Chapter Five:

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I walked towards the spot that I, Liz, and the "group" usually sit for our lunch. I saw Liz from a distance and she saw me as well and started waving for me to come to her.

I walked towards the group, "Hey guys, what's up?"

Almost everyone in unison answered, "What's up?"

Liz, being herself, was the only one that didn't answer along with the group; she beats to her own drum. "Hey! I heard what happened in Saron's class today... Hilarious! Oh my god, I wish I was there, I knew I should've signed up for AP Chem," she was smiling.

"It was pretty great... But I think that Alison is the one that should take the majority of the credit."

"Yeah, well, I heard that your `burned' comment was pretty fantastic. I so wish I was there..." She was laughing now, "... and to see Spencer's face..." She signed with a grin on her face.

Veronica spoke, "Yeah, I wish I was there too." She was a stunning black girl with creamy skin, and a tiny body; she could possibly pass as a model as well.

"Yeah dude, that shit must have been off the HOOK!" Allen is such a character and a riot. He's probably the funniest kid in our school. You know, the genuine-type funny, not the annoying-fly-in-your-ear funny. He should really be a comedian; he looks kind of funny too. He stands well over 6 foot, has these long arms and legs with a vibrant red hue of locks on his head.

Rick and Ali, otherwise known as the "couple," were laughing to themselves farthest away from me. They really do make the cutest couple in the entire school. They've been going out since freshman year and appear to still be going strong. They fit so well together. Ali is around 5'6" with a curvy body and tiny waist, with an ass that would make Sir Mix-a-Lot write a remix. Rick is the stereotypical tall, dark, and handsome type. He has olive-toned Mediterranean skin (probably thanks to his Greek parents), thick brown curls of hair that stopped by a square jawbone and he had a pair of emerald green eyes. Yes, he is very good looking.

"You see what you miss out when you're not in AP Chem." I said chucking.

Veronica spoke and snapped her fingers, "I don't know about you guys... but, I'm starving over here."

"Yeah, I so hungry..." Alan said in a deep caveman-like voice, while rubbing, what would be a belly if he wasn't so skinny. That boy can eat, and eat, and eat some more, take a break and eat again. I have NO idea he puts all of that damn food.

"I was thinking that we went to Offerdahl's for lunch, I really want a sandwich." Rick said.

In public schools the students are not allowed to leave campus to go out for lunch, but being in a private school, the rules do not apply. The only rule about off-campus lunch was you had to least be a junior. Yay!

"I could do that." Ali spoke, of course she agrees.

Everyone looked around and seemed to be fine with that.

We walked towards the parking lot, me and Liz got into her Audi, while the rest of the group piled into Rick's Porsche Cayenne because all of us wouldn't fit in one car. The only security that was in the parking lot was a lone guard that stood near the gate to check our ID's to make sure that we're all juniors. Rick's Cayenne was in front of us as we exited the parking lot and making a left onto the road that took us to the highway.

Once we got to the highway we made a right and got on to it. Liz was right behind Rick, even though she knew where she was going, I assume she preferred following him instead. We drove for 5 minutes on the highway before we had to get off. We got into the left turning lane, where we were met with a red light. Liz and I were in the car, dancing to Brittany Spear's `Gimme More,' which was playing at full volume and we had the windows down. We were both singing at the top of our lungs, very poorly may I add, but we didn't care.

"The center of attention, even when we're up against the wall
You got me in a crazy position uh huh
If you're on a mission ooh
You got my permission oh

We can get down like there's no one around
We keep on rocking, we keep on rockin'
Cameras are flashing while we're dirty dancing
They keep watching, keep watchin'
Feels like the the crowd was saying

The light was taking forever, but me and Liz continued singing along to the radio.

Gimme Gimme more
Gimme more
Gimme gimme more..."

The light finally turned green and Rick started turning left and Liz followed suit right behind him, when a car suddenly smashed into Rick's Cayenne. Liz was going at least 35 miles per hour, because it was a large intersection; we knew that we were going to hit it if she didn't think of something quickly.

