Chapter 6:

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"So tell me, how did this happen again?" the officer said as we began to retrace my steps.

"Like I said before, we ran through here," I said as I pointed at the line that I had dashed through, "and we continued to move through the bushes and into the parking lot." He nodded.

"But how did you take him down in the parking lot, you haven't mentioned it." A crooked grin appeared on his handsome face. Just because the guy is an asshole, doesn't mean that I can't give credit when credit is due.

"Don't worry about it; just keep running when you get to the lot." I said as I turned my head, grinning nonetheless. He just looked at me, "Whatever you say."

"When I say `go,' start running."



Luckily the oncoming traffic was closed due to the pending "investigation" that needed to take place. He was running (might I add he had a very nice ass) and most likely not at full force; he probably felt that he needed to "take it easy" on me. Whatever, I didn't care, I had already ran; I was tired. Now, don't get me wrong, he was still running fast; just not as fast as he could go.

We made it through the 4-lane highway and he just jumped over the bushes into the parking lot, where I followed shortly. I landed on the asphalt, gracefully thank you. I know that I had to pull off a second miracle from my ass in order to prove to the officer that I was telling the truth and to show him whose boss. I began to mentally prepare myself for what I had to do; hopefully I can do it again.

I could hear Liz cheering, "Get that asshole!" The group of people that was there from before remained to see Act Two of my Show apparently.

I saw that we were close to the place where I took down the other asshole, so I breathed deeply. I began to propel forward. I was airborne on my first handstand; I guess my determination played a factor. I stuck the landing beautifully, and continued to do so for the second, third, and forth; getting more and speed and air as I completed each flip. Again, with all my might I pushed myself forward as hard as I could and pushed with every muscle in me to push my hands off the ground and truly become airborne.

I think I was higher this time than I was the first, I think that my body knew I had to do this and the adrenaline kicked in. I landed right where I wanted to on his shoulders. To say that I pushed hard would be a lie, I wanted to shove him into the ground. Not only did he fall but he did two somersaults on the ground before he stopped. When I pushed off of his shoulders, I was able to do a forward twist flip (if you can call it that) and basically floated down on leg, bending my knee with hands catching the rest of my weight, so that I was closer to the ground level.

Still in the same position that I landed, I slowly rose, "That's how I took him down, Officer Hansen." It was probably one of the best moments in my life, to say the least. I looked towards the spectators, silence dominated.

"Holy fucking shit!" Liz was not only the first to say something but was yelling as well, "But... How? Oh my GOD! That was..."

I finished her sentence, "Amazing." I smiled

"No," she paused "that was unbelievable, fantastic, extraordinary... I need fucking thesaurus to describe what just happened."

She stood still, along with the rest of the group. But then she began to move towards me, we hugged.

After what was about 15 seconds of hugging, Officer Hansen began to come to. Liz was the first to say something, "I'm sorry, what was that," she paused and moved closer to him, "is that the apology that you owe my friend?"

I smiled, but nudged her on the shoulder, "Liz, please, a little modesty."

"Nope. She's right." Said Officer Hansen as he began to get from the floor, "I do owe you an apology. I acted like an ass..."

"Well at least you can admit it."

"Liz!" I interjected.

"Yes, I am one to admit when I've acted like an asshole and been proven wrong. I have learned the hard way not to judge a book by its cover, I'm sorry." He said that with an assuring smile and continued, "Well, I assume that you would like to press charges on out perpetrator."

Liz jumped in to answer, "Yes. Every little thing that we can press charges on I want done. He needs to learn never to do that ever again, even if it is the hard way."

I just looked at Liz and then back at Officer Hansen, "Yes, Officer Hansen we would like to press all applicable charges on him, thank you."

"Well, I guess I will be taking him to the Big House." He walked away.

I turned to Liz, "You know you don't have to go through an entire speech to press charges." I rolled my eyes.

"What?! I felt empowered by you proving Mr. Big-Shot wrong," she turned and pointed to him, "speaking of..."

I turned to see what she was looking at, despite us not being the happiest with Officer Hansen, doesn't mean that we can't like what's in his trunk. So, what did we do? Stare like 2 teenage girls, drooling over some private school boy.

Officer Hansen then decided to turn around, slightly scaring us, "Oh, and thanks for taking him down."

I just waved with an awkward smile.

"Do you think he heard us?" Liz asked me.

"Beats me."

We saw Rick, Ali, Veronica, and Allen come out from the bushes.

"Um... Liz the cops want you to move your car. There done taking their pictures and `investigating' everything." Allen said from the back of the group when they were closer.

"Oh, yeah, sure. I'll be right back guys." Liz left in a light jog.

"Don't get into any accidents!" Allen yelled at her, but she didn't hear.

We all just looked at him in silence. "What?!" We all rolled our eyes at the same time.

I spoke, "I'm so glad that you guys are okay," relieved that none had no physical injuries.

"Just can't say the same about my car," Rick said with a weak smile, "My parents are going to kill me."

I reassured him, "Uh, Rick last time I checked this accident wasn't your fault and I think that your parents are going to be more concerned about your well being and not about the car's."

"He's right babe, there's nothing for you to worry about. You're okay and that's all the matters." Ali placed a hand on his back.

"Speaking of parents, shouldn't we tell them about what happened?" Veronica said.

