Chapter 3:

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My iHome alarm was going off:

"I don't blame you for being you,
but you can't blame me for hating it
so say, what are you waiting for?
Kiss her; kiss her
I set my clocks early 'cause I know I'm always late."

I started swatting in the general direction of the music, in the hopes that I would eventually hit the damn snooze button. I realized as I continued to flop my hand up and down, I wasn't even hitting my nightstand, just air. I turned my head, and noticed that I wasn't anywhere near the nightstand. I was actually floating about two feet above my bed! Then, I suddenly went down and hit my bed.

I opened my eyes and the alarm continued where it left off:

"Write me off, give up on me
Cause darling, what did you expect
I'm just off a lost cause
a long shot, don't even take this bet."

                Well, that was an interesting dream... Never had one like that before. Well, I have had dreams where I flew through the city, ocean and stuff like that, but never in my room; yet alone just floating over my bed. A dream is a dream, I guess.

                I didn't have to fight with my alarm that morning because of the startling dream; usually I spend fifteen minutes fighting with the snooze button. I went over to the ledge of the bed and hit the "alarm off" button, and the music stopped. I rubbed my eyes to help me focus.

                I went to my nightstand and pressed the built-in remote for the curtains, I pressed the mode that is labeled "Morning." It lets in just enough light where you can see clearly and blocks enough where you aren't acting like a fleeing vampire from the sunlight. I hate when a room is too bright when I wake up, have I mentioned that I HATE mornings.

                I dragged my feet along the Dark Mahogany floors, that I picked out, and entered the bathroom. There's only a small frosted window that is near the shower, so there isn't that much light in there. I open one of the side vanity cabinets that are alongside the mirror and searched for my toothbrush and Vivid White Toothpaste. They're both in the same location that I place them in every day, but in the mornings, they always seem to be located otherwise.

                I brush my teeth and head over to the toilet and do my business with no hands; yes, I have been practicing since I was eight, thank you very much. You know the saying "shake more than three times and you're playing with yourself." Well, if someone was watching me they would think that I was jerking off; three times is just not enough, sorry. I spit in the sink and have some water to remove the excess toothpaste from my mouth.

                I drag my feet, once again, but this time it's over to my closet. I get in and turn on the light. I just stare at my clothes for about two minutes, not even thinking, just staring mindlessly at my clothes, like I do every morning. I come out of my glazed state and, this time, to actually look at my clothes. I hate picking out an outfit, most mornings I feel like wearing nothing except for my pajamas, but I would never dare to leave the house like I just rolled out of bed. There are times that I wish possessed that capability, but I know that I would never make it through the door if I decided to try one day. I decided to cop-out and go totally basic, a long sleeve emerald colored Lacoste polo and a pair of Sevens, something that you could never go wrong in. I really liked the shirt it helped bring out, surprise, the green in my eyes.

                I sat down at my desk to check the weather. It said that the High was going to be 78 and the low 70 after reading it, I had to sigh. I hate Miami weather. I know, you're thinking how can you hate 78 and 70 degrees, especially in mid-November? Well, you can. This is supposed to be FALL, not SUMMER. We don't get seasons over here, and on top of that it's a sauna when you walk outside. Everyday humidity is always at least 90 percent, hence why my hair is now short and not as long as it used to be, it was such a pain to try to stylize it when the second you walked outside it just puffed up. The sun also gets rather annoying. You don't get warmed by the sun here, you bake, cook, fry, burn, need I go on; and it's basically every single day. YAY, to the Sunshine State! It's nice to visit, but to live here; it's a whole different story. That's why, when I apply for schools to go to college, they will ALL be in away from Florida.

                I quickly went over to the mirror to wet my hair and put some pomade in it, and curled the front up.

                I stepped out of the bathroom and grabbed my Louis Vuitton messenger bag from the chair, right where I had left it last night, took a quick glance at the clock (7:45a.m.) and headed downstairs.

                Emily made breakfast every morning for everyone, but me. I cannot eat in the mornings, you see even my body is disgusted by mornings, because usually I just end up getting sick. But, thanks to my mom, I am forced to take at least a banana or apple, along with my morning coffee.

