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I stood at the gravesite, looking down at the tombstone. Richard was a great human being. The funeral had garnered so many people and now I was the only one left. It felt cold. Colder than before. I wasn't crying, not anymore. I was waiting. I was surprised yet silent when a hand slid into mine. I didn't look. I didn't need to. I knew it was Scott.

"I'm so sorry." Scott said softly.

"Me too." I said solemnly.

Chapter 105: Deep Cover


"We've been here for an hour and a half." Scott said, "I want to help you grieve, but..."

"There's always another mission." I said sadly.

"Life goes on." Scott said equally as sadly, "I don't even think I can tell you how sorry I am."

I nodded.

"Should I...tell you?" Scott asked.

"We fought. We loved each other but we couldn't make it work." I frowned, "I told him to leave my life and I knew I wasn't ready for that. It wasn't what I wanted."

Scott sighed, "You're not going to blame yourself." He said.

"The people around me always leave and I'm always left sorry and devastated." I frowned, "I knew that after Mega, I'd be able to be happy again. Like I used to be."

"Nothing will ever be like it used to be." Scott said, "Times are hard. Life is hard."

"This was a personal attack." I frowned, "This isn't just war. This isn't...it was meant to break me."

"Did it?" Scott asked.

"That's the funny thing about being broke so many times...after a while, you forget you never got all the pieces back." I said slowly, "I grieved for him because I loved him. I wonder can I disconnect with everything and everyone...will that make the difference."


"It's what I always do and I've survived so far." I frowned.

"That's what could save you." Scott said, "You've always done exactly what you said...Maybe it's time to show change."

I nodded, "You're not just here to help me grieve, are you?"" I asked.

"You needed me."

"And you needed my team." I said quickly, "It's okay. It's what we're here for."

Scott was silent.

"Have you found Perry?" I asked.

"No, he's missing still?" Scott asked.

"You know what I don't get is why he didn't tell me that he had your DNA too."

"He what?!"

"He's a third yours." I frowned, "And he's made."

Scott looked overwhelmed.

"What's the mission?" I asked.


"So, does this mean we're back together?" Connor asked.

"Well, I don't know, are you going to finish Melissa off?" Raiden asked.

"Okay, rule #1, if you forgive me, don't bring it up." Connor frowned, "I'm not proud of anything that happened. It was...betrayal, something I'm not prone to."

Raiden nodded, "Fine but if you want some dark chocolate anytime soon, we're going to get tested." She smiled.

"Tested? As in for AIDS or HIV?" Connor asked, "I haven't had sex with anyone else."


"Fine." Connor frowned.

Just then, I walked through the door and over to the desk, "We have a new mission." I said quietly.

"Yes!" Connor said happily, but then he caught sight of the situation, "Oh...I mean, really? A mission? From Scott? As in the one who didn't need our help anymore?"

"The very one." I said.

"How was the funeral...I mean the part after we left." Raiden asked.

"It was a funeral." I frowned, "Where's Mel?"

"Nails." Raiden said, "What's the mission?"

"Infiltration of one of Sinister's bases." I said.

"Does Scott know about Perry?" Connor asked.

I nodded, "Yes. And he's dealing the best way he knows how." I explained.

"Has he seen Perry?" Raiden asked.

"No." I replied.

"I'm curious...what's so special about this mission? I mean, is this base the one with your son?" Connor asked.

"No. Or yes. Who knows. I mean he said we had to rescue a mutant teenager. Sinister could definitely have aged him to that point." I shrugged.

"Have you thought about what you'll do when you find him?" Raiden asked.

"Yeah, are we going to have to start a daycare?" Connor smiled.

"I've been so concentrated on finding him that I hadn't really thought about it." I frowned, "If we knew where big perry was, we could just ask him where Sinister kept him as a child."

"I could try to go back in time." Raiden offered.

"Thanks, but I think we should keep your time travel to a minimum." I smiled.

"Especially after you almost died last time." Connor said, "Besides, it's dangerous to screw with the past. It alters everything."

"Besides, we need to focus on the present and stop living for the future or past." I said, "We need to figure out how we're getting into the arena."

"Arena?" Raiden and Connor said together.

"Sinister is using this mutant and a few others as champions against his newly created mutants." I explained, "The newly created mutants are more like creature features."

"How do we get in?" Connor asked.

"Teleportation." I said quickly.

"And how in the Hell..." Connor paused, "No! Didn't we just talk about this?!"

"We talked about time travel." I said, "Besides, she won't have to do anything but teleport us there...she doesn't even have to go if she doesn't want to."

"I can't remote teleport you." Raiden said, "I'm in!"

"Thank goodness because my powers are funky and going in with a brawler and a ranged attacker isn't really sound strategy and plus, we have no idea what we're walking into." I explained, "We seriously need to hire a new member."

"Yeah, cause I'm tired of carrying you jabronis!" Raiden smirked.

"Ja-what?" I asked.

"The Rock...WWF..." Connor smiled.

"Right...make less bad jokes." I smiled, "And be ready as soon as you can and make sure Melissa's cute ass is here right away."

"You got it...boss." Connor chuckled.


Once we got to the location, The gang turned me over to the people running it, claiming that I was an unregistered mutant they had come upon. When I finally got up and looked around, I noticed I was in a prison with others. The prison was huge and long, but with bars. I stretched myself and moved to look around the place but was scared when up ahead, there knocking on the bars.

