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"Gimme the money, bitch!" The mugger said.

"I don't have any money! All I have..."

"Give me that!" The mugger said.

"We used to say thank you." I said, "I mean, I never mugged anyone but there's etiquette to think about."

The mugger turned a gun to me, "Who are you?" he asked.

I threw my hands forward but nothing happened. The gun cocked.

"Wait, no, seriously...any minute." I frowned.

"Young man, get the Hell out of here!"

"This is really pissing me o..." I stopped when a jet of electricity shot from my hand and knocked the gun out of the mugger's hand, "New. That's new."

"Holy shit, he's a mutant!" The mugger said, running away.

The woman was right behind him.

"You're welcome." I said, fleeing the scene.

Chapter 109: The Doctor is in

As I came in, Jace was sitting in front a smoking computer screen. The screen had been...well, it had exploded. He was sitting with glass on his lap. I rushed over to him and surveyed the scene. He wasn't hurt or anything, just in shock.

"What happened?" I asked.

"The freakin screen exploded!" Jace frowned, "So much for state of the art."

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"Are you? What'd you do, bathe in muck?"

"My powers went wonky while I was stopping a mugging." I frowned.

"Really? Mine aren't working as well." Jace said, "I can't hear everything...and I feel weird."

Just then, Connor and Raiden rushed through the door.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Melissa...she's hearing voices." Raiden said.

"Voices?" Jace asked.

"Our voices...in her head." Connor frowned, "Our thoughts."

"Yeah, we got that." I frowned.

"What happened to the computer?" Connor asked.

"It blew up." Jace frowned, "Completely not my fault."

"I think it was." I said, "I've been doing this long enough to know that these aren't coincidences. We all get new powers? I don't think so."

"So, you're thinking..." Raiden began.

"Ken pulled some mojo on us." Jace frowned.

"We're going to need help in this...Pane, why do you look like a swamp?" Connor asked.

"Whoa. I just figured it out. The mojo switched our powers." I said, "Jace has mine, thus the computer blow-out. Melissa has Jace's, thus her hearing thoughts..."

"And you have hers." Raiden said.

"Thus the muck." Jace said.

"Thus the thuses." Raiden said.

"How do we undo magic?" Jace asked.

"I never really learned magic 101." I frowned.

"We need someone who knows," Connor said, "I think we need Doctor Strange. He's with the Avengers."

"Wouldn't want to unleash any supernatural baddies." I said, "Give him the call."

"On it." Connor said.

"Now, we help the girl in the basement." Raiden said, pulling Jace and I.


"Get out!" Melissa screamed, "For the love of God, please get out!"

I shut the door to the back room and moved away from it.

"She's rejecting it." Jace said.

"It happens." I said, "I mean, to all of us."

"How do we help her?" Raiden asked.

"We don't." I said looking to Jace, "It's got to be you, buddy."

"Yeah, I don't think your wit'll help here, babe." Jace smiled.

I shifted uncomfortably while Raiden chuckled.

"Too soon?" Jace asked.

"Just not what...it's cute." I smiled.

Jace smiled.

"You can do this...babe." I said uneasily.

Jace nodded and headed into the room.

"That is so freakin..." Raiden began.

"Shut up." I said seriously.

There was silence.

"Cute." Raiden smiled.

Inside the room, Jace had come across a very hostile telepathic signature. It was so strong he could barely wade through all of the energy in the room. In the middle of all of the energy stood Melissa. As he got closer, there was a very strong voice in his head screaming to turn back. He wasn't sure if it was his mind or hers. When he'd finally gotten to her, he pressed his fingers over her temples. Inside her mind, there was a swirling vortex amid Desert Mountains. Everything was cloudy overhead, but not quite dark. Jace wondered why the vortex wasn't pulling him in. He walked a little farther and saw that on top of a cliff was Melissa. Jace looked around, wishing there was another way up and soon he levitated up to the cliff and stood beside Melissa. It rained now over the vortex.

"Is this real?" Melissa asked.

"No." Jace said, "And yes."

"This is...it's the astral plane, isn't it?" Melissa asked.

"Melissa, you can't stay here." Jace said, "This isn't...your power. That Ken guy switched our powers."

"Makes mucho sense." Melissa frowned.

"I know the voices..."

"Oddly comforting."

"What? Then why are you hiding in the astral plane?" Jace asked.

