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Ok, guys, all the disclaimers apply, that means all thanks goes to Marvel

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"You ready?" Connor asked.

"Oh yeah." I said quickly.

"You're not seeing alternate universes, are you?" Connor asked.

"Bite me." I smirked.

"Go ahead, Jace and Melissa will be right behind you." Connor said, "And we'll be in contact."

I nodded and clamped on a suspender and dove out of the plane. We were overhead of one of Sinister's many labs and it was time for me to jump out of a plane. Jace, Melissa, and I were in freefall now! Jace pulled out twin pistols and began firing at the roof guards while Melissa began firing lightning at the other guards. I however wanted the big one! The bungee was about to snap me upward because we were right on target. I flipped backwards as I got as close as I could to the giant guard and kicked him in the face, causing him to fly backwards as I landed hard on the ground!

"Pretty badass." Jace smiled.

"Thanks. You guys are pretty badass yourselves." I smiled walking over to the door. I stopped.

"Somebody wants us to open that door." Jace said, "Can't you hear them?"

"What?" Melissa asked, puzzled.

I took a few steps back, "Get behind something." I said seriously.

Jace and Melissa took a few steps backwards. I raised my hands and blew the door off its hinges, causing an even bigger explosion!

"They're going for the kill." Melissa said, picking pieces of the door out of her hair.

Chapter 108: Meet and Greet

"So, why does he have this lab above ground?" Jace asked, looking around.

"Hiding in plain sight." I frowned.

"Where's all the experiments?" Melissa asked, "What is this place."

"He uses a lot of names for organizations to get funding. This is where he gives them a tour and shows them what they want to see." I frowned.

"And where is the real money maker, underground?" Melissa asked.

"No, on the lower floors because nobody would think of looking there." Jace said, "He's pretty smart."

"Not that smart." I said, walking to the stairwell.

"We're going all the way down the stairs?" Melissa asked.

"Just us." Jace said.

"Come again? Why does he get to use the elevator?" Melissa whined.

"Can you jump down the shaft without getting hurt?" I asked.

"No, but neither can you." Melissa said, worried.

"I can hover."

"So, you're going to hover down the shaft?" Melissa asked.

"Something like that." I smiled, "You'll see."

Melissa folded her arms.

"Alright, I'm going to blow the elevator down like a straw house."

"Bye bye piggy." Jace smirked.

"Then I'm going to jump down onto it." I said.

"And that's a smart plan because?" Melissa asked.

"They'll expect me to be in it. It'll go all the way to the lower levels and they won't have time to check out the upper levels." I said, "They'll think we're heading to the lower levels."

"Kinda genius, but very dumb. Third floor, right." Melissa said.

"Come on," Jace said, grabbing Melissa and heading towards the stairs, "Be careful, Rawlings. I need you in one piece." He said, disappearing with Melissa.

"Right. Now it's my turn." I said, taking a few steps back again.

I threw my hands forward and cause the elevator door to explode inward. I walked over and pressed the basement button and quickly jumped out of the elevator. As the elevator went down, I caught sight of the cord holding the elevator. I closed my eyes and threw my hand out after it. At first there was a little spark but not much of the cord burned away. I felt overwhelmingly more taxed as the cord snapped and the elevator went careening down the shaft! I watched until I couldn't see it anymore. I took a deep breath and jumped down the shaft, falling forever. I don't know how, but I knew when I hit the third floor! I paused in mid-air and hovered there. I was in awe at first, but then turned my attention to the doors. I threw my hands up, both of them, and the doors bent outwards slightly. I pushed harder and the door flew off their hinges! I fell, but grabbed onto the edge of the door and pulled myself up. I entered the room cautiously. I stopped when I heard a gun cock.

"Stop right there." A guard said.

Two guards. Neither one equipped to deal with me.

"Turn around slowly." The other guard said.

(Holy crap, did you see that?)

(He just ripped the fucking door of its place!)

Pane <Shoot him in the leg.>

The second guard turned his gun and shot the first in the leg. I ran toward the second and spun around, smacking him down. He was on one knee when I came up and kneed him in the face! I grabbed the other guard and mentally put him to sleep.

"Kick...Ass." Melissa said.

"The guards all went downstairs." Jace said.

"All of them?" I asked.

"Enough of them. I think what we're looking for is on the second floor." Jace said.

There was a disturbance in his mind. Something had a hold of him. I felt it, even now.

"Second floor, do you think it's the spawn of Pane?" Melissa asked.

"I'm not sure, but I can feel the energy." Jace lied.

I shielded my mind instantly.

"We should get moving." Jace said quickly.

I agreed and we set off. The trek down to the next floor was cake. It was as expected. I kept a close eye on Jace. He seemed stiff. Melissa caught on quickly. As we moved into a room, it was dark. Very dark.

"I was waiting for you." A voice said across the room.

My eyes centered on a silhouette. Not much taller than me, but he was Caucasian and had dark hair. He sort of glowed in the dark.

"Nice trick." I said.

"You have no idea." He smirked.

I swung my hand backwards and swatted Jace against the wall, "What's your next plan?" I asked.

"You're good." He said, "Let me introduce myself. My name is Ken Sindrime."

"Hi, Kenny, you're about to be dead." I smirked, "Where's my son?"

"He knew you'd ask." Ken said, "I wonder, though, can you bear to hurt her?"

I turned in time to duck Melissa's emitting electricity where my head used to be. I threw my hand in the air and caused her to levitate before tossing her against the wall.

"Ruthless...I can respect that." Ken smiled.

"So, what's he paying you? Cause if he's not paying you, you're a psychopath." I frowned.

"And you're two down."

"Please," I said stepping forward, "Kick my ass."

"The mutant force is strong in you, but how do you fare against the supernatural?" Ken asked.

"The kooky mind trick you did on me worked." I said, "But I'm ready for you now."

"You're nearly powerless." Ken said, "I'm not going to hurt you...Sinister would kill me."

"Why's he working with magic? Isn't he a science buff?" I asked, "And why would you want us here if not to kill us?"

"To do this." Ken said, throwing his hands out and causing a wave of energy to knock me back. Suddenly, Raiden appeared and I grabbed Jace and Melissa as Raiden grabbed me and we disappeared.