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Wonder Woman--> Wonder Man

Black Canary-->Black Eagle

HawkGirl-->HawkBoy (There is a HawkMan and HawkBoy)

Phoenix (f)--> Phoenix (m)


Storm (f) -->Storm (m)


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Chapter 2: Under His Cape

I woke up with a start, "Cade, can I please see you in my office?"

"Huh? Who said that?" I yelled, and then turned around to see if it was Barry talking to me but he wasn't there.

"Cade, its Xavier, we need to discuss your training schedule, report to the 49th floor when you have the opportunity, the sooner the better."

"Uh, sure thing professor, just let me get dressed, one more thing, how are you we talking right now?"

"I'm a telepath, I'll explain it all later, and also, they brought your clothes from your dorm in last night. It's all in your drawers."

I got dressed and made me way up to the 49th floor.

"Cade, great," Xavier said, as the elevator door opened up, revealing a very old fashioned office looking floor, "this way please."

Xavier rolled over to his desk and motioned for me to sit down across from him.

"Okay, Cade, your practice schedule is what here," he said, handing me a paper, "also, Clark has asked to be your `mentor' so he will be helping you at all your training sessions, and that's basically it, my team will be returning in two days so you'll meet them all then."

"Ok, thanks Professor. Uh, you wouldn't happen to know where Barry is by any chance."

"He had to leave early this morning; my team needed his help on their mission, now if you'll excuse me."

"Sure thing." I replied as I stood up and walked towards the elevator.

"And Cade," Xavier called out.

"Yes Professor?"

"Welcome to the team."

The elevator door sounded and I walked in, "Thanks Professor." I pushed the 29th floor button; I still had four hours before my first session.

I got to my door and found a note on my door,

"38th floor

There goes my nap before my session, but the bright side is I get to see the man of steel himself, the subject of many of my wet dreams.

I arrived on the 38th floor and was greeted by Clark Kent himself in a pair of jogging shorts and jobbing shoes. His floor was decorated in all things modern but was more of a bedroom/living room that X's library.

"Hey Cade, sit down, this'll just take a second." Clark said as he led me towards his sofa. I sat down and Clark sat down across from me. "I'm pretty sure that Xavier has already told you that I have volunteered to be you mentor."

"Yes, sir." I replied bashfully.

"Please call me Clark, sir seems so informal, especially since 1) I'm not that much older than you and 2) we're going to be getting really close really soon so we might as well drop all formalities."

"Ok, Clark."

"Anyways, I have been called away tonight so I won't be able to make it to your session; I have asked WonderMan to cover for me tonight, sorry."

"Duty calls, I completely understand."

"Good news is I should be back by tomorrow so we can just pick of where you and WonderMan left off."

"Ok Clark, I'm looking forward to it."

"Great see you tomorrow." He said and then blurred, when he came back into focus he was in his skin tight costume, showing off every single bulge of his body. "Got to run" he added before blurring off once again.

I walked back into the elevator and made my way down to my floor once again. I still had three hours before my session and a nap was looking really good considering my lack of sleep last night and my new disappointment for tonight. No Barry and now no C.K. Guess I'm not getting laid tonight.

I woke up with 20 minutes before I had to meet up with WonderMan so I got dressed and decided to head out, as I approached my door I saw a note that must have been slid under my door.

"The training room is on the 3rd floor. See you then.

Good thing he left that note because I definitely would not have known where I was going. I made my way down to the third floor to meet "Devon"

The elevator doors opened, showing off the training room but more importantly the stud waiting in there.

WonderMan was in his costume; which is basically a blue Speedo and red boots. WonderMan was transfixed in his workout allowing me to take him the sights of his wonderful body. Devon was very muscular but wasn't really bulgy like CK instead he looked very lean but still managed to exude masculinity. His eight-pack showed off his height, his rock hard biceps and pecs complimented his figure even his rock hard thighs looked perfect on him. Devon was not bad looking either he had dark brown hair and green eyes but the most important thing was his impressive cock which showed through his Speedo, it actually seemed TOO big.

WonderMan did one of those attention seeking coughs causing me to release my gaze from his package and look up at his face his white teeth were sparkling at me and he winked one of his emerald eyes. I was so caught up in his body that I didn't realize when he stopped working out and started looking at me.

"In here Cade" he said. I walked further into the room until I was face to face with Devon.

"Hi Devon." I said reaching out for his hand.

"Call me D." He said grasping his hand around mine. "So, we should get started. We'll start off with a little Hand to hand and then I'll start up the machines and observe your defensive abilities."

"Ok." I replied

Without any warning WonderMan threw a punch at me, I managed to catch his fist but it sent me flying a good 10 feet.

