "I don't want you any closer than that." I sounded quite stern even though I think that I was about to shit my pants.


"You don't want another lawsuit where you'll be found guilty huh?"


"Actually Devin, it is me that is going to win that lawsuit. Let me just jumpstart your memory for a hot second, it was you that laid your hands on me first. You lifted me and threw me out of my chair. Anything that I do after a move like that is, legally, self defense."


He looked at me like he realized that what I said was the truth and said nothing.


I continued, "I'm also going to say something else, just so that you're in the loop with everything. I had no idea that I was a mutant until that night and I will not apologize for what I did to you and your friends because I know, with the utmost certainty, that you all got what you deserved and will be served the rest of it in the courtroom."


With my arm still around Liz's, we walked past him as how we were before.


"Uh╔ So where did that come from?" Asked Liz.


"What did what come from?"


"That whole tough man act that you just did in front of Devin. I mean, I probably would have used more curse words, yelled a bit, and used my hands but you did an amazing job holding your ground back there. Also, his face, pretty priceless."


"Really? Thanks, I was secretly shitting bricks." I giggled, "I'm not sure what came over me, I was just so overcome with such resentfulness towards him that it just came out like that."


"Well, you know what? It worked, for he had nothing to say. Especially after you had put him in his place like that. I bet he wasn't expecting you to do what you did back there."


We had gotten to my car and we parted ways then, I placed my new MacBook on my passenger side and left the garage to head back to my house. 


As the gate to the house was opening I noticed that there was a car that I didn't recognize, a white 7-series BMW and pulled into the garage. I made my to the door that went to the inside of the house and pulled it towards me, I noticed that Emily was sitting at the breakfast nook as I walked into the house.


She came to me basically running, "You need to go see your parents, in your father's office. There are guests here and they would like to talk to you."


"Uh╔ Okay╔ Who are these people?" I said incredibly confused.


"Go into the office and you'll find out, hurry."


"Alright, alright, I'm going. Can you put this in my room for me then?"


I handed her my bag with my new laptop, she just nodded and continued to shoo my along in the general direction of my dad's office.


The door was slightly ajar, so I knocked before I came in. I looked at the large white marble Saarinen Table that my dad has in his office that was used for when he held meeting in the house was particularly full. I noticed my parents and three others that I did not recognize. A strong-jawed woman with copper red hair that flowed in soft loose curls below her breasts. An African woman who skin was the color of caramel with pronounced cheekbones and hair white as paper that she kept in full bob. Last, was an incredibly attractive man with 5 o'clock shadow, a square jaw line, broad shoulders and ruby colored sunglasses. Suddenly there appeared a bald man in a wheelchair that came around the people that were apparently standing in front of him.


"You must be Jacob, I am Charles Xavier."






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