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I stood in my room, holding a picture of Johnny in one hand and a picture of Richard in the hand. I looked back and forth between the two. To lose them...both of them...I hadn't really cried. Not much for Johnny. He wouldn't want that. He didn't need it. The world mourned for him. I'd met with Sue and Reed. They told me everything and he died the way he wanted to be remember, as a hero. He was my hero.

"You okay?" Jace said, standing at the door.

"Yeah." I said sadly.

"I can't imagine...what you're feeling." Jace said.

"No. I don't think you can." I frowned, "I've died a few times...but this is...worse."

"It makes everything...it...if it wasn't so worth it..."

"Is it?" I asked, turning to him, "I've been sitting here wondering if it is, indeed, worth it."

Chapter 106: Worth

Jace walked over to me, "What do you mean? Of course it's worth it. You've saved so many people." He frowned.

"But how many have I lost?" I asked, "How much do I stand to lose? I've been doing this since I was about sixteen."

"I get it. You've been doing it a long time."

"No, you don't." I frowned, "I lost bits and pieces of my life and I just can't get them back...ever."

"I remember." Jace said.

"My child was born to this. He's captive." I said, "My boyfriends die or leave. Why can't I just...why can't I get it right?"

"You love what you do."

"I haven't loved this in so long." I frowned, "Living a subversive and secret life...I can't. I hurt more people than I help."

"Were we at the same arena of doom?" Jace asked, "You are the best person I know! You do things daily that no one else could do once."

I looked at him.

"And you don't give up." Jace smiled, "My biggest regret is losing you to Scott."

"That's your biggest regret?" I asked.

"The biggest." Jace smiled.


"Can you please help me?" An earthy Caucasian woman asked. She had soft, fiery red hair and was dressed like a hippie gypsy.

"Sure, what do you need?" Connor asked.

"We're here to help." Raiden smiled warmly.

"We're all about the helping." Melissa smiled.

"The machines are after me!" she panted.

"What?" Connor asked.

"They're everywhere! They're coming for me!" She said.

Melissa walked over and placed a hand on her shoulder, "Are you high?" she asked.

"NO! I'm not high!" The woman said.

"What's your name?" Raiden asked.

The woman looked at her oddly.

"So we can make a file." Connor added.

"Of course." The woman said, "My government name is Hannah. My Earth name is Moon."

"Your...Earth name...is Moon." Raiden said, fighting back laughter.

"Yes, robots don't emote. You're human!"

"There was doubt?" Raiden asked.

"At first." Moon said, "But now I can see...you're human."

"We could be cyborgs." Melissa said, gaining a bewildered stare from them, "Well, we could!"

"We're not." Connor said, "When you say the machines...you mean a robot?"

"Yes and he's connected to all technology." Moon said, "He wants my head on a platter!"

"So, this machine is a he?" Melissa asked.

"It's name is Thrask." Moon said.

"Sounds eerily like Trask." I said, walking into the room with Jace.

"Boliver Trask?" Jace asked.

"It does ring a bell, and by bell I mean a loud, piercing alarm." Raiden frowned, "If you're right, this would suck."

"Does nobody stay dead these days?" I asked angrily.

"You should be glad."" Jace smirked.

Raiden looked between us and smiled, "And boom goes the dynamite." She smirked.


"Night time in the city." Jace smiled.

"I miss Oklahoma." I said lifelessly.

"Here we are, walking downtown, looking for a machine." Jace smiled.

"I don't envy us." I smirked, "Why are you trying to get me to lie to myself?"

"You know, in your heart of hearts that this is all worth it." Jace smiled.

"I know only what Scott and the other X-Men tell me." I said.

"We both know you're not a soldier." Jace chuckled.

"I flunked the written."

"You're deflecting." Jace said.

"And you're annoying." I chuckled.

"This is like the old days." Jace said.

"Yeah, those kinky pubescent days." I said, "What was the highlight? Omni-boners? Zits? Braces? Total loss of power while gaining a greater one?"

"That last one." Jace said, "Remember when I took you to the Astral Plane?"

"And I was already dating Scott."

"Don't get me wrong...Scott is alright but you could do better."

"What could I do?"

"Me." He said, "I didn't mean it like that."

"I'm not so sure." I smirked.

