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<" "> - Telepathic thoughts
[ ] - Memories

Chapter 1 (Blær Hes)

The streets were dark, the only light being shed was from the moon, which casted an eyrie silence and added an ethereal glow to my creamy pale skin. I was alone, well practically alone; my only companion was the cool night and its earthly sounds. I decided I didn't like to be alone, it wasn't a feeling I could become accustomed to. It hurt, in the spot under my heart. No matter how hard I rubbed, the feeling wouldn't go away.

Why was I alone? Why was I even out here in the first place, in the dark, in the cold? ...Oh yeah, now I remember. I shuddered as the memories of earlier came flooding back. They filled my mind with dark thoughts. I closed my eyes in an attempt to escape the images I could see, but it was futile. I couldn't stop them; it looked like I was going to have to relive them, again, and again. This wasn't going to be fun.

It was the bell, the sound that signalled the end of the day. I couldn't wait to get home; school was my own personal hell. Then again, home was also a type of hell. I had to do my chores and my homework before seven, so I sped up my pace, taking a shortcut across the oval. The shade of the trees wrapped me up in its cool embrace, soothing me, calming me.
I knew it was too good to be true, this silence, and this peace. I slowly turned around, but was stopped, held strongly in someone's iron grip. Someone had grabbed me; no not one person, a group. They put a hand over my mouth and dragged me into the bushes out of view.
"Well, well, well.... look what we've caught!" said Markus, leader of this particular gang. He was a good looking boy at 17 and 6'3 feet tall, with dark black hair and light green eyes. Too bad those eyes weren't warm; they were cold, unfeeling as they stared at me.
"What do you want?! Leave me alone! Please?" I begged. I was starting to panic. They had never went this far before.
"Now, now, Blær let us have some fun. It just so happens that we're horny and you're... gay." He told me, pushing me to the ground. "We're going to rape you, again, and again, and again. Don't try screaming, because no one will hear you. You're all alone."
He dropped down on top of me, pushing me onto my stomach as his group of friends cheered him on. He wasn't really going to go through with this was he? Was he?
"Ngghhh... stop..." I mumbled. My face mashed against the ground.
"Shhh..." he cooed, pulling down my pants and ramming his thick hot 7" dick into my dry hole. I screamed. It hurt! My eyes saw white with pain.
"Shut up faggot!" he yelled at me slamming my head into the ground. He slid his dick nearly all the way out and rammed it back in, again, and again. My first time, and this is it? Getting raped? No way, I thought.
"Ugh... fuck yeah, so tight... tight..." he moaned. At least someone seemed to be having a good time. Me? No. I was hurting, and I wasn't planning on hurting much longer. I wanted to escape, I wanted to be free.
As if something inside me was reacting to my thoughts, I felt a door in my mind snap; break. A feeling of hate, rage and power steadily rose from within me. It spread from deep within my stomach to the edge of my fingertips and toes.
"Get the fuck off me!" I screamed, sending Markus flying back 10 metres with that very thought. I hated him for what he had done to me. I hated them all! I was going to make them pay.
I watched coldly as they scrambled back, trying to escape me. "Fuck! He's a fucking mutant!" they screamed.
"You're... you're trying to escape from me?" I asked in feigned annoyance. "You can't escape me, you're going to die. All of you!" My eyes shined bright blue, brighter than the sky and my skin glowed a luminous white. They burned to ash. I stood there, the fire dying in my eyes, watching as the breeze blew them all away. Dead, they were all dead. ]

I sat down on the curb, shaking, my body wet with a cold sweat. That encounter was going to haunt me forever, my innocence was ruined. I hated them for what they done to me. They deserved what they got.

I could have lived on with that memory, of killing them. I could have survived. But not the next one, I was afraid, the next memory was coming back with a vengeance; it broke me down into silent sobbing. I didn't want to view it again, I couldn't. It would destroy me. I focused all of my willpower into pushing it away into the far recesses of my mind, but it was futile. It wanted out, and it looked like I was going to have to view it; relive it.

[ What had I done? I... I killed them; with only a thought? I must be a... a... a mutant! These thoughts and more were swirling in my head as I stumbled home from the oval. I was in a state of shock, traumatized by the events that had played out earlier. I needed a safe haven; I needed home.
When I arrived at the front of my house, the lights were off and I knew I was going to be in trouble. I opened the door and walked into the lounge room. No one was in here, it was dark; the only light was coming from the kitchen, so I headed in that direction, hoping for the best.
There she was, my mother, sitting at the kitchen table. She looked furious. I slowly approached her, like she was a caged animal; vicious and to be treated with caution.
She looked at me, her eyes simmering with anger and worry. "Come on hun, sit down with me." She asked me. I sat down opposite her and looked at my hands.
"What's wrong Blær, why are you late?" she asked.
"I... Mum," I mumbled. "Mum, I was raped..."
"WHAT?!" she screeches, "YOU WERE WHAT, BY WHO? ARE YOU OK?" She runs over and pulls me into her embrace.
"I'm, I'm fine Mum. There not though..."
"What do you mean hunny?" she asked me, rubbing her hand in circles on my back.
"They're dead, all of them!" I cry into her shoulder.
"How? What happened?" she calmly asks me. How can she be so calm? I'm anything but calm, inside I was a furiated swirling mass of pure hatred and self-loathing.
"I burned them, to... to ashes Mum. They're gone, all of them. They're dead." I continue, sobbing harder.
"It's ok, we'll get through this. How did you burn them?"
"No... I... I'm a mutant Mum." I quickly tell her, thinking that if I say it fast, like pulling of a bandaid, it'll all be ok.
She froze, and I froze. What's wrong with her? This wasn't the reaction that I was expecting... she pushed me away and scrambled back. Her eyes were red and puffy and filled with fleeting emotions, moving so fast I barely recognized them; hate, fear and disgust.
"No... Mum, please don't." I cry. I don't want this. I wanted her to accept me. What's happening to her, what's she doing?
"GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" she screams, spit flying from her mouth. She pick up the broom and swings it at me. "GET OUT YOU FREAK! YOU MUTANT!"
"NO! MUM!" I plea, moving towards her, touching her arm.
I cry, tears running down my face, and I run. I'm out the door and down the street in less than a minute, sobbing the whole way. Why did this happen to me? What was I, a mutant, or a freak? ]

I pick myself up off the ground and walk off into the night, my eyes filled with tears, my gaze haunting all who look upon it -- I was broken.

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