"Well, it felt like I was having a vision or something." Melissa smiled, "And everyone was ruining this."


"I'm fine." Melissa chuckled.

"Unbelievable." Jace said.


"She's not...having issues?" Raiden asked, "When Pane came into his telepathy again, it almost killed him."

"Maybe we underestimated her." Jace said, "We definitely did."

"It's nice to hear the good news." Connor said, "Maybe we'll hear more."


We all turned to see Doctor Strange.

"Why does everyone sneak up on us?" Connor asked.

"Excuse me?" Doctor Strange asked.

"Sorry, we just get snuck up on a lot." I smiled as I walked to him. I extended my hand, "I'm..."

"I know who you are." Doctor Strange smiled, looking me over, "Someone has switched your powers."

"Yes." Jace said.

Doctor Strange looked him over, "Should be an easy piece of magic." He said.

"Good. I didn't know how to...I'm not well versed in wicca." I said quickly.

"I understand." Doctor Strange said as his necklace began to glow.

"What's that?" I asked.


"The Eye of Agamotto." Jace said.

"Don't you ever read the profiles?" Connor asked.

I shrugged, "Didn't need them before." I said.

"Hey guys, the bigwig..." Melissa said, coming into the office, "Is here."

"She is the last one?"

"Yes." I nodded.

Melissa thought (He's hot.)

"Thank you." He smiled.

Melissa looked mortified.

"We don't want to take up too much of your time. We just really needed magic." I said.

"You're most welcomed." He said.

"Nice cape." I smiled.

"My cloak of levitation, it allows me to fly as well as being extra hands." He explained.

"You guys, get the supplies." I said.

"Fine, leader." Jace smirked, heading out with the rest of the gang.

"I thought, one day, you might be rivaling me for my title."

I chuckled, "Sorcerer Supreme? Me? Yeah, right." I laughed.

"You have the power." Doctor Strange said, "You are just untrained."

"Understatement." I frowned, "Maybe I'll be stronger one day but I've got some things to do before I look for a hobby."

"A hobby?" He asked.

"My life is saving people. I can't open another can of worms before topping this can off." I explained.

"We've watched you."

"Who?" I asked.

"Everybody." Doctor Strange smiled, "We've underestimated you."

"I like it when people do that." I smiled, "Makes me look so much cooler."

"When you're finished with everything you're doing, it would be my supreme pleasure to mentor you with magic."

Just then, the guys walked back through the door, carrying supplies.

"What do you intend to do about the mage after we've switched your powers back?" Doctor Strange asked.

"Stop him." I said, "Then he's all yours."

"It won't be that easy." Jace said, "He's strong."

"And he's coming." Doctor Strange said slowly, "I can feel him."

"He can't kill me." I frowned.

"Not you." Doctor Strange said, casting a glance to my friends.

"How close is he?" I asked.

"Blocks. Minutes." Doctor Strange said.

"Make with the mojo." Melissa said.

Doctor strange waved his hand and the candles lined up and lit. Doctor Strange began chanting something. It wasn't a language I was familiar with. Suddenly, there was a crash outside.

"Jace, Melissa stay and help." I frowned, "Connor, Raiden you come with me.

Connor, Raiden and I ran into the front office to see a car levitating.

"Please tell me..." Raiden began.

The car smashed through the office doors and we all dove out of the way! Connor tackled Raiden to the left and I dodged to the right!

"Nice office." Ken said, stepping through the hole.

"You son of a bi..." Connor said, going after him.

Ken raised his hand, causing energy to flow from his hands creating a giant claw and smashing Connor against the wall! Raiden disappeared and reappeared behind Ken, but he made a bookcase fly into her, knocking her down! I stood.

"I've been waiting for this." Ken smiled.

"Oddly enough, I barely know who you are." I said.

"You'll remember me." Ken frowned.

"Not likely." I said, "I don't remember all the irrelevant things."

"Transport!" He shouted, causing me to disappear!


I appeared in the air and fell to the Earth! It was raining and as I fell, through the watery eyes, I saw crypts. Before I could stop, I smashed into the top of a crypt, rolled off and hit the moist ground! I rolled over as the rain hit my face and gasped for breath. I felt displaced. I felt as if I could throw up at any time. I rolled onto my side and began hurling into the ground. I stood up in the rain and looked around at the cemetery.

"A fitting end." Ken said, appearing a few feet away, "I was told not to kill you...but I'll be sure to bring your body to him quickly."