                "Good morning Jacob-san. Do you feel better?" Emily said placing the eggs on the plates for my parents and sister.

                "Yes, much better. I think I just needed rest."

                "Well, that's good. I put your coffee and apple on the counter here." She pointed to her left with the spatula that had a piece of cooked egg hanging from it.

                I never knew what time Emily got up. She must have been an early riser, because ever since I was little I can remember her always being downstairs in the morning making food.

                I grabbed the apple and my coffee mug, and went to the laundry room to enter the garage. I went down the steps and walked towards my car. Thank goodness my BMW came with one of those "Smart Key" things, because I never know where the hell my keys are. All I know is that they are on me, somewhere, because when I come close to the car it opens for me. I took my bag off my shoulder and threw it onto the passenger seat and got in.

                Another great advantage to a "Smart Key," I feel like an infomercial, is that all you have to do is press a button to start the car and you can drive away. I pressed to the button above me to open the garage door, reversed out of the garage and went on the road to school.

                I ate my apple along the way and wrapped the core in a napkin. I pulled into the lot at 8:02 and I don't have to be in class until 8:15. So as usual, Liz waits in her TT until I park in my spot and she walks over to come in.

                She taps my window. I pretend not to know who it is.

                She taps on the window again and says to me, "Open the door, you ass!"

                I cup my hand at the side of my ear and mouth off to her, "What? I can't hear you."

                She gives up and just places her hand on the handle of the door.

                I let her in and she sits down.

                "You're a fucking bastard, that's what you are."

                I'm grinning from ear to ear, "And yet you keep coming back for more."

                She hits me playfully across the chest, "Yeah, I have no idea why," and she laughs.

                "So how was the date the Mayor's son...hmm?" I looked at her questioningly.

                "It went really good actually. We went to the new restaurant `Astrum' that's in SoBe (South Beach) and we had so much fun." She was waiving her arms in the air, she loves to "talk" with her hands as much she like to talk with her mouth.

                "And?" I was waiting for more.

                "He's so nice too and so charismatic. We were talking the entire time we were there. It was so much fun." She turned to me and was giving me a heartwarming smile.

                "Oh, that's good Liz." I put my hand on her arm.

                Her heartwarming smile became a devilish grin, "AND... He's an amazing kisser. He knows just how to do it, forceful but not overpowering with just the right amount of tongue. He is SO good."

                "Alright, calm down Liz." I said I started to point the air condition vents at her skirt, "I don't think that you would want to get your favorite Dolce skirt wet." I smiled at her.

"What do you..."  She realized what I saying and she hit me across the chest again, "Perv." She laughed.

She was staring outside through the front windshield and said, "So, Alison texted me yesterday and told me that you were practically drooling all over Devin."

I grunted, "Liz, come on, you've seen him."

She looks at me, "Uh-huh." She was licking her lips.

I continued, "And he's so nice and charismatic..."

She scowled at me, "Ha ha, funny man." She rolled her eyes.

I looked at the clock and saw that it was 8:10, and I asked Liz "Can you pass me my bag, it's on the floor there, and we need to get going."

She looked at the clock and grabbed my bag, "I can't wait to leave this place." She gave me a frustrated face.

"I know what you mean; life is way too monotonous already." We were getting out of the car and closed the doors as I continued, "Aren't we supposed to be in this lifestyle when we are older and have kids and what not."

                She nodded in agreement as we started to head into the school, "Right! If it wasn't for my occasional fashion shoot and date, my life is as bland as it comes. "

                I gave her an "oh please" look as we continued to walk, "Sweetie, have you forgotten that I'm not a model and have never had a `real' date..." I would have added a tapping foot if we weren't moving.

                "Sorry, I forgot," She smiled at me, "that you're waiting for the `right' guy to have your first everything with. You're a hopeless romantic, you know that."

"Well, what can say?" I said as we entered our AP English class. "Patience is a virtue, karma owes me big time." She was laughing as was I.