We had walked a short ways when we noticed everyone had stopped. They were looking up at something. Jace and I looked up too! There was something falling to the Earth, very rapidly. It was coming hard and fast! Everyone took cover, probably thinking it was a bomb or something. When it hit the street, the street buckled and exploded. Jace pulled me down in time to miss a huge chunk of it coming at me! I thanked him and walked closer to the crater in the middle of the street. I looked over the edge and saw a body. A very blonde body.

"Is that t..." Jace started.

The body began to cough and I looked around to see people starting to come out. I climbed down in the hole and helped him to his feet with the help of Jace.

"We should get him out of here." Jace said.

"Let's go." I said as we fled the scene.


"Has he said anything?" Connor asked.

"Nope. Pane doesn't want anyone else in with him. Something about shock." Jace explained.

"Or maybe he just wants to be alone with the gorgeous blonde god." Melissa smiled.

"Melissa." Raiden said.

"No, it's okay." Jace smiled weakly, "I should get coffee or doughnuts."

"Or?" Melissa asked.

"Right." Jace said, leaving.

Raiden tapped Melissa on the arm, "You know he likes Pane."

"What is this, Junior High?" Melissa asked.

"Sometimes." Connor said.

They were all nervously silent.

Inside the room with Thor, I was washing his face with a washcloth. He opened his eyes a while ago. He hadn't said anything, though. At first I thought he had amnesia, but then he spoke.

"You again." He mumbled.

"I missed you too." I smirked.

"Where am I?"

"At my office." I said, "How'd you fall from the sky?"

"Fast, I'd imagine."

I chuckled, "I meant what happened?" I asked.

"I don't remember." He said, "Where's my..."

"I look around the site where you feel and I couldn't find it." I said, "It must have fallen further away."

"I must have caused some..."

"Confusion? Terror? Yeah. Not often that an extremely blonde man falls from the sky." I smiled.

"I forgot how you speak." Thor smiled.

"And I forgot just how blonde you are." I said, rubbing his face with the washcloth.

He grabbed my hand, "Thank you, but I shall..." he said, trying to get up.

I pushed him back down, "You're not going anywhere, cowboy." I said, "We don't know what injuries you might have."

"I am a god." Thor smiled.

"Good point." I said, "But you're still going to rest."

"Thank you." Thor said quickly.

I smiled.

"You still have your little crush on me." He smiled.

"You wish. Now stay down. I'm going to get another washcloth. When I get back, you better be in this bed." I said, standing.

"Did I forget to say that I'm a god?"

"Did I forget to say that I don't care?" I said, walking out into the office. Raiden and Melissa hurried to me, barraging me with questions.

"Ladies." Connor said.

"Fine, but is he a good kisser?" Melissa asked.

"How would I know?" I asked.

"Just checking." Melissa said.

"We've worked with him before...did he mention me?" Raiden asked.

"No." I chuckled, "He can probably hear you, ya know."

"What?" Melissa asked.

"His hearing is...right Thor?" I shouted.

"Yes!" Thor yelled back.

"How embarrassing...for Raiden." Melissa said quickly, "Could be worse. We coulda said how you had a gigantic crush on him."

"I can still hear you!" Thor yelled.

"So can I." Jace said, walking in and sitting coffee on the desk.

"I need you guys to go and look for his mace-thing." I said, "Half his power is in that thing."

"Are you sure it's not from his long golden hair or strong biceps?" Jace said quickly.

"He said half." Thor said, appearing at the door without a shirt.

"Good god, he's got no shirt!" Melissa said.

"Guys, get his weapon. I don't know what sent him here, but unless we get his weapon, we're not going to be able to beat whatever kicked his ass." I smiled.

"I'm sure nothing `kicked my ass'." He smiled.

"Even gods fall." Jace said.

I looked between them. Thor was now staring at Jace, who looked a bit peeved.

"Not the time." I frowned.

"Right." Jace said.

"We should go." Raiden said pulling Jace out the door. Melissa and Connor left with him.

"He doesn't like the mighty Thor?" Thor smirked.

"He doesn't like whoever I like." I said.

"You still like me."

"Less and less every second." I smirked.

"What do we do, to find out what happened to me?" Thor asked.