"They do that." A familiar voice said.

I turned to see Jace, "Jace? What are you doing here?" I asked.

"I'm undercover." Jace said, "Deep undercover."

"Got in but couldn't get out?" I asked.

He nodded.

"I guess you're the teenage boy I'm supposed to be finding." I smiled.

"I'm twenty-two." Jace said, "And the kid is here. I was sent after him too. We're just waiting for our escape."

"By Scott?" I asked, "I'm second choice...sounds about right." I frowned.

"Do you have a plan?" Jace asked.

"Well, you have an inhibitor...I don't." I frowned, "I have to find Sinister's lab."

"Sinister has a lab here?" Jace asked, "I haven't seen it."

"How many guards are there?" I asked.

"Five." Jace said.

I waved my hands at his inhibitor, causing it to short out and fall to the floor.

"The ring is a large inhibitor." Jace frowned, "No mutant powers can get through it."

"Adamantium?" I asked.

"Most likely." Jace said, "And there are guards."

"I can take the guards." I said quickly.

"Wow, get a load of the new you." Jace said, "You've changed a little, huh?"

"People change." I said.

"Next up!" The guard said, grabbing me by the arm and pulling me a dim area. The lights flashed on, revealing a kid standing not too far away and what looked like three arenas of people, cheering. It was thunderdome all over again. The kid didn't look shaken at all, in fact, he was a little feral. His teenage face didn't fool me, he was powerful. It made me wonder what he was and why he was so important, beside the obvious fact that he's human. I stood there, watching him and occasionally staring out at the crowd. The boy looked a little shocked at my hesitation.

"You don't have to do this." I frowned.

The boy said nothing, he brought his hand through the air and sent me flying back against the adamantium! As I fell to the floor, I looked up at him angrily.

Pane <Stop!>

The kid <I can't, I'll die.>

I shook my head <No, you won't.>

The kid <How can you do this? How can you speak through your mind?>

I got up <Same as you.>

"It seems as if we have a special guest!" Miss Sinister said over a speaker.

"Yeah, and I'm coming for you!" I shouted.

"Kill him or I will kill you." Sinister said with a frown.

The kid looked at me apologetically, then swung his hand again. This time, I didn't move. I used my telepathy to counteract his telekinesis! I couldn't believe it worked. The kid looked shocked. He rubbed his hands together and tried again, this time taking me off my feet. He ran to me, trying to land a punch, but I moved to the side and let him hit the cage, which sizzled a little before causing him to stumble back.

"You don't have to do this." I frowned, "I won't let him kill you."

"You can't stop him." The kid mumbled.

"That's where you're wrong." I frowned, "I've got friends."

Suddenly, there was an explosion of electricity and the cage powered down. Sinister stood along with the rest of the crowd.

"What was that?" The boy asked.

"Friends." I said, turning my attention to the guards, who ran to capture us, "I could use some help."

The boy braced himself and threw a wave of telekinetic energy at the guards, causing them to fly back against the steel wall! The prisoners came rushing into the dome and the boy telekinetically removed as many inhibitors as he could before falling to one knee. I told the freed prisoners to help the others and was joined by a normal-looking man and Jace.

"He's got the power to melt things." Jace said, looking up at the dome.

I smiled, "Do it." I said quickly.

The man shot energy out of his hands and began melting the dome. I looked out and saw Connor holding a pillar and swatting guards away with it. Raiden looked drained, as did Melissa. I walked over to the boy and put his arm around my shoulder.

"You did good." I smiled.

He smiled back and we began to walk over to the melting cage. The man was doing a very sufficient job and I gave the boy to Jace and took off through the cage and sprinted at Miss Sinister, who had taken off. I followed her down a long hall and into an all white, very sterile room.

"You do like these rooms, don't you?" I asked.

"Are you going to kill me?" Miss Sinister smirked, "You'll never find your son then."

"Where is he?" I asked.

"You can either catch me or find out or save the rest of the prisoners." Sinister frowned.


"Those inhibitors are also used for tracking and punishment." She smiled.


"I couldn't take the chance that someone would escape. In less than four minutes, the rest of the prisoner's heads will explode." Miss Sinister said, turning to walk away.

I thought about it. I turned and sped back to the dome! Jace and the melting man as well as the freed mutants were helping the inhibited. I looked to Connor who was nursing Raiden and Melissa. I then looked to the mob of inhibited mutants. I threw my hands forward, concentrating on the inhibitors. Nothing happened. Only a few seconds left...I threw my hands forward again, this time releasing myself. The inhibitors burst off their wrists and fell to the floor and I sunk to my knees, letting go of everything.


I woke up quickly and looked around.

"Calm down." Jace smiled, "You're in your own bed."

I looked around at the room and sighed to myself.

"You sound underwhelmed." Jace smiled.

"Underwhelmed? No. Disappointed..." I said, "Hey, you're blonde."

"You're just noticing?" Jace asked.

"How is everyone?" I asked.

"Tired. Connor's strength training." Jace said, "The kid, Jared, is doing good too."

"Great." I said, "He's back with his family?"

"He is." Jace said, "There is something..."

"What?" I asked.

"Your friend, Johnny Storm..."

"He's here? Let him in!" I smiled.

"He's...gone." Jace said, "Scott debriefed us and...he died."

I was speechless. Just speechless.