"Get up" he said, "I won't use any of my abilities next time."

I got up and threw a fist at him <Pack a Punch> I hit him straight in the gut and could literally hear the air knock out of him.

"Ok, how about none of us use our abilities" D said through clenched breath

We proceeded to through blow after blow each one blocked by the other. We continued this until we were both cascading with sweat, I more so than him.

"Ok, that's enough." D said through panting breaths. "I'll let you catch your breath and then I'll start up the danger room."

"Danger room?" I asked.

"It's the foundation of the training room, just try and block anything."

"Ok, I'm ready."

"Ok, just sit there." Devon walked into this other room and then I heard this whirring noise and machines popped out of the walls and floors.

Laser beams were shot in my direction, I managed to dodge or stop all of them until one hit me square in the back and a blacked out.

When I woke up all I saw was Devon's face, he was carrying me.

"Don't move, we're almost there, that was quite a blow you took."

I dozed off once again and this time when I woke up I was in my room, on my bed, with my head lying on Devon's chest.

"Morning Sleepyhead," He said as I looked up at his face.

"Hey, what are you still doing here?" I said feeling the heat from his bare chest heat up my face.

Devon had one hand behind his head and moved one hand down to my head and began running his fingers through my hair.

"I had to make sure you didn't have a concussion." My cock began to grow inside my sweat pants.

D moved his hand down my back and slid it under the waistband of my pants.

"Are you up for it?" D whispered in my ear.

"How'd you even know I was gay?"

"Watchtower told us, she has to tell us everything about a potential."


"So are you, up for it?"

I responded by climbing on top of D and planted a kiss on his lips. Devon moved his hands to my shirt and ripped it off. He then grabbed my ass and pushed my hips into his groin, smashing my cock into his. Devon moved his mouth against my neck and began to suck. I began to take off my pants to release my cock. D ripped off his Speedo and rubbed his semi-hard cock against my raging hard-on, D took his mouth off my neck rolled me off of him and stood up, he then picked me up and placed me standing next to him, and he got on his knees and took my cock into his mouth. My cock was surrounded by the heat from D's mouth making my body erupt in shivers and my head to whip back in pleasure. Devon started to bop up and down on my cock, edging me closer and closer to my climax. I moved my hands down to his hand and pushed his mouth as far down on my cock as possible. Devon took his mouth off of my cock and stood up, continuing his full fledged attack on my mouth.

Devon sat down on the edge of my bed and pulled my head down on his cock, hard. My mouth and his cock collided fast making me gag almost instantaneously. It wasn't until now that I realized how large his cock actually was, I wasn't even all the way down on his cock and yet I was already gagging, it must have been at least 9 inches. Devon grabbed me by the side of my head completely controlling the speed and depth I used on his dick. Devon kept this up until I was on the verge of tears from gagging so much. He then pulled on to him and laid back massaging my ass and kissing me passionately. He pushed his finger into my hole while his other hand ran up and down my back and our tongues battled for supremacy. After I felt that my hole was more than ready for his dick I sat up on his chest rubbing my ass crack against his fully hard, massive cock. He reached over to my night stand and took the lube and condom out of the first drawer after asking me where it was. He slid the condom on to his cock and began to lube up my hole as a whined impatiently for him to shove his dick into my hole. Devon put his hands on my waist and lifted me off of his chest without breaking a sweat, no doubt using his superhuman strength. He lined my hole up his shaft and began to lower me on his cock. The minute he entered me I yelled out in pain begging him to stop and allow my ass to adjust to his dick. After the pain turned into pleasure I allowed him to continue penetrating me. He lowered me all the way down on his dick and then moved his hands behind his head, and then he smiled at me. Devon moved his ass into my bed taking the majority of his cock out of my ass and then he slammed back into me. He kept this up until my thoughts seemed to completely disappear and be replaced with moans of pleasure. He pulled my torso against him and held me tightly as he stood up and laid me down on my back, hooking my legs over his shoulders. His eyes were piecing through mine as his cock continued to pierce my ass. He kept this up until I could I was on the verge of coming, then he moved his hand to my cock and with three quick jerks he had me sending torrent after torrent of cum onto my chest while my ass tightened against his cock. He pulled himself out of my and pulled of the condom and started to jerk himself closer and closer to his climax I sat up and moved my face towards his cock positioning my open mouth so that his torrents of cum would get into my mouth. When he finally released his cum not only did it get into my mouth but all over my face. He then pulled me up so that we were face to face and he wiped my face off with his fingers and then he put his cum-coated fingers into my mouth.

"That was hot" he said as kissed me.