Everyone silently agreed and stepped a few feet away from each to speak on our phones.

I took out my Blackberry and called home.

"Hello?" Great my mom, I need to prepare myself for overbearing mother mode.

"Hey mom. It's me."

"Oh, hi honey. What's up?"

"Well, I have some news to tell. But, while I'm telling you this I need you to remember that I'm totally and completely fine." I tried to sound firm and assuring as possible.

In slight panic she said, "Why? What happened?"

I told her what happened, except for the whole me-taking-down-the-guy-and-a-cop thing, I think I gave her enough information for now.

The questions began to spew out, "Oh my God! Are you okay?! Is Rick okay?! Oh my God! And everyone else?! Oh my god! What about the guy?! And LIZ?! Oh MY GOD!"

"Mom please, get a grip. I'm obviously fine, I'm calling you aren't I? Everyone else is fine. Liz and her car are just fine. Can't say the same about Rick's but at least they are all fine."

She sounded relieved, "Oh, well that's good. It's the guy's fault right? So Rick is fine with the car and what not, right?"

"Yeah, yeah. The cops took pictures and stuff, and I believe that they are making the reports now, and the guy is in their squad car in cuffs because he tried to run." I tried saying nonchalantly, it didn't work.

"WHAT!? The NERVE, of that the fucking asshole, leaving the scene of an accident! Where does he get the balls to do that shit!" She was angry, to say the least.

"Well, he's caught so everything is fine."

"That's true. Is there anything that I can do? Need me to pick you guys up or something?"

"Well, I know I that I don't feel like going back to school after this, I'm sure neither does Liz."

"No, of course I understand. I will call Eleanor (Liz's Mom) and let her know that I will take Liz out from school as well."

"Oh, don't call yet. I'm not sure if Liz has called her parents yet. She's bringing her car over into the parking lot and off of US1."

"Okay, well text me when you know. I know that Eleanor in the office today. So it would be a hassle for her to commute from Downtown to here."

"I will mom." Right I finished saying that Liz pulls into the parking, "Wait, let me ask her right now."


"Liz!" Good thing she still had the windows down.


"Did you call your parents and tell them what happened?"

"Yeah, I did. Why?"

"It's so my mom can tell your mom that she's going to take you out instead of your mom."

"Oh, okay that's great. Tell her `thank you' for me." She continued on to park.

"She says that she called and she says `thank you.'"

"Well, of course! Anything for my second daughter."

"Okay, mom. I will see you at home later."

"Alright, love you."

"Love you too, bye."

Everyone else was already done when I turned around. Liz came behind me, "Back!"

"Thanks." I said discontentedly.

"I don't know about you guys, but I didn't have any lunch and I'm still kind of hungry. So, if anyone would like to join me, you are more than welcome to." She began to walk in the direction of entrance.

We looked at each other.

"That's right my girl has the right idea!" Allen was yelling walking towards Veronica.

The rest of us looked at them and we began to walk.

Lunch was a little weird, considering what happened. We were pretty quite in the beginning but things began to lighten a little later and we were all laughing shortly, at Allen nonetheless.

I got text from my mom asking where I was and I told her that we were having lunch Offerdahl's because that's where we going before the accident. My mother comes in walking through the door like five minutes later.

"Hey Guys, everyone okay?"

In almost unison everyone replied, "Yeah, Mrs. D."

"I'm so glad that everyone here is okay. I'm going to get a coffee and cookie, does anyone want anything?"

Again, in almost unison, "No, I'm fine."

She left and came back and sat next to Allen because I had Liz on my left and Veronica on my right.

She joined in our conversation; everyone was comfortable around my mom, I had no problem with here having lunch with us.

She finished her coffee and cookie and got up, "Well, now that I'm done, I'm going to leave. Does anyone need me to take them home or something?"

Rick spoke, "No, that's not necessary Mrs. D. My mom coming soon to take us home."

"Okay, I will see you guys around then." She waved to everyone and we kissed cheek-to cheek and handed me and Liz our passes to leave school.

"Bye Mrs. D!" Everyone said.

The second that the she was out the door Allen opened his large mouth, "Dude, your mom is a total MILF!"

I was in mid-bite, with a sandwich in my mouth, "What?"

"Okay, Allen. We don't need to hear your personal thoughts." Liz said.

"Oh, come one she's hot."

I had an entire mouthful of a sandwich so I couldn't say anything. Luckily I had Liz, Veronica, and Ali saying something for me.

"You've seen his mom before, like hundreds of times. What makes her different from the last time?" Ali said.

"I know, maybe it was what she was wearing."

Veronica just looked at him, "You mean a white V-neck t-shirt, a pair of wide leg jeans, and a purse..."


"I don't know, okay. She just looked extra hotter than usually."

I finally was able to swallow the bite of food that seemed to take much longer than normal to chew, "Okay, Allen we get it. I think that's enough."

"Sorry, dude. It's just that..."

In unison everyone yelled, "ALLEN!"

A few minutes later, Rick's mom came and they left.

"Okay, let me take you to school so you can your car."

"Oh, yeah. I forgot about my car." I said chuckling.

We drove to school and got there in one piece.

I was got out of the car and was about to close the door when Liz said something, "J! Mind me coming to your house, so we can discuss our weekend?"

"Sure, that's fine. I will see you over there."


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