Liz was screaming above and beyond the top of her lungs, and I braced myself by placing my right arm on the door of the car and the left on the armrest, gripping it tightly. All the sudden, the world seemed to slow down completely, and I was feeling in the car. It was as if I was a part of a car. I turned over to Liz and noticed that her hands were turning the steering wheel towards the right, which was away from the accident that happened right in front of us. I looked up and saw that we were getting closer and closer, but if she didn't turn the car sharper we would hit the cars in front of us indefinitely, but if she turned too sharp we would flip over.

I was pushed back into reality, but I still felt a part of the car, and wanting to turn right, the car did. Liz had both feet on the brake pedal hitting them with full force. She also had to deal with the sliding of the other car pushing Rick's in our general direction. We skid at a 45 degree angle towards the right and stopped about 4 feet away from the two car collision. Liz was still gripping the steering wheel tightly and was breathing deeply from the shock of what happened. I was utterly speechless but, came to very quickly. Still in shock, I opened the passenger side door and ran towards the collision.

"Is everyone OK?" I was screaming through the door and Ali, being on the passenger's side, heard me, looked around and nodded in agreement. I went over to the other car to see how the driver was doing. Because of the way that the other driver hit Rick's Cayenne, the only part that was badly damaged was the first half of the passenger side of the car. The driver, who was a tall stocky man, came to when I began to tap on his window.

"Are you OK?" I was about 4 feet away from his door. The man looked at me and got out of his car and slammed the door shut.

I was about to say something but, he started running away from the accident. I have no idea what compelled me, but I began to chase after him.

I yelled to Liz, "Call the fucking police!"

To say that I was hauling ass would be a gross understatement. I was going at full force and at full speed to my ability. That guy was a really fast for being a stocky guy. When he realized that I was chasing him from behind he decided to dash in front of oncoming traffic on the opposite side of the road. I have no idea what the hell is wrong with this guy, but I jumped over the curb and to oncoming traffic, just like he did. To say the least, I had no idea what was wrong with me. Why was a chasing him? What has come over me? Was there some sort of animalistic instinct that kicked in when I saw that he was running, or was it the shock from what happened and what he was doing that drove me to chase him?

I have no idea, but I was doing it anyway. This guy is crazy. He was actually jumping in front of cars, and semi trucks, was he mad? But to tell you the truth, I wasn't far behind. We were finally able to make it across the four lane highway, and he jumped into the parking lot of where we were going to eat, how ironic. The only way I was going "capture" this guy was if I, obviously, ran faster than him and caught up to him; or at the other option of jumping him from behind and slamming him right into the floor.

He was running across the parking lot, thank goodness it was empty minus a few parked cars. He looked behind him and saw that I was still chasing him down. I don't know what came over me, but the latter option seemed to be my best bet. I was running at full force, I could feel my legs beginning to cramp, but I devised a plan.

I am so glad I'm a dancer! Because if it wasn't for that, I most likely, actually, would not, have not been able to do what I was thinking of doing. Still running and about 5 feet behind him, I decided to go through with my plan. With the momentum that I had, and I can sure you it was a lot, I decided that I was going to do a front flip, or if necessary flips, and eventually hit him with the soles of my feet on his back.

I began to push my body forward with hands in the air, and I further pushed myself until I stuck the landing with my hands and I pushed off once again. I landed gracefully on my feet and noticed I was getting closer to him, with a split second decision I continued to flip forward. After about three flips, I noticed I was gaining not only more momentum/speed, but also more height. On my fourth flip, I felt like I was flying through the air, and landed once again on my hands and decided that this was a moment that I needed to do what I had to. With all my might I pushed myself off once again with my feet flying in the air, and with both feet pointed, hammered him towards the ground. Something short of a miracle happened to me, I was able to not only force him down; I was able to push myself up from his back and land on my feet ,no less than 2 feet from where his face fell.

Apparently, a crowd gathered throughout this entire spectacle and was clapping when I landed. I turned around and saw the large group clapping and some were applauding. I looked down and that is the guy began to come to. So what did I do? I kicked him, and his fell back to the asphalt. Knowing fully well that he could still hear me, I began to yell at him.