"I'm going into your mind."

"Sounds like it hurts." Thor said.


Thor sat opposite of me, surveying me. I don't know what he was trying to do, maybe project his thoughts. There was something in his mind, something unreadable to the outside minds. It was hard to pin-point his thoughts. I concentrated harder and put my hands to his temples. For a moment, there was an image of horns and green. Then there were boobs and green. Two faces I didn't know, but were familiar and then there was falling. Suddenly, I was thrown back as an image of a huge man played across his mind. I flew back and crashed into a wall. Thor bounded to me and picked me up.

"Biceps." I said.

He smirked, "I am a god." He smiled.

"Not you!" I said quickly, "The guy who's coming for you."


"The last image I saw. This guy is coming for you." I frowned.

"Maybe a description." Thor asked.

"Maybe you trust me." I said quickly.

"I do, but I want to know who we're fighting." Thor said.

"Loki...I think. Loki and the Enchantress. That's why you can't remember whatever happened." I explained, "I can't be sure, but from what I've heard about your gallery of villains, they fit the description."

"They have dared to against my might?!" Thor said amazed.

"Some people know that even gods fall." I said quickly.

He looked at me with astonishment.

"Everyone falls." I said.

"Not gods." Thor said, "Never gods."

"Bigger they are, harder they fall." I said quickly.

"What did my opponent look like?" Thor asked.

"Green, too. And big." I said.

"It sounds as if the Executioner is coming for me in my weakened state." Thor said mostly to himself, "I need to find my..."

"Mace-thingy? Team's on it." I said, "They're a pretty good team."

"The one with the man who dislikes me?" Thor asked.

"He doesn't dislike you. He's threatened by you." I frowned.

"Understandable." Thor smirked.

"Your modesty astounds me." I smiled.

"Perhaps, but I'm..."

"Yes, a god, I know." I smirked.

"Are you sure you are alright?" Thor asked, walking over and placing his hand on my shoulder.

I looked up at him, "Just a little tired." I smiled.

"We foun..." Jace said, running in, "Sorry to interrupt." He said walking out.

"Go to him." Thor said.

I walked out into the office to see the gang all lounging around, "Jace." I said.

He stopped and turned to me, "You know, I understand everything. Your ex-boyfriends died. I can wait for you, no problem but seriously? One blonde god comes in and you start smooching him?" he asked angrily.

"I never asked you to wait." I frowned, "And things between Thor and me are not what you think they are."

"I just saw..."

"Him comforting me because I felt like crap." I frowned, "I tried to read his mind and it didn't go so well."

"So, you and him..." Raiden asked.

"No, guys, he's a god." I frowned, "And I'm a walking death sentence."

"Look, we found the mjolnir..." Jace started.

"Thewhatnow?" I asked.

"His hammer." Connor said.

"Cool, where is it?" I asked.

"We couldn't pick it up." Melissa said quickly, "None of us."

"Not even you, Connor?" I asked.

Connor put his head down in shame.

"Where is it?" I asked.

"The old and very abandoned stadium." Raiden smirked, "Fitting, huh."

"I need you guys to research the Executioner as well as Loki and The Enchantress." I said.

"What are you going to do?" Connor asked, "Have we all forgot that I'm your boss?"

"Me and Thor are going to get the mayonnaise." I said.

"Mjolnir." Thor said, joining us.

"I'm going." Jace said quickly.

"Fine, but do not slow our journey." Thor said, heading for the door.

I smirked and followed.


"So, Asgard..." Jace said, walking with Thor and I. We walked through the stadium and were heading to the field and decided to go through the locker room to get there faster.

"Yes, there's no place like it." Thor said, "Earth is so..."

"Watch it." I smiled.

He smirked back at me.

"Okay, just stop!" Jace frowned, "Friends don't look at each other like that."

"We are friends." Thor said.

"Yeah, I could tell by the way you were undressing him with your eyes." Jace said, "And how you look at him."

"Can we not do this?" I asked, "We had this discussion."

"We did, but..."

I pointed at the roof of the stadium, which was like a dome.

"It definitely fell here." Thor said, walking towards his hammer thingy.

"Something's wrong." I said.

"Yeah, you're both avoiding my question!" Jace frowned.