I chuckled, "Do you really think you can kill me?" I asked.

"I'm not stupid. Why do you think I pulled the power switch? I've been waiting for the chance to kill you for ages. Without your powers, you're just another newbie." Ken said, sending a blast of green energy at me.

I dived out of the way and stood again, "I'm not a newbie..." I smiled, hiding behind a crypt.

"Then what..." Ken said, walking to the crypt and looking for me, "..Are you?"

I showed up behind him and pushed him into the crypt, "I'm a fucking original." I said taking a few steps back.

There was a burst of green energy coming from his body as he stood back up, "Impressive. Don't think that Doctor Strange switching your powers back escaped me." He turned to me, "Potentially more problematic."

"I'm power-free." I smirked.

"I-e-hac!" He shouted, causing a green energy force to surround me, "How cute. I bug in a bubble."

I felt a very intense push as the bubble burst.

"That's impossible." Ken said angrily.

"What can I say, I'm the roach of the mutant world." I smiled, "Okay, so didn't mean I'm a roach."


"Ha ha, fuck you." I frowned.

Ken shot another burst of energy at me but white energy rose up around me.

"I undid your powers!"

"Not all of them." I smirked, shooting lightning at him.

He dodged the lightning and threw his hands in the air, "Transport!" he shouted, causing me to disappear again!


I was falling again! I fell so hard this time that my bones rattled inside me. I coughed up blood and woozily stood. I was in a Stadium. I looked up at the Dome and thought about what had just happened. He'd done it again and I was pretty helpless against it. There was a whirlwind before Ken appeared.

"Ready for round 3?" He asked.

I wiped blood off my nose, "I gotta love a guy with stamina. How do you feel about orgies?" I smirked.

"Now!" Raiden shouted.

Ken turned to her to get punched by Connor! He flew backwards and crashed into the cement holding the bleachers.

"How'd you know I was here?" I asked.

"Doctor Strange." Connor said, "He's almost done."

"Won't be soon enough." Ken said, levitating back to us. He was bleeding from his head now and there was blood in his eye as well.

"Oh guys, I think he's right. I mean, how could we possibly beat him?" I smirked.

"Dutofio!" He said, causing green energy to throw Raiden and Connor through the glass ceiling of the dome! He threw his hands up again and the entire ceiling crack and began falling.

I turned and began running the other way! Glass fell right behind me and I barely missed any of it until I took cover.

"Don't run, baby. I thought you liked this fun little banter." Ken said.

I walked out of opening to see a line of glass floating in a line in front of him.

"You're running out of juice." I said.

"Got enough." He frowned.

"Give me what you got, magic mojo daddy." I said.

Ken threw his hands forward causing the glass to shoot towards me! I threw my hand in the air and mumbled "Discurso" and two feet in front of me, the glass hit a shield and turned to sand.

"What the f..."

"Let's get something straight." I said, walking to him.

He motion towards me and snakes slithered out of the ground and around my ankles, but I kicked them off and continued.

"I'm Harry, you're Voldemort." I said, easily grabbing him by the neck, "I win this."

He looked stunned.

"I may not be well versed in magic, but I'm no newbie." I frowned, "I'm an original."

"Pane." Raiden said, "What are you doing?"

"Showing him why I've lived this long." I frowned, throwing him to the ground, "No worries."

"You still have no power." Ken coughed.

"A fair amount more than y..." I paused.

"What is it?" Connor asked.

"I just...feel like me again." I said, turning back to Ken, "Sleep."

Ken fell to his back, asleep.

"Is it over?" Raiden asked.

"It's so over." I smiled.


"You can't do this! I am a powerful..." Ken shouted. He was under mystical bonds from Dr. Strange.

"Where you're going, they can accommodate you." Doctor Strange smiled, "Everything is as it should be."

"Thank you so much." I said, shaking his hand.

"If you ever decide to take me up on my offer..."

"It's definitely in my thoughts." I smiled.

Doctor Strange nodded and disappeared with a flash and Ken.

The team turned from facing the door and I looked towards it, "Now that that's out of the way, we need to concentrate on...Richard." I said slowly.

"He's dead, sweetie." Raiden said, "Anyone else a little scared for him?"

"I think he means me." Richard said.

The team turned to look at him. I was already staring at him in shock. He had a baby with him.

"I need you guys' help." Richard said quickly.