                We both sat next to each other, as we always did. Our teacher, Mr. Pulford, didn't have a seating chart so everyone could sit where ever they wanted, although we basically have maintained the same seats since the first week of school.

                I usually give Mr. Pulford my full fledge attention; the class itself is great. We read something in-class, and then have an open discussion about what we read, which usually breaks off into some conversation about the deeper meaning of life, love, etc. He was also such an insightful guy, and a great story teller. Although he was a little bit passed fifty, the whole class knew that if any of the kids asked him to smoke with them, he would.

                But that day I was just off looking into space and thinking about the conversation me and Liz had. She's right you know, I am a hopeless romantic. Let's just say I haven't been so fortunate in the, fuck the "Love" department, the "Relationship" department is totally understaffed. I have only actively pursued one guy that could actually return the feeling, and that didn't exactly end well.

                We met when one day when I went with my friend, Bridgette, whom I affectionately call "B," when we went to pick her younger brother's summer camp, where he was working during the summer before I entered Junior year.

                B was yelling from across the gym, "Jon, I'm here to take you home."

                I wasn't expecting her to yell right next to me, so I flinched.

                "B, next time you're going to yell right next to me ear, could you please warn me." I said while I was covering my left ear. She's an adorable Cuban teen, with dimples, but when she opens that mouth, take cover. She is loud and that may be an understatement.

                "Sorry," she was smiling at me, "I tend to forget that I'm loud."

                Her little brother Jon came up with this guy that got my knees all weak.

                B was the first one to speak, "Go get your stuff from the locker, so I can take you home." She muffed the top of his head and he left right after.

                She watched him go off, in what I would assume was the direction of the locker room; she looked back at me and the guy. "Oh, sorry. David, this is my friend Jacob. Jacob, this is David, Jon's instructor."

                He put his hand out to shake mine. I almost forgot how to stand and he wants me to shake his hand! Luckily I gathered my bearings and I was able to shake his hand.

                "Nice to meet you." He was staring right into my eyes.

                "You too." I smiled as I released his hand.

                He stood about 5' 11," with light brown eyes and brown hair, with a little bit of sweat along his hair line. Since he works at a kid's gymnastics center, he himself was a gymnast, so he had a great body, and you know I'm a sucker for muscles.

                B spoke, "I need to get a water bottle for Jon. I'm going to head to the vending machine."

                I was thinking to myself as she was walking away, "Don't leave me! I need someone to catch me when I fall!"

                She looked back at me, "I'll be right back, and it's just down the hall anyway."

                The only thing that I could succumb myself to say was an "Okay."

                But that, luckily, didn't stop him from talking to me, "You have the most amazing eyes I have ever seen, they're an absolutely gorgeous shade of green."

                If you would have placed me next to a tomato, I would have been redder. (Damn my pale skin.) "Thank you, I got them from my dad."

                He must have seen the color of my face, who couldn't? "Mind if I ask for your number so I could call you to go out some time." He got a little closer; he was about 2 feet away from me.

                "Sure, anytime." I smiled, and I was floored how I said it without my voice cracking, the first guy to ever ask for my number and I was acting like I had done it thousands of times.

                He patted the sides of his shorts, "Shit! I must have left my phone in my locker."

                "That's fine I have a pen with me." I went to my bag to take out pen and paper, but I only removed the pen, I was thinking of doing things a little "unconventional". "Found a pen, but no paper," I was lying through my teeth, I had a whole binder full of paper, but I wasn't going to let him know that.

                He looked at me, "My hands are kinda sweaty." He raised both his hands and looked at me with an apologetic face.

                I was betting on that, "That's fine." I took one of his raised hands and rubbed it against my chest and moved it down. I looked back up at him, "There, problem solved." I smiled.

                He raised his eyebrow at me, "That's one way to do it."

                I wrote my number on his hand, checked to make sure it was legible, and returned his hand.

                He looked at it and smiled, "Well, at least I know it's not the rejection hotline." He laughed.

                I laughed also, "You get the rejection hotline that often huh?"