"Thor!" I shouted, which wasn't the brightest thing to do!

Not only did the glass shatter and fall from the sky, but Thor was tackled by the Executioner. There was someone with horns sitting in the stands. There was also a lady, who looked like Kermit Emma Frost. The Executioner tackled him and began punching him. The glass was falling ever faster and neither one of us had an active power. As it fell, I pushed Jace out of the way and raised my hands up, causing a shield to pop up around me. The glass hit the shield and it felt like thousands of pounds of pressure bearing down on me! After the last of the glass had fallen, the shield dissipated and Jace sat on the ground, looking up at me. I helped him up and ran a few yards towards Thor and the Executioner. Fire sprang up around us and I looked over to who I now knew was Loki and the Enchantress.

"How are we going to get to him?" I asked.

"What are we going to do when we do?" Jace asked.

We watched Thor taking this man on and he was holding his own pretty well, but the Executioner wouldn't let him anywhere near the hammer. Thor was thrown into the concrete bleachers and broke through them!

"Can you move flames?" Jace asked.

"No power!" I said.

"Listen to me, you have been wondering about whether this is worth it." Jace pointed to the bleachers, "Is his life worth saving?"

"Of course." I said.

"Then it's worth it. You save millions of people. And you, what, a person a day? You save lives. Sometimes that takes people away but look at all the people you get to meet! We are blessed to be with you. I am blessed." Jace said, "We all love you because saving people is who you are."

I threw my hand up and at first the flames did nothing. I groaned and threw my hand up again and the fire parted!

"Go." Jace said, pulling me through the opening, "We need to get to the Mjolnir."

"Keep him busy." I said, turning to the hammer.

"How?" Jace asked.

I pulled out two guns out and handed them to him, "Think of something." I smirked, running over to the fancy hammer. I looked up to see Jace firing both guns (Badly) and it was doing minimal damage. I knew I didn't have long before...

"Hello." The Enchantress said.

"Hi." I said, turning to her.

"You're so brave...you certainly lack no courage." She said seductively.

"Sorry, sweetie, the sexy approach won't work on me." I smirked, "I don't play for your team."

"You would refuse me?" She asked, but her gaze was behind me.

I turned quickly and grabbed Loki by the neck, "And I'm not stupid." I said, throwing him down to the ground. I reached for the Mjolnir, but Enchantress grabbed my hand, "If you want to keep it, you better take it back."

"I'm not afraid of you." She said, her eyes glowing.

I pushed my palm forward, causing her to fly several yards away. I grabbed the Mjolnir.

Loki chuckled, "You won't be able to..."

I picked it up with ease. I even twirled it.

"Pane!" Thor said, walking toward the Executioner.

I threw the fancy hammer and he caught it mid-air, and brought it down against the Executioner!

"Loki has escaped." Thor said.

"Two outta three." I shrugged.


"You wielded Thor's Mjolnir?" Connor said, fascinated.

"Looks like a big hammer to me." Melissa shrugged.

"I'm with her." Raiden smiled, "But I can grasp the significance. Not just anyone can pick up the ham...mjolnir."

"He was awesome." Jace said.

"Yes, he was." Thor smiled, "Magnificent."

"So, I guess you've got to go back now, huh?" I asked.

"Father should know of Loki's treason." Thor said, "He is my brother."

"Please tell me there's a jail there." I asked.

Thor smiled, "Until we meet again." He said.

"Until then." I said, watching him walk away.

"I think he grew on me." Jace said, "The guy's a powerhouse."

"Maybe but he doesn't know me like you." I smiled, "It's nice to have someone know you."

Jace smiled and blushed.

"I take it that you feel better." Melissa smiled.

"I'm far from okay with everything. My son's still out there and my exes are dead. But it doesn't seem impossible." I nodded.

"Well, good because a film you'll want to see." Connor said, "Jace thought you might need it."

"What is it?" I asked.

The computer flashed on and a woman was onscreen talking about us. And what we do. She was thanking us and it was then that I remembered her. We'd help her.

"There are about 50 more of those." Melissa said, "We haven't got the rest of the clients and Scott and the X-Men want to make one." Raiden said, "Helping people is your art. And, Pane, your art matters."

"One Tree Hill." I blushed, "Thanks."