"What were you thinking? Are you insane? You fucking idiot! I cannot believe that I had to chase you down, shove your ass to the ground and kick you, before you stopped!" I was livid. "You could have killed somebody! You didn't even give a shit about what the fuck were you doing! I am going to press all applicable laws so that I can to put your ass in jail! And believe me you will never forget this day."

Everyone in the crowd seemed to agree with me because they're all cheering and clapping for me and the mouthful that I was giving the man.

Liz was running from the intersection towards the parking lot, "Holy SHIT! That was AMAZING! How the hell did you do that?" She was coming in from the entrance of the lot with her arms flailing in the air. "I called the police already and told them that they would most likely need to send a search unit to find the bastard... But there goes that need." By the time she finished saying all that she was standing right next to me.

I turned to her, "Is everyone in Rick's car okay?"

"They're all fine, just still in shock, but I can't say the same for the car. The lower portion of driver's door is totally caved in; I don't think he will be able to open it." I was relieved to hear that no one was hurt and Liz continued to speak, "I was so scared in the car, but I guess I can drive pretty well, huh?"

I turned to look at her, "Yeah I was scared too. And trust me, I know you were scared shitless; there's a ringing in my left ear." She hit me across the chest, "But I will admit, that was some stunt that you pulled with the car." She beamed me a large smile.

The police arrived within 10 minutes after Liz called. There were two cruisers that arrived at the scene. One cruiser had the stereotypical fat cop, you know the one that stops to eat donuts; but the other cruiser had the other kind of stereotypical cop. He's at least 6'4" with a large, well built chest, 5 o'clock shadow, and classic aviators that were tinted a dark black with a gold frame. (The kind that fantasies are made of, that kind...)

He looks as intimidating as he sounds. He walked towards me, Liz and the man, whose face was still planted on the asphalt.

When he was standing about three feet away from us he placed his hands by his holster and spoke, "I guess... My, uh, expertise will not be needed as originally planned?" He was looking at the ground and then looked at both me and Liz, "Do you mind telling who, literally, took him down?"

Liz laughed and I chuckled, but the officer didn't see the humor in it. In a sturdy voice he said, "I don't see what is so funny, the person that took him down could have seriously been hurt and I need to thank the person that took down a man that we've been chasing for two months."

Liz looked at me, and couldn't help herself but to continue to laugh. The officer was really not amused by this behavior. He removed his sunglasses, got closer to Liz, and pointed his glasses in her face, "Now you listen here..."

I interrupted him, "Officer...?"


"Officer Hansen, the only reason she is laughing is because, I'm the one that took him down."

He looked at me with a raised eyebrow and an inquisitive look, with Liz, of course, still chucking away.

"Now that's funny." He chuckled, a bit harshly.

That sends me into a slightly defensive mode, Liz feels it too and isn't chuckling as much, "No, really I did. Ask any of the people here."

He raised an eyebrow again, "You mean to tell me that you, a person who weighs, what 125 pounds; was able to force a man that weighs around 100 more pounds than you, to the ground?"

I looked at him with my eyebrow raised, "Yes, and it's 130." His argument makes sense, but it still pissed me off. The man and the cop were basically the same person, they were around the same height and weight (except the other guy was more fat than muscle), and I'm sure he doesn't go down as easily.

He looked at me and then the guy on the ground, making the same observation as me he said, "Show me how you did it."

Liz spoke, "What?! Why don't you believe him?"

"Oh, I believe he is telling the truth. That's why he should have no problem in reenacting what he did to take down the perpetrator. "

Liz was about to say something again, but I stopped her, "He's right Liz. If my story is true then, I should be able to reproduce what I did to the man with little trouble." I was going to show that cop whose boss, and Liz caught on to what I was doing and stayed quiet.

I was going to set up the scene for the Officer so that he could imitate as close as possible what happened. Liz stepped aside to tell the fat cop what a dumbass this Officer Hansen is. "We ran through here, and jumped through these bushes, over this hill, landed on this parking space and we ran through here, where I was able to get him, here." I pointed down at the man, who I presume is unconscious because he hasn't moved since I kicked him earlier.

The officer looked at me again, "Okay, whatever you say." He put his glasses back on. He started to walk towards the "starting point" and I follow behind. I was going to embarrass the every loving shit out if this man.


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