                Just then B and her brother came at the same time and we said "Bye" to David. I made sure that there was a little more swing in my step as I walked out.

                He texted me that night.

We were talking exclusively, emphasis on exclusively, for about a month and half. We had gone out as "friends" many times with his friends, my friends, by ourselves; to the movies, lunch and dinner, to parks, a whole bunch places.  

My parents along with my sister and myself take our annual long vacation during the summer when both my sister and I are out of school. We were going to Alaska and Seattle, for about three weeks and I wanted to see him before we left.

So, I texted him about two weeks before we left so we could have time to make "official" plans before I left.

He returned by saying "Oh yeah, sure. No problem."

So I went on texting him for about a week, and then resorted to calling when he wasn't answering back his texts. I left on the cruise and stayed in Seattle, with no word from him.

I was pissed at him, to say the least. Why hadn't he answered me back? Was it something I did? Was I too needy or something? I had all these questions going through my head when, conveniently enough, look who is calling.

I answer, "Hello."

"Hello, Sorry Jacob that I have been M.I.A. for so long. Want to go see a movie with Michael, Erick, and Vanessa?" 

Any anger just floated away from me, "Okay, sounds good. You owe me anyway," I said playfully.

"Yeah, I do. Just come over my house soon and we can leave from here."

"No problem, I will see you then."

I got dressed, hopped into my car and headed over to his house.

I got over there and knocked on his front door.

He smiled as he opened the door, "Hey! How you been." He put out both his arms.

I went in the for the hug, "Much better now."

We released each other from our embrace, and I followed him into his room.

                I laid on his bed, while he finished getting ready.

He began to talk from his bathroom, "Sorry I've impossible to reach."

"That's alright, what happened anyway?"

"Oh nothing, I was dating this guy, Oliver, for about a month and half..." He kept saying more. But I wasn't listening.

What does he mean DATING?! Like boyfriend and boyfriend?! What the FUCK?! I was so pissed. I can't believe that he would do such a thing! What is wrong with him?!

I was so infuriated. What is the matter with him?! I heard him the bathroom, "Ah! What the fuck?! Why is this water so fucking HOT?!"

"Serves you right!" I said to myself.

I got up and left the house. I went right into my car and left. I was so enraged and livid.

                It took me about twenty minutes to get to his house on the way over; I was back in less than five.

                About ten seconds after I got back, my phone was ringing off the hook. I had about ten missed calls in five minutes. Within the week I had close to thirty calls and fifteen texts, and did I answer anyone of them: nope. He wasn't worth my time. After he specifically told me that he liked me and enjoyed being with me, he held my hand after he said that. I was so hurt, actually even now, it still hurts me; four months after the fact.

                I was snapped back into the real world when Liz tapped my knee under the table.

                "Are you okay? Class just finished I noticed that you weren't moving."

                "Yeah, I wasn't paying attention today. I was lost in my thinking."

                I was getting up from chair, when Liz spoke, "What were you thinking about?"

                I looked up at her as I was coming up from getting my bag from the floor, "You will laugh at me and you're going to give the `speech' again."

                She looked at me inquisitively and then realized what I was talking about. "Jacob, not again. You know that he isn't worth it. Despite the fact that he is tall, good looking, muscular, has abs that..." she looked at me and saw my face, "...sorry. I got a little carried away." We were on the way out when Mr. Pulford decided to pull me aside.

                "Jacob, can I talk with you for a second."

                "Sure, no problem. I will see you during lunch Liz." I waved goodbye as I walked to Pulford's desk.

                "I noticed that you didn't participate today," he started as I was coming closer to his desk, "actually, I don't think that you were paying attention at all today."

                "Yeah, I'm sorry about that today, I was just lost in thought."

                "Jacob, you're one of best students, you're entitled to have `off' days. I was just making sure that you were okay." He told me compassionately.

                I smiled, "Thanks Pulford, I promise once the weekend goes by I will be myself again."

                He smiled, "Alright, see you next week."

                "I will be here both physically and mentally by then."

                He laughed as I walked out the classroom.

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